A barren desert stretches for miles without end. An overhead view shows countless sand dunes across the realm of Hueco Mundo. From a floor perspective and gazing skyward, a black sky can be seen. Null and void, no stars appear. A scant few puffs of grey float by and an illuminated crescent shows throughout. The crescent being the only source of light for any eyes to wander.

From a stationary, standing position, one will see a few cylindrical columns towering above them. These columns being only indication of life in the realm of Hueco Mundo. Massive and white, these concrete pillars show of the dullest creations a few Hollows can create when banded together.

A small bird flaps its wings above the sand and circles around, scouring the lands for a source of food to end its infinite hunger. The bird then dive bombs the sands and rises above again. A form of a struggling hollow is shown in the mouth of the bird. Small traces of crimson fall to the beige floor of Hueco Mundo as the Hollow in the bird's mouth struggles to break free. The bird, from probable struggle, opens its mouth and releases its bleeding prey.

Its prey crashes upon a sand dune. A river of red flows down the sand dune and paints a mural of death upon the beige flooring. The bird hollow, now realizing its prey has been felled, swoops down and lands atop the final resting place of its new meal. The bird itself is reminiscent of an American Eagle. The apparent Eagle folds its light brown wings to its chest and stands tall. At around ten feet tall, the Eagle towers over the fallen hollow. Its yellow beak glistens in the moonlight as drops and crimson and a clear liquid drip from its mouth.

Obviously salivating, the Eagle hollow reaches out with a yellow claw and pulls part of the deceased hollow closer to it. Bending down low. The Eagle shows its moon coloured tail. The feathers protruding from the tail shimmer in response to a new threat on the horizon.

The Eagle, once eating prey, is now thoroughly aware of another enemy. Dropping its former study, the Eagle spins around and finds nothing walking the sands of Hueco Mundo. Its green eyes scour across the barren plains and finds nothing. About to give up, the Eagle notices a disturbance atop a pillar of Hueco Mundo. Green eyes catch a pair of crimson and a shudder runs up the spine of the bird.

Turning around, the Eagle begins to flap its wings, but the spectre on the cylindrical column is having none of it. Disappearing from view, the spectre lands in front of the Eagle. Whereas the Eagle was about to depart, it squawks a horrified surprise and stops flapping its wings. The spectre stands around twenty feet in height, easily dwarfing the predatory bird.

The bird hollow, in a show of speed, opens its mouth to fire a red, white and blue cero, but the spectre doesn't move an inch. The bird then unfurls its wings and unleashes the cero. The colours of the cero meld and form a light purple ball of death and consumes the spectre. The resulting explosion cripples a sand dune and blows waves of sand away from ground zero. The shockwave of wind and dust catch the wings of the Eagle and send it skyward. With an aerial view of the cero, a semi dome of light purple eclipses the clouds and begins to spread across the landscape of Hueco Mundo. Dozens of metres upon dozens of metres are caught in the blast zone. Sand particles are incinerated by the extremely powerful cero and the grey clouds lining the sky are forced away by another shockwave of wind. Close to three hundred metres high and six hundred metres across, the cero tears the dunes asunder. Its once prey and new victim caught in the cataclysmic affair.

The bird starts flying in closer as the cero begins to recede the flying Hollow voices its thought of victory with a high pitched squawk. "How'd you like that, you piece of shit?! How's it feel to be eviscerated? Oh wait, you can't answer because you're dead! Hahaha!"

The purple light finally receded, but a cloud of smoke still blocks out the sight of supposed death. With its Eagle vision, the bird sees something that sends a chill through its body. A black shadow roughly twenty feet tall is standing at ground zero, two hundred feet below the closest sand dune. The bird, not believing its own vision, descends to the ground and lands in the crater it created.

Once the dust settle, the spectre is seen rubbing some dust specks off its shoulders. As its shadowed hands rub the dust off, its crimson eyes glare at the bird. Three tomoe glare pins and needles into the soul of the bird. Its unruly brown hair waves around in the moonlight. Spikes protrude in waves atop his head and two sections of his hair are stren together via white cloth and hand just in front of his non viewable ears.

A mask of bone adorns the spectre's face. Six magatama a seen on the bone mask. Three run down the left side while three run down the right, each one pointing its respective position outward. The mask itself is coloured a light purple and a blue diamond adorns the forehead of the mask.

