I don't own recess, this is my second story I haven't written in years. Rated t for violance and swears and most likely gore lol .

The towns youngest sheriff was sitting in his desk, he took off his red cap to relax in his chair than rolling thunder rain in his town. "Goddamn it what are they doing in town today", he said to his deputy has he rose and grabbed his gun. They whole police force ran outside to see hundreds of Harleys rush by his station.

The Goblins are the towns only Motorcycle club with their leader Gus "Wargod" Griswald leading the pack. He was dragging a member behind his Chopper till he stopped at the dinner and yelled ''This is what you do with snitches'', and his started to beat him senseless till the sheriff ran up and pointed his gun at Gus's head and yelled, ''Let him go or ill blow your brains out''. Gus let him go and left but before he started his bike he said ''your gonna regret doing that I wouldn't want anything to happen to your wife and son''.

They left and while the sound of thunder left the sheriff looked and said '' just try and you have to deal with Spin''. He walked away and went to his office he reached for his phone, and he called the feds ''you have to do something with this gang in my town'', the fed said ''we will be sending a agent to your town to assess the situation''. The sheriff ended the call and thought to himself how did he lost one of his friends to the Goblins.

Five years earlier

"Gus welcome back" T.J said "Thanks Tj, hi Spinelle seems like you and TJ finally got married." Ashley said "you can call me Ashley you know, and how was it in the army I hope you weren't in danger when you went for deployment." Gus eyes went from glowing to cold he snapped at her "shut your mouth it sucked," and walked away. "Gus wait " TJ said but he kept on walking he found himself in a biker bar. He got drunk, fought and killed 3 bikers from the club Kaijus, he stumbled out of there and was offered a ride from an unknown guy who threatened the bartender and everyone in the bar to keep their mouths shut or their kids would be killed, "hi I'm wolf would you like to be a prospect for my club im sure your be great." "umm ok he" Gus said before he passed out.