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"IZUKU! ARE YOU ALL….. Right?"

Wataru's eyes widen as he stares at the Huge and Bulky man who was holding an unconscious Izuku in his arms. Wataru then noticed some tears in his best friend's eyes. The Merc face stiff and his eyes narrowed.

"hhhmm? Are you related to this boy, sorry if you saw him like this, you see I was chasing this vil-"


He didn't let him finish saying whatever he was saying. Wataru uses one of his Uzi and shoot him straight in the head, but the Bulky man quickly dodge it, moving his head to the left. Weasel manage to catch up to him, but hide behind a tree nearby after seeing whose wataru was facing.

'Oh crap! I know that person!' Weasel thought.

"I don't Motherfucking know who you are and I don't have the slightest fucking care about it." Wataru said then he put both his Uzi's behind his belt and pulled out his M32 grenade launcher from his back.

"But, you'll pay for what you did to my bestie, bitch" Wataru aimed his grenade launcher at the huge person.

"umm…I can explain" All might said.

"Save the crap!" Wataru fires his Grenade launcher at the guy who was holding izuku


Wataru quickly dash towards the guy who was a bit blindsided from the explosion, Kicking him straight in the abdomen. But when he landed the attack, wataru felt his right foot crack. He painfully landed and holds his now-broken right leg.

'OW! OW! OW! What the heck is wrong with his body?' Wataru thought.

'Must be his Quirky?'


'his Quirk you idiot!'

"I know what Quirky Means Asshole!"

The man staggered a bit, dropping Izuku on the floor.

Wataru's saw this and his Right foot manage to heal quickly. He then dash to grab the boy and jump backwards getting away from the guy he's currently fighting. He safely position Izuku behind the tree.

Seeing his bestie/BFF-for-life is fine, he grabs his grenade launcher again then fires it to the guy.


"TAKE THAT ASSHOLE!" Wataru yells as he fires again.


He fired again.

'Two shots from this baby, I'm sure that guy is finish!'

When the smoke clears, a silhouette was standing tall. Then man appears to be okay and he was smiling.

'or not?'

Wataru was a bit surprised, two shots from a grenade launcher should have killed him.

'Crap doodles, are we fighting the other protagonist?'

"Are you done, my boy?" the Man asked our OC.

"What the fuck?..."

"hhmm? That's because weapons like those doesn't affect me! Hahahaha!" the man laugh.

Wataru left eye twitch. Clearly the man was like mocking him and his weapons.

'Are we in sort of an anime world, base from Marvel and DC heroes' comics? Because if we are, Damn what a fucking rip-off….. but in a good way'

"if you are done with this, then allow me to explain myself-" the Walking Muscle Man was about to speak again.




Wataru didn't let him finish what he was saying, as he barrage him again with grenades. Wade was cheering in his mind, clearly the Merc with the Mouth wanted to kill the man too and since he can't, he leaves it to the new Merc with a Mouth.

'Keep firing Dude! This is like me fighting the hulk! Except I was using my katana's and i lost!… and been rip Apart in half…. And been Crushed….. Peed on…..not to mention been used as a tissue to be wiped on his ass. God, how I hate that guy! But I did manage to kill him though'

"Which issue are you even talking about? Is it Deadpool Vol. 2 #37 or Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe?"

'the Second one"

"Ahhh… man you were brutal at that one"

'I know, right? Hahahahhahha!'

Wataru fired his last shot, he didn't lose a breath. The area was now like a war field because of the explosions. He dropped his weapon and took out both his Uzi's.

"HHMM… it appears you destroyed the place, my boy" a voice called out, Wataru didn't waste any time and fired his uzi's.

"Son-of-gun, this guy is tough!" Wataru yells.

Out of nowhere, the Man dashes and appeared in front of him. Wataru eyes widen, clearly did not expect that. Seriously he didn't expect that one.

"It seems that I must stop your outrage" He punch wataru to the Side, breaking his left ribs.

"AARRGGHH!" wataru screams.

Wataru was thrown to the side, smashing to the wall. All of his bone were fractured on the right side because of his opponent's strength.

"Oh dear, I think I may have use too much force" The man said. He walks toward Wataru who was not moving from his spot.

