(3rd Person POV) (Next Morning)

Percy woke up next to the tree he slept next to the day before. Oberyn has decided to bring company to his tent, and as close as he and Percy were, Percy was not fine with sleeping to the sound of his friend fucking someone. So he slowly walked to the spot where he first met Howland and Lyanna, rubbing the sleep off of his eyes, and struggling for his eyes to adjust to the dark. He heard the ruffling of a dress across the grass, and he whispered, "Lyanna? Is that you?"

"No. It's the Stranger here to take you to the Seven Hells. Of course it's me! Who else would it be?" The sarcastic remark came. And Percy muttered, "Apparently, an ungrateful, rude lady who doesn't deserve my help."

"Bugger off, Percy. Now let's go." The shadow began moving away, and he followed her to the knights' tents.

So they went around, collecting random pieces of armour that was left on the ground, even going as far as going to the armoury tent to get a breast plate. There, they also saw a peculiar shield, buried underneath a pile of discarded shields, a smiling heart tree as its emblem. Lyanna took it, grazing it delicately with her fingers, and Percy whispered, "Let's go, Lyanna! The people are going to rise soon, and if this is to work out, we need to hide your armour."

Lyanna looked at Percy, who wore some parts of her armour, and carried the others. Yes, she brought him here to carry her things, but that's beside the point. She nodded, "Let's go, we will hide it in my tent. My brothers never go in there."

"Then lead the way." Percy said as he began to make his way out. Lyanna held the door for him, then began to guide him to her tent. When they got there, he helped her as she stashed the armour in her trunk, underneath her bed, and any placed where people would not think to look unless they were trying to rob her. When they were done, he nodded at her, "I'll come back before the tourney begins to help you with your armour and bring you my horse. Tell me, how well do you ride?"

"I am the best rider in the North." She said confidently. He nodded, "Good. Blackjack is a horse unlike you have ever ridden before. Not only is he fast and strong, but he can also endure."

"I can handle it." She said

"Alright. I will see you later." He said as he left, making his way to Oberyn's tent. When he got there, someone has already set the table and food was waiting to be eaten. Oberyn had yet to get out of the bed, and a mop of black hair laid beside him. Percy rolled his eyes, and sat on the chair, beginning to eat the inviting food set out for them. Percy began throwing grapes at Oberyn's face as he ate, and watched as his friend began to stir, trying to swat away the food that was waking him up, Percy said, "Wake up. Wake up. Get up, Oberyn."

His eyes finally flew open, and his friend looked around to see where he was. Percy drank a cup of water, and Oberyn smiled, "Lovely night, was it not, dear friend?"

"It was, and it seems you had quite a night. Get up. The joust will begin in high noon, get dressed so that you may eat." Percy said as he took a bite out of the bacon. Oberyn shook the woman beside him gently, "My lady, my lady wake up."

The lady woke up, rising up to look at Oberyn, and Percy's voice startled her, "Really Oberyn? One of Elia's handmaiden?"

The lady turned to looked at him, and he raised his cup to her, "Lady Alyia Toland, how do you fare?"

"Ser Perseus. I am well." She said as she tried to fix her hair. Percy stood up, "I will leave you two to dress up and eat. I am going to visit Blackjack."

(To Blackjack)

Percy took Blackjack near Gods Eye, looking around before addressing him, "You are to assist a friend of mine in the tourney today, Blackjack."

Blackjack neighed, "First you mope like a child for the last few years, now you loan me to someone else? You are a terrible owner."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "Would you rather I return you to my grandfather? Last I heard, he's doing well in Tartarus."

"Like you would know. The last time you visited Greece was years ago and it was barely for a moon. He could have reformed for all you know."

Percy huffed irritatedly, "I did my duty to them and that's that, it is repayment enough for impregnating my mother. A life, for all of their lives, and their thrones."

Blackjack's voice changed, his eyes turning into a blank stare, mockingly, it said, "You could have been a god. But now look at you, a miserable man living each day hoping it would be his last. And for what? Nothing. The woman you gave it up for, now wed to another man."

Percy recognized the pesky voice, and growled lowly, "Get out of my horse, Medusa."

"You should have allowed me to turn you into stone, Perseus. Then you would have never felt this pain. The same pain your father gave me."

"Tell it to someone who cares." He hissed

Blackjack let out a mad cackle, and suddenly, quiet. A look of life returned to Blackjack's eyes, and he neighed, as if trying to shake it off. Percy growled, "What was that?"

"Sorry, milord, but she has this thing with Pegasis because she birthed the first one."

"That has never happened before." Percy stated sternly

"It takes great power to do so, milord, she probably wouldn't do it again if she hopes to reform." Blackjack responded weakly

"Make sure that she doesn't," he said, then asked softly, "Are you alright?"

"Yes milord." He neighed

Percy nodded, "Let us get you prepared for the tourney then."

