On my Own.

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The TARDIS seemed to gravitate towards a city with history. In this case, a place that felt like England. We landed on a generic block, by tall apartments on a gloomy day. The air was clean, the grass greener than our Earth. The biggest difference in this world was the neon purple sky. It laid an odd glow over the city as if of a warning to come.

Clara and I stood side by side staring up at the neon sky. Her mouth was agape while I smirked at the thought of this place.

"So, the TARDIS thinks he's here?" Clara said while looking around us.

"Supposedly but she's not always exact," I replied. "I feel him here if that means something."

We began walking away from the Tardis in hopes of finding something. I looked back at her as she started to go invisible. Be safe girl. We will find him for you.

As we passed humanoids, I tried looking at them closer. They were living breathing humans and as I noticed the little details of this world. It was bone chilling similar to Earth minus the neon sky.

"What do you wanna do Felicity?" asked Clara while adjusting her skirt and jacket. She looked frustrated as if she could tell I was withholding from her. "Since you have taken charge of this investigation – ill follow you.

I smirked. "Let's get to work.."

Clara crossed her arms and looked down the alley we stood in front of.

"Explain to me Felicity – why 2005? What is it about that timeframe that's so important?" she asked.

I frowned and rubbed my jacketed shoulder. "I wasn't in his timeline in 2005. That was another companion's time with our doctor. We must be cautious of time line overlaps. I was on Earth at that time but he and I had parted ways by that point."

"How could you simply walk away from the doctor?" Clara asked flatly. "I could never do that."

I smirked. "We disagreed on how to live life. I was not his typical humanoid companion. I was one of the last remnants of his old life and that alone is painful enough for him."

She wouldn't budge on the topic. "What happened in that timeframe?"

I sighed and let my eyes avoid hers. "The new companion was Rose Tyler of England. She changed everything for the better. If you want the honest truth, I really think he loved her like no other."

Silence seemed to expand between us. I rolled my eyes. Love looks different to everyone silly.

Clara sighed and nodded in understanding. We began to walk in silence and I could sense that Clara was in deep thought. Her pace quickened and it took more effort to keep up with her. We ended up in a large crowd of people before she slowed down. It was like she had been here before the way she walked the streets but of course that was impossible. We made casual small talk but being careful to not give anything from our timelines away.

"We will find him Clar…." I said while stopping mid-sentence. My mind was screaming for my attention. He was here. My doctor was here. I searched the crowd for any clues of him. It felt like an emotional tidal wave crashed over me.

It was not hard to find the tall leather jacket man with a cute blond girl. A small smile crossed my lips as I jerked Clara to attention and pointed them out.

"He's right over there." I pointed out. Clara started towards the two but I yanked her hand.

"Wait Clara. This isn't our doctor."

We cautiously got closer till we could over hear them speaking.

"What about your people?" asked the girl.

"The time war … I'm the last time lord. They are all gone. I am the last survivor," he replied.

I watched with envy the joy that companion had as he said those things and grabbed her hand.

"Let's go to the TARDIS," he said. They were off running into the direction of wherever that blue box had landed.

"Why did we NOT stop them?" asked Clara as she crossed her arm. "It was a perfect opportunity to get answers." My eyes followed after the two running away with twisted envy. A long time ago, that had been me.

"That's not our timeline or our doctor. This place is all wrong. We need to leave. The TARDIS got it wrong." I said slowly and thoughtfully as I started walking back to our TARDIS.

"Felicity, our doctor is here! That might not have been him but that's a version of him."

"I cannot do this with you. It hurts too much. I won't cross over timelines just to have more time with him. I just had to watch the man that brought me so much joy run away with another companion. It's not easy watching that happen." I said nearly yelling at her in the crowd. I was losing my cool and it was showing.

"I miss that man that just left or at least that version of him." I said with shaking hands. "That version, that companion, was his love.

Clara grabbed my shoulder to calm me down. "I am sorry Felicity I really am."

I nodded in understanding and closed my eyes. I pulled once again at my doctor's connection and this time I was gifted a reply. The vibrations of my doctor's voice echoed around in my head.

"Felicity, Is that you?"

My eyes snapped open and tears welled up in the corners. I used the back of my hand to bush it way. My eyes locked on Clara's and a slight smile appeared.

"Did you find him?" she asked while following me through the streets.

"Yes, it was him."