A Wolf and her Pup Chapter 1: A Bad Influence

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Hard to believe that already two years had passed since the whole L'Cie Incident and the fall of Cocoon. In the aftermath of Orphan's defeat and the crystallization of the skylofted world, Lightning and her entourage of L'Cie comrades managed to not only free Serah and Dajh from their crystal prison but also guide humanity to create a new settlement on Gran Pulse. It took some time for the Cocoon residents to trust the Pulse branded L'Cie who tried to convince them that they were on the same side but with some inspiring words from Amodar of the Guardian Corps and Bartholomew Estheim, the citizens took a wary trust to the heroes and began to create homes from the wreckage that fell from Cocoon. Although it took a great amount of doing, the settlement of New Bodhum certainly flourished under the watchful eye of the L'Cie and before they knew it, New Palumpolum and New Eden were quickly established.

That being said it was only a matter of time before schools and businesses were established to help guide humanity in the right direction on this new brave frontier. And attending the school situated in New Bodhum was one former L'Cie Hope Estheim.

Now having saved the world from annihilation and having fought for his life for months on end against the wilds of Gran Pulse, Hope thought himself a very capable person under Lightning's tutelage and the guidance given to him by his friends and loved ones. But fighting for his life had made him forget what an utter chore school time was with how much work was being assigned. It was so staggering it almost made the silver haired teen wish for the days of fighting for his fate alongside Lightning and the others. But he powered through it like any person his age would and went along the rest of his day like normal after heading home with his L'Cie friends.

Now after the whole mess that was the L'Cie incident one would assume that Hope would be moving back with his father as the two had much catching up to do but it wasn't meant to be that easy. Bartholomew was seen as a rallying public figure in the movement to set up the foundation of New Bodhum and rebuilding Oerba under the request of Vanille and Fang who wished to see their home not only preserved but restored to its former glory. This meant the Hope and his father were still apart from each other for long periods of time. Now this didn't mean that their relationship was estranged as it was beforehand as Bartholomew made the honest effort to spend time with his son and vice versa causing the father and son to become closer than ever. However as much as Hope enjoyed that time, it was few and far in between. He knew that it wasn't fair to demand time from his father considering the task he was working with and was grateful for anytime spent with him at all. He also knew that once humanity had settled in and was progressing naturally without the need for a movement rallyer, he and his father would be together for long periods of time.

But rather than be depressed about it Hope decided to just enjoy himself alongside his pseudo family living in New Bodhum. After building her home again, Lightning made an offer for her group of friends to live with Serah, Snow and her until they could get homes of their own. So while Hope and Fang stayed with their pink haired leader, Sazh wanted to help out in the formation of New Nautilus so he left with his son once he found a home to begin his new work as a pilot and supplier of the construction efforts who was joined by Vanille in order to look after his son and help out in the effort. Although Fang was very much wary of the idea of being separated from her sister for a long period of time, she trusted Sazh to keep her safe.

Hope on the other hand had no true problems to speak of when it came to moving in with Lightning and the others. He knew what to do and what to avoid when it came to living with his mentor as despite being a bit more nice, was still the hardened, no nonsense soldier they had all come to know. Fang pretty much acted like an older sister to him, often teasing and ruffling his feathers for the fun of it while Snow and Serah treated him like a young brother.

Through and through the idea that he was still the child of the group remained true even as a sixteen year old.

However he didn't mind his situation as the resident 'little brother' of the group as it meant he could be a kid again despite having to grow up in such harsh settings. It was a great feeling to get back to some sense of normalcy even if it was having to deal with the stereotypes of high school life as a L'Cie sophomore.

"Hey Estheim!"

Speaking of stereotypes…


Fang hummed to herself a soft tune as she walked down the streets of New Bodhum with a small bag of groceries in hand. The warrior had just finished a small chore run given to her by Miss Sunshine herself Lighting since work was getting kinda slow. The dark haired Oerban worked as a mercenary for New Bodhum to protect the thriving town from outside threats of monsters. Time and again she would use her skills as a hunter to trap, outsmart or redirect any monster who tried to come near the settlement to stir trouble. But as time passed and people began to learn how Fang did things, more often than not other people managed to resolve a monster situation without need of her. While this meant Fang had more free time to do whatever it also meant another thing altogether

She wasn't working and Lightning wouldn't shut up about her lounging on the couch watching her dramas all day long.

So to get sunshine off her back Fang decided to job hunt and help around the house when needed. It was nice when at least Serah was appreciative of her help unlike Lightning who just acted aloof like always.

Finally reaching the Farron household, Fang opened the door to her home to see everyone's favorite pink haired soldier pacing around the kitchen while on her phone.

"Are you serious? … You can't tell me why he's in trouble right now? ...Fine I'm on my way." Lightning sighed after hanging up the phone and looked up to Fang who just offered a friendly wave.

"Hey there Light, you gonna tell me what was up with that or no?" she asked while moving into the kitchen to put the groceries away.

Lightning shook her head in annoyance at the woman. "It's Hope, apparently he got in trouble at school today and the principle isn't telling me why."

"Ah I see, so you're gonna scold the kid when he comes home?"

"As much as I want to I have to go to work right now for afternoon recruit training. Can you go to the principle's office and ask why Hope is in trouble?"

Fang scoffed at her friend's request for information. "What do I look like the kid's mom?"


There it was, the famous tone Lightning was known for. The "You better do what I say or I'll kick your shit in' tone. It was mainly used one Snow most of the time but every now and again it leaked to the others in the household. Not even Serah was immune to it, which often lead to loud sisterly arguments much to the dismay of the other residents of the home.

