Chapter 7 - We Knew This Day Would Come

The day after they lost their virginity to each other, Ash and Misty arrived on Seven Island, where they would go down Sevault Canyon. After passing through the mountains there, the treasure chest was awaiting them in Tanoby Ruins.

"Misty... It's such a long road..." Ash moaned. "And so boring..."

"Yeah, but your b*tching won't make it better!" Misty snapped.

"But also not worse!" Ash complained. Deep down, he loved arguing with Misty. It never really bothered him. In fact, it turned him on.

Then, our heroes noticed two of Misty's admirers. A young, brown-haired man wearing a black shirt was talking to a slightly older man wearing a blue shirt. "So she doesn't like you either, Rudy?" Danny asked.

"No, and I don't like you two either!" Ash snapped, overhearing the conversation.

"Ash? How long were you stalking us?" Danny asked.

"We only just got here," Ash said, while standing on a hill that was so high they could see the town further up north.

"Well, how about another battle?" Rudy asked. "This time, we'll be tag teams. Me and Misty against you and Danny!"

"Sure!" Ash said, eager to battle. "Wait a minute, you and Misty? NEVER! It's Misty and me against you and Danny, and otherwise not!"

"Fine, at least I tried..." Rudy complained. Then, he threw a Poke Ball, causing a star-shaped Pokemon with a red gem to emerge. Meanwhile, his tag partner chose to battle with a Poke Ball-shaped Pokemon, while looking at Ash's Bayleef and Misty's Politoed.

"Electrode, Explosion!" Danny screamed, hoping to annihilate both opponents in one hit, while Starmie hovered far away enough to avoid the blow. However, when Rudy ordered the Water Pokemon to spit its Water Gun at Politoed, he blew it all. The star-shaped Pokemon accidentally hit its tag partner, who was blown against a rock. When the Poke Ball-like Pokemon exploded there, it was too far away from Politoed and Bayleef to cause any serious damage.

"Electrode, no!" Danny screamed, just before returning his Pokemon to its Poke Ball. Then, he looked at his tag partner. "This is all your fault, Rudy! Your Starmie was training dance moves at your gym all the time, and never practiced aiming its Water Gun in the right direction!"

"This is our chance!" Ash thought. "Bayleef, grab Starmie with your Vine Whip!" And so, the Pokemon with the leaf on her head made sure the star-shaped opponent was unable to move. Then, Politoed kept striking it with Doubleslap until it was unable to battle.

"Rudy, we lost because we're not a great team," Danny admitted. "I made mistakes too, sorry! There was no way you could know Electrode was about to use Explosion, I should've never made Electrode use that move so early!"

"Yeah, and you're right, I should train my Pokemon for battling as well and not just teach them how to dance," Rudy admitted. "Ash and Misty are a great team because they're in sync, and we are not."

While our heroes thanked their Pokemon and returned them to their Poke Balls, the two Orange Islands Gym Leaders on holiday congratulated their opponents. "You two are a great couple!" Danny admitted.

"Yeah, and I'm sure you and I could never have such synergy," Rudy acknowledged to the lady he loved. "You and Ash are perfect together!"

After thanking their opponents, our heroes walked onwards until they saw the sea. Then, Misty decided to take a ride on Feraligatr. She and Ash noticed various ruins, but only the biggest one in the east of the small sea was where they needed to go.

An hour later, Ash and Misty stood in a dark chamber, where a big, red cross was painted on the ground, just like in earlier locations. As usual, the former Cerulean City Gym Leader called upon her Politoed to dig up the final treasure chest.

Only a few minutes later, the green frog Pokemon found what he was looking for and handed over the treasure chest to his trainer. After opening it, she found a piece of paper and started reading it aloud for her boyfriend.

"Dear Ash and Misty,

When you read this, I assume you two are together now and used the previous treasures for romantic moments. The prophecy foretold that the biggest treasure of all is love. Actually, I wrote the prophecy and put all the treasure chests on the Sevii Islands, to help both of you to express your feelings for each other. From the moment I travelled together with you two on the Orange Islands, I noticed that you two were both in love with each other, but too stubborn to make the first move. I expected one of you two make a move in the past eight years, but you were both too stubborn. That's when I realized I had to intervene and play matchmaker. And so, Professor Oak and I wrote a fake prophecy and I drew a fake treasure map to get you two together with some romantic and intimate goods like massage oil and a condom.

Kind regards,

Tracey Sketchit

P.S. Don't be angry. You should be grateful that I finally got you two together."

Both of our heroes looked dazzled and were speechless for ten minutes. WHAT THE F*CK did their friend do? "Who does he think he is, intervening with my sex life?" Ash asked.

"Well, it was for the best... Let's face it, I never had the guts to confess my feelings when we travelled together, and you never even realized it until Brock talked to you about love and sex," Misty said.

"Hey yeah, and thanks to Tracey, I had the best day of my life yesterday when we had sex!" Ash added. "Even better than the day I beat Gary during the Johto League!"

