Moko-chan: Someone was suffering from fanfiction withdrawal…Based off volume 15 where Lucifer hinted that he was able to do house chores already. Takes place around vol 12 and 13. I swear some of the things I write in here is basically what happens when I try to help my mom with housework.

One shot: Give a Chance

"Alsiel…don't you think…" A kimono clad woman stood outside Room 201 of the old wooden apartment of Villa Rosa Sasazuka. As a chilly wind blew by, she tucked her hands in her sleeves as she addressed a tall man with straw coloured hair who was throwing clothes and detergent into a pale green washing machine. Seeing that the man was not looking in her direction, the woman spoke again.

"Alsiel, are you even listening?"

The taller man threw a sideways glance at the woman and replied with a tone of irritation.

"I hear you. But as you can see, Bell, I do not have the time or energy to entertain you." As the man called Alsiel, that is Ashiya Shiro as he is known in Japan, spoke, he closed the lid of the washing machine and started it up. The sound of water pouring onto the clothes was heard.

The woman he addressed as "Bell" was known as Kamazuki Suzuno in Japan. With a resigned bow of her head, she looked up at Ashiya again and asked.

"So how many things left do you have to do for the day?"

Ashiya tilted his head, trying to comprehend the purpose of Suzuno's question.

"What do you mean?"

Suzuno pulled her hands out of her sleeves, raised them up and started listing down a series of activities while ticking them off with her fingers.

"Let's see, just starting from this morning, you woke up at 6am, swept the yard, took out the trash, went to the supermarket, probably, I just heard you going out. Then you came back about 8am, made breakfast, sent the Demon King out to work, started to clean the tatami mats, woke Lucifer up, finished cleaning the mats and washing the bathroom, swept the corridor, made lunch, washed up, went out again and here you are, doing the laundry. If I'm not mistaken, you also have to keep watch on Hatagaya street, do the groceries and cook dinner. Also, I have not mentioned the smaller things you have to do, such as repairing things, doing your research and…."

Suzuno had listed so many tasks that she ran out of fingers to count with. After what Suzuno said, Ashiya let out a resigned sigh and put a hand to his face.

"So when was the last time did you have a good night's sleep?" Suzuno asked next.

"Probably a few weeks ago. But what choice do I have, I have to finish all these tasks. I can't exactly split myself into two, can I?" Ashiya said.

"Your dark eye circles are getting worse." Suzuno pointed out.

"I know."

"I bet you can't sleep because you were worrying about what you needed to do the next day."

Ashiya let out a sigh again and mumbled under his breath.

"And I have to clear things up with Suzuki-san as well. Why are there only 24 hours in a day…"

"What did you say?" Suzuno asked as she heard Ashiya say something but did not catch the words.

"It's nothing much. So, are you here to offer me some help or are you here just to point out what I already know? If there's nothing else you would like to say, I need to take down the clothes." Ashiya picked up the empty laundry basket as he said this.

"Why don't you ask him for help?" As Suzuno said this, she turned her head to the direction of the window of room 201. Ashiya turned his head to look in the same direction as well. There was Lucifer, also known as Urushihara, napping on the tatami mats with a thin blanket over himself.

Ashiya turned back to look at Suzuno and a displeased expression crossed his face.

"Surely you jest."

"…I'm extremely serious about this." Suzuno said, both her tone and expression were stern.

Ashiya shook his head.

"Out of the question. You do remember that I tried to get Urushihara to do housework before right? Shortly after you moved here. He couldn't do any of it right, it only gave me more work afterwards. Besides, even if I wanted to teach him again, it would take even more effort to make sure he's up to par." Ashiya crossed his arms and gave all the reasons he could think of to not undertake the task of teaching the other demon how to do household chores.

"Well…" Suzuno frowned as she thought back to Ashiya ranting about how there were still oil stains on the dishes, clothes folded in weird parallelograms and an overflowing washing machine.

"Alsiel, do you think that maybe…well...maybe you are setting your standards a bit too high?"

Suzuno asked, cautiously phrasing her words.

"Too high? You mean you are alright with oily dishes? They breed bacteria!" Ashiya commented in annoyance and disbelief.

"It's not that...what I mean is, it's not as though you were brilliant at housework when you first started, are you?" Suzuno asked, looking straight at Ashiya in the eyes.

"Guh…well, not really…"

Even Ashiya, who could currently hold the status of a model housewife, had to admit that in the beginning, just shortly after coming to japan, he burnt food, did not know he had to use soap to wash dishes and only figured out that the tatami mats needed to be cleaned regularly when he and Maou kept sneezing from the accumulation of dust.

"So, it's normal to make some mistakes in the beginning…"

"It's not as though I expect him to be perfect in the first try, but he tried a few times and it's still that bad!" Ashiya protested indignantly.

"...and some people take a longer time to learn. Alsiel, do you want to enter battle, exhausted because you were sweeping the yard late at night?"


"Or even worse, your name could go down in history that you were defeated because of exhaustion from doing late night laundry."

"Now you're just exaggerating…"

"We have three demons and an inquisitor living in a run-down apartment in Japan, anything can happen."

"You could just help me…" Ashiya feebly attempted another tactic.

"I have to take care of Nord-dono when he goes out, I'm not that free to help you either."

Which got crushed immediately.

"Fine...I get it...I'll try again...Thank you for your concern." Ashiya shrugged his shoulders and gave up. Suzuno nodded in satisfaction.

"I notice that you tend to lose your temper with Lucifer too easily when he makes a mistake. Perhaps if you were more patient, you would make better progress."

After giving one last piece of advice, Suzuno returned to her room next door, leaving Ashiya to think about what she said.

Okay, patience, Alsiel, just be patient.

Ashiya pinched the bridge of his nose and scrunched up his forehead as he repeated that mantra to calm himself down. The washing machine was currently spitting out foam.

"Um…" Urushihara gave Ashiya a guilty look wondering if he should say something or just keep his mouth shut until Ashiya said something.

"How many…" Ashiya started talking.

"Yes?" Urushihara slowly took a step back away from the taller demon.

"How many cups of detergent did you put inside?"


"Two." Ashiya repeated the answer to himself. Then he let out a long sigh. At this moment, Urushihara mentally prepared himself for another long lecture.

"This one only needs half a cup. It's a new concentrated kind of detergent which doesn't require a lot to wash a full load. Although the instructions were written on top, I shouldn't have assumed that you would read it. Just take note of that in future."

After saying that, Ashiya stopped the washing machine and restarted the rinse cycle.

"Eh? A…Ashiya, are you sick or something? Do I need to call the ambulance?!"

Ashiya gave a sideways glance at the smaller demon who looked as though he had witnessed Ashiya sprouting horns from the top of his head, not that it was a trait of the Iron Scorpions, the demon clan which Ashiya hailed from.

"...Just take down the clothes, will you?"

With a stiff nod and a bewildered expression, Urushihara went back into the apartment to take down the clothes that were hanging near the window.

Watching Urushihara scramble into the house, Ashiya felt strangely relaxed. Usually a mixture of himself, housework and Urushihara would result in elevated blood pressures and stress levels, but it did not happen this time.

Was it because I didn't shout at Urushihara this time?

The sound of gushing water from the washing machine stopped and it made loud groaning noises as it started turning.

Well, I guess being patient is beneficial for all of us after all.

Moko-chan: Yes, it's short. Not gonna force myself to make it longer.