(Later On)

Percy walked into the arena where Oberyn was preparing to go against a man from some minor house in the Westerlands, and Oberyn raised an eyebrow at him, "And where have you been, old friend?"

Percy shrugged, "Around."

But truthfully, he was preoccupied with helping Lyanna suit up for the tourney. They finished armoring her in her tent, but they had to wait for everyone else to go to the arena first so that they would not be discovered.

Oberyn gave him a look that said that he did not believe him, but Percy disregarded it, instead tossing him a lance, "Remember to keep your arm tucked. You keep leaving an opening just before you attack."

"Would you like to participate in my stead, dear friend?" Oberyn asked him with his eyebrows raised.

Percy rolled his eyes, "Piss off, Oberyn, and do as I say unless you prefer to be defeated by some piss poor greenboy or another."

Oberyn chuckled, "You are always good company, Percy."

(Later on)

Oberyn won his match, and now he and Percy sat in the stands. Matches have passed, and though it did prove to be interesting in the beginning, Percy quickly grew tired of it, feigning interest by clapping when he heard everyone else clap, but mostly, his mind wandered, not only to the mess Lyanna Stark was getting him into, but just the mess his life is in general. He does not know what to do anymore. He wants to be at peace, but his mind was in constant turmoil.

Suddenly, he was pulled out of his thought. The people were talking about an odd knight, and Percy instantly knew who that the knight under the armour would be. He showed no more interest in this match than the previous ones before that, though in reality, he was watching it intently. Her opponent in this round was from the House Trant, and though it was not part of the houses that abused Howland, she still needs to defeat this house in order to reach the men that she does want to beat.

She rides well. Better than Percy expected, and certainly better than her opponent, but what she excelled in riding, he made up for in strength. But what he had in strength, she made up for in wit and agility. The people rooted for her. The mysterious knight who managed his own against a knight under a house of Westeros. A minor house, but a house nonetheless. When the mysterious knight finally unhorsed the knight of House Trant, the people cheered, and Percy gave a nonchalant clap. Lyanna turned Blackjack back to return to her side, and even though Percy did not meet her eyes, he gave her a tiny smirk, as well as praise and approval in his eyes.

The next match starts, and Percy turns to Oberyn, "I grow bored, Oberyn, I believe I shall go out for a walk."

"Excellent way of curing your boredom, Percy, by doing something that is boring as well." Oberyn said with a smirk .

Percy rolled his eyes, "Yes, because your definition of what fun is includes either getting us killed, or in trouble."

"That is how you know it is fun, my friend."

Percy rolled his eyes once more, then got up to leave. He walked to Lyanna's tent, lucky that most were still at the joust, but still careful incase anyone was to see him. He entered her tent, and suddenly, metal clashed against him and he caught her before she could knock them over to the ground, "I did it! It was so great!"

He chuckled, "Glad you enjoyed it. Now change before anyone wanders around and sees you. In addition, you must make an appearance in order to erase all suspicion."

He helped her rid of her armour and hide them once again, and once she was in no need of his assistance in dressing once more, he stepped back, "I will meet you later, I have to return Blackjack back to the stables before anyone notices he is missing"

She nodded, and before he was able to take his leave, she called out to him, "Percy."

He stopped, and turned back to look at her, an eyebrow raised to indicate his curiosity, "What is it?"

She smiled at him, gently, softly, a smile he has never seen from the brash, wild northern girl before, "Thank you." She said genuinely

Percy returned the smile, "It was my pleasure, my lady."

(Time Skip 2 days later)

Percy rose up with a roaring cheer as the Knight of the Laughing Tree knocked down a knight of the House Frey. Others around him cheered for the mysterious knight. Oberyn looked at him for the sudden support for the mysterious knight, but Percy could not give care for right now. She actually won. Besting actual knights that has had more training than her. Amazing.

Now the Frey knight got up, and the Blount and Haigh knight joined him as well, the Frey knight asked, "Alright, ser, you have bested us and obtained our horses and armor, name your price and let us be done with this."

In a booming voice, the knight of the Laughing Tree ordered, "Teach your squires honor. A knight without honour is no knight at all."

"Is that all?" One of the knights asked, uncertain about the demands of the mysterious knight.

The mysterious knight nodded, and the Frey knight responded, "Consider it done."

The mysterious knight nodded, then left without another word. The crowd settled once again, and like before, Percy prepared to leave. Oberyn commented, "Are you so fascinated by the mysterious knight that you only come to see his battles?"

"Dear friend, I am by your side at each of your joust. I can only sit for so long, worry not, I shall hold your hand on your next match. Besides, I must prepare for the melee today." Percy said with a pointed look.

Oberyn rolled his eyes, "Sometimes I wonder if I brought a warrior or some pissy lady with me."

Percy left, and right away, he took the same route he has been using to reach Lyanna's tent. Once he entered, as before, he was met by a tackle that he was ready to catch, he whispered/yelled, "You did it!"

He spun her, and she replied, "I showed those pompous asses!"

