Author's Note: Unapologetic porn with absolutely no plot.

Altean bedsheets were a blessing from the gods. On many occasions the best part of Shiro's day was falling backwards into his bed and letting the absolutely exquisite thread count caress him into oblivion. Even better if he'd just showered and – by some divine magic, he was sure of it – the fabric absorbed the moisture right off his skin and still retained its crispness. As curious as he was about all things Altean... the sheets could forever remain a mystery and he'd be just fine with that. Some things didn't need explaining.

All day he'd been fixated on hot water easing his tense back and the magical sheets gently wicking away the remains. His team had a tendency to push him to the very limits of sanity but the sheets... ah, the sheets. Such perfection. Sleeping naked had become a mostly private pleasure.

When the cool puff of air rolled over him as he flopped backwards onto the mattress, Shiro sighed loudly. Somehow, he wasn't even surprised when a warm set of fingers slid out from under the mound of blankets next to him and traced a pattern over his stomach. An utterly shameless smile crawled across his face.

"That was an obscene noise you made just now, Black Paladin," she purred, shrugging free of the blankets. "I'm quite jealous your sheets are so easily able to illicit such a sound."

Allura draped her body over his and ran her fingers through his damp hair. Shiro's hands settled on her hips and he couldn't be bothered to hide his grin.


"Mm, a little," she said tossing her mass of silver hair over one shoulder. Allura's lips went for his neck first before settling on his clavicle. "I'm taking it upon myself to teach your bedsheets a lesson." She pressed kiss after kiss to his chest, down to his navel, and just below.

"Go easy on me, Allura, it's been a long day."

She grinned up at him and Shiro's heart skipped a beat. "Not a chance, Black Paladin."

He felt her hand first and then she kissed the very tip. His mind flew completely out of his head when her lips closed around his cock.

Allura ran their small crew with a firm but understanding fist. She could be fierce and terrifying and there were times when even Shiro quaked in his boots. In bed... Allura was much more complex. She would ride him until he could no longer see straight but she also needed to let go of herself sometimes. Those were the nights when Shiro would pin her wrists to the bed and let her bruise his hips with her thighs.

Tonight, though, she dug her fingernails into his ass and pulled him all the way into her mouth until he hit the back of her throat. Shiro didn't dare move an inch or she'd pull away. He wanted to watch. There was something about seeing himself disappear beyond her lips over and over again but he couldn't manage. His eyes rolled back into his head, his back arched off the bed, and the muscles in his stomach twitched mercilessly. Shiro swallowed and gasped and clutched at the sheets that suddenly paled in comparison to Allura.

When he came, the world snapped in two. His chest rose and fell rapidly and he bit his lip – hard – when he felt Allura's throat bob. She always swallowed. She released his softening cock with a pop and crawled back up his body. Shiro's fingers tangled in her hair as he pulled her down for a kiss. Allura smiled against his lips.

"Well?" she asked in a smug tone.

"My sheets have been properly shamed," he said when he caught his breath.

Allura kissed him softly once more before sliding off his body and wrapping one arm around his hips possessively. It was never a contest but Allura liked to win.