Third Person POV

The Water Gardens was bursting with people. Servants were walking to and fro, guards were standing in their posts, and the Princess of Dorne watched from the balcony as some of the warriors sparred with each other. Her only daughter, Elia, who was now four, sat beside her, bestowing herself in the sunlight, allowing it to give her life. Her youngest child, Oberyn, who was only three, stood on a chair as he watched the warriors in envy, wishing that he were old enough to wield a spear too.

A noise diverted her attention from the Water Gardens, and she turned to see as one of her handmaidens, Sallaria, a daughter of one of the minor lords of Dorne, walking in. The only peculiar thing about it, was that there was a young boy attached to her leg, trying to hide from her sight. Sallaria bowed, "Princess Nymeria, forgive my tardiness."

"It is alright, Sallaria." Nymeria waved it off, "Who is that boy behind you?"

Sallaria gently pushed the boy forwards, "This is my son, Percy. The reason that I was tardy was that the people I used to leave Percy to, refuses to watch him any longer."

"Why is that?" Nymeria asked. The boy's father was obviously not Dornish. The boy had sea green eyes. Though he shared the same gentle look in his eyes as his mother, Nymeria would have never guessed that the boy was hers, while the boy had green eyes, Sallaria had blue eyes, while the boy had black hair, Sallaria had brown. Sallaria answered, "Yesterday, they found Percy with a dead snake in his hand. A few days before, he wandered off to the sea. They believe him to be too much."

Nymeria chuckled. What an odd boy. She looked at her children, who were looking at him in interests, and an idea came to her mind, "Your son can stay here, Sallaria. He can accompany Elia and Oberyn since they lack company. That way, you no longer have a need of someone to watch over him."

"Thank you, Princess." Sallaria said gratefully. She then looked down at her son, "Go on, Percy. Greet the princess and her children."

The boy bowed awkwardly, "Princess Nymeria. Princess Elia. Prince Oberyn."

Nymeria smiled kindly, and urged her children forward, "Go ahead. Greet him"

Both her children walked to Percy, and while Elia curtseyed to him like a proper lady, Oberyn looked at the boy with a criticizing look, before lunging at the boy, and grabbing him by the hand, "Come play with me!"

Percy was forced to run along Oberyn, and Elia looked at her mother with a questioning gaze. Nymeria smiled gently, "Go ahead. But be careful."

Elia smile happily, "Thank you Mother."

Then she ran off to play with her brother and new playmate. Moments later, the children were seen playing in one of the fountains of the Water Gardens. Splashing water at each other as Oberyn and Elia teamed up against Percy, who was seemingly unaffected by the water, almost to the point where some of it seemed to repel off of him. Though that was barely given mind to, for the joyous laughter of the children were heard all throughout the water Gardens, and their infectious smiles spread like wildfire.

(Eight Years Later)

Elia cheered on as both her brother and best friend sparred with each other. While Oberyn used as spear, as most Dornishmen, Percy wielded a bronze sword that his mother gifted to him on his twelfth nameday. They moved elegantly and beautifully. Despite their young age, both boys showed promising futures in combat. Their movements so beautiful, that it almost looked like a dance rather than a fight. While Oberyn moved swiftly like a snake, Percy moved majestically, like a horse when it runs at its full speed, almost as if they were running on air. And in the end, they came to a draw, Oberyn's spear pointing at Percy's throat, and Percy's sword pointing at Oberyn's temple. After one tense moment, Elia's clapping was heard, and both boys grinned at each other before removing their weapons at the other. They slung their arms around each other as they walked to Elia, "I almost got you that time, my friend."

"That's what you said the last twenty times, Oberyn." Percy grinned as they reached Elia. Elia stood up from her seat, and wedged herself between Oberyn and Percy, making them release their arm around each other, and having them link their arms around hers, "Did you enjoy the show, sister?"