He grinned as he put her down, and she smiled back at him. A cough alerted them, "Milady."

At once, they took multiple steps away from each other and drew their attention to the other person who joined them. It was Howland. Lyanna said, "Yes, Howland?"

With his head bowed, he said, "Milady, I just wanted to give my thanks again for what you have done for me."

Lyanna smiled at him, "It was no problem, Howland. It was a pleasure putting them in their places, if anything."

Percy rolled his eyes. Great, she wins a couple of jousting matches and she gets a bigger head. Lyanna threw a glove at him, "I saw that."

Percy smirked, then looked at Howland, "Howland, can you assist Lady Lyanna in changing? I need to prepare for the melee."

Howland replied, "Yes, ser, it is the least that I could do."

"Make sure that afterwards, you get rid of her armor. Throw it in different parts of the camp, Gods' eye if you must. Make sure it can never be linked back to us." Percy ordered

"I will make sure of it." Howland replied with a determined look.

Lyanna commented, "I almost forgot that you were participating in the melee-"

"What a surprise," Percy commented with a smirk.

Lyanna glared at him playfully, "Oh shut it. You know, my betrothed is participating in it as well."

She said this with a mischievous look, and Percy smiled, "And I suppose you want me to send him to the Seventh hell?"

She chuckled, "Oh, that seems to excessive. The first or the second would do."

They both laughed as Howland smiled. Percy said, "So I expect to see both of you there?"

"Of course. Nothing else would bring me joy as to see either my brother or any member of the Kingsguard to lay you flat on your back." Lyanna teased with a smile

"We will see, my lady." Percy said as he left her tent.

Percy headed for his own tent. Wearing only a breastplate, and vanguards for his arms, he strapped himself with his sword, took a drink of water, and headed for the arena. By now the joust has ended, and everyone else was preparing for the next event, the melee. This melee was set in battle royal. Every man for himself, and no horses were allowed.

He was halfway there, when a goddess with laughing purple eyes caught his attention. He stopped so that she could catch up to him, and he gave her an amused looked, "Well if it isn't the brightest star in the sky. How have you fallen from the sky?"

She rolled her eyes with a playful smile on her face, "It was rumored across the skies that a legendary warrior was to fight today. A battle for the ages."

"A warrior this must be if it can lure you to this wretched place." He said with a smirk

She looped her arm around his, and they started walking, "Oh Percy, you must be wary of what you say. You must not say things like that."

He raised an eyebrow, a sarcastic look on his face, "What are they to do? Slap my wrists? Cut off my tongue? Rip out my heart?"

He smiled sarcastically, and she gave him a pointed look. He nudged her, "Come on, if I can make fun of my misery, the least that you could do is smile."

"Your mockery of your misery gives me anxiety, Percy. Perhaps you can take up knitting." She said with an amused look

He gave her an incredulous look, "And here I thought I was supposed to be a legendary warrior."

She raised her eyebrow, "Whoever said that it was you?"

Percy let out a laugh, "How cruel you are, my lady, and here I thought the stars came down for me."

"Misery has clouded your judgement, Percy." She said as they finally reached the arena.

He took her hand from his arm, "This is where we part, milady. When this is over, tell me if your legendary warrior does your journey justice."

He placed a kiss on her knuckles and winked at her as he looked up. She smiled, "I shall. Good luck, Percy. Do Dorne proud."

Percy released her hand, giving her a slight smile as she went. Somebody coughed behind him, and without even turning, Percy said, "For a prince, you resemble a pest very much, don't you, Oberyn?"

"Such sweet words from you, dear friend. But I must say, when you aim, you aim for the skies, don't you?" He said teasingly.

Percy ignored what he said, "I will see you later, Oberyn."

He heard Oberyn chuckle behind him, "Good luck dear friend."

(Later On)

Percy stood casually, his back against the wall as he observed the competitors. Robert Baratheon stood large and proud with his war hammer. He stood taller than everyone, though, only a couple inches than himself. Beside him was one of Lyanna's brothers, Brandon he believed, the heir, a sword on his waist. There were three kingsguard members fighting as well, Arthur, Lewyn, and Oswell Whent, their white cloak flowing proudly against them. Other than them, Percy observed that there were knights from the great houses here and there, but other than that, no one that was so outstanding.

The horn sounded, signalling start of the melee, and immediately, the other knights sprang into action. Percy on the other hand, was more so casually observing. He began walking, his sword still on his hip, when a knight approached to attack him. Percy easily dodged the sword, side stepping so that he breezed by the knight, then elbowed him on his head, grabbing him by the armor, and pushing him on the ground. The sound of metal was evident throughout the arena, everyone focused on the task of beating the knight they were currently facing, when suddenly, a voice called out to him, strong, clear, familiar, "Percy."

Percy smiled as he turned around, "Arthur."

With his greatsword in hand, Arthur questioned him with a grin, "Are you ready, old friend?"

Percy grinned, "Let's go, Sword of the Morning."