"hey.. umm, are you still alive-"


A gun pointed at his forehead.



"GUGGH!" The Man staggered back.

"Motherfucker… that really hurt" Wataru said and had trouble standing, The Man saw him and noticed all of his broken bones and wounds healed itself. He looks at his right arm which was dislocated, Wataru used his Left arm to reach over his right and wrenched it back into its right position making it to heal much faster. Wataru gaze turn to his mangled leg, straightened it out in front of him and press down, pushing the bone back in to its place.

Wataru was stretching, and check his body if everything was fine. He looks at the still smiling man, clearly he was surprised at what he saw.

"Well, it seems that our warm-up is done" Grabbing his 44. Magnum Pistol then he points it at his opponent, he smirks. "Ready to start this party?"

"It seems so, but allow me to introduce myself first!










I am ALL MIGHT!" The Man who is All Might said to Wataru, striking a pose.

Weasel paled hearing the name his nephews was currently fighting, meanwhile Our OC just deadpanned look at him.

"Dude….. who gives a fuck?" then he fired his gun at the Ranked 1. Hero.


The Strongest Hero vs The Merc with a Mouth

All Might was Zigzagging and dodging every bullet. Wataru was focus on hitting the hero, but keep on missing.

Wataru senses an attack above him, so he jumps backward making sure he's out of the way. A punch almost hits him but hits the ground instead and leaves a huge crack on it too. Wataru wristle at what he just witness.

"This guy sure pack a punch, no pun intended there" Wataru commented his opponent.

'This must be the first time you fought an opponent like this Wataru-Baby'

"Yeah…" He fires again. But Wataru dashes towards All Might.

All Might grabs a tree nearby pulling it out of the ground, then uses it to smack the Merc. Swiping to the left, wataru slides under it and quickly throws a flashbang near All Might's face.


The Ranked 1 hero closes his eyes and drop his weapon, Wataru jumps and Knee strike him in the face.


"OOWWEE!" Wataru screams in pain as his knee cap broke.

All Might's shake his head as his vision returns, he notices the Merc on the ground, he grabs Wataru's leg and spin him in the air like a lasso, this makes our OC Dizzy and so does wade who was living in his head. then All Might smashes Wataru through the ground and repeated the same process. Like what hulk did to Loki in the Avengers movie.

















"OWW- Oh a Yen! Lucky!"






"Fuck it!" Wataru throws one of his uzi at All mights Face, then uses his Pistol and shoots the Hero's at his right shoulder.

"GUGH!" All Might dropped Wataru on the ground.

Wataru kick up and roundhouse kick All Might in the head.

"KYYAAH!" and of course due to the Ironclad body of the hero, All Might, Wataru's right foot broke.

'you need all of the Calcium Wataru, you have a very weak bones'

Wataru was now standing with one leg balancing himself, ignoring wade's comment on the kick. Wataru now did a boxing stance.

"yeah…. I can do this all day.." wataru said catching a breath.


"fuck no….."

All might rub his shoulders, looking at the merc, still smiling.

"Impressive, young One" All Might have said to our Merc. Wataru had his face in sort of a confused expression.

"The hell dude….. Why do you keep smiling?" Wataru ask him.


Seriously, he's looking at me while his mouth is like that, it's creeping me out! I want to say that he must be giving me a smug look because I can't hurt him, but no! it's just a normal smile. A very creepy normal smile. I imagined every time he smiles… a puppy dies… or Born, since he's a hero.

'uuggghhhhh.. his smile is the stuff of nightmares for all the children around the world, if you asked me'

"I didn't ask you, wade"

'we'll you could have, if you actually did, Ass-swipe!'

"Fuck-off Wilson! Now's not the time, we gotta think of a strategy on beating this guy! Clearly all of my bullets doesn't affect him!"

"umm, who are you talking to?" All Might dude said to me, I just gave him a finger and wait for Wade to reply to my question, this All might guy needs to learn some manners, he shouldn't just barge in when someone is talking to another person, that's just rude.

"seriously, Even the Grenades can't kill him! And I'm running out of bullets too!"

'well duh! Of course you won't kill him with Bullets made of plastic!'

