Mushroom and Galaxy

Pairing: Peach x Rosalina

Genre: Romance/Friendship

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Mario Bros. or any of its characters.

Author's Note: Hello, everyone! My name is Yuri and this is my very first story featuring Princess Peach and Princess Rosalina. Now, looking at this franchise here, there's like only two stories featuring those two. So, I thought I'd step up to the plate and write a one-shot collection here~! Hooray~!

A-anyways, so for most stories, it will not follow the game because…well…um…I haven't played Super Mario Galaxy. How sad! So, I apologize if some of it is wrong.


Eyelids open. Vision blurs a little until it becomes clear. Peach moans as she looks up at a light blue ceiling above her. She gasps and sits up while looking around, finding herself in a room with all the walls colored in light blue, a desk and large bookshelf. It's definitely not her bedroom, that's for sure. And she's still in her pink princess outfit. She feels a sting on her right arm when she moves to rub her head. She notices a singe on it, recalling the time when the Mario Brothers came to save her once again from the mighty Bowser. But…if they came to save her, she should be back in the Mushroom Kingdom. Why is she in this strange place? Thankfully, her arm is bandaged.

Just then, a yellow star zips past the door and starts to float happily around her, making the Mushroom Kingdom princess giggle.

"Luma," a gentle voice says. "Is she awake now?"

The star nods excitedly and floats towards a blonde girl with a light blue princess outfit. Peach can recognize who that is.

"R-Rosalina?" she gasps.

"How are you feeling?" the galaxy princess asks as she sets down a tray with tea cups and a kettle.

"I-I'm alright," Peach replies. "But…what just happened?"

"You were knocked out when Mario and Luigi were trying to save you. Bowser just won't give up, would he?"

The Mushroom Kingdom princess clutches her head. "So, that's what happened." She then gasps again at the thought of Mario. "Oh, no! Is Mario and Luigi okay!?"

Rosalina finishes pouring the tea and shows a gentle smile. "Don't worry. They defeated Bowser and his gang, but I was the one who took you in."

"Th-thank you," Peach says. She had no idea that Rosalina would come and save her, too. But for what reason?

"Would you like some tea, princess?" The blonde hands her a cup, in which Peach takes.

"Oh, thank you." She takes a small sip and smiles. "It tastes really good."

"I'm glad."

As Rosalina sips on her own tea, Peach speaks up again.

"Rosalina…why did you save me? Usually Mario and Luigi come to the rescue."

"Mm…they needed some assistance, that's all."

"They never asked for your help, though."

"I know."

Peach giggles. "I see. So, you're jealous, right~?"

"What!?" Rosalina blushes. "Wh-why would you assume that!?"

"Mario and Luigi are my heroes, yes. But seeing how they were struggling against Bowser, you decided to save the day this time," Peach explains as she gets off the bed and walks close to the galaxy princess. "That was so sweet of you. Thank you."

"I-I, um…" Rosalina doesn't know how to respond to that.

Peach giggles. "No need to worry. I think I'll stay here for a little while longer until I'm fully recovered. I'm sure Mario and Luigi has told Toad the news."

The galaxy princess blushes as she nods and then takes her leave. "Do you want anything else?"

"No, I'm okay for now," Peach replies as she sits back down on the bed.

"Okay. Call me when you need me."

With that, Rosalina leaves the room with Luma following her, Peach takes a sip on her tea and smiles a gentle smile while blushing.

"She's such a nice person," she says to herself.


Luma floats over next to the galaxy princess. Rosalina blushes and smiles as well.

"Yes, Luma," she says, softly. "I think you're right. I like her."