Loving You

Chapter 8 One Lost, One Gain

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On with the story.

Kagome was speechless when she saw Hojo staring back at her with the same shock expression on his face.

"Hey, Hojo! you still remember Kagome right? She used to go to our school," Miroku piped in. slurping his soda.

Hojo glanced at Miroku and then back to Kagome, "Yea." was the only word Hojo could say as he continue to take in Kagome's form

Inu-Yasha was confused; he looked between the two feeling uncomfortable. So some odd reason, he really didn't want this Hojo guy looking at Kagome that way.

"How has it been?" Kagome managed to say, leveling her eyes with Hojo.

Hojo couldn't say anything. He just stood there, staring at Kagome as thought she was a ghost. He shook his head out of though, "It good. H-how's yours?"

Kagome felt tensed knowing that everyone was staring at her, along with Inu- Yasha, "Never better." She didn't know what she felt at the moment. One minute she felt fine having Inu-Yasha, the next she was standing at the one person whom she had a crushed on but never had the chance to confessed.

Everyone was silent, even Miroku and Sango though they didn't know why. Well, for Miroku that is, but for Sango, she knew all to well why it was to quite. She just hope it wouldn't get any worse. But luck was never on her side.

"Hojo, there you are. I was looking all over for you." A girl's voice shouted form behind Hojo

Kagome watched as a hand looped itself around Hojo and a figure came out from behind Hojo, smiling. Kagome gasped as dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes stood staring back at her. She felt so humiliated knowing just who the person was.

*Gasp* "K-Kagome?" Kari gasped, quickly drawing her hand away from Hojo.

Hojo stood there shocked, he didn't know that Kari was close by and now he felt really bad seeing Kagome hurt and confused expression.

Kagome continued to stare; she felt her heart torn into little pieces. She quickly looked away

Inu-Yasha was silent the whole entire time. he put two ad two together and figured that Kagome and Hojo had feelings for each other. He frowned knowing that it was the truth. 'What the fuck is wrong with me? Damn it all, I'm with Kikyo for god sack, yet why the hell am I feeling all giddy standing here?' Inu-Yasha scold himself as he continue to watch the scene.

Kari ran up to Kagome, hands reaching for Kagome's, "Look, I can explain. I'm sorry Kagome.please-"

"What are you talking about, Kari? Why are you apologizing for?" Kagome asked. She rather be heartbroken then seeing her friend feeling guiltily.

"What? Buh." Kari looked hard into Kagome's eye. All she saw was that Kagome didn't have sadness in her eye, "I thought."

"Well you thought wrong, you see, it's really ok." Kagome said lacing her hands into Inu-Yasha warm ones. Kagome smiled warmly feeling Inu-Yasha jumped, but he didn't say anything. She saw both Kari and Hojo staring at her with blank looks. "Um.Inu-Yasha and me are going out, so you two don't have to worry ok?"

Inu-Yasha looked down at Kagome shocked. Did he hear her right? He felt Kagome grip tighten and she looked up at him smiling. Feeling the need to help her, Inu-Yasha smiled and pulled her closer to him. He look back only to see Hojo stern expression. Inu-Yasha smirked and started to speak, "Well I think it's time to go. Nice meeting you Kari, Hojo. I'll call you sometime ok, Miro?" Inu-Yasha said looking at Miroku who had a smile on his face.

"Yea.hears my number" Miroku handed Inu-Yasha a piece of paper.

Inu-Yasha took the paper and looked at it. He smirk when he noticed some small printings written underneath the number. He look up only to see Miroku smile widened, "Later." With that he lead Kagome away.

Kagome look back only to see Hojo looking at her. She quickly turned away and walked side by side with Inu-Yasha.


Inu-Yasha leaded Kagome to a nearby bench. He allowed her to sit down first before he moved over to her right and sat down as well. They stayed like that in silent until Inu-Yasha swore he heard Kagome sobbing. His guess was confirmed when he glanced at Kagome, noticing a lone tear trailing down her eye. "Are you ok?" Inu-Yasha asked, placing one arm around Kagome's trembling shoulder. Again he was shocked when Kagome threw herself into Inu- Yasha for comfort.

"I can't believe this." Kagome shouted into Inu-Yasha's shirt. She wrapped her hands around Inu-Yasha's back, drawing him closer.