"I know, maybe using some sharp object like a knife could- wait. What did you say again, wade?" I asked

'I said, you won't kill him with Bullets made of pellets! Those are for kids' stuff bro, as in kids with the age of 1 or 5… I think'

"Hold-your-pantyhose, you mean to say that the reason we can't kill this over-muscle-gay-pedophile of a monster is because we been using blank bullets?" I angrily asked my Merc with a mouth living inside my head, because it that's true, I am really pissed, even if I'm already am. While All Might's was standing there smiling but clearly getting confuse.

'Oooohhh I am holding my panty hose alright! And it's not blank, their pellets!'

"And you know this, since the beginning?"

'umm have you check the guns? They are all plastic ya dip-shit, except the grenade launcher! Nice grenade launcher~ imma kiss you later launchy-chan! Also Chan is a form of san used to refer to children and female family members, close friends and lovers. The change from san to chan is a kind of a baby talk, Chan is also used for adults who are considered to be cute or loveable. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger gained the nickname Shuwa-chan, I don'twhy they call him that, but it is a bit disturbing calling an oversized muscular man Shuwa-chan….. heck, I even don't know why I'm lecturing you about it too!'

I check the pistol which I am currently holding, yep. It was indeed plastic alright, but the design on it, looks so amazing that you will thought of it as it was real, then I check the bottom of the pistol where the bullets cartridges was and it said "made in china 2004".

A vein pop on the side of my head and glared directly at my boss.

"WEASEL!" I scream at my informant's slash Boss name.

"yeah?" His head pop out behind a tree.


"they're not just a bunch of toy guns, Wataru! They are my precious rare collections! Most of them are expensive y'know!" he steps out of the tree and glared at me with both his hand son his hips while pouting, that was painful to look at, a 40 plus year old virgin going tsundere mode.

"EXPENSIVE MY ASS, YOU MOTHERFUCKING DEEP SHI-" Before I could even finish what I was about to say, somebody just slap me right in the effing face.

"Language, young man!" All Might said, and still keep his creepy smile.

"GGAAAAGGGHHH!" I was Bitch slap across the distant near the tunnel, slamming my chin first on the asphalts.

'ahh great… a Captain America Catch Phrase, even in other worlds, we still have that'

I slowly rose from the ground and check my jaw.

"Ah thah mah jahhh asss bwakah"

'I didn't understand… what?'


'the fuck you saying nigga?'

[I think my Jaw is broken]

'oohhh! Subtitles, nice move!'

I adjusted my jaw a bit, clearly it was healing slowly, I turn my attention to All Fuck or whatever his name was, he still keeps that smiling face of his, I stood and sheaths my katanas behind my back, then point my right katana at the muscular man.

"af ganz dant wak an ya, clarla bacas ab baan aseng blan ballats tan a gass a rasart ta tha blad famala" I said to him.

[if guns don't work on you, clearly because I've been using blank bullets, then I guess I'll resort to the Blade Family]

'man, that jaw of yours have to heal now, dude you sounded like a broken cassette player'


I felt that my jaw retract itself making me talk again.

"hello? Mouth check? Hello?"

'you're good to go wataru!'


I ran towards All Might, sheathing my two COMPLETELY REAL AND NOT TOY katana's. spinning them both around my hands separately.

"imma shred you to smithereens ALL RIGHT!"

"it's ALL MIGHT" he corrected me.


I jump and did a downward slash on him, he sides step to dodge it, I spin around to cut his head using my left-handed Blade but All Might duck and swipe my feet, I use my Right hand, touches the ground and jumps away from him. I noticed him ran to me, raising his arm to me but I block it with my Katana's.

Once it connected, I jump over him, landing behind I Cross slashes him, I manage to tear his clothing and I noticed blood too. Score motherfucker!

"GGAAAGGHH!" what I didn't notice that he retaliates with a kick to my stomach.

I skid a bit, I felt a knuckle to my face, miraculously the moment I felt it I did a matrix mode, bending backwards Neo style. All Might go straight to the trees, I stood myself, clearly, I felt awesome doing that but there are some killing needed to be done.

I was on the offence yet again, All Might Saw me attacking and dodges every single damn of my slashes, I slashes him from the side, he ducks, I slash him upward, he sides step away, I slashes him sideward and he just keep on dodging, etc. Damn Superhuman Reflexes, one more slash is all I need.

