It wasn't at all like he expected. Voldemort did not take him to a dungeon or threaten to separate the horcrux from him. When he had followed him out of the room, he was blindfolded and taken to some cottage far off in the mountains where he couldn't find out his exact location. Which he supposed, was the point.

When he walked outside, he found that the calm interior of the inside of the cottage did not match the view from the outside. He could only walk a few yards of the snow covered ground before it ended into a seemingly bottomless cliff. If he looked careful enough, he could see green trees far off into the distance. The wind howled around him, and he had to take a blanket outside with him or he would end up freezing.

Frustratingly, Harry hardly ever saw the Dark Lord. He would stop by once a week to make sure that he was still alive and in good health, and then he would leave again, sometimes without saying anything. Trying to catch him in a conversation was impossible, as he would brush him off or leave as soon as he tried. Voldemort had also taken his wand away as soon as he stepped through the door, so he could not cast any spells to try to keep him there.

He never felt lonely though. Tom was his constant companion, always telling him stories or commenting on something he did. Even when they were silent, he could feel him watching from behind his eyes, always there.

It wasn't a terrible existence, but he could feel how incomplete Tom was. That small sliver of soul was all that was needed for him to feel whole again. It was like a nagging feeling, always on his mind. Sometimes it was easy to ignore, and other times it was so present, and loud that he would use their connection to Voldemort to beg him to come visit at least.

There wasn't much to do around the cottage other than appreciate the scenery and talk to one another. But, they easily ran out of things to talk about and the scenery never changed enough for any real appreciation for it. More and more, they wanted their counterpart there with them if just for some news about the real world.

Tom was surprised at Voldemort's ability to resist them. With the near completeness of Tom's soul, he should have been drawn to them like a moth to a flame, but somehow he has stayed away against all odds. Harry theorized that his soul was so small and he had twisted it so much with dark magic, that he couldn't feel much of anything anymore anyway. Tom thought that it had more to do with his powerful occlumency shields.

"But you are still apart of him, he wouldn't be able to block you out of his mind with occlumency. He never really could with even just a small piece of you inside me. Something always slipped through." Harry pointed out. "There has to be something else."

I don't know. I am beginning to worry.

"What if you never become whole again? I don't think we can stay like this for long. We would be stuck up here forever and have to feel this... incomplete" Harry shuttered. He could feel everything that Tom felt now, and he left no barriers in their minds to block out anything. Every little thought, and emotion that passes through their minds could be felt by the other. Sometimes they felt like one person. Other times, Harry wished that there was something to block out Tom's aching need to be with the last soul shard.

As long as Voldemort still has a body, I will never be whole. It anchors the last piece to the earth and I won't be able to take it unless it is gone. We can, however, temporarily connect to it…

"And… how would we do that?" Harry asked but he already had a good idea. He could feel Tom's excitement already. "Of course." Harry rolled his eyes. "But we have to actually get him to stay longer than a few minutes this time."

That should be simple enough if we actually put effort into it. He has to come running if we put ourselves in danger, and you are quite good at that.

"Right…" Harry looked down the edge of the cliff and saw the endless drop. He could not even see the bottom and he felt no need to go looking for it at the moment, but it looked to be the easiest way to get his attention. He attempted to put his foot past the edge and it was met with no resistance. "He didn't put any protection around this place?"

Maybe he thought with his sense of self preservation and fear of death, that I would try to stop you.

"And here you are encouraging me to kill us both," Harry laughed nervously. "What has the world come to."

Don't be silly, you are a horcrux. They cannot be destroyed that easily. There is no chance of us dying.

Hesitantly, he stood on the very edge of the cliff. Just because he wouldn't die, didn't mean that it wouldn't hurt like hell. Hands shaking, and arms outstretched, Harry took a deep breath and leaned forward.

The wind rushed by loudly as if it were screaming in his ears. He felt partially afraid but mostly exhilarated. The seemingly endless feeling of boredom he had been feeling, disappeared and the adrenaline pumping its way through him had him laughing hysterically. Tom's fear was just as extreme. Although he claimed that they would not die, he was still afraid of the possibility that he could actually be wrong.

He was spinning in the air and did not notice as the small cloud of black smoke raced towards them. Slowly, Harry stopped spinning and instead of racing towards the once quickly approaching ground, he stopped in midair.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Voldemort demanded. He was flying in midair without the aid of anything except his own magic. His wand was out, pointed at Harry keeping him afloat.

"We wanted to get your attention," Harry smiled, the adrenaline still pumping through him. "You kept ignoring us."

