Authors Note: So sorry again for the wait! Life got incredibly crazy and I had no time to write. This is a shorter chapter, but it sets up what's to come in the next chapter so think of it as chapter 5 and a half. We'll be briefly going inside the head of a certain dark knight, and this chapter is unfortunately light on Harley/Joker interaction, but I promise next chapter will have more. Hope you enjoy!

Joker slipped his arms into the sleeves of his favorite tuxedo, admiring his silhouette in the mirror as he turned to each side in turn. He clasped the button at his abdomin, then unclasped it. Trying to decide which looked better. He eventually clasped it for good. Harley sometimes liked to play with the buttons on his shirts and this was, after all, a date night of sorts.

Satisfied with his suit, he moved on to his face. Instead of applying his signature lipstick, he covered his face with a coat of foundation, making his skin have a more fleshy tone and ensuring he wouldn't stand out in a crowd. He made sure his green hair was neatly tucked into a black top hat and out of sight as he smiled. Unless they knew him, no one would be any the wiser to his true identity.

Joker pulled on white gloves to hide the tattoos that adorned his fingers, and grabbed his cane. Admiring himself once more, he turned and left the room. He had a few things to prepare for before the 'date', and he better get started. Harley was usually punctual.

There was a party at the Wayne estate tonight. And parties were made to be crashed.

Bruce Wayne pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. It had been a long night, and he had not been looking forward to the party he was hosting. He couldn't get out of it though, no matter how much he had bargained with Alfred.

He snagged a drink from a passing waiter and downed it in one gulp. It was going to be a long night.

He'd lost count of the number of people that he had shaken the hands of, and made small talk with, when he spotted them. At first glance, they seemed like any other party goer. But Bruce knew the man. Would know him anywhere. Sure, he didn't look like the Joker right now. But the way he carried himself. That smile. It was him. No doubt about it. But what was he doing here?

A blonde woman was giggling and clinging to the Jokers suit collar. Clearly a little tipsy. But Bruce couldn't place her face. And Joker seemed... Happy. Genuinely happy. And... In love? No. There was no way. But Bruce couldn't ignore the way that he looked at the girl. With such... Care. He brushed the thoughts from his head and looked around for Alfred.

Joker considered the night a success. Harley was enjoying herself beyond reason, and looked absolutely gorgeous to boot in a form fitting green dress, twenty buttons and a strap. And Joker was enjoying fooling around with his Harley.

"Having fun?" He whispered in Harleys ear as they glided across the dance floor. Harley smiled in response. And Joker could see the joy in her eyes. It both scared him, and... He stopped that train of thought as he spotted the master of the house, Bruce Wayne, walking through the crowd. He was hard to miss. Standing several inches taller then the other people here. And he was as handsome as the tabloids said he was. Not that Joker read those of course.

But something else was drawing his attention. Something about this Mr. Wayne guy seemed familiar... Oh well. He returned his focus to the woman that he, for all intents and purposes, had stolen the heart of.

She smiled up at him, and he smiled back. A practiced smile. A non-committal smile. It wasn't that he was trying to fool her, but he was starting to regret his present course of action. He'd become... soft. The Joker had started to fade away and he was starting to be something else. And that simply wouldn't do.

Joker pushed the thoughts from his mind for now as he spin Harley around. Admiring her choice of attire. Deep dark velvet hugged her silhouette, and her soft blonde hair was curled delicately around her shoulders. She wore matching heels, some black stockings, and a smile. He was aware that people had started to stare at them, but he didn't mind being the center of attention.

But now back to the real reason he was here. Joker swayed in time to the music with Harley in his arms as he looked around the room for a certain... Ah. There he was. Jason Todd. Joker had followed the young man home a few days ago. Or should he say he followed Robin home a few days ago. He wondered if dear old Brucie knew what his ward did at night. The sidekick of Batman was nothing to scoff at. It was a wonder Bruce hadn't caught him sneaking out yet.

Joker leaned down a little to whisper in Harley's ear. "Be a doll and get me a drink?" he asked her, or rather ordered her. She looked up at him with confusion, but nodded. "Alright Puddin." she said as she pulled away from him and walked through the crowd. Joker didn't take his eyes off of Jason as he moved in the opposite direction of Harley through the crowd. He had almost reached the little brat when a strong hand gripped his arm. Joker froze and turned around, following the arm up to the owner. Bruce Wayne.

The man was smiling as Joker frowned at him. "I don't think I caught your name, Mr..." Bruce prompted as Joker continued to frown at him. "Ker." Joker finally responded. "Mr. Joe Ker."

"Funny." Bruce said, pulling his hand back from his shoulder. "I know I guy with a similar name." Joker looked at him, a sudden realisation hitting him as his frown spread into a wide grin. "Oh?" Joker asked, leaning on his cane. "Maybe you should be careful where you spend your nights, Mister Wayne."

He watched as Bruce stiffened, then force a smile. "I'll see you around, I'm sure." He said as he started to walk away.

"I'm sure." Joker repeated as he watched him walking. Taking a shameless moment to admire the view. Checkmate, Batsy.

"Puddin?" Harley asked as she walked up to Joker, a glass of champaign in her hand that she held out to him. "Come along Harley." Joker said as he took the drink from her and dumped it into a nearby potted plant. He grabbed her hand and started to lead her to the doorway. "We have new plans to make."