"I did. Though, I was hoping that Percy would have laid you flat on your back as he has done before." Elia said with a playful grin. Oberyn gave her a mocking glare, as he said, "Oh, my dear sister, how you hurt me so. And here I thought you favored me over our dear friend."

"But Percy is so much more interesting to be with, my dear brother. You are so annoying." Elia replied in a teasing tone. Percy laughed joyously beside her, and he said, "She does not speak false, Oberyn."

Oberyn placed a hand on his heart and gave them a mock sad face, "What a horrendous day this is! First, my own sweet sister turns against me, and now my dearest friends conspires against me! How will I ever learn to live with such pain?!"

Percy chuckled at his friends antics, and Elia giggled, "Oh, dear brother, you will always have a place in my heart."

Oberyn smiled and placed a kiss on Elia's cheek, and meanwhile, Percy said, "And you will always have my loyalty, dear friend."

Suddenly, the maester came into view, and he walks up to them, "Prince Oberyn, it is time for your lessons. Your mother was furious when she learned that you skipped your lessons last time."

Oberyn gave him a sour look, but Elia smiled and pushed him forward, "Go. I will see you at supper. I will be having my lessons with my septa soon "

With much reluctance, Oberyn went, being dragged by the maester in his wake. After laughing at Oberyn's expense, Percy looked at the princess on his arm, and shyly asked, "May I escort you to your septa, my princess?"

"Of course, I will have no other but you escort me there, Percy." Elia answered with a sweet smile. Percy smiled back at her, though he could feel his ears began to warm slightly, he could not help but focus at how Elia's smile seemed to outshine even the sun.

(2 years later)

Both Elia and Percy were now four and ten, practically a man and woman, with Oberyn being a year younger than both of them. And while Oberyn was being fostered at Sandstone, Elia and Percy stayed in Sunspear, Percy being assigned to guard the young princess of Dorne.

They walked along the shores of the sea, side by side, basking in the heat of the sun, and the smell of salt in the air. It was just the two of them right now, walking in silence while others were being occupied by their duties. The only thing that broke the silence was the sound of the waves crashing against each other. Finally, Percy couldn't take the lack of Elia's voice and the conflicted look on her face, "What troubles you, Elia?"

She abruptly stopped and looked at him. He stopped and turned to look at her too. They stood at the same height right now, their eyes instantly meeting. He saw the hesitance in her eyes, and he took her hand in his, "Elia, tell me. I swear on the Seven that I will not tell a soul."

"Am I hideous, Percy?" Elia asked in a small voice. Percy was taken back. How can she even think that? Has she ever seen herself? She was the prettiest girl Percy has ever seen. Percy believes that she would grow even more beautiful than her own mother, the fame beauty of Dorne. He asked, baffled by her question, "What? Why would you ask that?"

"I heard Selira and Aalya speak of how I was frail and flat chested, they said that no man will ever want me. And they jested that I probably have never kissed anyone." Elia said in a rapid pace, embarrassed at what she was telling her friend. Meanwhile, Percy was enraged. How can they speak ill of Elia? She was their princess! He should have them flogged for speaking ill of her! Percy quickly stomped towards the castle, intent on doing just that, intent on doing it himself, but Elia caught him, "Where are you going?!"

He turned to her, his eyes, darker than she has ever seen them, "I will have them beaten for speaking such things about you! I will beat them speaking false of their princess!"

She gripped his hand, unwilling to let him do that, "No, Percy! You will not have them beaten! Especially since what they say is true!"

He looked at her incredulously, "Have you ever seen yourself, Elia?! You are more prettier than Horsemaster's daughters! They look more like horses than humans! And they should know better than to speak ill of anyone higher than them. Especially not you. Wait til your mother hears of this!"

He tried to go towards the castle again, but Elia's hand on him stopped him. He turned to make her release him, but the soft look in her black eyes, and the curiosity in her face stopped him. He stopped. The anger to hurt those girl was still in him, but the girl holding on to him commanded his attention. She asked softly, "Do you mean it?"

