Hermione had gone to collect what little food she could find and wouldn't be back for some time. The cold found a way into the tent when she left, leaving it feeling less than pleasant. When she was here, she was silent and sad. Still upset over Ron's unhappy departure. He never felt as lonely as he did watching her in those moments. She had someone she loved walk out on her life, and left her alone in the world.

It wasn't that he didn't care about Ron as well, it was just for different reasons. Harry thought back to those times he caught them holding hands in their sleep or having whispered conversations follow by a quiet giggle.

He wished he could have a moment like that again. If Ginny where here, he wouldn't be feeling as lonely as he did now. But, she was far away surrounded by people still fighting on, and friends who weren't as heartbroken as his.

He lay back on his bunk, toying with the Horcrux around his neck. It felt warm to him, even though he hadn't been messing with it before. It always felt warm to him, as though the soul inside it was giving off its own heat. Was that even possible? Could such a small fraction of a soul even feel warmth?

Questions like that got him thinking too much. If such a small piece of soul could feel warmth, the did that mean that Voldemort could feel something too? Was there a chance that he could still be human with what little he had left?

Closing his eyes, he imagined what it would be like if Ginny had traveled with them. It would be far less miserable for all of them he was sure. There would be no doubt that he wasn't trying to take Hermione away from Ron like he had thought. Ron would never had run away because Ginny would have smacked some sense into him. Ron would have a family member here with him and maybe he wouldn't have felt so homesick. Hermione would have had a chance to take a break from all of the guy talk and be able to talk with Ginny.

So, many problems could have been avoided. If only he could have stopped him. Made him listen. He wouldn't have left them alone, abandoned in the cold with now two broken hearts. Everything would be happier now. It was almost Christmas, and it wasn't supposed to feel this lonely.

"Maybe that's one reason why he did it, so he could spend the holiday with his family." Harry thought bitterly to himself. "Lucky bastard." He wasn't jealous or anything. He had spent many holidays alone before, and he could do it again.

That's when he started to feel it. The cold that had previously hung in the air, was replaced with a warmth that he thought he could only feel when he was at Hogwarts. That physical and inner warmth of happiness and belonging. Like his first Christmas where he and the other Weasley's sat at the Gryffindor table at dinner.

Warmth, and calmness seeped through him. His eyes that were only closed before, felt like lead and he didn't feel the need to open them. His breathing evened out and it was as though all of his troubles had fallen away. Sleep was just beyond his reach and it wouldn't surprise him at all if he found himself in a pleasant dream in a few moments.

That is why, when he felt a hand run through his hair, he felt no need to brush it away. It was all a part of his dream after all and it felt so nice that he didn't want it to stop. A chuckle sounded in his ear and the breath tickled his cheek. It sounded familiar to him, and he wanted to look and see who it was but his eyelids were too heavy.

"Don't spoil the fun before it even got started." The handsome voice said.

Harry could barely make a noise as an answer.

"I'll be gentle I promise." It said. Another hand reached beneath his shirt and felt its way up. It started soft, but then light scratches made their way down, giving Harry goosebumps.

Lips lightly brushed against his ear. "I've been watching you. You've been doing so well, Harry." A hand remained in his hair, while the other trailed lower. "I'm so proud of you."

"It takes real strength and courage to do what you have done. Not many people have that." The hand trailed even lower.

Harry smiled softy at the praise. At the moment it was all he wanted to hear; that he was doing what he was supposed to, that he was still doing the right thing.

The hand reached beneath his pants and softly touched his member, making Harry breath in sharply. "You've been fighting for so long Harry; you deserve a little break." The hand wrapped itself around him and started moving. "A little pause…" There was something oddly familiar about that phrase but at the moment he just didn't seem to care.

"You need to relax more. I can help you there." The stroking got more intense, the fingers in his hair pulled his head to the side so that the lips which were so gentle before could reveal teeth. "I can help you achieve so many things, Harry."

Teeth scraped his neck and sent pleasure straight to his groin. A moan escaped him and he wished that he wasn't making any noise in the waking world. The biting changed to sucking and it was sure to leave a mark if it were real.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Harry?" The voice said. "Do you want more?"

