Tendo Mariko was out doing some shopping when she came across a sight the absolutely horrified her, especially when she saw the lightning bolt scar on the forehead of a little girl that looked like she was three but she knew to be the same age as her youngest daughter. Little Dahlia Dorea Potter, the girl whom had lost her parents on Halloween night in 1981. The sight that had her so horrified and then filled with righteous feminine fury was how little Dahlia was being treated by her family. Mariko puts the fear of Kami into the family and gets them to sign the girl over to her. She then makes sure that Dahlia is hers in the magical and mundane world's before informing her husband of this.

Dahlia Potter became Tendo Daria and was immediately attended to by the best healers. None of her girls had inherited the gift of Magic. Daria would be informed of her heritage after she came of age, she made sure her lawyer and the Potter family accountant would see to it personally, which turned out to be a good thing because a year after adopting the girl Mariko died.

Chapter One

Tendo Daria spins away from another attack from the current youma. When she'd been chosen to take over for the deceased Sailor Mars this hadn't been so hard. The recent battle had been going on all night with only herself, Moon, and Venus still able to fight back, well, at least she was reasonably sure Venus was still able to fight back. The currently raven haired girl curses viciously out loud and she barely avoids the fucking youma's acid attack.

Mars dodges yet again, hoping to hell they found a way to end this soon. As luck would have it she gets sent sailing into Nerima, crashing into a red headed girl that caused her magic senses to tingle, a brief look reveals what looks like a gender changing curse. " Sorry, " Mars says, flipping to her feet, her heart lurches into her throat when she sees the danger to Sailor Moon, " Moon, move now! "

Sailor Moon goes to dodge only to have one of her klutz attacks at the worst possible time. Mars was already powering up one of her attacks, " Flame Sniper! "

The magical attack races forward and barely saves the downed Sailor Moon. Mars blitzes forward and a furious hand to hand battle commences. The red head was clearing out the civilians even as Moon retreats, " Where's Venus? " Mars asks as she ducks under a nasty roundhouse kick even as she launches a vicious high kick in retaliation.

" Down. " Moon replies.

" Fuck. " Mars snaps, still engaged in her deadly dance with the youma. Mars knew this would be harder then.

The Fire Senshi kicks the youma with a ki enhanced kick and immediately nails it with an anti-evil talisman, " Moon, now! "

" Rainbow Moon Heart Ache! "

" Celestial Fire Surround! "

The magical attacks blitz forward and slam into the youma, " Charge another up, Moon, it's not gone yet. "

Mars charges into the dust cloud and re-engages the youma which was in much worse shape, if only Saturn hadn't gone down like that. Thankfully she was supposed to be spending the night with one Koji Mia along with Moon, the woman, well used to supernatural fighters, case in point, the Ronin Warriors, whom all lived with her off and on, well, Sanada Ryo, the bearer of the Wildfire did live with her, had no problem covering for them. Mars curses as she slams into a wall, Strata, where the fuck are you?

Up in the air above Nerima Rowen of Strata winces, Mars had taken a nasty hit with that. He'd just arrived and sends arrows raining down managing to pin the youma in place just as the dust cloud clears. Moon was ready and snaps off her next magical attack, " Moon Gorgeous Meditation! "

The attacks races forward and Mars gets to her feet, " Mars Fire Scattershot! "

The youma was finally down, " Mars, Moon, came as fast as I could, Spring is already healing up the others along with Halo. " Rowen says as he lands.

" Damn fucker was next to impossible to put down, it was Uranus' attack that really made the difference though she gotten taken down at the same time. We really needed someone whom could pin the fucker down. " Mars says.

Moon winces and sways on her feet before touching one of her earrings and having a brief conversation, " Ryoko will be here soon to take us where we can rest, Strata, could you maybe help with the clean-up efforts some. We tried to keep the collateral damage to a minimum. " Moon shrugs helplessly.

" Yeah, I cin do dat, ya two get tha rest ya need, ya bin up all night aft'ah all. " Rowen says.

Ryoko arrives just then and teleports them to Mia's place where they let their transformations fade. Mouri Cye, Warrior of Torrent, and Ryo barely manage to catch the worn out magical girls, " Thanks for bringing them here, Ryoko. Tell Tenchi he's more than welcome to come visit and be around some guys for a while, all he has is you girls for the most part. " Ryo says.

Ryoko laughs, " He'll appreciate it, Ayeka and I have been driving him a little insane not to mention my insane mother, Washu. "

" All guys need some guy time, it's Kayura whom generally goes and helps out the girls since they're mostly female with the addition of Cape Boy whom thinks he can have my girlfriend. " Ryo states, swinging Usagi up into a princess carry, Cye doing the same with Daria.