"Am I going to have to lock you away somewhere instead?" Voldemort growled, flying closer.

"Isn't that what you are already doing?" Harry asked giddily. "Can't get much worse, can you?"

It can get so much worse

"He wouldn't do anything to harm you," Harry stated with confidence.

No, he wouldn't. He just needs me safe, not happy, and he wouldn't even care what you felt about it

Voldemort took in a sharp breath at his counterpart's voice. His anger seemed to lessen, and with a wave of his wand, they both began to rise back up the mountain. The cold air that had so aggressively passed by before, gently caressed his now numb face. His hair was ever more messy that it usually was and he grimaced as he ran a hand through it and was met with nothing but tangles.

They arrived back at the cottage and Harry was placed right on the doorstep. "Get inside," Voldemort commanded.

"Will you be joining us," Harry shivered from the cold air. Snow started gently falling from the sky.

"Get inside, I won't ask you again," Voldemort snapped.

"Fine, but abandoning your soul is what got you in this situation in the first place. You can't keep ignoring us. We will just find a way to get your attention again, and it might not be so easy for you to save us next time." Harry warned. He opened the door and slammed it behind him in anger.

The cottage felt warm on the inside but not warm enough to sooth the chill that found its way into Harry's bones. Walking to the fire place, Harry attempted to start a fire with a match he found on the mantle, but it was proving to be difficult without magic.

Suddenly, the fireplace came to life and the fire brought some measure of warmth to him. He spun around and in the door way stood the dark lord. Small pieces of snow stuck to his black robes.

Harry said nothing and watched as Voldemort looked around the room as though he was uncertain of what to do.

Say something

Harry did not know to whom Tom was talking to, but Voldemort flinched at the sound of his voice. "Why do you do that," Harry asked him. "Are you scared of Tom?"

"Of course not," Voldemort snapped.

"Then why?" Harry took a step towards him. Voldemort did not respond for a long time, making Harry irritated. The snow tapped against the glass making the only noise along with the cracking of the fire in the cottage "If you want to help him then do something about it." Still he did not move or say anything.

"Fine then, leave. Abandon, your soul again and see where that gets you. If you don't want to take care of your soul, then let me out of here and I will do it for you." Harry threw himself back down on the floor in front of the fire, his back facing Voldemort. He pulled his knees up to his chest and shivered. They would just have to try again another day.

Harry was determined not to look back at him. He did not want to give Voldemort the satisfaction. Surprisingly, he felt a weight drape itself over his shoulders and saw a dark red blanket around him. Pulling it closer, he felt Voldemort's presence right behind him.

"You don't need to take care of it," Voldemort said softly. "I'll do that."

"Really?" Harry scoffed. "Because you have been doing a fantastic job of it so far. And you wouldn't be taking care of just him anymore. You'll have to take care of me, too. Unless you have found a way to separate the two of us?"

Don't you dare

Voldemort flinched again.

Harry noticed and stood up so he was face to face with him, the blanket slipping off of his shoulders. "There you go again. I think you are afraid. Is the big bad dark lord scared of his own soul?"

"You know nothing you foolish boy," Voldemort growled and turned his back away from him.

Instantly regretting his actions, Harry grabbed Voldemort's wrist to prevent him from leaving. His mind became flooded with thoughts that were neither his nor Tom's. It was of a familiar desperation to be whole again, something that had been driving both Harry and Tom this whole time. The sudden need to touch Harry when Tom spoke, and the overprotectiveness he felt for his horcrux.

All of this was unfiltered and it was then Harry realized that Voldemort had not been able to block them out at all. Voldemort had constantly felt the pull of his soul this whole time and it had been driving him mad. The Death Eaters had noticed Voldemort's sudden change of mood and how it worsened with each passing day. The small fraction of soul that Voldemort was using all of its strength to resist its much larger and stronger counterpart.

Voldemort tried to pull his hand away, but Harry's grip on his wrist was too strong. "Let go brat," Voldemort forced out. He could feel their connection as well.

"Make me," Harry grinned. He could feel Tom's excitement in his head growing and he knew exactly what to do.

Voldemort turned to face him once again and that's when Harry released his grip on his wrist and instead, grabbed his face with both of his hands and kissed him. The connection only grew and he could feel Tom and Voldemort's soul reaching out to one another. A choking terror came from Voldemort and he tired to force Harry off.

Tom, however, was the stronger of the two and pulled Voldemort's towards him. A look of wonderment passed over his face and he fell to the floor. Harry stood over him, a smile that came from both him and Tom on his face. "You left us alone for so long, Voldemort. Didn't you miss us? Don't you want to be whole again if only for a moment?" They spoke together.