"More? There was more?" Harry thought. He wanted to open his eyes and see just who he was dreaming about, but once again his eyelids proved too heavy for him. The urge to open them became greater than his need to feel comfortable and it was like the veil had been lifted.

"Don't do that, Harry. We are having so much fun." The voice sounded too familiar. He needed to wake up now. The grip on his member disappeared and he felt the weight of someone sit on his thighs. This was far too real to be a dream.

He tried to push the body off of him but instead, the hands that had been so comforting before snatched his wrists and held them down by his head. His eyes finally opened and he gazed up at a face he never thought he'd see again.

"Tom," He whispered. "How did you-" His words were cut off by the locket's chain tightening around his throat.

"You really shouldn't play with that thing, Harry." Tom smiled kindly at him. "It can be dangerous.

Harry opened his mouth and tried to get any air into his lungs. Tom took the chance and kissed him, slipping his tongue into his mouth. Kicking did nothing, Tom was too strong and the locket was making him feel so weak. As the chain loosened around his neck, Tom moved to merely an inch away from Harry's face so he could take in the oxygen he so desperately needed.

"Harry this could have been so easy for you." Once again, Tom looked at Harry with kindness and not the malice his words threatened. "I wanted it to be easy for you."

"Get off of me." Harry demanded. "Let me go! How did you even get so strong?"

Tom laughed as though Harry had just told him a joke. "Souls cannot be destroyed, Darling, no matter how much that old fool wants it to be so. You destroy one piece and it is forced to return to another. Right now… I'm the biggest piece of lord Voldemort there is."

Harry could not hide the fear that appeared on his face.

"Ah love, don't fret. This just makes it easier for the both of us." His hands cupped Harry's cheeks. "You wouldn't want to be with someone who looked like him now would you? I saw what you thought about me, Darling." He reached down and kissed him gently on the mouth. Harry tried to hit him, but his hands were still being held down by an unseen force. Before Harry could try to bite him instead, Tom pulled away looking like he had just stolen a sweet from a candy store.

"You like the way I look don't you?" Tom grinned. Of course Harry thought he was handsome, but he didn't remember telling anyone else that.

"I think you're full of yourself." Harry growled.

Tom laughed again. "You can't lie to me, Harry. I can see into your heart. I can see into your soul." His words turned to parseltounge. "There is nothing that you will hide from me ever again. I have spent far too long looking for you. You are mine."

Tom bent town and licked Harry's lightning bolt scar, making him hiss in pain form the contact. "How little a piece can still cause so much destress in you…"

The words sent a chill down his spine. "Piece? What Piece?" He asked worriedly.

"My dear Harry, didn't you ever wonder just how you and I are connected?" Tom chuckled.

Harry froze at the words. Of course he had wondered. Dumbledore's half-truths had always left him with more questions than answers. He just didn't want to admit it to himself, the reason why.

"Go to hell," Harry spat. "Get off of me."

"Look you're even using my soul now. How else could you understand and speak the language of the snakes? Harry, we could be so much stronger together." Tom purred.

"No, now get off of me and take this soul piece of yours with you!" Harry shouted at him.

Tom looked down at Harry as though he were starving and Harry was a piece of meat. "I don't think so. In fact, I think I need to put more of me in you. But don't worry, I'll be gentle." Tom rocked his hips against Harry's to emphasize his point. "I'll even make if fun for you."

Harry started thrashing to get Tom off of him, but his hold was too strong.

"You've only experienced that shrivel of a soul so far. How will you fair against a much larger piece?" Tom smiled again and pressed the palm of his hand against Harry's scar. The scream that tore its way from his throat would have made anyone run away in fear. Tom's soul was forcing its way into Harry's mind and with his minimal Occlumency skills, there was nothing he could do to stop it.

As Tom removed his hand, Harry lay there gasping for breath.

See now, isn't this much better? Harry heard Tom's voice in his head. He felt his glee as he towered above him watching as he struggled to make sense of what was happening.

