A long long long long…. Long… okay another long time ago

In a Galaxy just 4 inches away.

A man died.

'Well that escalated quickly'

Shut up. And will you please stop with the story telling?

'NEVER! Anyway'

A man was just walking the streets of New York City and looking around with a smile on his face, seeing other people walking alongside him, he couldn't help but wonder what the future hold for him. Until he notice a weakly old woman who was crossing the other side. Out of nowhere a 10 wheeler truck was rampaging through the streets and smashing other cars in front of it, he notice that it was out of control, the driver was drunk more likely sleeping. The handsome and devishly cute man was about to flee but he notice the senior, in reflex the man runs towards the defenseless old woman who was frozen and can't move because of the horror she sees in front of her eyes. The Truck was just a meter away from her, and then a hand pushes her away to her dreadful faith. The truck hit someone but it was not the woman, it was the man who save her, he was just lying on the ground blood was covering his body, his bones were broken and his eyes were lifeless.

The man died.

The man died with honor.

The man died with pride.

The man died with dignity.

The man died-

I died because the old lady uses me as a human shield….

'Goddamnit! Will you shut up! I'm the one who's telling the story here alright?!'

Just tell the truth will you? We both know that's not how it happen

'No way! I'm making you look cool in this fanfiction story alright! Have you notice that every story on this website are a bunch of OC who are awesome, Charming and with Abilities beyond belief! I mean look at all the stories who crossover with naruto! They made him a GOD with GODLIKE powers! Not to mention being handsome and having his own harem in every story like in fairytail crossover, Highschool DxD crossover, Infinite stratos crossover, what else….


'YES! RWBY crossover and many more! Every time I read a story most of them are having a OC with superior complex, I mean really dude. Do you even know Gary stu?'

Who is Gary stu?

Precisely! I-I don't know who that guy is….. but I heard he's pretty awesome, OC was inspired from him.


'Yeah man, that's why we won't tell them what really happen you dig?'

I was crossing the street while helping an old woman, then this NOT DRUNKED driver was driving fast and hitting the brakes but the truck didn't stop. So it was just meter away from us, I was about to run then the old lady pushes me towards the truck and she jumps out of the way. The result is I died with piss on my pants. And woke up being a baby again in another world. True story.

'ahhh C'mon bruh! You destroyed your awesome character image! Nobody likes a loser character in Fanfiction! See, the reader is already disgust by it!'

Hey! Not all story in this site has a Godlike OC, some of them are a plain and simple character which other readers love. And for the record only Saitama and Goku has GODLIKE abilities….. but mostly saitama.

Can't deny that one, anyway! What now? Is this the first chapter of this story?

Nah, this is most probably the trailer.

So we just end it like this?

Well not exactly… ehem.

This is a story about a man who was reborn in a different world after his death. There are Humans and animals, Humans with animal traits and animals with human traits,Superheroes and villains, Abilities called "Quirks" and a school who trains children who wants to become heroes.

Follow his journey through hardship along his family and friends. And his quirk which makes him immortal, and a certain mercenary in red spandex living in his mind to assist him or make his life miserable. Also! this is not comedy but a love story.


Wazzup its me Deadpool! But you can call me wade! well that's just a piece of the fanfic. Yeah pretty lame huh? So anyway onto the most important part! Like it said, it's a love story, but we may have a problem….. Who's the lucky girl? The Author got some list of potential female partner and I need your help. We need to choose one.

If it's me I like a HAREM but the author doesn't like those! Pussy! soooooooooooo lets do a vote!

Here are the candidates:

Momo Yaoyorozu

Mei Hatsume

Kyouka Jirou

Itsuka Kendou

Yui Kodai

Mount Lady

We'll nothing else to say, just gonna wait for the next chaptah! Bye Bitches!