I really wish more people would write Hawk and Dove fanfics. By which I mean the ones where Hank is Hawk, and Don is Dove. I would read them! Unfortunately they aren't very popular...

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Chapter 1

Dove felt the butt of a gun slam against his head, stunning him. Why couldn't people ever just sit down and talk? Things would be so much simpler that way. Oh, Hawk was going to be so mad about this. He wondered when his big brother would spring him out. There would be a lot of broken bones, glass, people… a lot of broken stuff he decided. There always was. Hank could be pretty overprotective. That and the fact that he was the embodiment of Chaos (literally, and Don was the embodiment of Order) meant that when he was protecting his little brother, a lot of things ended up getting smashed. A lot. Don grunted into his gag as another gun was shoved into his stomach signaling the end of their little journey. He wished he knew where he was. The fact that he was blindfolded too didn't really help much to that end.

He listened hard as he could, and managed to hear the sound of: A: a gun being pressed against his head and being prepared for fire, B: someone turning on some kind of camera. Probably so they could show his helplessness to the world. Or at least the Justice League. He'd already been beaten up for the occasion, most likely to make an impression on whoever this was being sent to, so his mask and suit were torn, and blood showed in many places on his suit. There were no major wounds; it was just for show. Though he'd be lying if he said they didn't hurt. But he would be fine. No scars, thanks to his speed healing, and he was still in good enough shape to beat up a couple of ordinary goons. Hopefully Hawk would realize that.

There was a crackle as something flickered to life, most likely their way of watching whoever they were calling, and Don was shoved to his knees. There was a click as the connection was secured, and the General spoke.

"Greetings, Justice League."

"You worthless piece of trash! When I get my hands on you…" Aaaaand, there was his brother. Don sighed through his nose. Oh well. It wasn't like he had particularly expected Hank to have changed. Although… he thought Hawk's voice was a little weird… he wasn't at the watchtower he decided. He was intercepting the transmission from somewhere. But how would he do that? He didn't have that type of tech, and even if he did, he didn't know how to use it.

"I vould not speak so, vhen ve have you partner, Hawk." To emphasise the point, a gun was once again jabbed in his stomach. Really, these people had no originality. And then a knife was pressed to his cheek, and dragged down slowly. The cut was superficial, it barely hurt at all; he'd had worse in cooking misadventures, but it served to enrage Hank. The blade moved to the side of Don's neck. He held very still as it barely penetrated the skin, a tiny trickle of blood staining the white of his uniform. Hawk's eyes were on fire, not that Don could see them. He could guess though.

"Enough with the games." Oh. Batman was there too. Well… that was surprising. The bat rarely left Gotham, and to do so over him? Was something else at stake here? Sure, Don was a superhero and all, but this was Batman they were talking about. Why would he be involved in this? Though it did explain the intercepted transmission. That was a pretty Batman like thing to do. "What do you want?"

"Money. 50 million US dollars. In gold." Well, that was a lot. But there was no way they were going to get it.

"That's a lot of money."

"He is American superhero. I am thinking he is vorth it. However, maybe if he is so easy to catch, maybe you are not vanting him back." Oh, yes. There had been a cry for help in an alleyway, and, being the gallant hero he was, he just had to go in. Hero complex, as Hank would have said. It had been a trap. A total setup. He'd run in, and was instantly electrocuted into unconsciousness. The Albinasan government had probably singled him out for this. Find a hero that wasn't likely to try and smash everything they threw at him, didn't have invulnerability so was easy to subdue, didn't have telepathy so couldn't call for help, had a partner, therefore having someone emotionally connected who would want him back, oh yes, he was just a prime target. And they'd probably been monitoring him, following him, so that when he was nearby without Hawk, they could grab him. Wonderful. Dove perked up again. Batman was speaking.

"When do you want it."

"By tomorrow. 10:00. Bring to these coordinates." There was a rustle of paper, as the coordinates were presumably held up.

"That's not long. How do you expect us to get the money?"

"I do not know. You figure it out. If you do not…" The knife was back, slowly moving in a curve over Don's throat. Blood trickling down where there were tears in the suit, slowly seeping into the white where the suit was intact. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine he silently willed his brother to hear. No real damage, none at all. His super keen hearing heard a feral growl, and he could almost see his brother trembling with rage. If looks could kill, that General would be a little pile of ash by now. And then some.

"Hurt him and I'll rip you to shreds." Ah, and here was a nice little demonstration of the famed Hawk reserve. Dove rolled his eyes under the blindfold. Really, Hank had to learn some self control.

"You vould not dare as long as ve have your young companion."

"If you kill him, you won't have him anymore, will you?" Don was sure Hawk looked really intimidating right now. He also figured the General would want to end this call soon and save face.

"You do not scare me, American. Only bring money. That is all ve care about." He gave a sharp signal, and the video was cut. "Get him up." He sneered. Dove was jerked roughly to his feet, his many cuts and bruises protesting at the rough treatment. There was the sound of the General walking out the door, and Dove was roughly pushed after him. He was lead down several corridors, the electrified spears pressing against his sides, and the guns pressed against his head. Personally, he thought it all to be a bit overkill. He wasn't stupid enough to try and escape; even if he could, there was nowhere to go.

Finally he was pushed into a room with a hard tiled floor. He knew this very well, as he had been thrown on the ground to get him inside. Then someone's foot was on his back, and he was forced to lie sprawled on the floor. So overkill. He could still hear the guards breathing, and he doubted they had put down their guns.

"Now, Dove." Came the General's second-in-command's voice from over his body. The foot pressed down deeper. Dove could think of at least 13 different ways to get out of this hold right of the top of his head, but knew it would be pointless. The Albinasan continued. "I zink you should not try to resist. Zere is nowhere for you to run, and the guards vould kill you. Now is that vhat you vant?" Dove felt someone removing his gag.

"No." He managed, trying to get moisture back into his mouth.

"Good, I thought you vould see it my way. Now, vill you let us handle you, or do we need to do this the hard way?" Well, fighting would only got people hurt needlessly. He had no choice.

"I… won't fight."

"Good." The foot ground down before coming back up, and Dove was lead to what appeared to be an operating table. They took him and strapped him down, as though he would resist. He felt a syringe being pressed to his skin. He gasped in pain, as unconsciousness overwhelmed him.

When he came to, he was in a cramped cell, with guards on either side. He was on his knees, his hands and feet shackled to the floor, and there was a metal collar with chains extending to the walls on his neck. Gagged and blindfolded once again, he wondered how much time had passed since he'd passed out. There was the sound of the General's second in co's boots, and he perked up, wondering what would happen.

"So you are awake already, American. I admit, usually, one vould sleep for an hour, but you vake after 10 minutes!" Dove attributed this to his speed healing. "I am sure Your friends are speaking vith the authorities, trying to raise your money. But zey do not know vat zey vill be getting." Dove decided that sounded quite ominous. "You deed not zink that ve vould allow you to go free, not vith ze knowledge of our base!"

Actually, Dove was pretty sure they were overestimating him, he had no idea where they were. But he didn't think they'd believe that if he could tell them. "Ze serum ve injected you vith. It vill age you until you are nozeen but ash. As zere is no cure, you vill die, Dove. You vill die.