Inu-Yasha stared down at Kagome, his hand stroking her hair. He felt something in his heart tugging, thought he didn't know what. He felt hurt thinking that Kagome still had feelings for Hojo. Ever since he departed with Miroku, he didn't want to believe that Kagome still like that guy after what he did, but his theory was confirmed when Kagome stared crying. He knew then that Kagome still like Hojo and his heart ach knowing so. "You really like that guy, huh?" Inu-Yasha ask, sighing

"No," Kagome felt Inu-Yasha stir and hugged him tighter. Having him holding her really helped. In fact it helped a lot, "I'm not crying because of him. I'm crying because I couldn't believe I have such friends." Kagome pulled away from Inu-Yasha embrace to look at him, "It really hurts knowing that your so called best friend said that they wouldn't go anywhere near someone you like, and when you turn you back on them, that's just exactly what they are doing." Tears started to form on Kagome's eyes again and in matter of seconds, it flowed freely down her cheek. "I mean, I known her my whole life. We've been best friend since when we were still in dippers. She told me something and I believed her. I've always do. But I guess you can't thrust anyone but yourself."

Inu-=Yasha listen intently to Kagome. He was relief that the fact that Kagome was crying wasn't because of Hojo. That means he has a chanc.Inu- Yasha again shook his head. 'What am I thinking? Remember that I have a girlfriend and she is everything to me. I love her!!! Than what am I feeling now?' Inu-Yasha Kagome into another embrace allowing her to cry all she wanted. He didn't know how long they had sat there until his cell went on. "Hello?" He whisper seeing that Kagome was asleep.

*Hey Inu-Yasha, where the hell are you? It's time to go. We're all waiting for you.*

"I'm not gonna use the bus, I'll take the BARK"

*What? Are you serious, it'll take you forever to get home that way*

"Don't worry, I'll pass," Inu-Yasha heard a sigh and what sounds like 'fine', "oh and uh. tell the sophomore class that Kagome will be going on the BARK as well" With that Inu-Yasha hung up and resumed cradling Kagome


Kagome woke up feeling something warm around her. she look up only to see Inu-Yasha sleeping form. She didn't want to disturb him, so she just lied there on his lap looking up at him. Curious to know what time it was, Kagome brought her hand up and looked at her watch which showed six o'clock. Kagome quickly got up, waking Inu-Yasha in the process, "OH MY GOD!!! Inu-Yasha we're late. We were supposed to be at the bus stop about an hour ago!!! What are we going to do? It's freaking two hours to get back home. I don't want to stay here. What happen if mama gets worried?" Kagome rambled on and on

Inu-Yasha chuckled, earning a glare from Kagome

"I don't think it's a laughing matter."

"Don't worry. I called telling them that you're going to use the BARK to get home along with me. I didn't want to disturb you. And when we her there, I'll drive you home, ok?" Inu-Yasha reassured Kagome with a warm smile


Inu-Yasha and Kagome went to the nearest station but Kagome stopped. Inu- Yasha looked back at her with confused expression. "I-I don't have enough money to get on the BARK"

"It's ok, I'll pay" Kagome was about to protest, But Inu-Yasha held a figure to her lips, "No questions, it's the only way for you to get home know. Either I can buy you a ticket or you can hitch a ride home with a stranger." He smiled seeing Kagome nod. He has been doing that lately.


Once on the BARK, Inu-Yasha and Kagome sat next to each other in one of the empty seats. The BARK started to move. No sooner did both Inu-Yasha and Kagome fell asleep. Kagome had her head on Inu-Yasha's shoulder with him leaning against the window.

Kagome woke up now and then, but didn't bother to move. She kept her head on Inu-Yasha's shoulder and sigh. She was about to fall back to sleep when she heard voices across from her. She didn't want to but she had to listen to what they were saying. She felt as though if she didn't, then she would miss out on something very important.

"Aren't those two adorable?" Kagome heard one of them said

"Yea, I know, they're so cute together."

'Hm.wonder who they're talking about' Kagome pretended to wake up to see who they were talking about. She looked around but didn't see any couples. She looked at the two old lady across from her and noticed them looking at her, smiling. Now she knew that they were talking about her and Inu-Yasha. she smiled back at them before burring her face into Inu-Yasha's shoulder due to embarrassment.

Inu-Yasha wake indeed awake the whole time and was smile when he felt Kagome burring herself in him. He didn't need to open his eyes because he knew that it was only him and Kagome along with the two old ladies across from them.

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