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Warning: if you haven't read the fifth book "haunted" I suggest you don't read this cause it will have spoilers.

Summary: A girl gives Jesse his life back. But what happens when she's jealous and can so easily take it back?

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It was a Sunday before I had to go back to school. I know, a bummer but I was trying really hard not to think about Monday, instead I was trying to concentrate on the hottie who was walking beside me.

I swear Jesse has to be the hottest guy in all of California, heck, the entire world in my books.

So all I could think as we walked down the beach was how incredibly romantic it was. I mean with the sun setting and the waves making a soothing swishing sound, it was like out of some corny romance novel.

But apparently Jesse didn't seem to notice how romantic it was. And he certainly wasn't trying to scoop me up in his arms and kiss me passionately like in the books. But I guess that's not what he was thinking.

Since that night in the graveyard—the best night or my life I might add—Jesse and me have kind of decided to have a real relationship. Well, as much of one as you can have when your boyfriend is a ghost, but whatever. Father Dom didn't think it was such a hot idea, and he still wanted Jesse to move to the rectory! It's not like moving Jesse to the rectory is going to keep him from seeing me. I mean, he can materialize where ever he wants in a matter of seconds.

And, for some odd reason, Jesse didn't really want to move back in with me either. That kind of made me question if he wanted to be with me, but I'm sure he had some logical reason that I could never fathom. So, after a lot of persuasion and begging to Father Dom, he finally let Jesse move back in.

I don't get what Father Dom's problem with Jesse and me having a relationship is. I think it has something to do with his past love of his own ghost girl. And he's always telling me not to use my "feminine wills" on Jesse. As if!

Jesse's and my relationship isn't exactly normal. I mean, he can't really take me on real dates to the movies and such, and its not like he can take me to the prom or anything either, which kind of sucks. But there are also the perks. Like that he lives in my room and he's invisible so I'll never get caught kissing him.

Not that we ever kiss a heck of a lot. Yeah, he's kissed me a couple times since we both confessed how much we really loved each other. Not that either of us actually said I love you out loud, but that's ok, cause I know Jesse loves me. Right? I mean why else would he have saved my life numerous times?

But anyways, I promised myself that one of these days I was going to find a way to bring Jesse back. To life, I mean.

I made that promise a couple of days ago actually, and I kind of promised it out loud to CeeCee.

It was when CeeCee and I were at school eating our lunch out side on a bench. All of a sudden, out of the blue CeeCee says, "Suze, I've been waiting forever! I know I said I wouldn't pry, but can't you shed a little light on the whole, you, Jesse, ghost thing?"

That caught me off guard and I almost choked on some of the baloney sandwich I was eating.

CeeCee's convinced that she finally knows why I'm so weird.

She got that conclusion about a week back at Brad's party. It just so happened, that at one point I had to yell at Jesse to stop trying to kill Paul, which of course to everyone at the party looked like I was yelling at thin air and CeeCee finally put two and two together.

I looked at her questioning eyes and then back down at the ground and mumbled, "I don't really like to talk about it CeeCee."

"Well, ok, we don't have to talk about the ghost thing, but tell me a little about Jesse! I don't even know what he looks like!" She asked excitedly.

It seems that everyone at school knows about Jesse now. Ever since Brad heard me and Jesse talking, he now thinks that I'm sneaking some guy into my room at night. So since he told a bunch of people everyone's dieing to know who Suze's "mystery man" is.

"Well," I said slowly, "He's got black hair and black eyes and the best six pack I've ever seen." I smiled a little bit picturing Jesse's perfectly ripped muscles.

I didn't tell her that he was born around 150 years ago, because if you can't see what he looks like, I guess you would call that a kind of turn off.

"If Jesse's a ghost how come you can see him." CeeCee asked. I knew she was trying to trick me into talking about my special "abilities" and I almost slipped and answered her question, but I caught my tongue and said, "I don't know what you're talking about and I told you CeeCee, I don't like to talk about it"

"Oh come on Simon, spill it!" she said exasperatedly, "I know Jesse's a ghost and I know you guys are having some kind of secret affair."

I glared at her and said, "Mine and Jesse's relationship is nobody's business."

