Sonic and Sash: Tides of Chaos 2
Bad Bloodlines

Epilogue: All's Well That Ends...

The rift opened up before spewing out the broken group onto the stone walkway into a heap before it sealed up for the final time. All around them, they are surrounded by the ruins of the Sky Empire in the present. Before them, a pair of broken chargers could be seen on the floor, abandoned a long time given the rust on them...

Looking to the outside, the city has decayed, vegetation having grown and animals visible in the long abandoned ruins. Looking ahead of them could be seen of the solid form of the black mass, the defined statue figures of the hedgehog and dragon stuck in the metal, positioned in a loving embrace with eachother as it seems their hearts had stopped... permanently, their bodies bare as their arms were wrapped around eachother...

Carol was still distraught, gripping the ground as sorrowful sobs wracked her body, Tails and Milla trying to comfort her. Merga had gotten up from where she had been thrown out and walked over to the chargers, picking them up and examining them, leaving the unconscious body of the other Tea alone. She sighed. "Dragon..." She muttered, looking up at the frozen figures within the metal. "People today may seldom remember your sacrifice... however, those of us who have witnessed it will have it burned into our memories. We will continue your legacy..."

Carol was still sobbing. "W-why Sash... why?" She choked out. "Why did you have to do this..."

"Carol..." Tails started to speak before he was interrupted by the wildcat.

"Miles, I don't know what you have to say, it cannot possibly help this situation." Carol bluntly retorted. "My own lifelong friend I've had is now dead on the same day as the death of my sister. The Same. Fucking. Day." She slammed her fists on the ground, her sorrow and anger building more as her voice cracked. "The last of my own family I could even trust is now dead! Fucking DEAD! THEY'RE NEVER COMING BACK! EVER!" Her eyes flashed of rage as she looked over to the still unconscious and broken-limbed Corazon, just lying on the floor a bit aways from the rest of the group. "And YOU..." She angrily growled, stomping over and grabbing her sister by the neck, slamming her against a collapsed stone wall. "Are you happy now you disgrace of a bloodline? Isn't this what you fucking wanted?!" She yelled, her voice cracking as the tears flowed from her face. "You got exactly what you fucking wanted! My sister is DEAD! My friend, who I've know for almost all my life is DEAD!" She yelled, driving her fist into the side of the unconscious wildcat repeatedly, soon snapping her out of her unconscious state as she looked at Carol, the cold look in her eyes gone.

"Are you HAPPY WITH YOURSELF?!" Carol yelled, now fear showing itself in Corazon's eyes.

"Wh-what are you talking about?" The older wildcat stammered before Carol brought her fist down hard on the wall next to her face.

"Don't play idiot with me!" Carol yelled. "You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about you disgrace of a family member!"

"F-family?" The older wildcat stammered, tears starting to form. "Wh-what do you mean? Who are you?"

Carol brought back her free hand into a fist to clock Corazon across the face another time, before she felt someone grab it. Still enraged, she looked back to see Milla, gripping her fist with a saddened look in her eyes as she somberly shook her head.

"Killing her won't bring them back Carol..." She merely breathed. It took a few seconds, but then Carol's eyes snapped shut, the tears flowing harshly as she dropped Corazon to the ground, herself collapsing to her knees and starting to sob again... until her ears caught something...

Faint steps could be heard nearby; the steps are distinctive... because they're from boots and shoes instead from animal steps. Shadows can be seen in the distance, barely visible due to the sunlight. They weakly stumble forward, one leaning on the other seemingly in a bad state.

Carol's ears twitched before looking over at the shadows, her self-defense kicking in as she got in front of the group, unsheathing the mech-blade and standing at guard, her muscles tense...

The figures stand by the edge of a building, trembling, still a bit too far and obscured by sunlight to be seen. But they're definitely panting, as if they went through something demanding.

Milla soon joins Carol by her side, Phantom Cubes in hands as her eyes glowed green, her teeth clenched. Tails soon had also join, his blaster ready to fire...