"I just wonder why we didn't figure it all out earlier," Misty said. "It should've been pretty obvious that all of this wasn't real. Red crosses painted on the ground or grass... Those should never last for hundreds of years..."

"Yeah... And since you're so romantic, maybe the massage oil, lube and condom should've given you some hints earlier as well!" Ash teased his girlfriend.

"You're right... Oh well, at least it all worked out for the best. I mean, if we would've known it was fake before we got through Berry Forest, we might've never gotten together!" Misty said. "I might've never gotten the courage to tell you how I feel!"

"Yeah! And that erection in the hot springs really helped me to get it!" Ash admitted. "Misty, your awesome boobs really did the trick!"

"Ash, you might be the most unromantic guy on the planet, but damn it, I love you!" Misty thought. Then, she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and gently moved her tongue into his mouth. And just like the even more intimate moments on Six Island, Pikachu refused to look away.

And so, one week later, the couple stood in front of Professor Oak's laboratory in Pallet Town. As usual, when Ash finished a journey, this is where he returned before deciding his next destination. Our heroes knocked on the door, hoping to see the professor.

Then, his loyal assistant Tracey opened the door. "Did you have a sexy time on the ferry back to Kanto, little lovebirds?" he asked.

"None of your business!" Misty snapped.

"Yeah, we're just here to see Professor Oak!" Ash added.

When they entered the professor's room, they saw a lot of familiar faces in the room. "SURPRISE!" the group cheered.

"A party? Why? What are we celebrating? Is it someone's birthday?" Ash asked.

"To celebrate that you and Misty finally got together!" Brock said, while making a heart shape with his hands.

"We all knew this day would come!" Delia said, while wrapping her arms around her son. "Ash, you're my son, I knew you liked Misty since the moment you introduced her to me! It took longer than I thought it would, but it finally happened!"

"Um... Thanks?" Ash muttered, not understanding why everyone was so happy. Meanwhile, Misty released Feraligatr from his Poke Ball, so the guests could see her new Pokemon.

Then, a blonde-haired girl walked up to the raven-haired man, who was still a young boy inside. "Ash, you know how much I love you, and this is the day I've been dreading," she said with tears flowing from her eyes. "But I want you to know that I want you to be happy. If that means you and Misty are together, so be it. I'm sorry for trying to stop you from seeing her when we travelled!"

"That's okay, Serena!" Ash said. "At least Misty and I are together now!" he added, while his girlfriend gave the blonde-haired girl death stares.

Meanwhile, Misty was also talking to some jealous people. "Misty, there's nothing I want more than to be yours, but if this is what you want, I'll support you," Rudy said. "I'm sorry for being so rude to Ash a week ago, I was just so frustrated that I couldn't be with you..."

"That's okay, just don't propose to me anymore!" Misty teased, while Ash had a strong desire to punch a brown-haired young man in the face.

After hearing similar apologies from Macy, Georgio, Danny, Professor Oak congratulated the couple. "Well, Ash, you've been catching Pokemon for a long time now! But now, you finally caught a girlfriend! I knew you had for her all along, but you were too stubborn to come forward! Sorry Tracey and I had to do this, but this was the only way..."

"Well, in the end, we're happy you two did this!" Misty said. "I was just too stubborn and shy..."

Then, Misty was shocked when she saw three young women from Cerulean City. What if she had to go back to the Gym again? She could never see Ash again or pursue her dream of becoming a Water Pokemon Master. However, Daisy had another message for her sister. "We knew you liked Ash all along! And good news for you: since Lily and Violet have threesome sex with your replacement Dorian every night, you can keep travelling!"

"Thank you so much!" Misty said, when offering her sister a hug.

However, Daisy refused. "It's not a gesture, don't get your hopes up! It's only because Lily and Violet don't want to miss out on some awesome threesome sex!"

Then, three criminals entered the room. A red-haired woman started saying a familiar anthem, even though the text was changed for this special occasion. "The twerps are in love, so prepare for trouble!"

"They're getting married in a few years, so make it double!" a purple-haired man added.

"To protect all couples from devastation!" the woman said, taking turns.

"To unite all lovers within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the sex above!"



"Team Rocket can see you two are lovestruck!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fuck!"

"Meowth, good luck!" a cat-like Pokemon added.

"What do you want?" Ash asked.

"We're here to steal Pikachu!" Jessie answered, just before a crocodile-like Pokemon spit out his Hydro Pump, pushing the evil trio out of the laboratory and shooting them into the air.

"Team Rocket's blasting off again!" the trio screamed, just before Meowth spoke his name, despite being able to talk like humans.

"Gatr!" the hero of the day screamed. "My new trainer is awesome, those three aren't gonna ruin this party!"

Then, a brown-haired girl walked up to the couple. "I'm so glad you two finally got together!"

"Thanks, Melody!" Misty said. "I'm glad you're not trying to steal Ash away this time!"

Melody felt guilty about what happened on Five Island and was trying to think of a way to make it up to Misty. Then, she got it. "To make it up to you, I'll play Lugia's Song at your wedding in a few years!"