Percy unsheathed his sword, and with surprising speed, broke off into a run, straight towards Arthur. Along the way, he easily dodged a few attempts on him. When he finally got to Arthur, he slid across the sand on his knees, Arthur's sword barely missing his nose as he dodged the knight's sword. Percy was quick to stand up, meeting Arthur's sword with his own as the Kingsguard spun around.

Magnificent. That was the only word that could describe the battle that was occurring between the two Dornishmen. The melee went on around them, but everyone's eyes were drawn to them. It was jaw dropping. Two gods hell bent on defeating the other.

But Percy's fighting style, it was unorthodox. It was a crossbred between a Dornish style and something else the crowd could not identify.

The battle was fierce, and despite this, both knights had smiles in their eyes, and as their swords clashed once more, Percy said, "You've gotten better, old friend."

Percy maneuvered around, grabbing Arthur by his armor, and pulling him forward, "But still not better than I."

Percy went in for the kill, moving faster than anyone thought possible after his duel with the legendary knight, using some energy and power that he seemed to have reserved. Within the blink of an eye, Arthur was flat on his back, Percy's sword pointed underneath his chin, and his greatsword on the floor. He looked up to Percy's smiling eyes, and he bellowed a laugh, "Well done, old friend."

Percy smirked, "You as well, Arthur, now get out of here."

Arthur chuckled once again, throwing his head back, "Alright, I'm leaving, I'll see you later, old friend."

When Percy looked up, he realized that he and Arthur have been fighting longer than he expected. There were only three people, four including himself, that were left. Robert Baratheon, Lewyn Martell, and Brandon Stark. What a surprise.

Robert Baratheon took it upon himself to charge at the Stark heir, and Lewyn turned to Percy, a playful look in his eyes, "Percy, let us see if you are deserving of my loud mouthed nephew's praises."

Percy gave him an amused look, "Whatever he may have said, it is most likely exaggerated, old man."

"This old man can still knock you off of your feet." He said with a grin.

"Enough talk, let us fight." Percy said, charging at Lewyn as if he was not just in an intense battle with Arthur moments ago.

Lewyn was a great swordsman, hence his position in the Kingsguard, but Arthur was a legendary one, and Percy already know Lewyn's fighting style from his visits in Dorne. Nonetheless, their battle was one to behold. Theirs was a Dornish dance. Wild, uninhibited, and passionate. Dorne did not fight like the rest of Westeros, and it was evident.

Lewyn swung his sword towards Percy, and instead of blocking it, Percy sidestepped, causing Lewyn's sword to bury itself on the ground. Using Lewyn's sword as leverage, Percy stepped on the knight's sword, launching himself in the air in a backflip and he narrowly missed Baratheon's warhammer. Percy landed behind Robert, jumping once more to kick the large man on the back with both of his feet, and causing him to stumble forward to Lewyn. Lewyn rolled sideways, sword in hand, then launched at Percy once more. Percy made quick work of him now that Robert Baratheon was free from any other opponent.

Percy disarmed Lewyn, maneuvering his own sword so that he flung Lewyn's sword in the air, caught it, and point his sword at Lewyn's throat. Percy winked at him, "I shall return your sword later to you, dear Prince Lewyn."

Suddenly, he swung around, meeting both swords to Robert Baratheon's war hammer. Percy let out a grunt. Baratheon might a loud mouthed whoremonger, but he was powerful. Percy jumped back, positioning himself in a defensive stance as Baratheon brought back his hammer, he growled, "Stay away from my betrothed, you filthy Dornish bastard."

Percy eased himself, then mockingly said, "Why, my lord, which one do you speak of? The woman you fondled last supper, or the woman you fondled before the melee began?"

Baratheon roared, "WHY YOU-"

Percy did not allow him to finish, he charged him, both swords in his hands. Heart stopping. The warrior reincarnated. Percy wielded both swords no less skillful than the other, one attack after the other. As strong and as skilled as Robert was, this man, this demon that Percy unleashed upon the heir of Storm's End was a force unseen in his previous battles. Robert might have been stronger than him, but that did not cause Percy to falter one bit. He move with such speed and agility that Robert found it difficult to keep up with the Dornishman.

Percy rid himself of Lewyn's sword, tossing it aside as he struck the back of Baratheon's knees with the flat of his sword. Percy struck Robert so hard that Robert could feel the impact cause his bones to vibrate, and he was forced to kneel due to it. Percy slammed his sword in the sand, and without missing a beat, he grabbed the young heir by the back of his armor, his hand by the neck of the heir's nape, and the other by the heir's lower back, and with one mighty roar, Percy lifted Baratheon, and threw him on the other side of himself so that Baratheon slammed on the floor, face first.

Percy quickly recovered, picking himself up from the floor because of Baratheon's weight, and heading for the heir's warhammer. Compared to the Baratheon, the hammer felt like a feather. With another roar, Percy swung the hammer against its own owner, striking it down on the floor so hard that it dented it. The hammer landed right it between Robert's legs, just below his cock. His eyes hard, Percy said, "We are done here, Lord Baratheon."