'All Wataru! Let me take over from here!' wade said.

Wait, you can do that?

'Fuck no! hahahahahhaha fooled ya Bitch!'

I hate you.

I manage to cut a little on All Might's cheek, yes! Score two! and he manage to break my nose.


I Crashed on the ground, leaving some crater too.

"uugghh… fudge…" I stood up, tired but not out of breath, I look at the Hero who just walks towards me with that creepy smile still plastered on his face, I pointed my katana on him- wait? I carefully inspect my katana, which is now broken, my eyes widen, I look at All Might and saw him holding the other half of the katana.

Once he stood in front of me, he gave me the other half of my broken sword.

"sorry, I may have grab your sword on impulse and broke it" he said, apologizing to me.

"ahhh.. nah man it's cool" I told him.

we just syood there, awkwardly.

"shall we continue?"


He walked back to where he was, as soon as he was there I signal him to go. In an instant the air between the two of us got thicker and we wall in a bad-ass Manner towards each other, he had his fists clenched while I hold my remaining katana on my left and the broken one on my right.

'and I will play a Banjo, As the Background theme!'


'and I'll just watch the fight instead!'

And so on, we fought to the death. our fight took about an hour, that's right an hour, most of the weapons I had got broken and as my last resort, I uses my fist, which was a mistake, I was pummeled by a barrage of fist for the last remaining minutes of the fight, explosion, Blood, Wade, Chimichangas and unicorns, all in all the park was a mess. But what confuses me is that no Hero or Police came by to stop us. therefore, I concluded that the justice department o around here really sucks super hard, maybe I could go for an officer instead a hero just to teach these motherfuckers what justice really means, but I don't wanna, it's a pain in the ass, it's not fun and I'm a mercenary.

Right now, I was on the ground, laying there without movements, because of all my bones were broken, I was waiting for them to heal and All Might was Panting hard, tired and thirsty, he drops to he's knees drinking Gatorade, the heck? He carries does?!

"wanna go for round 20?" I asked him.

"if that is what you want, you be it hahahahaha! youth really is wonderfull!" he said.

"you know what, i think i'll retire today" I reply. That was all I can say.

I just lay there, thinking about what just transpired, I'll say that this fight was probably the biggest fight of my entire life, I couldn't do anything against him. Weapons were nothing to him, even if they were toys, my karate didn't do a shit, especially my Mercenary Deadpool style too. All Might was strong, he's like Superman, Captain America, Underdog, other guys wearing cape or had an Ridiculous Costume of this world. No wonder he's a Hero.

'y'know maybe if we listen to him instead of attacking him, the park wouldn't be like these'

And so, the Merc was right.

"damn right! Better threat me with respect Wataru-Baby!"

Not in your whole life Bitch.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming towards us, I look, thinking it was weasel but no. it was much more worse than that.

"Good Grief, I didn't retire just to know you had trouble fighting a child, All Might"

The one who spoke was a slender, fairly tall woman with a kind face. She had Black thick Sunglasses covering her silver lifeless eyes and black hair that was loosely tied towards the left side of her shoulder, with three flowers ornamenting it. She wore a pale, pastel dress tied at the waist with a braided orange belt, a pale, yellow sweater, a reddish scarf and holding a crane. This was my mother Akemi Watanabe.

"Sonica? Is that you?" All Might said.

"It's been a long time my friend, hard to say what the park looks like now since I'm blind"

'Man, your Mom is a MILF! Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooo~~~!' Wade said, doing some wolf howls

I swear if you say something about that to my mother again, I will bang my head really hard on the ground you Sonovabicth!

"I can't see what my son looks like to with blood covering his face, the good side of being blind" She said, she holds my cheeks, caring it with her warmth, that was so sweet of her to do. If only that it was really my cheeks that she was caring. She just walks straight to All Might thinking that it was me.

"Mom, over hear" I stood from my spot, my mom felt embarrassed and proceed to my direction, once she was in front of me, she started to caressing my cheeks with her warmth.

"Why don't we go home?" She said.