"Do I mean what?" He asked back in a gentler voice than before. She looked at him, "Do you think I'm pretty?"

He fully turned his body to her, and looked deeply in her eyes, baring his soul to her, "Yes. I think you to be the most prettiest girl in this world. I believe that the sun rises, just so that it could see you. Because that is how magnificent you are."

Elia suddenly threw herself at him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, and burying her head on the crook of his neck. And after he got rid of his initial shock, Percy returned the hug, holding onto her firmly, promises of never letting go going unspoken. After awhile, they raised their heads, but did not separate. And as they looked into each other's eyes, the sun setting at their side, they leaned in, their eyes slowly falling, the gap between them slowly closing, allowing them a kiss. It was sweet, innocent. Despite their Dornish heritage, Elia was a sweet girl who lacked their infamous Dornish lust, and Percy was a gentle lad who only wanted to make his princess happy.

They separated after awhile, shy smiles on their faces, and Percy offered her his elbow, the anger at the two girls forgotten, "May I escort you back to the castle, my princess?"

"Yes, I would have no other." She said with a gentle smile as she placed a hand on his arm. And they walked back, silently as before, though now in comfortable silence. Her hand slipping into his, their fingers intertwining.

(A year later)

They have gotten closer, Elia and Percy, and at first, no one could believe it. Now, when there is one, so is the other. If Elia was not in her lessons or her mother, she was with Percy. When Percy was not training, he was at Elia's side, guarding her faithfully, and while most believed that it was due to the lack of Oberyn's presence, in truth, it was because they were in love. They sneaked off to anywhere they could be alone. The dark corners of the castle, the library when it is empty, the beach when everyone else is occupied. Anywhere. They would talk, they would bask in comfortable silence, and they would kiss. What started off as chaste kisses, developed into more sensual ones, though, it did not go past that. They were still aware of their birth standings. Elia was a highborn maiden, and Percy was a lowborn warrior. They passed off their kisses as practice for Elia's future husband, and they passed off their feelings as nothing, ignoring its whole entirety. And though they thought nothing of their relationship, Nymeria Martell knew differently. So did Sallaria.

They were at the Water Gardens, like so many years before, and Nymeria and Sallaria watched as Percy tucked a moonlace flower behind Elia's ear. She said without taking her eyes off of the two, "It cannot be. He and she."

"I know." Sallaria said sadly. Nymeria continued, "If she were born first, perhaps. But she will not inherit Dorne, and she has to marry a highborn lord. If she was my eldest child, I would have allowed your son to be her consort."

"I know, Princess Nymeria." Sallaria answered back as she watched her son look at Elia as if she was the sun itself. Nymeria continued, "She has had her first moon's blood. She is suitable for marriage."

"I hope the princess happiness in her future." Sallaria said soft voice.

(A week later)

Percy and Elia came back from riding through the deserts of Dorne, and as they entered Sunspear's gates, the familiar sight of a man with lustrous black, sharp nose, and viper like eyes greeted them. He smiled brightly at them, and Percy and Elia quickly got off of their horses, meeting Oberyn halfway between the yard. Oberyn picked up Elia and spun her around, both laughing as he did, "I have missed you so much, my dear sister."

"And I, you, brother." Elia said as he set her down. Percy looked at them with an enthusiastic smile, and Oberyn released Elia to give him a brotherly hug, "And you, my dear friend. The lack of good combat made me miss your presence too."

"I have missed you too, dear friend. Welcome home." Percy said with a grin. Oberyn swung his arms around them, "Come, you must tell me all that I have missed while I was in Sandstone."

"Our brother, Doran, has met a woman from Norvos, they are betrothed and are set to arrive here within the fortnight." Elia said excitedly as they walked inside the castle. Oberyn raised an eyebrow, "I was not aware that our brother has finished travelling the Free Cities. Even if he has met a woman, it is odd that he is coming back so soon."