Robert grunted, exhausted from their fight, and nauseous from being slammed face first on the ground. He got up, still woozy from it all, and before he can even utter a word, Percy jumped high in the air, then punched him square in the face, causing the heir of Storm's End to knockout, but now, falling on his back. Percy looked at his hand, popping his pointer and middle finger back in their place, then looked up at the crowd.

They were shocked in silence. Most did not believe what they just saw, and then suddenly, everyone roared in a deafening cheer. Percy allowed a sigh escape from him, then walked back to his sword and removed it from the sand, sheathing it back on his waist. Lord Whent then spoke, "And here we have our melee champion! Good ser, may we know of your name?"

"Perseus Sand, my lord." Percy said, his voice sounding monotone. Lord Whent bellowed, "Might I say, Ser Perseus, that you have provided us with entertainment unseen before, and I commend you for it. And now, your prize."

Lord Whent clapped his hands, and suddenly, two squires came out, one, holding a pouch, the other, holding one single rose. Lord Whent commented from his balcony, "The champion's purse, and the other, a rose for a woman who you believe to be the most beautiful out of everyone."

Percy took the champion's purse, tying it to his sword belt, then took the rose. He looked around, seeing anticipating eyes, viper eyes that were filled with amusement, and then three outstanding ones. One, grey like stormy clouds that were filled with joy and mirth, another, purple like lilacs that were laughing and shining, and the last one, black like the night sky without the moon or its stars.

Percy felt the breeze around him pick up, and suddenly, he had an idea. He tossed the rose in the air, unsheathing his sword, sliced in once as it came down. The stem fell on the floor, but the petals, they danced with the wind. Slicing the rose right where they were conjoined, he set them free. The petals danced around before they landing on some person or another. The most notable that were chosen by the petals were the women that mattered to the warrior.

One, catching the petal as it landed on her open palm, touching it gently with a finger before closing her hand around it. The second, taking it between two gentle fingers as she removed it from her cheek, as if it were kissing her. And the last, looking down at the petal as it landed on her lap, knowing that she could not touch it, for it was never to be hers anyways.

While everyone was busy watching the petals choose their own beauty, Percy was already walking away, not bothering to see who gets one and who does not, and along the way, he picked up Lewyn's sword. He needed to return it.

Percy walked out of the arena, Lewyn's sword in his hand, then held up his other hand to silence Lewyn, who was just waiting by the exit, "Not a word from you, old man."

Lewyn chuckled, taking his sword from Percy and sheathing it back on his waist. Lewyn then began walking next to him, and Percy glanced at him, "Do you not have a king to guard?"

"It is yet to be my shift, oh great knight, are you so enthused to get rid of me?" Lewyn asked.

"Old man, if I had the power to get rid of someone, it would be the annoyance approaching us now." Percy said as he nodded towards Oberyn.

Lewyn chuckled once more, before tossing a pouch to Oberyn, who caught it with ease, and tucked it in his shirt. Lewyn said, "You were right, dear nephew, Perseus has improved much."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "You made a wager on me?"

Oberyn grinned, "Of course, dear friend, I had to make it more fun."

Percy rolled his eyes, "You are a shit friend, Oberyn."

"I was going to share my winnings with you."

Lewyn chuckled once more, "Nonetheless, Percy, I am proud of you. You have improved from the last time we duelled."

Percy let out a chuckle, "The last time we duelled, I was six and ten, almost 9 years ago, Prince Lewyn."

"Yes, because for some reason or another, you were too busy sulking the last year that I visited." Lewyn said in a teasing tone. Oberyn glanced at Percy, who was only staring ahead of them with an indifferent look, Lewyn didn't know. He was never in Sunspear enough to actually witness Elia and Percy interact.

Percy cleared his throat, "If you two don't mind, I need to rid myself of my armor and get cleaned up before supper."

Lewyn shook his head with a smile, "If you must, but know that we are not done speaking, Percy. I want to know more of the man I knighted all those years ago."

Percy smiled slightly, "Of course, Prince Lewyn."

Percy nodded at Oberyn, who patted where the pouch full of coins was, then smiled as he wiggled his eyebrows. Percy rolled his eyes at him.

(In Percy and Oberyn's tent)

Percy peeled of his armor, grunting as he did. He did not notice it in the field of battle, but he was bruised in multiple places, and cut in others. The rush of fighting, fights that were actually exhilarating, fights that brought him a sense of life, dulled his sense of pain. Perhaps this was a better distractor. Being stuck in Dorne did not actually help him heal from the hurt, from the pain in his chest. Nothing ever will, but perhaps, it will help him move on. He needed to speak with Oberyn, but first, he must wash.

