Loving You

Should I write this story in chapters? Naw, it takes to much time, having to end each chapter at a certain spot. But I guess I should since I 'think' it's gonna be a long story. Anyways, this fanfiction does not base from the original story, I'm just borrowing the characters to create my own. *Innocent* and this is a lemon story, but its going to be in a later on chapter. Now, lets get on with the story.

Chapter 1 Farewell

"Bye, Kagome!" The girls hollered to Kagome after class.

"Bye! I'll see you guys on Monday." Kagome replied


"I'm home!!!" Kagome said as she entered her condo.

"My, you're home early today! Aren't you going to go out with your friends today?" Kagome's mother asked.

"No, I'm kind of tired, plus I need to study for my exam next Friday."

Hearing the last phrase, Kagome's mother frown "Kagome?"


"There's something I want to ask you. Um. what if I tell you that we're moving out?"

Looking up from her book, Kagome stared at her mom in shock "What?"

"I'm sorry, Kagome, your grandpa is very ill, it's up to us now to go take care of him."

"But why can't he come and leave with us?"

"Sota and I tired every way, but he refused leave the place where he grew up."

"But what about my school and what about my friends, what am I suppose to tell them?" Kagome couldn't hold back her tears, before she knew it; it flowed freely down her cheek.

"I'm sorry!" Kagome's mom felt guilty for bring up the subject to her daughter, she knew that it was going to be hard for Kagome.

Kagome locked herself in her room the whole day. She couldn't sleep nor even want to get out of bed. 'What am I suppose to do? How am I supposed to tell my friends on Monday? And. what about Hojo.?'


Kagome walked quietly into class, ignoring the presences of her classmates and friends. During class she just kept staring into space.

"Kagome. Kagome.!" The teacher wanted Kagome to solve the math question "Kagome, would you please pay attention?"

Kagome finally notice the she was being called "Oh.I sorry sir"

"Would you please give us the answer to number 16?"

"Yes sir" Kagome went up and worked the problem in a breeze, but her face still remain sad. Only her close friends saw that Kagome is hiding something. Kagome spent the whole day in silence and in thoughts.

After school.......

"Hey Kagome, wait up!"

'Oh no! Here they come, what am I going to do?' Kagome said to herself as she began to walk faster.

"Kagome." One of her friends caught up to Kagome followed by two more. "Why'd you ditched us? Did we do something wrong?"

"...um..no, it not your fault, I.I don't feel good, that's all" Kagome lied

"Hum.what's wrong, please tell us, Kagome"

"Well..I'm.I'm moving" Kagome lowered her volume.

"WHAT?" All three friends shouted, startling Kagome.

"Hahahaha....good one, Kagome, but it's not April Fools yet" said one of the girl

"I'm not joking, I have to go and leave with my grandpa, he's very ill and he really needs us right now." Kagome began to weep

"B-but you can't! You can't leave us, we're your friends."

"Yeah! And what about Hojo? Aren't you guys seeing each other? How are you going to tell him?"

"I don't know, ok. I'm having a difficult time as it is, I don't want to think of anything else right now. I gotta go, I need to help pack up."

"Packing already? When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow..." Kagome mumbled

"What? Why so early?"

"The faster the better for my grandpa I guess."

"Are you going to come back?"

"I don't know."

All four friends cried and continued crying on their trip back Kagome house to help her pack. They couldn't believe it, they have known each other since childhood and now they have to part.

The next day....

"Bye, Kagome, we'll miss you"

"Remember to come visit us some time."

"Of course I will! I probably won't get used to that place anyway" Kagome tried to sound cheerful, she didn't want to ruin the day again by crying. Thinking it over last night, Kagome knew that she will see her friends again. Maybe it a good thing that she moved, she can meet new peoples and make new friend, but they'll be as close as her old ones. 'Oh on! What about Hojo?' "Um. guys, can you tell Hojo I'm sorry?"

"Don't worry, Kagome, we will"

"And will take good care of him, too."

Kagome giggled "Thanks for everything"

"What are friends for?"

"We're leaving now, Kagome"

"Ok mom, bye you guys! I'll miss you" Kagome shout as the car began to move

Taking her sit, Kagome stared out the window, just then, something caught her sight. "Hojo."

Standing at a nearby house, Hojo stared sadly at Kagome as she passed by.

Kagome's heart began to race. 'Why is he here?' Kagome wonder, her eyes locked on Hojo for as long as it can, before the he is out of sight.

"Hojo....." Kagome whispered as the last sight of Hojo disappeared, two streams of water began to form in Kagome's eye. "Good Bye."Kagome said just above a whisper.

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