" I'll call the Tendos if they don't wake up by noon. Ryoko, could you help them with the clean-up effort? " Mia asks the space pirate.

" I suppose I could go and do the heavy lifting, maybe move the injured to a hospital, stuff like that. " Ryoko says and disappears.

Once the exhausted magical girls are tucked away, Ryo leaving his armor orb with Tsukino Usagi or Sailor Moon he sighs and runs a hand through his hair, " This isn't good, the fact that they were up all night fighting a youma. That Daria-imooto had to call in Rowen as back up as well. What the fuck is going on in Minato right now? "

Cye looks pensive, " I wish I knew, I really do, Ryo. Rowen says Ami-chan can't even understand why the youma are more difficult to put down. She doesn't have enough time to scan them properly since it takes all nine of them to even come close to keeping the damn things corralled. "

" Of course, Endymion can't even be bothered to help them out. " Ryo mutters under his breath.

" He's a bastard, we knew that back then too. Any luck on Daria's connection yet? " Cye asks curiously.

Ryo groans wearily, " I wish, we both know she's connected, we just don't know how. Hell, even Setsuna doesn't know how, says too much chaos surrounds myself and Daria. "

" Surrounds Usagi too, but the Lunar blood and the crystal means Setsuna can read Usagi's life and past. She really starts ranting when it comes to a certain boy, a Saotome Ranma I believe, says chaos surrounds him worse than you, Usagi, and Daria-chan combined. " Mia informs them, " Setsuna drops in and talks to me from time to time, she's admitted that it was wrong of her to fixate on Crystal Tokyo now, although that was after Daria tore into her like that. Daria is scary when she gets started. "

Ryo snorts and then his eyes widen, " Shit, could it be that simple? "

" What, Ryo? " Cye asks.

" I've always called Daria imooto, could it really be so simple as the fact that she is? " Ryo asks.

" Do you remember having a sister other than Rei? " Mia asks him.

Ryo frowns and lets himself fall into a meditative like state, " I do now, she was shipped off world since it looked like the second princess was a shoo-in for Sailor Mars. Our parents didn't like her much either. I believe she was shipped off to Saturn, possibly explaining why she's so damn protective of Hotaru. I do know I kept in contact with her. "

Around noon one Tendo Daria damn near falls down the stairs until her training kicks in and then stumbles into the kitchen, " Someone feed me now. "

Cye chuckles and sits a plate of raspberry pancakes in front of her which the girl devours, he keeps the food coming and Daté Sage, Warrior of Halo hands her cup of raspberry tea as well. Pretty soon the sixteen year old martial artist turned magical girl's eyes come alert, " You guys get the all night battle next time, dammit. "

Ryo winces, " Imooto-chan, please tell me you're not serious about that? "

" Usagi and I both have families to answer to, we got lucky that we were spending the night here anyhow, Ryo-nii, and you damn well know it. Dayus' illusions will only work for so long. "

Ryo had to admit that she had a point with that, " Dammit, you're right, Minako's parents don't care, Ami's mother is working almost constantly, Makoto's an orphan so she has no one to answer to, the Outers all live together. Hell, you and Usa-ai have it the worst, don't you? "

" Damn straight, the girls used to ride Usa's ass about it as well until I blew up at them and laid it out for them. That shut them up. Seriously, if I could go back in time and have a chat with my predecessor I would, damn bitch, belittling Usagi-chan all the time. "

" Your twin sister actually back during the Silver Millennium. " Ryo states.

Daria's eyes widen and then she reverted to her native English, swearing quite profusely. Cye's eyes widen as he understood all the British terms she was throwing about as she vented her feelings. " I think she retained more British vernacular than she realized, damn. " Cye mutters.

" Right, you would understand what she's saying, wouldn't you? " Ryo asks.

" I do, what she's currently saying about your shared parents you don't want to know, the Queen you will want to know, Rei, damn, I don't think that should ever be known, the people of Saturn, hell, they're about equal with the queen with what she's saying. " Cye says.