The figures start to approach them; they're vaguely blurry due to the bright sunlight shining directly against them, one appears to be panting heavily, the steps slow as they approach the group...

The figure steps out of the intense sunlight... and reveals it to be the two heroes. Sash was a mess, both her horns smashed up... in fact, her entire body looking smashed up and she's lacking her chargers. Her shorts were completely shredded and her boots were torn up, her black bra having its straps shredded and being forced down her body, being nothing more than a crumpled black cloth near her waist. Several cuts and gashes marred her body, and black ferrofluid dripped off of her as she leaned on Sonic for support. The hedgehog was no better, parts of his fur uneven and gashes across his body and bloodied as well. His right pant leg was nearly torn off, his shoes completely shredded and his shade's lenses completely shattered. Like Sash, he also had the black metal dripping off of him as the two merely were limping towards their friends...

"S-SASH!" Carol cried as she resheathed her blade, tacking the dragon into a hug, sobbing. "Y-you're... you're..." She didn't even need to finish her sentence as Tails and Milla had soon also ran over, hugging her and Sonic tightly.

"A-and I'm happy to..." Sash spoke, returning the hug to her family.

"Same..." Sonic spoke.

"We've got some time..." Tails spoke. "Why don't you explain what happened to you two?" Sash merely nodded, leading the others over to the collapsed pillar, the five sitting down on it as Merga stood nearby, leaving the damaged Corazon away from the group. "So... how did you guys survive that? We thought you were dead!"

"To say the truth... we didn't actually make it. It's quite the complicated story and frankly, I feel smashed in more ways than you can comprehend but..." Sash paused for a second, allowing her to catch her breath. "Since Corazon messed with the timeline in general, giving us a bunch of crappy endings filled with paradoxes, one of our friends decided to mess her back in turn and fix it. So... the paradoxes are resolved now."

"Really?" Milla asked. "Does that also explain how you're not passed out even without your chargers on you?"

"Oh yeah, that..." Sash spoke, blushing a bit. "Well, you see... It's because of the way this paradox was resolved. You see... I kind of... used the opportunity to send my past self advice. Oh and while at it, the super prototype made by of my chargers as to, you know, multiple my lifespan by a factor of eight to ten times. It'll be back at home when we return."

"So she's not dying anytime soon." Sonic spoke. "Something I'm thankful for."

"All of us too." Tails spoke. "So... what did you tell yourself?"

Sash nodded. "So... it begun with me dying. Apparently, while Corazon did mess with the timeline, the truth was that time had already been distorted a bit because of the Sky Empire's faster-than-light experiments. This made the Sky Empire a fluid point in time."

"That would make sense." Milla spoke. "It would make it a similar case to Little Planet, correct?"

"Indeed." Sonic answered. "So... we completed the stable time loop that was initially our lives. Once we stopped the Sky Empire's fall, I sent you guys back to the present with my last breath and probably the most painful Chaos Control I had to do."

"Thus ensuring that our worlds' history would meddle, that I would meet Sonic and Tails, and that I would go on this adventure, Sonic would create the portal, and we die, thus saving Mobius and ensuring the dragons' arrival on Avalice." Sash spoke. "A stable time loop. An unhappy one, given Sonic and I die in it, but a stable time loop. And I guess... I was okay with it. But... somebody wasn't."

"But... how could you be here if you had died?" Milla spoke. "Wouldn't that mean you and Sonic should still be trapped up in the solidified ferrofluid up there?" She said, pointing to the two lifeless forms of Sonic and Sash in the black metal.

"Ruff Stuff has a point..." Carol spoke. "While I'm extremely happy you're both still alive... how could you guys cheat death like that?"

"That's the interesting point. Since Corazon damaged the timeline, someone decided to put it back together. And part of putting it back together..." Sash spoke before her voice trailed off, looking above, a small smile adorning her face.

"It was your ancestor, wasn't it?" Merga finally spoke. "It's something I've observed in your blood, Sash. Always wanting to do the right thing to correct what would be a massive mistake..."