"sure mom" I reply to her. I could still hear Wade howling madly inside my head. She turns towards All Might and asked him to come with us. I look around the area and found Izuku still unconscious near the tree I left him, I also Found weasel, more precisely weasel feet appearing above some broken trees, twitching.

Grabbing weasel feet, I pulled him out and drop him hard on the ground, he curses me but I didn't care.

'don't forget my Baby Boy, Wataru'

Like Hell I'll forget Izuku, I walk towards him and carried him on my back, he stirred waking up.

"wa-chan?..." he said tiredly.

"hey bestie? How ya feeling" I said to him.

"you came…." He said. Smiling at me. I blinked in surprised and smiled back at him, man, I'm lucky to meet this guy.

"of course, I came, were Best Friends Remember? and we always have each other's back" I said to him. He had tears in his eyes, aww man, don't cry.

'we have to protect his smile Wataru!'

Yeah, yeah, I heard you.

'you know what! This could be a plot for us!'

Screw that, we are doing a crossover of this world and Deadpool, you expect a plot for that?

'yeah good point, SCREW THE PLOT! Let's do it Deadpool Style!'

I noticed Izuku with awe on his looks, staring at my Mom and All Might.

"no way… ALL MIGHT is here?! Wait who's he talking to- oh my… that's the Former Ranked 2 and Legendary SONICA?!" right, completely forgot that Bestie is a Hero Otaku.

"Wa-Chan! Are you seeing this?! It's All Might and Sonica!" he Screams cheerfully seeing his Beloved heroes.

"yup, that's All Might talking to my Mother" I plainly said.

"I know Righ- wait. Did you say your mom is Sonica?" Izuku asked me. I nodded without looking at him. He just stared at me the look back at my mom, then back at me, the process goes on and on until he screams that almost blows my ears off.

'you really should have told him, Wataru Baby!'


'woooo boy….'


After the event that happen on the park, All Might have explained what happen, a sludge Mud like villain was robbing a Civilian in the City and gave chase to it, he also attacks my bestie, stealing some of his stamina in the process, Wade girlishly scream hearing what hentai related thing happen to my Bestie, I silently bang my head to the nearest Post making Wade scared. Izuku was Thankful of him and to me also… and Weasel too, while thanking him, All Might suddenly have morphed from a Buff muscular monster into now a very lean and sick looking being, Me, Izuku, Wade and Weasel Screams at the top of our lungs. right now, we are inside the Watanabe's house. Me and Weasel lay Izuku on the couch, he's awake but he's body is kind of paralyzed, mom and All Might come after.

"you doing alright, buddy?" I asked Midoriya.

"yeah… thanks, wa-chan"

I noticed that Mom and All might went straight to her room, Discussing something, but still I can't believe that the no. 1 hero was this thin and weak looking man.

'Bro, don't judged a book by its cover, except maybe if it's not made by a famous author, then you judge it!'

Weasel went and sit in the reclining chair next to izuku, checking his phone if there were some new jobs open for the Mercenaries of CLUB 69, I was about to go to the kitchen and grab a drink when I heard running upstairs. I saw was a girl, 13 years old with long pink hair with the appearance of a human possessing fox characteristics such as the ears and 3 tails and very… sexy body. It was my little sister Reiko in her pink pajamas, design with a bunch of my chibi faces.

'who made her pajama's?'

It was mom.

'why would your mom-'

Reiko requested it.

'ahhhh… she's a Bro-Con'


"Wataru-Niichan!" She yells coming down the stairs, running. No scratch that, she was dashing towards me, really fast.

Brace for impact wade!


And with that she Tackled me as her arms was around my waist, good thing we didn't fall on the floor, never skip leg day people, it really helps you.

"hey Reiko-chan-" before I said anything else, she bonk me in the head with her huge fan which came out of nowhere.

"Mou! Why were you at the Police station?!" she angrily asks me then cutely pouted.

'I swear, her cuteness will give me cancer….. wait a minute! I already have one!'

I sweat a bit, I thought that only mom knows about that, I slowly glared at weasel who was not looking at my direction and was busy whistling.

"Wataru nii-chan! Why were you at the police station?!"

"uumm… ah, I was blamed by a girl, she thought that I was a pervert"


"SOMEONE BLAMED YOU FOR THAT, WA-CHAN!?" Izuku yells too, he manage to raise his head a bit, looks like he's paralyzed body was getting better.

