So this is my new fic, it doesn't mean I abandoned my Tony fic. This is an idea I had for months now and I am glad I could write it. Also, it's my first Harry Potter and Tomarry fic I really hope you like it. I was going to make this a yaoi fic but I couldn't make it a main theme in the fic even though there will be gay couples. This fic will be a mix of both the movies and book.

Summary: Harry had only known pain and suffering all her life. In the summer of her sixth year, Harriet was beaten for hiding her little boy. On the verge of death, she sent a note begging someone to keep her son safe from Dumbledore. Will someone save Harriet and her son or will it be too late?


Tom x Harry

Hermione x Draco

Severus x Remus

Lucius x Narcissa

Bill x Fleur

Warning: (I don't condone the actions I am writing)

Mentions of Rape

Mentions of Torture

Mentions of Underage sex and child prostitution

Character Bashing

Harriet Lilliana Potter was no ordinary girl. From a young age, her beauty trifled with anyone. She had porcelain skin, full rosy lips, flowing onyx hair, big and round Avada Kedavra eyes, and a well-shaped body. All those who met her would admire or envy her; in her neighborhood, all the women wanted to have her body. Since she was a young girl, Harriet's body began to grow. Most of her peers teased her more than they did because of it. But, even though she was beautiful her life was cursed.

Harriet has been living with her aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley, ever since her parents "died in a car accident". Since she was a freak, she has been cooking, cleaning, and gardening because that was a freak's job. The cleaning began when she was five years old, the cooking and gardening arrived the following year. Each year the tasks grew harder than the last. But, it didn't stop there. If she burned the food, her aunt would beat her with the frying pan or burn her little hands. If she didn't complete her chores, gardening included, her uncle would beat her until she lost consciousness. Worst of all, her cousin, Dudley, would bully her. He would beat her before his father did or exhaust her with his favorite game, "Harry Hunting".

This has been her life until she was nine. At that age, Vernon noticed the changes in Harriet's body and used it to his advantage. Vernon took pleasure in throwing big parties for his bosses using Harriet for the main entertainment when his wife and son were away. She could still remember her first time when her uncle told her she could sleep in Dudley's second bedroom. She was happy to finally be out of the cupboard she called room, but later she regretted it. That night was the first time she was raped, it was also the night her uncle got a big raise. After that night, there had been at least 2 parties a month and Vernon would enjoy the raise or promotion he received.

At 11, Harriet found out she was a witch and was famous in the wizarding world. Turns out her parents never died in a car crash like her aunt said, but they died protecting her from an evil wizard, turning her into the Girl-Who-Lived. That was the year she began going to Hogwarts. There she made friends with the wacky Ron Weasley and intelligent Hermione Granger.

In her first year, Harriet was able to accomplish many things. She became the youngest seeker playing for Gryffindor, even though she was truly a Slytherin, she stopped a troll from killing Hermione and stop Voldemort from resurfacing. After she stopped Voldemort once again, Madam Pomfrey attended her wounds from the small battle and all those inflicted by her uncle. The Mediwitch was undignified, to say the least, to see all the abuse a student had to suffer. She reported all the damage Harriet had suffered and asked for her to move. Unfortunately, headmaster Dumbledore stopped it from reaching the Ministry. He said he was protected from Death Eaters, and if the Dursleys hurt her it was a sacrifice that must be made for the greater good. That day was the first time in many years Pomfrey cried. She swore that she would help Harriet even if Dumbledore didn't.

Things didn't change much in her second year. Poppy healed her before starting classes. Harriet faces Voldemort once more resulting her to return to Poppy's care. It was the summer of her third year soon to begin her fourth.

Harriet met her godfather, Sirius Black. She learned a little of her father thanks to him and she begged for him to set her free from the Dursleys. The G.W.L. never went into detail when she explained her "family" was hurting her; so, all Sirius understood that it was just a misunderstanding between them and told her Dumbledore was right in sending her back. That day she knew that Dumbledores claws in her life were deeper than she expected. When her birthday arrived, Sirius went to Privet Drive to surprise her taking her to the Burrow. When he saw the state Harriet was in and what men were doing to her, he went ballistic. Instead of going to the Weasleys, he took her from Privet Drive and healed her in his home, Grimmauld Place.

Dumbledore arrived at Grimmauld Place two days after Harriet was healed asking for Sirius to take her to her relatives. There Sirius went fought tooth and nail with Dumbledore. In the end, Harriet was taken from Sirius' safety and sent to Hogwarts to start her new school year. Before going to the feast, Harriet went to Poppy for her regular check up to find out that she was two months pregnant. "What?" She yelled. "I can't... Uncle Vernon will hurt it.."

"Oh sweetheart, I know," Poppy hushed. "I have to ask, do you want to terminate it?"

She shook her head rapidly. "I can't, it's a baby... my baby. I can't kill it, it's family."

Poppy gave her one of the warm smiles. "Alright then, I'll gather all the potions you'll need. Come over tomorrow to give you the nutrient potion and the anti-nausea potion. You'll only drink the anti-nausea potion when you feel the morning sickness," She explained. "When you start showing, you'll come over so I can place a glamor on you. I'll buy a new uniform for when that little baby starts to grow."

"Thank you, Poppy," She smiled.

"Now, off we go. We can't miss the feast."