"Sorry, I just thought since your boyfriends a ghost and I'm like your best friend that you would be able to explain to me what he looks like since I can't see him" she said defensively.

"Maybe one day you'll meet him," I said, "'cause I swear I'm going to find away to bring him back." I didn't even realizing that I had just confirmed that Jesse really was a ghost.

But CeeCee didn't get to say anything else because right at that moment the bell rang and everyone got up to leave for class.

And that is how I made the promise to bring Jesse back from the dead and how CeeCee finally got proof that I can talk to ghosts.

So here we were, just Jesse and me, walking along the beach. Me without my shoes on, squishing my toes in the cold sand, and him walking beside me.

I'm not really sure if he could've taken his shoes off if he wanted to. I'm not too sure if ghosts can take their clothes off.

We were talking about whatever came up. So sometimes we wouldn't even talk, we'd just walk in silence, but not the awkward kind, just the kind where you know the other is happy just to be with you.

But all that happiness was shattered when a blue eyed, blonde haired bimbo, around my age, walked right up to me and said in her ever so perky voice, "Hi! I'm Keri who are you?" I'd seen Keri around school a couple other times but she tended to hang out with people like Dopey, and Kelly Prescot.

I felt like telling her where to go, when I noticed that she wasn't looking at me at all. But rather at my studly companion.

My mouth dropped open and I just starred at her. I mean come on, another mediator!? In California? Did who ever make mediators decide it would be funny to put us all in one place?

And how come she gets to be all happy and perky with the popular crowd at school, when my whole life has been chaotic because of my "special gift"? I tell you, life isn't fair!

That's when I noticed Jesse. Yeah, he wasn't doing to well either. He was kind of just standing there, with the weirdest expression on his face. He looked at me, then back at her and then back at me. His expression changed from surprised to confused. "Uh, Jesse," he said and then pointed to me, "and that's Susannah."

"Nice to meet you, Jesse." She said, totally ignoring me and outstretching a perfectly manicured hand while she placed her other hand on her hip. She was wearing a short denim skirt, very short I might add, with a tight pink T. Just your average run of the mill cheerleader type.

And you could tell by her body language and her flirty grin that she liked what she was looking at. I mean, Jesse is totally hot, but I had dibs on him first and I don't really like the idea of sharing him with someone else.

But right when I was about to say "Go get your own ghost, sister!" the flirty grin she had on her face changed to an annoyed frown.

She gave Jesse another once over and apparently finally noticed what he was wearing and her frown deepened.

"You're a ghost aren't you?" She asked with a bit of sorrow and something like annoyance.

Jesse just gave her a look that said, Well no duh and furrowed his eyebrows together as he said, "Yes"

See, Jesse's still kind of touchy on the whole dead thing.

I was about to grab Jesse's arm and walk away when little miss perky said in a much more cheerful tone "Oh well! I can fix that!"

And with that she grabbed the black stone on the end of the necklace she wore, a necklace that I hadn't noticed before. She closed her eyes and the stone seemed to glow in her hand. She out stretched her hand, palm outward, and placed it on Jesse's chest.

I was about to yell get your grimy hands of my man when the glow that Jesse always had around him-you know the kind that all ghosts have so you can tell that they're ghosts-disappeared and he became much more life like.

"There you go!" she said with a big smile, "now you're alive again"

But her happiness didn't seem to last long because another frown crossed her face and she said, "You need some new clothes, I don't think cowboy is in anymore." She giggled at her little joke and grabbed the necklace again and closed her eyes.

This time Jesse didn't loose his glow but his white open neck shirt and black pants. She replaced them with a pair of brown khakis and a red T- shirt.

Keri smiled even wider, if that was possible, and winked at Jesse. "You look so good!" she screeched in her high pitched voice, "Oh! And make sure you sign up tomorrow at the Junipero Serra Catholic Academy! I just moved here and that's where I'm going!" She said happily.

She started to walk away then turned around, looking back over her shoulder at Jesse, and said, "I guess I'll see you at school on Monday! Ciao!"

Then she walked away swinging her hips to make sure Jesse and everyone else on the beach would notice her.

Oops I guess I wasn't the one to keep my promise.

To Be Continued.

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