Reiko blinked at the stranger laying on the couch, he looks at me curiously.

"Who's him, wataru-niichan?" she asked.

"that's Midoriya Izuku, a friend and Classmate of mine in school" I answered her, Reiko face went shock after hearing me.

"no way….. YOU HAD A FRIEND IN SCHOOL?!" she yells in disbelief, I deadpanned stare at her, did she honestly believe that I didn't have a friend in school? Well maybe, I mean I was a god damn loner in our classroom.

'you have me Wataru! So, you're not a loner!'

Seriously! I was a god damn loner in our classroom, no one to talked to.


"Yes, Reiko-chan, I DO have a friend in school" I said, angrily. Reiko went puppy eyes on me when she noticed the tone of my voice, she looks down in shame. that's right, regret what you just said to me….. also, I'm sorry for making you cry my cute and adorable reiko-chan.


Fuck you!

Reiko went to Izuku, who look at her. She had a nervous expression on her face already, right, reiko was never good at making friends or talking to people, her shyness came first every time.

"H-Hello, my name is Reiko watanabe! Umm…. Thank you for taking care of my Wataru-Niichan" She bow at Izuku, my Bestie panic a bit and stand just to bow too.

"H-Hello too! I'm Izuku Midoriya! And n-no problem, in fact it's your big Brother that's taking care of me… mostly on bullies" Izuku said.

Reiko looks at him and asked. "is he lazy in school? Or has he been eating well? D-does he seeing anyone? A girl? Is he being bullied? Is he always into trouble?"

Is she my adopted sister or my adopted mother?

'Both, I think'

Hhmm… I see.

'my balls are itchy; can you scratch them for me?'

why can't you just keep those to yourself, wade?

"ahhh no, actually he never spoke to anyone in school… except for the teachers and me…. When I say me, I meant today." scratch the back of his head. "and his grade never goes down too, I mean he is one of the top students in our school"

Damn right bitches! Top 4 among all the students of the class and school, take that Genius bastards!

'Cheater! Your using everything you learned from your previous life!'

I don't hear anyone complaining.

'…point taken'


"so, he's been a good boy in class? Haah.. thank goodnesss" Reiko sigh in relief hearing something like that.

"we'll most of the time he talks to his imaginary friend, it's really weirding most of the students out" Izuku confessed.


'hahahahhaha you must have look so stupid hahahha'

"yeah, Wataru-niichan does that here too, I imagined his imaginary friend a huge bunny that looks like an old man, because nii-chan always says some bad words to him" Reiko replied.


"In your face, Wade!"

'Fuck off, Wataru!'

"No, Fuck you! Wade!"

'NO! Fuck you!'

"Nah-ah! Fuck you!"

'No, Fuck you!'

"No, Fuck you!"

'No, Fuck you!'

"No, Fuck you!"

'No, Fuck you!'

"No, Fuck you!"

'No, Fuck you!'

"No, Fuck you!"

'No, Fuck you!'

"No, Fuck you!"

3rd P.O.V

"No, Fuck you!"

"No, Fuck you!"

"No, Fuck you!"

"No, Fuck you WADE WILSON! What?! you wanna go at me bro? huh?! You wanna go at me?! wanna go at me BRO?!" Wataru suddenly started to circle around while facing no one. "you wanna have a bro down? BRO?! you wanna have a bro down?! Your serious bro?! you're challenging me bro?"

While this was happening, Izuku and Reiko was watching the poor scene wataru was currently engaged at. Reiko had a look that wanted to cry while staring at his brother and Izuku look really worried about his self-proclaimed Best friend.

"h-have you check him to a doctor?" Izuku asked the Reiko.

Reiko wipes some tears on her eyes.

"yes Izuku-nii-san, the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with his brain and he concluded that it is just somethings that children will approach on at his early age, nothing abnormal about having an imaginative friend…except it's been already past that year now! His so called imaginary friend should have been gone!"

Reiko hands covered her face and cries, Izuku approaches her and patted her back in comfort.

Meanwhile Weasel was taking a video of Wataru's bro down moment, laughing silently at what he is witnessing.