Sage blinks, " I can actually understand most of it as well, Cye's right, what she thinks about Rei, damn, what the hell did Rei do to piss her off back then? "

Ryo winces, " Killed her familiar. "

The Venusian and Jovian princes pale, " How the hell did Rei live to the fall then? "

" Because she was a pampered and spoiled bitch, the first born daughter. Trust me, she lost all respect from every magic user, including Minako, Serenity, our Usagi, well she wanted nothing to do with the bitch for being able to get away with that crime. Even the queen couldn't force her daughter to interact with Sailor Mars. Dear Ares, Serenity V about killed her when she found out and then made the royal decree that she was never to see or sense the bitch anywhere near her ever again. Made guard duty a little more difficult, Rei more less had to be sent out on scouting missions all the time. Not even the Queen could get her daughter to relent on that. Poor Minako, she couldn't pull in one of the Outers and so Sailor Eos became a part of the Inner Court guard instead. "

Daria was finally winding down and she did not look happy, she was still eating as well, the fact that she burned a lot of calories with her training, ki exercises, and magic meant that she had a very large appetite and making someone not Kasumi feed her was the least she could do. Cye was well used to preparing insane amounts of food since ReiFaun Kento did happen to be his best friend. Once the red head had finished her rant she sighs, " I guess I should thank you for triggering the recall. Now, I need to get home before my idiot older sisters shove an engagement off on Akane, Setsuna warned me about that. Apparently she can track Ranma's father and there's an agreement between him and my dad to marry the schools together. "

All three males present wince, Tendo Akane hated men, " Setsuna is also going to be working on getting rid of the rest of the fiancée's Genma has set up for Ranma except for Kuonji Ukyo, apparently she's vital to keep things stable along with Xian Pu, a Chinese Amazon Warrior. Akane will still be causing trouble as well as Kuno Kodachi but, Ranma will be engaged to me and through me he can meet you guys so he can get the required dose of testosterone to keep him sane even if he fell into the spring of drowned girl. "

" Ouch, that would suck. " Ryo states. They knew about Jusenkyo because one of Kento's relatives fell into one of the springs.

" He was actually the red head I crashed into during the fight. " Daria admits, " I'll have to tell him because unlike his father he will figure it out. "

" Bring him here and Kayura can apply the general spell, if you can get him away from Akane and the others long enough. Why Akane thinks hand holding is perverted I will never understand. " Sage says, " I'm the freaking Prince of Venus and I can't understand her emotional and sexual issues. "

" She drives your sister insane as well. It's generally why only Usagi-chan and Mako-chan visit me at the dojo along with Haruka. It was nice to see Haruka slap Akane down easily, she needed it from someone whom wasn't me, now, who the hell is driving me home? " Daria demands.

" I will, this way I can meet Ranma. Akane knows I view you as a sister anyhow, Daria-imooto. " Ryo says.

" Oh, right, Genma taught Ranma the Neko-ken, Setsuna did learn that so keep Blaze away from him. "

The swearing that came from all three Ronins present was quite impressive, Cye was swearing in British English, Ryo in Martian while Sage cycled between English, Japanese, and Venusian, " Is the man a damned idiot? " Sage asks.

" According to Sets, yes. " Daria says blandly.

Tendo Dojo:

Daria and Ryo arrive just as Nabiki and Kasumi were getting ready to name Akane the sole fiancée. Daria punches the doorway, making it crumble, " Geez, you'd think you'd remember about me. Akane hates males and you'd engage her to one, what are you two tripping out on anyhow? " Daria demands of her two elder sisters.

Ryo smirks and manages to sneak up on Ranma, " Welcome to the insanity of the Tendo Dojo, Sanada Ryo. "

Ranma and Genma both jump at the sound of his voice, " Dammit, that's some impressive stealth you have going on there, Saotome Ranma. "

" I come from a long line of ninja and managed to get copies of the family scrolls since my dad left not liking how stupid they were becoming. "

They watch as Kasumi and Nabiki trip over themselves trying to explain their reasoning to their adoptive little sister, " Oh, are you talking about the gender changing curse, why don't I hit you two with gender changing potions, give you a taste of it. "

" I take it she's a magical then. " Ranma says.

" Yeah, Daria is, Tendo Mariko adopted her and Daria is the only magical in the Tendo family currently, tell me you've received training. "

" I have, one of the temples we were at noticed my talent and my learnin curve. I'm where I'm supposed ta be at anyhow for my age group. "

" Daria will key you into the magical wing then but not your father. " Ryo states.

" Why not me? "

" A seer friend of ours informed her that you taught your son the Neko-ken. That damned technique was banned for a fucking reason, baka. " Ryo snaps, tiger blue eyes snapping with temper, if one looked closely you could see fire swirling in his eyes as well.