"It is said that your mother has commanded they come here quickly." Percy added, shrugging as he did. Oberyn only grew more curious, looking at Elia after he listened to Percy, "Do you not find it odd, that our mother commanded the return of all her children?"

Elia waved it off, "It does not matter for now. We are together again. Now tell me, how did you fare in Sandstone? Lord Qorgyle has written nothing but praises for you, your wit, and your combat prowess. And your letters prove to be inadequate."

"There was not much to say, sister. I found Sandstone to be quite dull compared to Sunspear and its people. Though, I did learn a lot from their maester and their knowledge of poisons." Oberyn said with a grin. Percy raised an eyebrow, "You don't mean to tell me that you use poison now?"

Oberyn only smiled mischievously, "Perhaps. Perhaps not."

"Now tell me, " Oberyn began, "What else is new besides the news of Doran's impending marriage?"

Elia snuck a glance at Percy and met his eyes, she smiled, "Not much has changed, my dear brother. Now come, I desire to go sailing before we have to join mother for supper."

"As you wish." Oberyn responded. Elia looked at Percy, "Percy, go ahead and make sure that the Goddess is ready to sail. Oberyn and I will go through the kitchens to pick up the food I had the cooks prepare for us"

"Alright, I will see you there, my godd-, on the Goddess." Percy said, catching himself before he could say one of his nicknames for Elia. Percy went on, and Oberyn watched as Elia watched Percy longer than she should have, the tender look in her eyes not going unnoticed by her clever younger brother. Oberyn said nothing as Elia finally tore her eyes from Percy, and grabbed Oberyn by the elbow, dragging him to the kitchens, "Come. We must hurry if we are to sail before the tides get high."

Oberyn allowed Elia to drag him, not once mentioning of how he noticed Percy's slip up, or how Elia looked at Percy in a similar way that he saw their father look at their mother whenever she had to leave for to deal with some lord or another.

After grabbing a basket filled with Dornish blood oranges, cheese, bread, apples, and grapes, in addition to a flagon of Dornish wine, Elia and Oberyn headed to the docks, where they saw Percy waiting on a small ship made of fine oak wood. He said in a mocking tone, "Summer has passed. Did you actually have to pick fruits you brought?"

Elia rolled her eyes, though her face held a tiny smile, "No, but after seeing what the cook prepared, I had to get more food, seeing as you would have eaten all of what they have prepared."

"How thoughtful of you, my princess! Gods know how long I would have survived without the proper amount of food in my belly." Percy exclaimed. Oberyn chuckled at the two, and Elia responded, "Only because my mother refuses to let the other kingdoms think that we treat our servants poorly."

"How your hurt me so, Princess." Percy said in a hurt tone, placing a hand over his heart. After awhile, they both smiled at each other, and Oberyn could not decide which shined more, his sister's smile, or the twinkle in his friend's eye.

He and Elia climbed on the ship, and the sailors began moving, Percy at the wheel, commanding the men in an authoritative tone. After the few servants they brought set the table for he, Elia, and Percy, Oberyn sat down with his sister, watching as Percy brought them out into the open waters, looking as if he were born to sail. Oberyn commented, "I did not know that Percy can man a ship."

Elia looked at Percy, "Yes, it came as a surprise. Mother gave me this ship as my fifteenth nameday, and Percy was the first one I brought with me. Sailing came as naturally as sword fighting to him. I have had no one but him sail my ship since then."

Elia said it fondly, and Oberyn raised an eyebrow. Can no one see how deeply Elia and Percy feel for each other? Can they themselves not see it?

Oberyn's silent questions went unanswered as Percy joined them, the wheel being watched by on of the other sailors, Percy's second in command, Oberyn would guess. Percy sat down, "What are we talking about?"

