Chapter 6

Marriage Plans

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Peach is sitting at her throne, thinking long and hard to herself. It's been about two years since she and Rosalina started dating. And some day, she will have to marry someone if she's going to take her mother's place as queen. But who will she marry? Mario would be one option since he rescues her countless times from Bowser. However…strangely, she doesn't feel right about it. Besides, he and Luigi fully accepted their relationship way back when she told them about it. So, she's relieved to scratch him out of the list. The only other option is to marry her one true love, Rosalina. But the problem is…she has her own kingdom to think about…out there in the galaxy. Why would they marry if they are in two different kingdoms?

"Ahhhh….this is so frustrating…" She lets out an exaggerated sigh, resting her head on her hand with her elbow on the arm rest.

She decides to seek some help from a certain someone, so she stands up and tells Toad to look after the castle while she's gone.


"Hahaha! Are you serious~?" Daisy laughs. "You can't marry Rosie just because you two are from different worlds?"

"This isn't funny!" Peach shouts. "This is a serious predicament!"

"Ah….well then! It's clearly understandable," Daisy says. "But you two can still make it work, you know?"

"How? I mean, being married means spending the rest of your life with the one you love, right?" Peach points out.

"True to that," Daisy says. "But if you truly love her…if Rosie accepts it…maybe you can let her stay in Mushroom Kingdom here. The Galaxy must have someone else to look after it right?"

"Hmmmm…that would be something that I should discuss with Rosie, but you do have a point there," Peach says.

"Ehehe! Listen, we would've been in the same predicament if you and I were to get married," the Sarasland princess says. "But you LOVE Rosie. So, if you're strongly determined to marry her, go for it." She takes her best friend's hands in hers. "I believe in you. The Mario Bros. believe in you. In fact, everyone here in Mushroom Kingdom here believes in you. If all else fails, we'll just have to work hard to make it happen."

Peach smiles a sweet smile. "Thank you so much, Daisy. I'm glad I talked to you."

"No problem, Peach~" the Sarasland Princess winks at her. "Now then, you go and talk with your true love. I believe she's here right now."

"That's good. Glad you called her. See you!"

With this, she runs off with Daisy smiling and watching her off to see her beloved.


Rosalina is waiting outside the castle when she hears clopping of footsteps coming toward her. She turns around to see Peach approaching her and waving.

"Hi, Peach," she greets with a wave.

"Hello," the Mushroom Princess greets back. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Daisy gave me a call actually. She said you wanted to discuss something with me?"

"Yes, I do," Peach gently takes her hand in hers. "But first, let's have a seat under that tree over there." She points her white gloved finger toward the large tree where there is shade.

Rosalina nods and the two head over toward the shade and sit on their knees, despite having the bottoms of their dresses a bit dirty from the grass. They can always wash it off anyways. The Galaxy Princess turns toward the Mushroom Princess.

"So…about that talk?" she says.

"Oh, yes! That's right!" Peach takes both of the platinum blonde's hands in hers with a gentle, sweet smile. "Rosie…we've been dating for at least 2 years. And someday, I might have to get married soon. And there is one person that I would happily choose: it's you, Rosie."

"Huh?" Rosalina is speechless by Peach's announcement. Sure they've been dating for quite some time, but being asked to marry her is just… "I…I don't know what to say."

Peach gives a sad smile as her hands loosen a bit. "I know. We're in two different kingdoms after all. You have your Galaxy Kingdom to think about while I have my own. But…that doesn't mean that we shouldn't give up on our goal. Daisy believes in both of us and she really wants us to get married when we have a chance. And after that…I want you to stay in Mushroom Kingdom."

"Peach…" The Galaxy Princess can feel Peach's hands gently squeeze hers, yet they were shaking a little. She can tell how determined she is to get married to the one she truly loves. And Rosalina knows that she cannot give up on her dream either. She kisses her on the cheek, making the blonde blush.


"I would love to…get married to you," the platinum blonde says. "Although…the Galaxy is still my home. I can't leave the Lumas, Peach. They are my only family I have."

The Mushroom Princess bites her lip, glancing at the ground a little before jolting her head up with a determined expression. "Then, how about I go with you? Raise the Lumas together as our children? I'm sure Mario and Luigi are responsible enough to look after the kingdom themselves. And although Boswer will most likely come and find me, we won't be apart because you're there to protect me."

Rosalina gasps a little but nods. "Alright. If that's how it's going to be, then you're most welcome at my home when we get married."

Peach's eyes sparkle in happiness and intertwines hands with hers. "Thank you…Rosie! I love you!"

"Me, too, Peach. I love you with all my heart."

The two princesses lean in to lock lips with each other. Peach is very glad to get the discussion out of the way before actually doing the marriage. And Rosalina herself cannot wait until the Big Day when the two will tie the knot and raise the Lumas together.

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