No this can't be. Harry thought.

Why not? Now, you'll never have to feel lonely again. Isn't that what you wanted? Tom answered him.

"Get out," Harry demanded. "Get out right now!"

"Oh Harry, you won't be saying that in a minute." Tom chuckled.

Harry could do nothing to stop Tom as he began rocking their hips together. The lust that Tom felt was felt by Harry in full force and it took him a moment to realize that the pleasure wasn't being felt by him.

"Stop," Harry told him. "I don't want to."

Tom leaned in and whispered into his ear, never stopping his motions. "Are you sure Harry? How do you know that it's not what you want? After I'm done, you won't be able to tell the difference." His hands roamed down Harry's chest, and without Harry's permission, started removing his shirt. Whatever force was holding his arms hostage had no resistance to letting it slip over his head. The cool air was like a wakeup call to what was about to happen.

"Stop it!" Harry yelled. To his surprise, his mouth was forced open and the shirt was stuffed partially inside. He couldn't do more than make noises of protest at Tom now.

"I don't want to hear you until you can scream my name." Tom smirked.

Tom removed his own shirt but his only faded from existence the second he took it off. His chest, Harry was embarrassed to notice, was well toned. If this was any other person, he would have probably blushed at the sight. But as it was, Tom's handsomeness was only making him feel worse.

With their chests now pressed together, Harry could feel every inch it and with Tom's unfiltered lust filling up his brain, he could also feel them both getting hard together. Tom wasted little time in removing Harry's pants next. He didn't even put on a show of removing his own, one second they were there and the next they were gone.

"See I knew it would help," Tom gloated. "I can feel you in my head. I can see you're enjoying this just as much as I am."

Harry tried to tell him to go to hell again, but it only came out as muffled noise. There was nothing he could do to stop Tom from spreading his legs apart either. He settled himself in-between and pressed a finger against his entrance.

"Tell me Harry, do you want this to hurt?" Tom asked as though he were concerned.

Harry only glared at him.

"I need an answer love, or it will." He threatened.

Harry didn't want it to happen at all, but with their link, he could tell that Tom would make good on his threat. So, he shook his head, his eyed never losing their hateful glare.

"Good answer. Then you need to relax and don't resist me, love." A finger entered him, along with something warm and wet. Harry breathed in deeply and was about to try to fight him again, but remembered the threat and instead, forced himself to relax.

"There's a good boy," Tom praised. In and out it went until another joined it. They went deeper until they found something that make Harry gasp in his own pleasure this time. "See, I knew you would enjoy it." Again and again the pleasure built up every time he hit it. Once Harry would feel it, Tom would too, and it would be strengthened and sent right back to him. Harry moaned into the cloth in his mouth, unable to do anything else. The cycle went on and on and Harry didn't even notice when a third finger enter him.

"Do you want more, Harry?" Tom asked. He removed his hand and moved so that he was once again an inch away from Harry's face. "Do you want more of me in you?"

Harry, who was drunk on the cycling sensations between them, could only nod. Tom smiled and removed the shirt from his mouth.

"What was that, Love?" Tom laughed. He too was drunk on their pleasure.

"Yes, more. I want more." Harry begged.

Without any more hesitation, Tom lifted Harry's hips and slowly entered him with a moan of his own. He rested there for a moment before he started moving again.

This time, it was far more intense. Harry felt as though his body and his mind were both being filled with Tom Riddle, he couldn't escape the pleasure bouncing back and forth in his head, and the sensations he felt from Tom below. It made him moan louder and louder in time with their thrusts.

As they climaxed, neither one of them could hold back their cries of pleasure. Tom rested his head in the crook of Harry's next, and kissed the flesh there he was able to reach. "You are mine Harry Potter. And we will control everything."

With that, Tom faded away leaving Harry free of the bonds that held him down.

Later, after Hermione returned with what little she could find. Harry took out the locket and tried to imagine what had happened wasn't real. That it was all in his head and he really did just have some kind of nightmare.

Of course I'm in your head Harry, but why on earth would you think I wasn't real?

The locket was cold.

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