Sash merely nodded. "You've hit the nail right on the head." She spoke. "When I was a little girl, I received a letter. A letter written by several people. It was a long letter and though I was so young..." She smiled again. "Friends I had never met but whom I cared for and that cared for me in return waited for us to meet again. And after that information was sent... I knew we would meet again."

"So... it truly was the fate of time we'd all meet?" Carol spoke. Sash nodded in response, earning a light smile from the wildcat. "Well... then I'm glad fate pulled through."

"I think we all are." Sonic spoke, looking out to the sun-bleached skies above them. "Because to be honest? I've finally found the group of family I want to spend my life with."

"Same here." Sash spoke, before something clicked. "Amy and Cream. We should let them know we're alive."

Tails nodded, dialing a frequency onto his comm watch before a voice came through.

"Tails?" Amy's voice spoke. "Is that you? Is everyone alright?"

"All alive and accounted for." Tails spoke. "Hey, I've got a prototype hovercraft I built in there that's already been cleared for flight. Could you set it to autopilot and have it come to our location?"

"Sure. Where are you guys?"

"Well... we're a bit high up..."

The whirring of the massive hovercraft came to a low hum as it touched down in front of the workshop, an anxious Amy Rose and pensive Cream at the wait to see the group. She was shocked once the hatch had opened and the battered and bruised group had walked out, along with Merga carrying the crippled Corazon over her shoulder.

"Good god... you were right in telling me not to come along..." Amy spoke. "What the hell happened back then? Any why is Merga now with you?"

"It's a long story..." Sonic spoke. "But I'm a hedgehog of my word Ames. I'm back alive."

"Barely..." Amy answered, pulling the hedgehog into a hug. "But I guess I shouldn't be asking for too much... considering my friends are still here."

Sonic said nothing as he just held Amy in the hug before Tails spoke up. "Cream, could you shut down the portal for me?"

"Sure Tails." Cream answered, walking over and throwing the switch, the vortex shutting down as the rift sealed up. "Portal's completely shut down Tails."

"Alright. Now can you take the feather in there and hand it to me?"

Cream nodded, opening the hatch on the side and taking the small brown veiny feather out of the compartment before she walked over to Tails, handing him the feather. "Like you asked Tails. What is it needed for?"

"Just to take some preventative measures." Tails spoke, before looking over to the taller dragon. "Merga... would you like to do the honors?"

"Me?" Merga asked, seeming confused.

Tails nodded. "Sealing away the time loop. Making sure something like this can't happen again."

Merga paused for a moment, then merely nodded, the pigments in her skin changing to the burning red again as she took the feather from Tails. With a glint in her eyes and a crushing grip in her hand, flames soon erupted from the fisted hand for a couple seconds, then ceased. When she opened her hand back up, all that remained of the feather was just a small amount of ash. The ash was soon dusted away by the wind off into the wild blue yonder...

"Well guys..." Carol said, cracking her knuckles. "I'd call that a mission complete."

"Indeed." Sash spoke. "We must return to Avalice now."

Sonic nodded before looking to Amy. "We gotta go now Ames."

Amy merely nodded in response. "Keep yourself safe out there Sonic."

Sonic smirked. "Will do."

Several weeks later...

"You're leaving already?" Sash asked as she and Sonic stood in the doorway to the treehouse, looking onto the figure on the porch. It was Merga, though she certainly hadn't looked like the menacing ultimate dragon hybrid the two had encountered several weeks ago. Her posture and stance was rather normal as opposed to when she had tried posing threateningly, and she no longer wore what her previous armor was, what little or any that potentially had survived. She was now decked out in a dark blue gi with golden trim, specifically tailored for her sturdy frame and tail, wrappings around her forearms with fingerless leather gloves, black leggings with wrappings around the forelegs as well as tied sandals that supported partway up her shins. Upon her head was a typical conical hat, and slung over her shoulder was a travel pack.

"Sadly so." The dragon hybrid replied. "While I do appreciate the hospitality you both have given me, and giving me a chance, I cannot stay forever. I need to see the rest of this world; forge my own destiny, as you would say."