"Just your abilities to sail a ship." Oberyn said with an impressed tone, "Perhaps you, Elia, and I can travel the world once Doran settles in with his betrothed."

Percy smiled, "I would like that."

"Me too." Elia added as they began to eat. Elia tore her bread in half, placing one half one her plate, and placing the other on Percy's. And meanwhile, Percy placed a slice of cheese on his bread, and also place one on Elia's, then slicing an apple in half, and giving one of them to Elia.

Oberyn chuckled to himself, and began serving himself some food, since clearly, his two companions were too busy serving each other. Though, the way he saw it, it looked natural for them, almost to the point where they did not even realize that their actions were not common for a lady and her guard.

They spoke of good memories as they ate, laughing as they shared the flagon of sour Dornish wine, and recalling their youth, playing around the Water Gardens. Playing around Sunspear, and now, speaking of their more recent memories. Like how Percy stitched his sleeve to his breeches when Elia insisted on teaching him how to mend his own clothes, or how Percy had to run on foot after Elia after her and his horse got spooked by a snake while he picked a rare flower in the desert. Oberyn spoke of releasing a snake inside Lord Qorgyle's castle once, and how he feigned innocence and played the hero, but not before laughing at Lord Qorgyle's son's feminine screams first, by catching the snake he released. He also spoke of his exploits in the pleasure houses of Sandstone's town, but only to see his sister gasp in horror and smack him in the arm. He could see Percy's ear tinge with red, but his friend was too busy laughing at his expense as his sister tried to get him to shut his mouth by showing handful of grapes in it.

Hours later, and they were sailing back, Percy manning the wheel as they stood beside him and watched as Sunspear become bigger by the minute. And after securing the ship to the dock, they were ushered in the dining hall, Nymeria at the head of the table, with her consort at her left, and Elia at her right, Oberyn beside her. Percy stood behind them, leaning against the wall, as was his duty, and waited patiently as they ate. Elia and Oberyn did not eat much, having their fill when they were on the ship, and when they excused themselves to leave, Nymeria halted them, "Elia, Oberyn, wait. I must speak with the both of your."

Elia and Oberyn resumed their seats on the table, and Elia asked, "What is it, mother?"

"In the morrow, you, Oberyn, and I will leave Sunspear so that we can find proper marriages for the both of you. Your trunk have been packed, and your father will join us once Doran has arrived here." Nymeria said, leaving no room for argument. There was a moment of silence as everyone took that in, and Percy felt his stomach drop, for what reason, he did not know why. Perhaps it was the thought of losing his closest friends to strange lords and ladies.

The silence was broken by Oberyn's booming laugh, "You must be jesting us, mother."

"I am not." Nymeria said with a calm, serious face. Oberyn ceased from laughing, though he still held an amused smile on his face, "Very well. What do you think of this, Elia?"

Everyone turned to look at Elia, and after thinking about it for awhile, she said softly, "It would only be appropriate to do so."

Nymeria nodded in approval, and Oberyn chuckled before saying, "So be it."

He then turned to Percy, "Go prepare your things, Percy-"

"Percy will not be going with us." Nymeria declared, causing her children's heads to snap at her. Oberyn argued, "He is Elia's guard and our friend!"

"Percy will stay here and continue his training to be a true Dornish warrior. I may have allowed him to guard your sister, but that is while they were in Sunspear. Percy has much to learn, and is not yet prepared to truly protect her." Nymeria countered, making Percy feel ashamed, and causing him to look at his feet. The Princess of Dorne did not truly believe him capable of protecting Elia. Oberyn was about to argue, but Nymeria cut him off, "My word is final, Oberyn. They may have been lenient with you in Sandstone, but here, I am still the Princess. Now go. You are excused from supper."

"Forgive me, mother." Oberyn said as he rose. Nymeria nodded in response, and he left, Elia in suit, with Percy following them. When they finally caught up to Oberyn, they found him in the highest balcony of the castle, which overlooked the sea, and had the moon and stars shining above it. Oberyn smiled at the sea below them, "I thought, when Mother summoned me back that it was so that I could be with my family again. Instead, she called me here, just so that she can give me back away."