(Skip to Supper)

Percy sat with Oberyn as he had the nights before, though this time, people acknowledged his presence more. Some spoke to him in question of his person, most spoke to him in praise of his skill in battle and show in the melee. More women looked his way, much to Oberyn's delight and amusement, and to his dismay. He had to be more involved in this feast than the previous ones. And somehow, he was roped into dancing with some of them.

Finally he sighed in relief as a familiar face finally decided to be his partner, politely removing the other woman from his sight, "Thank the fucking gods."

Purple laughing eyes looked at him in amusement, "I am glad to see you too, Percy."

"If I knew the feast to be this tiresome, I would have allowed myself to starve til morn." He complained underneath his breath.

"Can you blame them?" She asked, amusement still in her eyes and she laughed at the knight's obvious misery, "You put on quite a spectacle this afternoon. You defeated two of the Kingsguard, then proceeded to defeat Robert Baratheon, managing to somehow carry him and throw him over your shoulder."

Percy was about to say something, but Ashara was yet to be done of her speech, "And not only that, you made this grand exhibition of choosing your lady, pardon me, your ladies."

He narrowed his eyes at her, "I would be careful of what leaves your tongue next, dear lady. Else you find yourself thrown in Gods' Eye with your fancy gown."

She made a quick slap of his head, "Do not be of poor humor, Percy, else you find yourself back in the arms of those so eager to bed you."

She made quick look to the side, and he followed her eyes, to see a group of women so intently watching them. He shivered, "Do not be so cruel, Ashara, I only jest."

"As I thought." She said smugly

The song ended, and Ashara held onto Percy's elbow, having him escort her to the balcony, though in truth, it was her guiding him. He asked as they passed the double doors, "So, did your great knight give your journey justice?"

"Yes, very much so." She said with a small smile upon her face.

"Good." He said, returning the smile.

There was a moment of silence as they basked in each other's presence, then suddenly, Percy gently took Ashara's hand from his elbow, and placed a kiss on it, "I believe I shall retire now, Ashara, you should do the same."

Ashara smiled softly, "Good night, Percy, I will see you tomorrow."

He gave her one last smile, then departed, leaving through the stairs so that he did not have to go through the feast once more

Ashara looked at the great knight that hid the broken man underneath as his form continued to grow smaller as he went farther. Then, she took the petal tucked underneath her sleeve, and placed it upon open hand.

As the wind gave her the petal, with a soft breeze, it took it back. It was never hers to keep.

(With Percy)

He did not make his way to his tent as he intended, instead, he found himself at Gods' Eye once again. Though, upon his arrival, he found that it was not only he that seeked solace in the lake. What's more is that he recognized the woman who looked so intently at the lake. He leaned against a tree, his presence still unnoticed, then spoke up, "It is not a wishing well, my lady, no matter how intensely you stare at it, nothing will happen."

She barely acknowledged his presence, but instead, voiced her thoughts, "What would you do if someone were to force you to marry someone that you do not hold the smallest bit of affection for?"

"Lyanna-" He started. But she would not have it. She wanted someone to tell her truth for once.

"Percy, I would hear true of your opinion. Disregard my position for once."

"I cannot. We both know that. Your position dictates the path of which your life takes, I for one, know that true."

"Grant me this request, please." She pleaded, her voice, broken,

He sighed, "I would gut the man or woman who forces me to marry someone I do not love. I would runaway. Leave. Marriage is a sacred union between two hearts, but everyone has butchered it in the name of power and greed."

"That's what I thought." She said quietly.

He sighed once again. He felt cursed. Every woman he has spoken to seemed to be ill fated in regards to love. He felt as if he must do something, "Lyanna, would you have me challenge Robert Baratheon for your hand?"

Lyanna looked at him, a sad smile upon her face, "You are too kind, Percy, but we both know that neither my father nor Robert would ever accept that."

Percy sat down on the dirt, Lyanna soon followed him, "Robert would, given the proposition announced public, his pride and honor at stake, he would. And as for your father, he might if he knew what troubled your mind, and if he knew that I only mean to break your betrothal to Robert."

"If my father wanted, he could have broken the betrothal himself."

"Give him reason of the troubles in your mind. Every father only wants what is best for their daughter."

"In this world, a man with Robert's position is the best for one's daughter."

"Despite happiness?"

"Despite happiness."

"Would you have me spirit you away to the Free Cities then? Perhaps another country farther away from here." He offered

She looked at him, disbelief in her eyes as well as despair, "Why would you do that for me?"

Percy looked up in the stars, "Because I once loved a woman forced into a marriage. I would spare you from that fate. A fate that you clearly do not want. I would spare you from a fate that I could not spare her from. Though to her benefit, she married a much greater man than either I or Robert Baratheon could ever be."

"Who was this woman?" She asked, curiosity getting the best of her

"The sun. The moon and stars combined." He said wistfully.

The sun. Dorne. She looked at him in disbelief, "You loved Princess Elia."

Love. Instead, he nodded, "Yes."

She stared at him in silence. She felt her heart break for him. Of all the women he could have fallen in love with, it just had to be the woman fated to marry the crown prince. The silver prince.