"Hey, just be careful out there, okay?" Sash spoke. "Avalice may have us but it's still very dangerous out there."

"I'm sure she'll be fine Sash." Sonic spoke before looking to Merga. "You do what you need to do for your journey. Just always know you're always welcome here with us."

Merga nodded. "I appreciate the hospitality." She spoke. "Though I must be on my way now."

Sash nodded as Merga turned and leaped down to the ground and began to walk off. "May the ancestor's light guide you on your journey friend!" She spoke as Merga soon disappeared over a hill and went out of sight. "...I'm glad she's finally found her way."

"Same here." Sonic said. "We did good Sash."

"We did good indeed." Sash spoke. "And quite honestly? I'm glad the Magister decided to gave us paid leave considering what we went through. After that whole ordeal..." She shuddered.

"Yeah, I think we needed a break for a bit after all that." Sonic spoke, feeling the scar across his eye, which Sash had soon noticed.

"Is that permanent?"

"Sadly I think so." Sonic answered. "The doctors at Shang Tu already tried several Life Petal baths on me to no avail. It's sticking whether I like it or not."

"Ouch..." Sash winced.

"I'll get used to it, it'll just take some time." Sonic said, before noticing the new chargers on Sash's head. "Those the new chargers you got?"

Sash nodded, feeling the sleek shiny titanium headset on her head, the blue crystal pacs emitting a faint glow. "Yeah, and to be honest? I've never felt better." She spoke. "These regulate the energy flow into my bloodstream, meaning I don't have to worry about running out as much, effectively tripling my charge time before I gotta swap!"

"Well that's convenient!" Sonic replied.

"You're telling me." Sash spoke. "And watch this!" She spoke, soon hitting a switch and having the chargers deactivate as she pulled them off her head. "I can actually take these off and not pass out now!"

"Sweet!" Sonic answered. "That's definitely gotta be a benefit." Sash nodded before she remounted the chargers again, the faint blue glows returning. "So... you have any idea where Carol went?"

"She said she had headed out to take care of some business in Shang Tu." Sash spoke. "She said she'd be back before dinner. I hope she is, Milla's cooking tonight."

Sonic smirked. "At least dinner's in good hands..."

"Well well, if it isn't the little Tea that did!" Gong spoke as Carol had approached him and Neera to the entrance of the palace. "It's been a while since you've visited here ever since you completed that mission. What's up? Decided your group is ready to get back into your contracts?"

The wildcat merely shook her head. "It's not for that." She spoke. "We're still recooperating from that incident. I'm here for... other reasons."

"I can only guess what it is..." Neera calmly spoke, brushing her stark black hair out of her eyes as her tense posture fell, her staff coming to rest at her side. "You're here to see... her, aren't you?"

Carol merely nodded. "She... hasn't attempted to try and break out at all, has she?"

Neera merely shook her head. "She's been rather compliant ever since she was turned in, which... rather surprised us given what you had said about her. You had said something about her memory being shattered?"

Carol nodded. "It's... complicated." She spoke. "Am I at least allowed to see her for a bit?"

Neera nodded. "Visiting hour limit though. You may have saved Avalice, but even though there is that, the rules still apply to you."

"Yeah yeah..." Carol grumbled.

"I see the attitude is something that hasn't gone away with age..." Neera remarked as she opened the doors, motioning Carol to come inside. Carol soon had entered into the palace, Gong and Neera right behind her before they took the lead, showing her to the way to the prison hold. As the three got into the lift to head down, Carol decided to break the tense air with a question.

"So!" Carol said. "What are you guys gonna do about Askal since he was a traitor and is now dead?"

Gong was silent for a second before he spoke up. "Plans have already been made to 'remove' him from his position in Shang Tu's militant forces." He spoke. "The respective parties, including his family, have been contacted about setting a funeral and proper burial for him."

"Why, exactly?" Carol asked. "I mean, the guy betrayed you guys right under your noses."