Harry got on his knees and crawled over Voldemort until he was between his knees and his face was above his. Voldemort was hypnotized by Harry and his eyes could not look away from him. Harry leaned his face forward so that their lips were almost touching. "Don't you want to be whole again," they asked.

They could feel Voldemort's need to answer "Yes, Yes, please" but his determination and a sense of fear was stopping him.

"What's wrong?" They moved their lips to the bottom edge of Voldemort's ear and whispered "Have some fun with us. We won't bite." They bit the tip of his ear lobe. "Much."

Voldemort gasped and his lips slightly opened. "Get. Off," he breathed out.

They sat up so their face was still hovering over Voldemort's but farther away. A challenging grin spread on their face. "Make. Me."

Hands finally reached up to force them off, but was no match for the power of both Tom and Harry working together. Their magic forced him back down and their lips descended on him again. This time, with more force.

Voldemort tried to resist them, but the seduction of their connection was too much. He opened his mouth letting them inside and they accepted the invitation eagerly, and his forked tongue greeted them.

They pressed their body flat up against his so that the only thing separating them was their clothes. Their hands slowly made their way from his face, to his chest, and down to his waist. As they slowly caressed him, they could feel his arousal growing against them.

Their hands reached up to the collar of his robe and without breaking the kiss, ripped it apart. Nails scraped down Voldemort's chest making him arch up in the act. Voldemort broke away their kiss and growled "Don't think you'll get out of this unpunished brat."

"Oh, I sure hope not," They smirked and kissed at his neck and worked their way down to his chest, tearing away fabric so that they could access more skin. "It would be a shame if we were the only ones to get some fun out of this, but don't worry, we will make sure to share every little but of it with you," they promised.

They kissed down past his navel and up the hard member that awaited them. Voldemort tried to move but from the complete will of Tom's larger soul, he was unable to do as he wanted. "I will tie you up and leave you screaming," Voldemort threatened.

"Promises, promises," They licked the shaft of his member and then looked him directly in the eyes as the took it in their mouth. Voldemort could not hide his emotions from them when they were so close. He was enjoying watching them and he wanted so much for them to continue.

They closed their eyes, and let Voldemort watch as they took as much of him as they could in their mouth. When they sucked, they could hear the whisper of a moan pass through his lips. "Don't get too excited. We want this to last as long as we can make it," they told him.

Despite what they said, they couldn't wait much longer. A wave of their hand had Voldemort ready for them and before he realized what was happening, they were already positioned. "I will make you beg for my mercy," Voldemort glared, or tried too. The excitement coming off of Harry and Tom was contagious and their connection let Voldemort feel the full force of it.

"Good," they smirked before pushing themselves inside. The effect was instantaneous. Finally, they felt complete. There was not a crack or piece out of place and for the first time in fifty years, Tom Riddle knew what it was like to be whole. Moving made the feeling of ecstasy only grow. Voldemort was finally able to move and instead of pushing them away, he was desperate to bring them closer.

He pulled their head in and brought their lips together in an attempt to have even more contact. His nails clawed their way into their back, drawing blood. They could feel the small soul shard's need to be even closer, to be beneath Harry's skin with them. It was almost cruel to have them so close to wholeness, but so far away.

Tom and Harry could not stay quiet as they moved. Their breaths and moans were only effective in making Voldemort even harder than he was and he even pushed back up against them, making their noises even louder.

In their excitement, they did not last long. They both finished, a sticky mess between them. Harry fell on top of Voldemort and they lay there, catching their breath. The feeling that they so desperately wanted slowly dissipated as they came down from their high. Tom started clawing at the back of his mind, wanting to keep them together longer, but there was nothing to be done at the moment.

"You shouldn't have done that," Voldemort panted. Harry's scream was silent as Tom's attempts grew more and more aggressive. "Shhh," Voldemort soothed and brought Harry's forehead to his chest so that his scar was touching his skin. "I'm still here." The small amount of comfort the contact gave, made Tom stop in his assaults.

"Don't leave us again," Harry and Tom said together, almost crying. "Please, we can't take it anymore."

"Never," Voldemort promised. "Never again."


As this was only supposed to be a practice for me to get over my discomfort of writing smut, this will probably be the final chapter as I have not received as much attention as I had hoped for. Thanks for reading, and if you are interested, I have a Tumblr account where i post updates pretty regularly or take suggestions for new stories or stories i have already written.