This was written for RK week 2017's Crack fic challenge. I was give "KenKao, brooding and kiss" and I tried. I tried SO HARD to make this a crack fic and failed. I wrote half of a story that I didn't like and then just gave in, deleted it all, and wrote this instead.

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Setting: a few months after marriage.

Kenshin shifted slightly, scooting away from an uneven tile that had been pressing into his tailbone. I must repair the roof sometime this week. He looked upward. The night sky was... not at all lovely tonight, actually. The overcast gloom and uncomfortable dampness fit his mood. Chased from his bed by dreams of other nights, nights full of shadows and pain and death, he was... angry, and frustrated, which was new. He had always accepted the nightmares as his due, allowing the spirits their revenge, but since his marriage – since his marriage, he had come to resent the dreams. He should be sleeping right now, wrapped around a warm and sweetly-scented wife. Instead, he was sitting alone on a damp roof, gazing at a cloudy sky.

Kaoru's ki was stirring and he grimaced; his absence had woken her. He stayed where he was; she would come to him or she wouldn't, but she knew where he was, where he always was when he slipped out of their bed at night. It was only a few minutes before the sounds of her climbing onto the roof reached him. Even the weak, murky moonlight was kind to Kaoru, making her hair shine and her skin glow. She had remembered to wear a jacket, he noted with approval; it was chilly out. She settled quietly, far enough away to give him space but near enough to touch.

They were quiet for a time before she finally spoke. "Bad dreams?"


She nodded, and was silent again but he didn't speak. The nightmares were just nebulous things, vague impressions of horror and pain and the feeling of oneself eroding away. She was samurai, or had been, and her father had been a solider and police officer, so really, she already knew. There was nothing to say.

She sighed softly and shifted closer, her hand warm against his shoulder. "Come to bed, Kenshin."

"Thank you but no, Kaoru. This one is fine here, so I am."

"Silly man, of course you're fine - but you don't belong up here." She scooted so close that he could feel the warmth of her body. "You belong with me." Her pupils were dilated and he could no longer remember why he was on a roof instead of in this woman's bed. She didn't close her eyes as leaned closer, and he watched her eyes as though mesmerized as she crossed those inches, pausing a finger's width away from his mouth. She stopped there and shared his breath for the smallest of moments before she finally, finally, closed the distance.

Her lips were infinitely soft, just slightly chapped, and completely perfect. All there was, was Kaoru, just a perfect mouth and the scent of flowers, and he was dizzy with her. Her hair was like cool silk in his hand, and her neck was smooth and slender under his fingertips. The weight and curves of her pressed against his chest were an irrestible lure and he pulled her tight against him, a warm and wonderful anchor.

"Kenshin," his name said in that tone made his belly tense. "Come to bed."