"Songs and stories are shit, are they not?"

Percy nodded, "That they are."

Lyanna then took Percy's hand, placing something on it before she closed his hand on it, "Here."

Percy felt the soft texture in his palm, and instantly knew what it was. He opened his hand, and as the wind gave, the wind took once more.

Lyanna rested her head upon Percy's shoulder, then he and she watched as the petal disappeared into the dark abyss.

(Time skip to the end of the joust)

The roaring crowd shook the stands as Rhaegar Targaryen finally tilted Ser Barristan off of his horse. Joyous laughter and cheers filled the air as Lord Whent formally announced the winner, then, the crown of winter roses for the queen of love and beauty was handed to Rhaegar Targaryen.

Percy steeled his nerves. He wanted to look away. He could not bear to see Elia be so besotted when her silver prince laid the crown of roses upon her head. Only further proof that he paled in comparison and that Elia was never fated to be his. But he could not turn. He needed to see it, to accept it if he were to ever to let himself go from the bonds of love.

Then Rhaegar passed Elia, and the laughter died. The cheers were instead replaced with eerie silence. When Rhaegar stopped in front of Lyanna Stark, and propped the winter crown upon her lap, a roar of unimaginable anger surged from Percy's chest.

The day, once so bright and beautifully blue, was now covered in stormy grey clouds that only promised of trouble to come.

Percy attempted to surge forward, but a hand caught his wrist in a painstaking grip and forced him to sit down. He snapped his head to the man who the hand belonged to, and there, he found the boiling rage in Oberyn's eyes which mirrored his own. He gritted out, his hand still gripping Percy's arm, "We cannot cause scene against the crown. Come."

Thunder boomed in the distance, and that gave reason for the crowd to leave the uncomfortable scene. Oberyn dragged him out, his bruising grip leading him out. Before they could leave, Percy's eyes made its way to the royal seats, and there, they found Elia, who only stared in front of her, a look of blankness upon her face.

(Later On)

The atmosphere has changed. No longer was the tourney filled with excitement and joy, but now, everyone rushed to pack, to leave. Oberyn dismissed Percy, commanding him to stay in their tent so that he may speak with Elia alone, and after an anger filled glare, though not to him, Percy relented, stomping away, but not towards his tent.

He snuck into the tent he has been sneaking into since the tourney began, and as he expected, he found it empty. He decided to wait. He needed answers.

(Later On again)

"I do not want to speak about this anymore, Ned."

"Lyanna, you are betrothed to Robert-"

"You need not remind me of it again, brother. Nor you need remind me of your partaking in it. We depart for Winterfell in the morrow, and I will see you then."

With that, she stormed in her tent, closing the flap behind her and letting out a sigh. Of relief or frustration, she is not certain.

"What was that?" A strained voice asked her.

Lyanna looked up to see a figure sitting on the foot of the bed. She had to allow her eyes to adjust to the darkness of her tent, the stormy clouds outside making it much darker inside. She started, "Percy-"

His head turned to look at her, his eyes showing the conflict within himself, and the betrayal he felt towards her, "If you were another person, you would have found my hands upon your throat."

He stood up, "I told you of my feelings for her, of my sacrifices for her. Is Rhaegar Targaryen so divine that you would shit upon all I have done?"

"It is not like that-"

"Then how is it?! He shamed her upon all the lords in Westeros, and you believe I would take that lightly? You could not even keep your affair a secret? Have I been so terrible a friend that you would make me suffer for it?" He roared, advancing upon her.

To her benefit, she did not cower, instead, she faced him, "This is not about you."

"You are right. This is about you and Rhaegar fucking Targaryen." He sneered.

"Let me explain!" She pleaded

"Explain! For the love of the gods, say something to explain this! Give me reason not to despise you!" He pleaded back to her

Then, nothing. Her eyes pleaded, but she could not. She cannot explain it herself. At least not in the way where it would make sense to him.

He gave her a pained look, "You were the first person I let in. I offered you a way out of your betrothal. You knew I loved her, yet you shamed her."

"I'm sorry, Percy, that was never my intent, please, you must believe me." She begged him, her stormy eyes promising rain.

He turned away from her, his heart not only weighing heavy for Elia, but also for the friendship that was breaking before him, "Good bye, Lyanna. May your life be less miserable than mine."

He stormed out, and all she could do was watch as one of the only people to understand her, walk away from her.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, looking at the flap of her tent, finding herself alone.

(With Percy)

He was enraged. At himself. At Lyanna. At Rhaegar fucking Targaryen. At the world. The moment he attempts to better himself, he is pushed right back to where he was.

He could barely contain his anger, stomping his way to his and Oberyn's tent, but before he could reach it, two men approached him, "Lewyn. Arthur. What do you want?"

"Percy, you must come with us. The king summons you." Lewyn said, his face and tone void of any emotion.

Percy stopped short, his body becoming more alert, "For what reason?"