Elia touched his shoulder softly, "Mother only wants what is best for us, Oberyn."

Oberyn turned to look at her, "Do you truly believe that Elia?"

"Yes. That is why she is allowing us to see our potential suitors, so that we may choose who we want to wed." Elia said confidently, though, the image of marrying some lordling left an unpleasant taste in her mouth. Oberyn nodded, "Very well. I need to sleep then, before our journey in the morrow."

He kissed Elia's cheek, "Good night, sweet sister."

"And you, dear brother." Elia responded. Oberyn walked to leave, but not before placing a hand on Percy's shoulder and hugging him as he did in the afternoon. Once he left, Percy walked up to Elia with a small smile, "You will leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake, Elia."

Elia smiled, though, it did not quite reach her eyes, "Perhaps. Or perhaps I will be the one with a broken heart."

"Any man to deny you is not only stupid, but both deaf and blind. For your voice can bring life to even the dead, and your beauty is worth dying for. And if they do not see how kind, gentle, and wise you are, then they do not deserve you." Percy said softly as he placed a kiss on her hand. Elia smiled and placed a hand on Percy's cheek, "If only the lords are like you. " If only you were a lord yourself.

Percy smiled and took Elia's hand, placing a kiss on her palm. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist, enveloping her in a heartwarming hug, "Goodbye, my princess."

"Farewell, my warrior." Elia murmured in his neck, and as they raised their heads to look at each other, they leaned in, allowing their lips to touch, and allowing their souls to intertwine.

The dark figure hiding behind the door left, allowing his sister and friend to savor the moment. His heart growing heavier at the thought that his sister and her beloved can never be. One belonged to the heavens, and the other belonged on land.

It began to rain lightly, and as they separated, Percy asked, "Can I escort you back to your chambers, my princess?"

"I would have no other." Elia said as she intertwined her fingers with his.

(2 years later)

The Martell family were finally coming home. The quest to look for Elia and Oberyn's suitors, proved to be fruitless and tiresome. Not only did Oberyn mock all of Elia's suitors, Baelor Breakwind being the Elia's chosen one before he farted in front of them, and Elia being unable to look at him without laughing afterwards, but they received trouble from Oberyn, when he gave no effort in hiding his visits in the pleasure houses of the current lord they were currently visiting. Their travels were also prolonged by the unexpected storm in Casterly Rock, and a sickness that Elia caught while they were in Starfall.

Meanwhile, Percy has done nothing but train, growing stronger and faster each day, awaiting the day until his princess finally came home. Training until he was finally deemed worthy to protect her, to be by her side. It has gotten to the point where no man or woman could defeat him in combat, being knighted by Lewyn Martell himself when he visited, and that he was teaching the warriors to fight when he was not escorting Doran to some place or another. All he did was fight, eat, and sleep, but also maintaining the Goddess. There was a feeling of void within him, and no matter what he did, he could not fill it.

Now, the Martell family was entering Sunspear, most of the household servants out there to meet them with Doran and Mellario in the front to greet them. After hugging his family, and presenting his betrothed, Doran ushered them inside the castle. Their mother and father going ahead of them. Oberyn saw Elia's searching eyes and disappointed look, and teasingly asked, "Looking for someone, sister?"

The entire family turned to look at Elia, and she blushed as she narrowed her eyes at Oberyn, "No, dear brother, just taking in the sight of our beloved home."

Oberyn chuckled, then turned to look at Doran, "When is Percy, brother?"

"Percy?" Doran raised an eyebrow, "He should be sparring with some of the guards in the training yard. After all, you did send a raven to not alert him of your arrival."

Elia gave Oberyn an angry look, but he only laughed at her. Oberyn said, "Do you mind if we visit him first? It has been a while."

