Hey guys, I'm really really sorry but I think this is the end of this story. I tried really hard to update and it was almost always on mind that I should go home and start writing but I was never really focused enough on it. I didn't want to keep you guys in the dark about all of this and that's why I'm writing this to anyone who still might be reading. I had such high hopes for this story, and now it's just another failure like my last SYOT. I tried to make up for a failure with a success, but I guess that didn't turn out as well as I thought it would, huh? I'm truly sorry for leading you on to nothing and I'm sorry for wasting your time and work. I didn't even make it that far in this story. I'm sorry for not being able to keep writing this, and I know a lot of you guys are probably mad and I'm sorry for that. I tried to make it better, but maybe I just wasn't cut out for writing SYOTs... I hope you guys can get over this and resubmit your tributes to another SYOT with a more promising author who can actually update and finish their stories. I'm not quitting fanfiction, but I don't think I can write or update much so I'll be wandering around here every so often and maybe update or write stories that aren't SYOTs. Maybe those will turn out better... I'm really sorry for wasting your time... If you guys want, my account on fictionpress is much more... active, and I post poems on there at least once every week. Again, I'm really sorry for wasting your time and energy, I know how valuable that stuff is. I hope you guys can all find peace with this... Over and out I guess.

- Knifey(LilBunniBun on fictionpress)