"We are in no liberty to discuss it, Percy. Please, just come with us." Arthur said.

Percy looked at them, then gave one nod, "So be it."

They began walking, and as they did, Arthur said, "Percy, you must remember. He is king. You must agree to whatever he says."

"And remember,watch your tongue, If you do not care for what punishment it causes you, then care about the consequences that it will cause Nymeria, Oberyn, and Elia." Lewyn warned.

Percy said nothing, instead choosing to keep note of what they said.

(With the king)

"And at last he arrives." A raspy voice said as he entered the chambers, Lewyn and Arthur staying outside.

Percy bowed to the king, "Your grace."

"Stand up, boy." The raspy voice commanded.

When Percy looked up, his eyes widened in shock. He was not alone in his audience with the king. Elia and Oberyn sat in front of him, their eyes equally as shocked, if not terrified in seeing him there.

He walked forward, looking to the king to speak first, "You did well on the melee, boy. You serve under the house Martell?"

The king's tone was accusatory, paranoid, as if House Martell was conspiring against him. Percy nodded, "Yes, your grace."

The king narrowed his eyes at him, then looked at Oberyn and Elia, he accused them, his voice raging, "This is the first time I set eyes on you, boy. Why have I only seen you now, in this tourney? Who summoned you? Was it my son? Do you conspire against me?! Are you hired to kill me?!"

Everyone looked at him with wide eyes, and as the king looked at them with mad eyes, Percy responded, "No, your grace. I have been with House Martell since youth, and House Martell is loyal to you. I am only a bastard raised to knighthood, a lowly knight. That is the reason you gave no notice of me. I am not worthy of it."

The king once more looked at them with mad eyes, then suddenly, calmed down, "So you have known these two since you were a child?"

"Yes, your grace."

"Then this makes this much easier. I would have you swear yourself to my son's heir." Aerys announced.

The three dornishmen looked to each other, and Oberyn started, "Your grace-"

"I was not speaking to you!" Aerys bursted out, then he looked to Percy, saying calmly, "We depart in the early morn, be prepared by then. Now out."

Then he yelled, "Gerold!"

Percy bowed, then as the door opened, he, Oberyn, and Elia were escorted out.

Percy tried to look to Arthur and Lewyn, but they avoided his eyes. When he, Oberyn, and Elia were finally in Elia's chambers, Percy stated, "He has gone mad. He believes his own son hired me to kill him?"

They only looked at him, then Oberyn stiffly announced, "I must write to mother of what happened here."

He turned to leave, but not before he met Percy's pain filled eyes. Oberyn choked out, "I am sorry, dear friend, truly, I am. I should have never forced you to enter the melee."

Percy caught Oberyn shoulder before he could leave, "I would never blame you for what transpired here, Oberyn, know that. I thank you for all you have done for me, and know that I will always love you."

Oberyn took him in a tight embrace, and Percy reciprocated it, holding onto him just as tightly, "I love you too, Percy."

Oberyn then clapped his back, "I shall see you in the tent, or before you depart."

Then Oberyn looked at Elia, "I shall say my farewells to you too in the morrow, beloved sister."

When Oberyn left, he and Elia were left alone, silence permeating the air. Percy did not look at her, instead staring at the ground, then, she called him, and he was forced to look at her, "Percy."

She was as beautiful as ever, though, she did look quite weak, more exhausted, "Princess Elia."

She gave him a hurtful look, "When was I ever a princess Elia to you?"

"When you married Rhaegar Targaryen." He said, his voice barely hiding the pain he felt.

"Percy-" she pleaded

Percy gave her a desperate look, "What would you have me do, Elia? Tell me, because I do not know anymore."

"I would have you happy after all the misery I have caused you. I could speak with Rhaeg-" She said, her voice showing the exasperation she felt.

Percy shook his head, "I am still a servant, Elia. Your mother was always quick to remind me of that. To do as House Martell or the realm commands me so. You cannot save me from this fate, and we both know it."

A desperate look, "I am so sorry, Percy."

He shook his head, then gave her a soft look, "I know, Elia. I know your heart, you would never wish this upon me, but as before, we are awoken by the harsh truths of reality."

A tear trailed down her face, and he drew closer, wiping it with his thumb, "He is your son, Elia, I would have protected him with my life even if the king did not command it so, same goes for your daughter. It will be alright."

She hugged him, and he closed his eyes, basking in it before separating from her, "I will find your handmaidens to prepare you for bed."

He took a step, but then, he was reminded of this afternoon, "Elia, the tourney, wh-"

"No, Percy. You will never bring that up again, nor will you confront Rhaegar about it."

Percy let out a sarcastic chuckle, "Of course."

He moved to leave, but as his hand touched the door, he heard Elia softly say, "Percy, if I had to entrust my son's life on another but I, I would have no other than you."

Percy looked back at her, a bittersweet smile on his face as he remembered the past with one simple phrase, then nodded, leaving without another word.


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