The figure is also wearing a white haori and brown cargo pants. The haori shows three magatama on each side of it's collar. Underneath the Haori is a solid black shirt with a crescent moon dead center.

The bird hollow, finally realizing who is in front of him, recoils in absolute petrification. It's green eyes widen and its wings open to try and fly away, but before he can, the crimson, three tomoe eyes of its enemy morph. Now behind the mask hide a six pointed red star. Black covers the entirety of the iris and black covers the pupil. The six pointed star circles around the small pupil. The triangles of the star disconnect from an outline of a black star and a red circle sits in the center of the outline black star. In the center of the red circle is the minute, black pupil.

The bird, adrenaline pumping in it's veins, points a shaking wing at the spectre and speaks up.

"You… You'r… You're the… the... The Susano'o of Hueco Mundo. You're Indra Otsutsuki, the Illuminating Moon. Yo man. I didn't mean to fire that cero. You just-"

Whatever the Eagle was about to say died in his throat as the now named Indra pointed a hand at the bird. Reiatsu, so extraordinary in strength, crashes upon the barren lands of Hueco Mundo. The Eagle hollow whimpers under the force as sand is blown away and the giant columns collapse under the force. The desert flattens for miles as the reiatsu tears the world apart. The reiatsu itself, a purple in colour, extends to the sky and covers the entirety of a few miles. Cries of pain wash over the world as many a hollow, menos grande, adjuchas and vasto lorde, collapse under the daunting power of the reiatsu.

The bird hollow's eyes widen even more as the released reiatsu begins to circulate around the extended index finger of the spectre. All the purple energy is sucked into the marble sized ball and crushes the area even more around the pair. The density of the energy in the marble splits the desert landscape apart and forms many fissures. Fissures so deep that only black remains. Fissures so wide that a menos can fall through. Sand waterfalls down the fissures and reveals the concrete floor of the desert.

The Eagle hollow, once paralyzed in fear, watches as the marble energy ball finally absorbs all the reiatsu in the air. Then something startling occurs. The white of the moon begins to dim and dull out. The marble ball at the end of Indra's index finger begins to lighten in colour. Once an eggplant purple now shows a purplish white. The light from the moon is absorbed by the small ball of condensed reiatsu and the Eagle hollow trembles in fear. Indra just gazes at the marble and finally glares at his target.

"For attacking a god, you will fall to the power you will never gain. Goodbye, scum. Seis rutas de cero."

At first the Eagle felt nothing and was about to laugh at Indra's failure, but then he felt it. The tiny marble, not even a centimeter wide, struck his brown torso. His white feathered head looked down at the tiny marble cero and watched as it entered his body without making him bleed. The miniscule cero then erupted.

Across the lands of Hueco Mundo, Hazel eyes open and narrow. The power the man feels is the same as his opposite. The hazel eyed man, sitting on a column of concrete, watches a massive wall of white stretch across the lands of his domain and disintegrate everything in its path. Hundreds of miles vaporized by the massive cero. Hollows of all kinds torn to shreds by the monstrous reiatsu blast. One second screams of anguish reach the man's ears as creatures die off. The man himself feels a stinging on the palm of his right hand and looks down at it. A small sun mark is glowing gold under the dim moonlight.

The man looks back at the wall of white as it nears him and disappears from the site, but he leaves parting words to the white reiatsu.

"Once we meet again, Indra, we'll see who finally wins."

Back at ground zero, Indra stands alone in a crater spanning a ten thousand metres. He just stands in the field with his eyes trained on his left palm. With his eyes trained on the glowing white crescent moon etched on his palm. Indra looks up and glares at the cleared sky of Hueco Mundo. Small, hairline cracks appear on the ceiling of the realm. The pressure of his own attack nearly ripping the fabrication of space between Soul Society and Hueco Mundo and the human world. With a small shake of his head, Indra begins to walk away from the warzone he made.

His feet crush along the sand floor as the stinging on his palm begins to decline. A sadistic smile hides under his mask and a dark chuckle permeates the night air.

"The day we fight is the day all three world collapse. The day we fight, the others will come. The day we fight, no one will survive."

With those parting words, Indra begins his trek toward the placed called heaven.

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