"We're aware of that." Gong spoke. "We're just wanting to give the family the closure they deserve. At least we're handling this with a shred of respect of him, unlike what Zao did for Kalaw.."

Carol's ears perked up, her curiousity built. "Oh? What happened, did Zao blow his lid?"

"Oh that's putting it lightly." Gong spoke. "After he had learned his betrayal, he was immediately having his name and image struck out of the entire city disgracefully and was going to exhile anyone that even mentioned his name! That other kingdoms had to quietly intervene so that another war wouldn't break out."

"Damn..." Carol spoke. "You ever think he's gonna lose his mind?"

"Not on our watch he ain't." Gong answered as the lift hit the floor of the cell hold. "Needless to say we're keeping a close eye on him."

Carol nodded as the two pandas led her to the specific cell. "Now..." Neera said, gripping her staff tightly. "While she hasn't shown any signs of aggression... we will stand guard in case she snaps. If she starts showing aggression, yell for us."

Carol nodded as Neera deactivated the electrified bars and opened the cell, only to close and reactivate the current once she has stepped inside. Sitting on a bed attached to the wall on the far end of the cell was none other than the larger wildcat, her 'sister', stripped of any clothing barring a black form-fitting sports bra and short black compression shorts. Her wrists were encased in a tight shiny metal pair of cuffs, allowing her arms movement but kept her restricted to the cell. Carol stopped about a few feet away from her, remaining still as she looked at the older wildcat in front of her.

"So..." Carol spoke, her voice hushed. "They been treating you well?"

"I... I guess..." The other wildcat spoke, not bothering to look up. "Though... I ask... why am I here?"

"It's... a long story." Carol spoke. "Do... you remember anything?"

The older wildcat merely shook her head. "Nothing. Not a single thing." She spoke. "I don't even remember what I had originally done to deserve this..." Her head seemed to droop lower, a small sigh leaving her body as she looked down.

"Hey, just relax, okay?" Carol said, causing the older wildcat to look up. "You're just gonna be kept here a while, okay?"

"I guess..." Corazon replied, looking back down. She sighed before she felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up, seeing Carol in front of her.

"Just... just try and cooperate to what they tell you, okay?" Carol spoke. "I'll keep coming to visit from time to time."

"Alright..." Corazon answered, sighing again as Carol left the cell, the bars closing again. She somberly shook her head, looking to Neera. "Still no recovery on the lost memory."

"Isn't that a good thing, considering who it is?" Neera had asked. Carol was silent.

"I'm... I'm not sure." Carol answered as she headed for the lift and thanked Neera and Gong.

"Take care on your travels." Neera spoke, her posture rightening again. "While the major threat may be over for now, that deranged simian is still out there somewhere. Take your travels with caution."

Carol nodded. "Thank you Neera. And please... just keep a close eye on Cory, okay?"

The panda priestess gave a small nod in response. "I will do my best."

Carol gave a small smile as she started walking off into the sapphire kingdom, the crowds of Avalicians walking all around her, a handful of people sending her a glance every now and then. It wasn't long before she had heard a familiar voice.

"Carol!" The voice said, before it was seen that Neige had jumped down to beside her. "It's been a while."

"Same to you Taicho." Carol responded calmly. "I'm guessing you've got some news from the Scarves you wanted me to deliver to my friends?"

"For the most part." The snowcat responded. "Natalya is proud of you for what you've done."

"Why me?" Carol asked.

"For putting away Corazon." Neige responded. "You've restored your family's and Coral's honor."

Carol lightly sighed. "Well..."

"Well what?" Neige responded.

"Nevermind." Carol spoke, shaking her head before she looked up at the setting sky above. "You think sis would be proud of me?"

Neige was silent for a second before she spoke again. "Wherever she is? I'm sure her soul is resting easy knowing what you did."

Carol smiled sadly. "At least you think so..." She responded.

Neige nodded before her phone started vibrating, causing her ear to twitch as she removed it from her belt. "Taicho speaking." She said, waiting a bit before expression changed, a mix of embarassment and blush on her face.