"I'm soooo gonna show this to the guys in the club later hahahaha"


Inside an abandoned building, a man who has a grey hair with side-bangs, a tiny mustache and tiny goatee, and a gap between his front teeth. He wears grey, round glasses. His eyebrows are always drawn up in the middle and he appears to be squinting. He wears a purple blazer with a white button-up shirt, he adjusted his shirt and grab something in his pocket, it was a cigarette case, taking one, he put it on his mouth as he grabs what appears to be a novelty gun-shaped lighter, he lite his cigar and puff.

Suddenly the door creak open, a Man entered. a tall and muscular build man, with grey eyes and light-yellow hair that frames his face, with a longer section that falls just past his left shoulder. He wears a black hat with a red hatband, and a thin silver chain that hangs over the brim. His outfit consists of a white button up shirt under a charcoal grey vest, a black choker in the style of a pet collar, a black ribbon bolo tie held together with a small silver buckle, an open black cropped jacket with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows, black slacks, a black belt hanging off his right hip and black low-arch shoes.

"sorry I'm late, I had some problems to deal with" the newcomer said with a British accent.

"no worries" the man replied as he puffs his cigar.

"what can I get you? water? Tea? or Wine? Hey Butler my good man, be a sweetie and go get this man some juices, also some broccoli for me too!"

"Buddy, I don't want any drinks, all I want is to get this deal over with" the Broker denied the refreshment that was offering to him.

"Right… Right… Right, anyway! On to business I suppose Mr. Giran!" the british man claps both his hands as he was excited about the meeting.

"that's why I'm seeing you"

"sooooo, what's the famous Broker of the League of villains wants with a simple businessman like me?"

"As you know, our old sponsor Pig face Dela Rosa was killed yesterday" the man named Giran informed him, as he dusted the ashes on his cigar.

"yes, I did hear the news about him getting assassinated by a hitman" He nodded.

"we don't actually care about him or his well-being anyway, the Pig was just a smuggler of drugs and weapons, not to mentioned he was also responsible for child trafficking and being a pedophile" Giran said as he lite another one. "but what we care about is that we got no more sponsor to provide the league with shit and stuff, cause right now our little project is getting a delayed on the schedule"

"oh I see, you want me to sponsor you people, correct?"

He pointed at Giran as the broker nodded at him.

"you nailed the jackpot"

"if I did sponsored you?" the British lean a bit closer from his chair. "what do I get in return?"

Giran puff his cigar leaned also.

"Protection from the League of course, Heroes are getting stronger every year and are being a huge pain in the butt for most of you people with illegal Business, but with us making trouble they will have no time for you"

"we'll mate, as lovely as that offer stand I'm afraid I won't be needing it. You see what I do is so secret that the Police or the Heroes will have a hard time trying to find it"

The Door Open and a Man came with a plate of fleshly steam Broccoli with a side dish of cheese and 2 Glass of Water. After Placing the Veggie and Water, the British dismisses him, the Butler bowed then leave the room.

"what I'm trying to say is the Protection coming from you, I'm afraid that I won't be needing it"

Eating one Broccoli, Giran raised an eyebrow.

"soooo in exchange for your sponsorship is not protection coming from us?"

"You see Mr. Broker, I have people to who can handle the cape Crusaders, and believe me when I say that they can handle them…. They can kill them… assassinate them…. Most specially, they can get info from them, through the means of torture of course... " As he munches a broccoli "hhmmm~! You should really try this, Broccoli with cheese is a Genius!"

"ok, not protection, I get it. Then what do you want?" as the Broker laugh.

"what I want is for simply to be a part of your project"


As Giran eyes narrowed a bit but his grin didn't drop.

"I know what your boss is doing-"


The British looks up and saw the Broker standing with his gun pointed at him. Giran had an expression of anger, the British smirks.

"How on Earth do you know the Boss plan?" Giran asked him…

"I have eyes everywhere Mr. Giran, I know everything that you Villains do and most specially that small project of yours"


"ahh now that's a look you don't see every day" the british man said, giving a smirk at the broker. "Mr. Giran please hear me out first"

"why would I do that?" Giran said, still pointing his Gun at him.

"3 reasons, first is that you're in my territory…."