"Alright, alright don't get ya shorts in a bunch. I'll go check up on the kid, throw me the car keys." Lightning reached to the counter top by her side and tossed the keys to the hunter. Fang grabbed them quick and and ran to the door. "Don't whip the kids too badly sunshine! Not all of them are like Hope you know!"


"Excuse me Mr. Novis? One of Hope Estheim's guardians are here to see you."

Anthony Novis sighed deeply, he knew deep down this was inevitable but he had just hoped this would happen until later. "Let them in Miss Flora."

As Novis girded himself for the verbal lashing that was soon coming from one of the various L'Cie, Fang simply walked through the door to the office without knocking or any warning to her entrance. "Hey there Mr. Novis, heard Hope was in a bit of trouble?"

"Ah Miss Yun I was not expecting you to show up. I was expecting Miss Farron or Mr. Villiers instead."

"Yeah sorry about sunshine but she's like a mama behemoth with Hope here, can't stand the thought of him getting into trouble for himself or others." The hunter pulled open one of the chairs in front of Novis's desk and plopped herself down on it. "So no need to beat around the bush, what's the kid in trouble for?"

"Well Miss Yun over the past few weeks Hope has been the subject of much bullying." The principal got up from his seat and looked out his window to the track field, seeing Hope in his gym uniform surrounded by five older girls who were laughing and heckling him. "The girls of this school seem to target him a lot for numerous reasons, the more common one being that 'he looks like a girl'." He emphasized the air quotes around their excuse to the Oerban woman.

Fang scoffed at the claim of bullying. "Oh please. Look I don't mean to disrespect ya, but are you seriously gonna tell me Hope is actually taking all this 'bullying' lying down? The kid has more self respect than to take that lying down."

"Yes indeed you are right and that there is the problem. You see in these fights, Hope does not fight back but instead he just dodges rather impressively actually." Novis then sighed softly. "But here is where the problem lies as in between the punches and shoves Hope seems to… flirt with the girls while he dodges their attacks."

Fang gave a look outside the window to see what Novis was saying to be true. After dodging a shove from a blonde girl Fang watched the usually shy teen blow a kiss to the bully and give a seductive wink which made the girl back away and grow red in the face. This brought a smile to the woman's lips which made the principal grow more worried. "Now what's the problem with a boy flirting with a girl or two? If anything you should be callin' the parents of the brats harassing Hope in the first place."

"We have done so already but all the parents are ranting and raving that they don't their girls being the target of affection of… well…"

"A L'Cie. Come on don't dance around it like some passive aggressive dick. The parents don't like Hope cause he was a L'Cie at one point."

Novis nodded his head and sat down again in front of her. "There's only so much we can do about people's stance on L'Cie, former or otherwise. Although you and your group saved us from damnation there will always be some groups of people who believe that you all are still monsters."

"I see." Fang pursed her lips in thought and gave another look outside to see some of the girls giggling as they walked away from Hope, the kid putting something in his pocket before continuing his activity from before. "Well glad we got all this cleared up then eh? I'll talk to the kid tonight and work this thing out alright?"

"Very well, thank you for your time Miss Yun and I'm glad we could talk this out." Novis extended his arm to which Fang eagerly took and shook with her strong grip.

"Think nothing of it and don't worry the kid'll be fine after tonight."


"Hey guys I'm home!" Hope announced once he opened the door to the Farron household. Snow offered a friendly greeting as did Serah from their shared spot on the couch. Looking around the silver haired teen noticed the lack of Lightning's presence in the house.

"If you're looking for Light don't bother." Snow said. "She's off training the recruits again and won't be back until later tonight."

Hope sighed softly at hearing this news since hanging out with Light after a long day of school tended to be the highlight of his day. But it couldn't be helped considering the solider girl tended to be the one to whip the green ones into shape as she did to him long ago. Not wanting to third wheel the married couple's time together Hope went to his room to get started on his homework. The boy could only hope that Light would return home soon and didn't work herself too hard with the new recruits. More along the lines that she didn't work them into the ground and overdo it. As he pulled out his daily assignments to begin the grueling work, Hope heard a knock on his door. "Come in."

Hope was half expecting Serah or Snow to be the one behind the door to let him know of something but was mildly surprised when Fang was the one who entered. "Hey kid, got a minute to talk?"

"Um sure Fang, what's up?"

The Oerban woman closed the door behind her and sat on his bed. "So I was called in today at your school, apparently you've been quite the little flirt eh?"

Hope felt a large pit drop in his stomach hearing that Fang knew his little secret. "L-Look Fang I can explain just please don't tell Lig-"

The older woman held up a hand to stop the teen from rambling any further. "Don't worry kid I ain't gonna throw you under the bus I just want you to be honest with me when I ask this next question."


"Did you get any of their phone numbers?"

Deciding it was better not to lie to the huntress in front of him, Hope softly nodded his head and brought out from his pocket not one but several girl's numbers. Fang gave a small whistle at seeing around seven or nine phone numbers in his hand. "Dang impressive kid. You really got a way with those bullies huh?" A fiendish grin overtook her features, bringing out her own phone in planning. "Wanna crank call them for a little payback?"

Now Hope wasn't expecting this in the slightest, to have someone who was supposed to be a parental figure in his life to suggest to prank other teenagers. Now normally he would be against this sort of thing since all he wanted to do is make the girls who bullied him just a bit embarrassed and leave him alone. But the thought of giving some harmless payback sounded so inviting to him, he couldn't fight the grin that came on to his face.

"Let's do it!"


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