"O-oh, that was tonight?" Neige spoke. She remained silent a bit before she spoke again. "Understood. I'll meet you back at base within an hou-" She was cut off as the voice from the other end spoke. "Oh, here? At the old hideout?"

"Neige?" Carol asked before Neige raised a hand, silencing her as she continued to listen to the phone.

"Alright then, I'll meet you here." Neige spoke. "Taicho out." She said, hanging up and reapplying her phone to her belt. "Sorry I gotta cut our reunion short Carol, but that was Spade that just called. We had a private meetup scheduled so I gotta fly."

"Oh, so you two are finally gonna tie the knot?" Carol teased, earning a flustered blush from the snowcat.

"Wh-what do you mean?" Neige stammered, the blush becoming fiercer. "I-i'ts just a business meeting, nothing more!"

"Suuuure." Carol teased. "Take care Neige."

"Same to you Carol." Neige spoke before she took off among the crowd. Carol smiled a bit before she walked to where she had parked her motorcycle before she got on, driving off to the treehouse...

The stars had now come out, the twinklng light over Avalice as the wildcat stood on the deck of the treehouse, wearing only a black bandeau and black fleece sleep pants, slightly leaning on the railing as she looked up at the sky above. She sighed, her eyes starting to water a bit as a small smile started to grow on her face.

"Sis... I know you're out there in the afterlife..." Carol spoke, looking into the stars. "I... I want to thank you for what you've guided me through. If it wasn't for you helping me when I got kicked out of the family... I wouldn't even be here today. If it wasn't for you bringing me into the Scarves, I never would've met Sash... If... and I can't believe I'm saying this... if it weren't for you dying... I... never would have worked up the courage to try and step out with Sash and try fending for myself. I... I truly have you to thank for this entire ordeal..."

She sighed as she sat down on the deck, her legs swinging idly over the edge as she looked up. She closed her eyes, letting the cool breeze of night brushing up on her fur... until she felt another presence.

"You okay Carol?" A voice spoke, revealing itself to be Sash, dressed in only a buttoned nightshirt and loose black sleep shorts as she sat down next to her wildcat friend.

"I guess..." Carol spoke, her tears still slightly fresh. "Just... just been saying my thanks..."

"Your thanks?" Sash spoke, putting her head in her hand. "When have you ever had any thanks other than Mobius ending up next to Avalice because of a new world with new exploration?"

Carol shook her head. "Not those kind Sash..." She said, looking at her friend with teary, cheerful eyes. "The kind whenever you feel grateful for being alive... when you can still be able to breathe the very air of the planet where you were born..." The tears started to flow before she leaned over and hugged her draconian friend. "...when I can still be with the one who stuck with me through hell and back..."

"Carol..." Sash breathed, before she fell silent and hugged her feline friend back, small tears falling from her eyes. "I never knew..."

"Sash. It's like I've said before..." Carol spoke, looking her draconian friend in the eye. "I'm your tail."

"You're more than just my tail Carol." Sash spoke, tightening the hug again. "You're the sister I never had a chance to have. A family that's given me a second chance... a second chance to be who I really am, deep down... not the overidealistic hero shit, not a cold blooded murderer... none of that. I'm Sash Lilac, myself, a dragon with a heart."

"And a kind one at that." Carol spoke. "I'm really lucky to have someone like you..."

"As am I with you." Sash returned, extending a fist with her pinky out. "Sisters for life?"

Carol paused for a second, then returned it and locked pinkys with Sash. "Sisters for life." She answered, feeling her heart filling with happiness as she met Sash in another hug, slightly shivering.

"It's a lot nippier out tonight than I remember..." Carol said, looking up at the skies. "How about we head inside to the others? Where we belong?"

Sash nodded. "Let's be with our family..." She answered as she and Carol got up, the two heading inside... unaware of the two figures watching them from the cliff, bearing a striking resemblance to Sash and Carol... though they looked older; more mature. The dragoness' clothing was more loose, less formfitting as her hair was brushed in a neat fashion, her tendrils a bit longer to the point where they were barely touching the ground, her boots a bit lower cut then Sash's. The wildcat's appearance had her fur a bit messier, a black band of cloth wrapped around her ample bust and a tattered pair of cargo shorts, held up tightly by a rope belt. A nic was cut out of her right ear, and a familiar blade was strapped to her back. The most peculiar thing about them though was the fact they appeared transparent and cyan; like spirits...