Girans froze when a bunch of red lights and pointing all over his body, they were a bunch of gunmen already surrounding him.

'I didn't see them inside, where did they come from?!' Giran thought.

"Second, My Right-Hand or partner is a very VERY bad girl and will wreaked havoc in your small base if ever she found out what you did"

The Door Burst Open as an oversize bulky woman around in her 40's entered cracking her knuckles as she slowly walks towards the two. The British Halt her position as he ordered her to stand down, the woman growled but followed his order.

"and third, my Quirk is quite special"

He took out a knife from behind and stabs it on his hands, Giran was surprised at his action but what confuses him is the fact that the Britist didn't look like he was hurt at all.

"I'm immune to pain"

Quirk: Feel no Evil – The user's nerves were altered to make him/her immune to all levels of pain

"I see" Giran said as he lowered his gun.

"even if you manage to shoot me in any part of my body, I won't feel any pain at all"

"but you can still die?"

The British lowered his head in dejection. "yeah…"

He gestured all of his men to stand down, every goon lowered their guns and proceed to exit the room, except his second-in-command who stand beside the British. He looks at Giran who had a troubled look on his face.

"that's about it, just let me join your Boss Project and I'll give you all the Money the League needs~"

Giran didn't look away but in deep thought, he grabs his phone and dialed a number, he was calling his boss. The British and his Partner who cross her arms wait, Giran was nodding, concentrated, then he smirk, this didn't go unnoticed by the Bulky Woman, She was about to attack but her boss halt her, smirking as well. Giran put away his Phone and look at the British man.

"My Boss said…. You got yourself a Deal"

"then it's settled, pleasure doing Business with you"

The Two shake their hands.

"thank you for the sponsorship Mr… sorry, I didn't get your name" Giran Asked.

"My Name is no Importance to you, I'm just a simple man who's running an illegal and large business" The British stood and eat another Broccoli, dropping it with cheese.

"then what do we call you?" Asked Giran.

The British finish his Broccoli then look at the Broker with Insanity appearing in his eyes, which makes the Broker sweat despite smirking back at him, the Partner shook her head and Sigh.

"you can call me










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Wataru was staring at Uraraka who was Busy spying Izuku Changing after there Physical Education Class, the Girl has not yet Notice him.

Wataru: What are you doing?

Uraraka: Waahhh! Watanabe-san?!

Wataru: i asked, what are you doing?

the girl was blushing and was finding away to excuse herself.

Uraraka: umm... nothing?

Wataru: what do you mean nothing?

Uraraka: like i said nothing!

Wataru: clearly you are spying at someone.

Uraraka: N-No! you cant prove that!

Wataru just deadpanned stared at her who was now panicking, then he pushes he aside just to check what she was looking at.

Wataru: ok, so who are you spying at- huh? Bestie?

Uraraka: Eeep!

Wataru look at Izuku then at the Blushing Uraraka then at Izuku again, the process goes on and on until it hit him. he smugly smile at him.

Wataru: ah-ha~~~

Uraraka: ah-ha w-w-what?

The Merc pointed at her.

Wataru: you have the hot on my Bestfriend!

Uraraka: Kyaah!

She cover her face with her hands in embarassment. Wataru just laugh at her.

Wataru: imma tell this to Izuku hahahahaha!

Uraraka panic as she grab Wataru, unknown to her, she uses her Quirk and Wataru Floated towards the sky.

Wataru: wha? what the?!

Uraraka: opsie...


Uraraka panics again, then Izuku with Iida, Ojiro and Todoroki check what was going on.

Izuku: Uraraka-san, what's wrong?

Uraraka: Deku! umm...

She didnt say anything else but pointed to the sky. the 4 male looks and was shock to see Wataru Floating nonstop.

Izuku: WA-CHAN?!

Ojiro: What's Watanabe doing there?!

Iida: Dear me! I'll go fetch Eraserhead-Sensei!

Iida Dashes the ground towards the Faculty.


He cried. Izuku and Ojiro Panic except Todoroki who was calmly watching.

Todoroki: Uraraka, what exactly happen?

Uraraka: um... nothing? hehehehehe

'is this what you call cloud nine?'


XOXO wade wilson.