Daria has finished with her elder sisters and is now dealing with her father, Tendo Soun was no idiot, that was for sure. Daria had also learned his demon head technique as well. Once that conversation is over they wait until Ryo has finished reaming out Saotome Genma before Soun has a chat with his old friend, renegotiating the engagement agreement, " Tell me you're registered in Japan magically. "

" Did that when we got here, Daria-san. "

" Just Daria, I'm British by birth and Daria is just my name translated into Japanese. " Daria replies.

Ranma blinks, " Wait, are ya her? "

Daria starts swearing prolifically in her native tongue causing Nabiki's eyes to widen and Ranma grins, " I take it that's a yes? "

" Don't even get her started on the British Magicals. " Ryo says, " Japan is quite content to keep her hidden and let Magical Britain deal with their own fuck ups. Tom Marvolo Riddle Junior is quite a spectacular one though. "

" I take it that my adoptive sister is well known in the magical communities then? " Nabiki asks.

" Unfortunately, my mother sacrificed her life for me and I'm the one that gets the fame, fucking sheeple. " Daria mutters.

Ranma wisely keeps his mouth shut about Daria or rather Dahlia Potter. The red head smirks, " Come on, I'll key you into the magical wing's wards. Only Kasumi-nee and myself, residing in the Tendo home can enter, Ryo's also keyed in as well. "

" Which pisses Nabiki off. " Ryo says, smirking at the Ice Queen of Furinkan High.

" I swear to all that is devious that I will crack Hashiba's network and then I'll work on Mizuno's. "

" To think, they're both blue haired genii. " Ryo quips as Daria leads Ranma to the magical wing and keys him in before showing him to the room he could use.

Nabiki grumbles under her breath, Hashiba fucking annoyed her, he loved pissing her off to no end. Mizuno, now her network was a challenge, she had no informants in Juuban or Toyama and it really irritated her. Ryo smirks, " Rowen loves a challenge, Nabiki, and you do challenge him. "

Nabiki just grumbles some more as Ranma and Daria return, Daria having sent his measurements in both genders off to her personal seamstress with the word JUSENKYO written on the missive. Daria blinks, " Let me guess, she irritated about the fact that she can't breach Toyama or Juuban yet, right? "

" You got it, imooto. " Ryo says.

Nabiki sighs, " Why don't you just move in here, Sanada? "

" I own a big variant of a standard mouse hunter, not wise with Ranma's aversion to them, this one being white and striped. " Ryo states.

Ranma blinks, " Standard mouse hunter, I usually just call them furred demon spawn. "

" They're not evil you just had the misfortune to have an idiot for a father. " Daria states, " We should probably get you hooked up with a mind healer though. "

Hogwarts, Dumbledore's Office:

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was fuming, those damned Dursleys had gotten Dahlia taken away from them and the Japanese were refusing to let him have the girl. They had told Magical Britain to fix their own fuck ups and not rely on a teenager. That didn't mean the old goat had given up on getting his pawn back, he just had to be really crafty about it. Of course, he had no way of knowing that Sailor Pluto was also making sure he couldn't retrieve the current Sailor Mars as well. Between the Japanese Ministry and Sailor Pluto there was no way in hell he was going to be getting at the former Dahlia Potter. Pluto had been appalled at what had happened to Dahlia at the hands of her relatives.

Time Gates:

Meiou Setsuna, Sailor Pluto fumes as she sees another one of Dumbledore's schemes, the good thing was the fact that Daria had now met Ranma, no plan survived contact with Saotome Ranma. Something Genma and several others were going to learn the hard way. She had no problem with Daria telling Ranma either, he needed to know so he could cover for his fiancée. Ranma was actually a much better liar than most people realized, he was that good of an Occulmens.

Setsuna was glad Daria took the initiative to get Ranma clothes that could handle both genders easily enough with the standard martial artist package as well. She just hoped Daria could find the time to tell Ranma without the rest of the Tendos around.

Tendo Dojo:

Once in the magical wing for the night Daria pins Ranma with a glare and then softens it, causing the pig tailed martial artists to blink, " First, sorry for crashing into you earlier, second, thanks for getting the civilians out of the way. "

Ranma's eyes widen, " You're Sailor Mars? "

" I am now, the previous one died in battle and the power chose me. I'm telling you so you can cover for me. "

" How long was that battle anyhow? "

" All night, we're getting run ragged. " Daria admits to her new fiancé.

Ranma winces, " Good thing you were spending the night elsewhere then, huh? "

" Damn good thing for me and Moon since she also has a family to worry about when it comes to sneaking out at night. It's damned annoying that the girls used to come down on her for it until I pointed out to them that Moon and I both have families that pay attention. That shut them up about punctuality and all sorts of other non-sense. "

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