"Go ahead." Doran said before leaving with Mellario. Though they were siblings, Doran understood that both his younger siblings grew up with young warrior, and therefore were quite close to him. After Elia slapped Oberyn on the arm for doing such thing behind her back, they hurried around the castle, to the training yard.

When they got there, the air was knocked out of Elia. There was her warrior, effortlessly and gracefully defeating ten men at a time. But that was not all, Percy has changed much over two short years. He has gotten much taller and muscular. His face has gotten much defined, and he has overall gotten more handsome. He was a god sent on earth.

Oberyn smiled at his sister's reaction, not once throughout their entire journey did she ever look at any lord, even Baelor Breakwind, like she was looking at Percy right now, at this moment. And as Percy disarmed his final opponent, Oberyn yelled out, "Percy!"

Percy's head snapped to them, and while he smiled brightly at Oberyn, once he turned to Elia, he felt as if he was a blind man seeing for the first time. Elia was beautiful, so beautiful. While he called her the prettiest girl he has ever seen before, now, he knows she was the most beautiful woman in this world. Her cheekbones high and defined, her lips, pink and full, and her eyes, dark pools than he could drown in. Her hair was long, falling in dark waves behind her back. And she was slim, her sun kissed skin smooth and unblemished.

Percy was snapped out of his daze by Oberyn's teasing voice, "Are you going to stand there all day, or are you actually going to greet us, my friend?"

Percy shook his head and sheathed his sword, walking quickly to greet his friends. And while he was going to greet Elia first, Oberyn stepped in front of her, and took her hug. Oberyn smiled in amusement as he hugged Percy, "What a sight you are, Percy. We must spar soon. It seems you are the only one who can actually go against me."

Percy returned the hug and teased, "As if you could stand against me."

They both laughed, then released each other. Oberyn stepped aside and nudged towards Elia. Percy stepped up to her, and Elia looked up at him, being almost a head shorter than him, and suddenly, they enveloped each other in a tight hug, he murmured against the top of her head, "I have missed you so much, Elia."

"I have missed you too, Percy." She murmured against his chest. They did not let go, taking comfort in each other's arms, the void in his chest was now filled, and the world around them was now irrelevant. That is until Oberyn cleared his throat, "If you two are done, perhaps we can continue in the castle."

Percy and Elia suddenly separated, their faces tinging red. Oberyn walked ahead of them with an amused smile on his, and Percy offered his elbow to Elia, "Can I take you to where you need to be, my princess?"

"I am exactly where I need to be, my warrior. But I would have no other to have by my side." Elia said with a beautiful smile on her face

(6 years later)

Elia, Percy, and Oberyn, along with some guards, have been travelling everywhere, as they have mentioned years before. They travel to small towns in Westeros, some castles in Dorne, but, mostly they have sailed on the Goddess, across the narrow sea, and to the Free Cities. Nymeria has not minded so much because she was too busy preparing Doran to rule, and conducting other businesses. But now, Elia and Oberyn were back in Sunspear, Percy behind them as they waited patiently in Nymeria's solar for her to speak.

When she finally looked up, she looked at Elia seriously, "I have arranged your betrothal to the crown prince."

Percy felt his heart stop, his breathing halted, and his vision darkened. It was if someone ripped his heart out of his chest. He always knew that Elia could never be his, but, now, it was a reality. When he envisioned it, he always knew that it would hurt. But not this much. Not this much. He loved Elia. Ever since the first he kissed her, he has been in love with her, but it was not until she returned from her journey did he realize it. He loved her, he loved her so much that all he wanted to do was to make her happy.

He forced a smile on his face as Elia said softly, "Thank you, Mother."

Nymeria smiled and nodded, "Only the best for you, Elia."

