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Second Chance

Last time on DRAGON BAL—I mean… SECOND CHANCE! :

'Jesse's head snapped up so quickly it was as if…Well, as if he had heard me!

"Susannah?!" he breathed.'


Well that freaked me out! And I couldn't help but scream a loud "JESSE?!" in shock.

"Susannah?!" he said again, jumping up from the cot, causing me to fall back in surprise onto the floor.

"I'm right here!" I said back, getting caught up in the moment. Jesse spun around to the sound of my voice and looked around trying to find me. I stood up from the floor and walked towards him happily saying "I'm right here, Jesse!!"

Well that was a bad idea. Jesse followed my voice again and walked right through me! "Damn!" I muttered exasperatedly. My new hopes that Keri's spell had been broken were crushed. But on the plus side at least he could hear me!

Well that was what I thought until Jesse walked right through me again, following my cursing.

"Susannah where are you?!" Jesse cried, sounding halfway between annoyance, happiness and confusion.

I heaved my shoulders up and sighed, exasperatedly, getting ready for another reeeeally long day. But, then again Jesse followed the sound of my sigh and walked right through me…again.

"Jesse stop!" I cried as he turned around to try and locate where I was.

"Where are you?" he called out, totally ignoring me as he continued to walk around Doc's room. I walked huffily after him only to be ran through when he turned around to walk the other way.

"JESSE STOP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, not to mention at my wits end. He stopped abruptly at my scream, only several feet in front of me. And he had stopped so abruptly in fact that he almost fell forward onto his face. I let out my breath in a small, "phew," and he suddenly tried to reach his arms out towards me, taking a step forward.

"I SAID STOP!" I screamed again. He froze mid-stride, his arms still outstretched. And suddenly I burst out laughing. I just couldn't help it. I mean, Jesse was standing there frozen with his arms outstretched in front of him, looking like some kind of zombie. Ghosts I can deal with, but zombies?

Jesse frowned when I started laughing. "This isn't funny, Susannah," he said sourly.

"I know! But Jesse," I gasped out between giggles. "You can put your arms down!"

He did as I said and sat down on the floor—obviously embarrassed or something—crossing his arms over his wide chest. And if he had done anything but that, I would have been able to keep a straight face. But because he looked so much like a little six year old kid having a fit—with a little frown on his face and everything—I couldn't stop laughing.

"Jesse stop pouting," I said just to bug him, after I had gotten my laughing under control.

"I am not pouting," he glared in the direction my voice had come from, "I just haven't been having the best day is all."

I sighed and sat down beside him. "Me neither." I said dejectedly.

There was several seconds of silence until Jessie said something that under normal circumstances would have made me laugh out loud. "Susannah, why are you invisible?"

But of course, this wasn't normal circumstances, so I didn't laugh. "Keri." I hissed the word like it was a curse.

Jesse's expression was one of confusion. "Keri?" he echoed.

"The conniving bitch turned me invisible, and took my body!" I yelled, my anger getting the best of me, "and now she thinks that since she broke us apart, you will go out with her once she's back to normal!"

Jesse's eyebrows shot upward when I said that but then he smiled. Why is he smiling?! I screamed mentally, does he want to go out with Keri!?

But I was touched when what he said was, "But she didn't break is apart did she?" And he still had that same mysterious smile on his face too. One I that I couldn't tell if it was amusement or…something else?

I stopped for a moment and then smiled also. "No she didn't!" I said proudly. Jesse must have heard the happiness in my voice, because his smile widened.

And caught up in the good mood, I started to think of the positive aspects of the situation. And it didn't take long to stumble across a very important fact that I had missed. One that I was hoping would lead to the return of my body…and my life with Jesse's arms around me.

"I got it!" was what I yelled when the idea popped into my head, "I know how I'm gonna get my body back!"

"That's g—", but I didn't give him time to finish his sentence.

"I'm getting my body back!" I screamed enthusiastically and leapt up from the floor. I made for the door but stopped in my tracks to flip back around to yell at Jesse—who was now also standing—"I'll be right back!" And then I high tailed it out of there…about ten feet to the left where Keri was waiting unsuspectingly in my room.


I strode into the room—well actually, through the door—confidently and interrupted Keri in the middle of a modeling session. Well, what I mean by that would be her standing in front of the mirror and holding my dresses up against her body to admire herself.

Her eyes flickered briefly to me, noting that I was in the room, and then back to her reflection. "So you're done trying to comfort the poor suffering cowboy," she said. It was more of a statement then a question but what really got me ticked was the small hint of amusement in her voice. Or maybe the fact that she was making fun of Jesse.

"You know what, Keri, I think its about time we had a little girl to girl talk."

She must have heard the underlying edge in my voice because she tossed the dress into the closet and turned around to glare at me.

By this time I was felling pretty cocky. I mean, I had her whole plan figured out, and if everything went the way I wanted it to go, foiled would soon be on the list too. So why not, I thought, give Keri a bit of her own medicine. I was in control now.

"You know what Keri," I said and placed my hands on my hips in a threatening way, "I want you to give me my body back, right now!" But Keri didn't seem to be quaking in her stilettos yet.

Her mouth turned up in a crooked smile and she barked out a small "Ha!" which I guess she considered to be a laugh. "What," she said, "makes you think I'm going to give you your body back?"

And this, this is where my little plan comes into action! And a little bit of acting skills too. "Jesse is totally mad at me now," I said telling her exactly what she wanted to hear, "even if I get my body back, he's never going to talk to me again after what you did!" I pretended to look extremely mad at her for what she'd done…which wasn't that hard, considering I was. "We probably won't even be friends anymore and that leaves him for all the other girls in Carmel!" At this I pretended to look extremely shocked like I had just realized some horribly horrendous truth. "He'd probably rather be friends with you then me!"

She smiled at me like she was so much smarter and I had to stop myself from popping her one in the face. "Well, that was the point in the first place," she said.

Now I went in for the kill. "I don't see why you're still in my body! I mean you have more of a chance with him as yourself!"

Keri digested this. "Well, you do have a point…"she said thoughtfully, well as thoughtfully as a blonde with psychotic intentions could be. I nodded me head, and had to stop myself from rolling my eyes.

She tapped her chin with one finger for a minute and then smiled, "Okay, you can have your body back." For the third time in a week she grabbed her stone and closed her eyes. It proved to be far less painful then the first time around, which by the way I did not like one bit. And a second later when I opened my eyes I was standing in front of my mirror in my own body!

"Well, I guess I have no reason to be here," Keri said and turned around to leave, "Ciao, was fun being you while it lasted," she waved with three fingers as she walked out the door, "but not near as fun as being me."

For the first couple seconds I was frozen in shock. I mean, I didn't really think that plan was going to work! It was just a spur of the moment thing! But it had worked! It really had! And so fast!

So I did the only sensible thing a person in my situation could do.


And then I proceeded to jump up and down wildly on my oh-so-pretty-in-pink bed sheets.

To Be Continued…

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