"Well..." The dragon spoke, crossing her arms across her chest. "Seems like you were wrong about our bloodlines never being able to mingle among eachother Bail..."

"...hmph." The wildcat grunted, looking away. "Sheer luck, nothing else. You know that well."

"Oh suuuure, like you haven't had your fair share of luck before." The dragon countered, deadpanning.

"Well if it wasn't for your 'gift' you gave me, Tiangou would probably be enslaving this entire world now wouldn't he?" Bail shot back.

"That was a freak accident you caused and you know it!" The dragon countered.

"Oh please Kim! Like I would make a mistake considering you nearly dropping one of their destroyer airships on one of the kingdoms!" Bail countered. "You're more prone to accidents than I am!"

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

The dragon huffed, turning away from the wildcat as she did the same, remaining like that for a couple minutes before the dragon sighed.

"...this cycle just seems to keep repeating itself." Kim stated.

"Like that's anything new." Bail shot back. "And yet you still find the need to trust me."

"I could say the same to you." Kim retorted. "I mean, let's face it; who else do we really have?"

"Don't you have the rest of your royals to cry to?"

"...Bail. I'm meaning you." Kim bluntly responded. "Face it, neither of us could have taken down Tiangou without the other's help."

"... that's the only point you have." Bail spat back. "I could have easily taken care of that stupid alien mutt by myself."

"No you couldn't." Kim shot back. "If I hadn't shown up to take that hit for you, you would've been dead. Right then, right there."

"...point taken." Bail spoke. "Bah! Why am I agreeing with you on this?! I hate you!"

"Likewise." Kim retorted. "But yet here we are, still trusting eachother."

"...you are truly one fucked up girl if you still trust me." Bail spat.

"How ironic, coming from you." Kim spat back.

"Whatever." Bail responded, turning and starting to walk away.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Kim yelled, glaring at Bail.

"Our observations are done Kim." Bail shortly answered. "We are no longer needed here. We go."

Kim grunted and quickly caught up to the wildcat, who had stopped. She then put her fists on her waist, tapping a foot. "What?"

"Look... I'm sorry, okay? I was an idiot. I..." The feline sighed. "... nevermind. Forget it."

Kim smiled sofly. "No, it's okay. So was I. I'm just glad things worked out in the end."

"I do hope, someday, that one of my line's daughters will put you lizards in their place."

"Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Weren't you walking away just now?" Kim mocked.

The wildcat snorted in annoyance. "I'll get you for this someday!"

"I look forward to it, Bail."

"Someday! I swear!"

And then, they were no longer here.

The End

And so Tides 2... finally comes to a close. Well... I am very happy with how this has all turned out. I could go out on a long-winded end speech about how I'm finally glad this entire thing is over, but honestly? I think this was my favorite piece of literature to write so far! It was a personally fun experience to write all of this, and put a spin on portrayals of the characters. Though while I do have a lot of people I couldn't have done this without, there's one specific group i want to thank above anyone else:


Every single one of you that's stuck with this story and motivated me to keep going until this very end. I will admit, from real-life circumstances that impeded me several times there were points where I wanted to outright scrap the story altogether. But when I saw all the overwhelming positivity coming from you all... all of the positive feedback and the support you've given me... it gave me motivation. I couldn't let you guys down by cancelling the story; I just couldn't!

I seriously can't thank you all enough for your support. If it weren't for all of you... well, Tides 1 probably wouldn't even existed!

But for now, Tides 2 officially comes to a close, the heroes safe and sound once again with some new spiritual awakenings inside them. Things have finally calmed down. Rest easy heroes... this time you deserve it.

Credit goes to Zerodius aka Myuu for editing and proofreading.

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