Oberyn watched his sister and his friend quietly. He felt his heart break for them, like so many years ago. Percy had a tight smile that did not reach his eyes, and Oberyn can feel the hurt radiating off of him. And Elia, his sweet gentle sister, though she smiled softly at their mother, he could see the hesitance in her eyes, and how her eyes flickered constantly to Percy. He knew of their love for each other. As far as he knows, they have never said it to each other, but their actions spoke louder than words. How Elia knew to calm Percy down with soft words or a gentle touch, or how Percy knew what Elia needed with just a look.

Nymeria dismissed them, and for the first time in their lives, Percy went out first, walking quickly away, leaving them on their own without a word. Elia called out, "Percy!"

He did not turn, not once, and Oberyn can see the hurt and conflict in Elia's eyes. Oberyn said gently, "Go. Go after him."

She did, running after him for the first time in her life, and Oberyn sighed sadly, watching as Elia slowly disappeared from his sight, then he re-entered his mother's solar, "Why did you betroth Elia to Rhaegar Targaryen? You know she loves Percy. You knew it even before they did!"

"You think I wanted to?!" Nymeria asked frustratedly. Oberyn was shocked. Not once has his mother ever yelled at him, well, not until this night. He exasperatedly asked, "Then why? Why did you do it?"

"The King has demanded I betroth Elia to Rhaegar." His mother said tiredly. He asked, "Why? What need does the King need with Dorne? We have bent to them so many years ago."

"Aerys Targaryen believes that Dorne is becoming too distant from Westeros. He wants to ensure our loyalty." Nymeria said in disgust. Oberyn asked, "So my sister is the sacrifice for the king's paranoia?"

"Rhaegar Targaryen is a handsome prince that is beloved throughout Westeros. Your sister will learn to love him." Nymeria said, though, it sounded as if she were convincing herself more. Oberyn asked, "How can she? When she has given her heart to somebody else."

(To Elia)

Elia entered the balcony silently, and there was Percy, standing by the ledge, watching the bright stars twinkle in the sky, listening to the roaring waves crash against each other. She walked up to him, and heard him say, "I was wrong. I was wrong all those years ago."

"Wrong about what? She asked as she stepped beside him. He turned to her, "The sun does not rise for you."

She was shocked, and hurt at the same time. She remembered that day. He told her she was pretty, and for the first time in her life, she actually felt that she was. Before she could say anything, he continued, "The sun does not rise for you because you are the sun. And the moon. And the stars. Elia, you are the light in this world so dark."

The beating of her heart pounded against her chest, and yet, she felt it constrict at the same time. They could never be. She warned, "Percy-"

Percy interrupted her again, taking both her hands in his larger ones, "No, Elia. I need to say this."

He looked into her eyes, baring his soul, his heart to her, "I love you, Elia. I love you. I am in love with you."

She began to feel tears well up in her eyes, "Percy-"

He got on his knees, her hand still in his, "Please, Elia. Run away with me. I can make you happy. Please. Please be mine. Don't marry the prince. Marry me. Please. Please"

Her tears dropped from her eyes as she felt her heart break. The man she loved was on his knees, tears in his eyes as he begged her to love him back. She cried harder, because she has never seen him so sad, so desperate, and she has reduced him into this.

It began to rain, and as she felt the drops touch her head, she pressed one last kiss to her love. And as she separated from him, she was not sure if it was the rain, her tears, or his that dripped down his face, "Goodbye, Percy."

She tore herself from him as it began to rain harder. She did not look back at him, for if she did, she would have lost all of her strength, and fallen into his arms. Goodbye, my love. If I had a choice, I would choose no other but you.

A/N: Because I wanted to. Because Elia deserved to be loved. Because no matter what anyone said about her and Rhaegar's relationship, he still left her. And Rhaegar's worst mistake was not running away with Lyanna, it was leaving Elia.

This is a two part story. It was going to be a oneshot, but, it became too long.

I'm not abandoning Queens' Lover. I just needed to get this out of my mind, and this was shorter than Queens' Lover