In the feast, the headmaster told the students that Hogwarts was competing in the Triwizard Tournament with Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute. When the champions were selected Harriet's name was called forcing her to compete. In the first two tasks, Poppy helped her win the tasks with little efforts. A month later after the second task on March 22, Harriet went to labor. Her contractions began around midnight and she has been stuck in Poppy's office for six hours. "Is Dobby here already?" She cried.

"Dobby bes here Miss Harriet," He said flapping his ears with excitement. "Dobby can't wait for Miss Harriet's baby to come!"

Harriet whimpered with the following contraction. "Poppy..."

"Okay Harriet, I want you to start pushing when you feel another contraction." Just as Poppy said Harriet pushed and she continued to do so until she couldn't anymore. "Come on Harri, a few more. I know you can do it."

She shook her sweaty pained face. "I can't, I can't do it. It hurts."

"Harri, if you push once more you'll have your baby in your arms. One more push Harri." Harriet nodded and pushed harder. In an instant, all she could hear in the room was her baby's crying. "It's a boy, Harri." He was a healthy baby boy with her same Avada Kedavra eyes and a reddish-brown hair. He could pass as the male version of Lilly Potter neƩ Evans.

"H-he's beautiful," She cried holding him for the first time. "He doesn't even look like that wizard."

"Miss Harri your baby bes very pretty. He will be strong like miss Harri!" Dobby jumped.

"What are you going to name him?"

"His name will be Sirius James Potter, SJ for short." She explained. "Sirius because he was the one to save me from the Dursleys this summer and he is also my godfather. James is to honor for my father's sacrifice." She brushed a kiss above his fragile head. In the following months, Harriet and SJ were inseparable.

When the third task arrived, Harriet was still hurting from the delivery even though it was only three months ago. Cedric noticed Harriet's exhaustion and helped her reach the trophy. The moment they grabbed the trophy they were Portkeyd to a graveyard Harriet had only seen in her nightmares. There she witnessed the death of her friend and the rebirth of a snake-like Voldemort. He called his Death Eaters to announce his return to later duel with Harriet resulting for their wands were locked in Priori Incantatem allowing her to Portkey back to Hogwarts with a dead Cedric Diggory.

Sobbing for her friend, Poppy takes her to the medical bay before Dumbledore or anyone else interrogated the student. There the Mediwitch healed Harriet without noticing the grim in the corner of the room whimpering. "Poppy, where's SJ?" She rasped.

"He's here, sleeping. Oh, Harriet, what happened?"

"He's back, Voldemort is back," She cried as Poppy gave her, her son. "What am I going to do? He will kill..."

"You have a son?" A human Sirius Black said.


"I am going to kill Dursley!" He growled. He sat next to her hugging her carefully and sobbed. "I am sorry, I'm so sorry. If I didn't chase Pettigrew..."

"Then your grandson wouldn't be here..." She grinned.

"Harriet, you need to rest," Poppy interrupted. "I'll take SJ and Black to my office before anyone sees them."

"No, please don't take SJ away," She cried.

"He won't be far," Poppy hushed. "His grandpa will protect him." Poppy took SJ from Harriet's arms and head to her office with her godfather.

"What does SJ stand for?"

"Sirius James Potter," She smiled. "She told me what you did for her in the summer and that you were innocent. She really depends on you; with what those vile creatures are doing I'm afraid she'll die one day."

"After I saw that poor excuse of a wizard did to her..." He grumbled.

"That wizard is SJ's father. She told me he was the only one who didn't use protection." She explained until she heard a commotion outside. With SJ in Sirius' care, she went to see the disturbance. There was a storm of people surrounding Harriet. "Everybody out, my patient needs rest!"

"It's imperative that Ms. Potter tells us what happened to Mr. Diggory," Minister Fudge barked.

"I am sorry Minister, but she has wounds that need to be healed."

"Now, now Poppy Ms. Potter answer a few questions." Dumbledore interrupted. "Ms. Potter, what happened?"

"W-when I was in the maze I met with Cedric-"

"Don't you dare say my boy's name so casually, you murderer!" Amos yelled interrupting Harriet.

"He helped me reach to the cup because I was hurt. I told him to grab the cup and go but he didn't he wanted for us the two of us to be the champions," Harriet sobbed. "When we took the cup we appeared in a graveyard. It was the graveyard that I have seen in my nightmares... Suddenly P-Pettigrew appeared with Voldemort's body and killed Cedric!" By then Harriet was crying uncontrollably. "Voldemort and I dueled but something happened to our wands that helped me return. Before I portkeyed back, Cedric asked me to bring his body to you Mr. Diggory. I-I'm sorry I couldn't save him."

"You-Know-Who back?" Fudge said. "That's preposterous. You are lying to save your own skin!"

"I'm not lying, he even crucioed me for a long time! If I knew what was going to happen I would have saved have saved Cedric!" She cried. "He-He believed me when nobody else would when the tournament began, why-why would I kill the first person who liked me for me?!"

"You heard what happened to her now, everyone out! You have caused her too much distress!" Poppy pushed everyone out of the Medical Wing and locked the doors once everyone was out. "Harriet, please rest. I'm going to bring SJ, but if you don't rest you won't be strong enough to care for him."

Harriet nodded to see Poppy arriving from her office carrying her son and Padfoot following the Mediwitch. Once SJ felt he was near his mother he opened his Avada Kedavra eyes and cooed happily. Sirius was surprised his eyes were just like his mother's just like Harriet's was just like Lily's. He climbed to her bed sleeping next to his grandson and goddaughter, vowing to protect them from the dangers ahead.

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