Chapter 1 Birthday

It's been two weeks since my accident and I'm caught up with my school work. My friends came by everyday to tell me the gossip that has been going on in the school including how Ashley and Jack been trying to tell anybody that would listen that they don't remember ever coming to the school and doing all those things. All of the graffiti is off the walls and the blood has been cleaned up. Prom has passed and Edward kept to his promise, we had movie night. I was still in the cast but my leg and arm had healed already and I was able to move around on a crutch. There was a knock on the door I went to answer it. I opened the door and Damon was standing on the porch with a present.

"Happy Birthday." He said to me. I looked at him and the present dumbfounded.

"Bella, it's your birthday today, May 13th, Friday the 13th." Damon said spookily.

"It's my birthday. I...I don't know what to say." I said shocked.

"It's alright I never told you. You was born in New Orleans, Louisania." Damon told me. I looked at him wide eyed. This is more information he has ever told me. I can't believe today is my birthday. I actually have a birthday.

"How old am I?" I asked him. He moved into the living room putting my present on the table.

"18 years old." He said to me. I closed the door and went into the living room. The present was a flat rectangle box with a red ribbon tied to it.

"Can I open it?" I aked him. He rolled his eyes at me, picked up the box and handed it to me.

"It's your present." He said to me. I grabbed the present, untied the ribbon and opened the box. I pushed the paper that was inside back where there was a picture of a woman. She looked familar but I couldn't remember where I seen her before.

"I think I may have seen her before, but where?" I said.

"She's your mother." Damon said. I looked at him wide eyes. I looked back at the picture. The woman was beatiful. Bunette hair, green eyes, full lips, round face, and a beatiful smile.

"I don't have her eyes." I whispered.

"No you don't have her eyes." He said. I brushed my hand over the picture. I stared at the picture for quite a while.

"Do you like it?" Damon asked. The only thing Damon ever gave me on my family is the name of a women that he didn't know if she was my mother or not.

"What's her name?" I asked him.

"Hayley." Damon said. Could it be the same Hayley Marshall Damon told me about before? The one he said he didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl.

"The same Hayley from before. So are you telling me that I'm her daughter." I said to Damon.

"Yes the same Hayley." He said. I looked back at the picture. She seems so happy. Why was I taken from her?

"What's Latnok?" I asked Damon sitting the picture down on the table. I moved to sit on the couch leaving Damon to stand there with a look of shock on his face.

"Where did you hear that from?" He asked me not looking at me.

"A nurse came into my hospital room with a needle with a pick liquid inside that she said would allow me to open the doors. Whatever that means? She also told me that you know all about them since you took me away from them." I said to him crossing my good arm under my bad arm over my chest. Damon covered his eyes with his hand sighing in frustration. I looked at the picture again. I can't take my eyes off of it. I actually get to see a picture of my birth mother. I can't wait to tell Charlie and Edward about this. I can't wait to tell them it's my birthday too.

"I did take you away from Latnok. They was doing expirements I wasn't agreeing with. They wanted to learn more about you as well as, how you was able to pass all their tests." Damon said.

"So they kidnapped me from my mother and made me their science expirement." I said through gritted teeth. And here I though Damon took me away from her.

"Not exactly...could we not talk about this. The Cullens already asked me these questions which there wasn't much I could say." Damon said.

"But I'm the birthday girl so it's my right that I get my way. Why would Edward ask you about Latnok? Did you give him more information than you are telling me." I asked.

"No, I didn't tell him anything, just like how I'm not going to tell you anything. Latnok is a thing of the past that I will rectify." Damon said and he left inhuman as possible out the door slamming it shut. I sigh and grabbed the picture of my mother again. So I was born in New Orleans huh, the first step of finding out who I was. I almost dropped the picture when I started to get a headache. It was excrutiating plus my sight was blurry. I quickly put the picture down and rubbed my temples but it wasn't helping. Then it seems like I was hearing this high pitch sound in my head before the glass of water that was in front of me shattered into pieces. I tried standing but with my vision blurry it was hard trying not to stumble. The pain woresen and the window shattered in the living room. How was I going to explain that to Charlie. I basically had to crawl up the stairs and head toward the bathroom. I'm surprise I didn't faint because of the pain. My vision started to focus but now I was seeing black spots everywhere. I made it to the bathroom pulling myself up by the sink. I opened the medicine cabinet reaching around until I found the asprins. I put two in my mouth then cupped my hand to hold water to drink it. The sharp pain in my head happened again and I fell to the ground holding my head at the same time I heard glass breaking. Then all of a sudden it stopped. The headache was gone plus there was no high pitch sound I heard before. I got up making my way down stairs. I looked at the window in the living room with glass everywhere. There was nothing left of the window. I looked in the kitchen and saw that all the glass dishes were broken too. Ooh what would Charlie think if he saw this. There was a knock on the door. I went towards it and found Jacob standing on the porch. He was wearing a white collar shirt and black pants with his hair down. For him to be a teenager he still had a face of child. He smiled at me.

"Hey Bella, how are you?" He asked. I moved to the side to let him in closing the door.

"I feel better. Just got finish completing my school work, sitting here watching tv, and the best news I gotten today is that it's my birthday." I said to Jacob.

"It's your birthday. Happy Birthday!" He said to me. He walked into the living room and saw glass everywhere on the floor.

"Bella what happened in here?" Jacob asked. I shrugged my shoulders. What was I suppose to say? I had a headache and it caused the glass to shatter. What would he think of me?

"I don't know about the window. I dropped my galss of water, I know that much. Maybe their was a blast from somewhere outside and the vibrations of it shattered the window." I lied. It seem like he believed me.

"What to help me clean it up?" I said. I grabbed the broom and dust pan plus paper towels. Jacob took the broom and dust pan, sweeping the glass off the floor and I took the paper towels to soak up the water. He went into the kitchen to dump it.

"My god Bella, in here too?" He said. Yeah in there too.

"That must have been some huge blast. I wonder what exploded." Jacob said. Good question and no answer for. We finished cleaning up all of the glass and sat in the living room talking.

"What am I going to do about the window?" I asked Jacob.

"I have no clue. Maybe Charlie could call someone to fix it. When are you going to come visit me on my turf?" Jacob asked me.

"I'm not sure. Hopefully soon." I said to him.

"There was something else I wanted to tell you, well needed to tell you." Jacob said looking serious now.

"What is it?" I asked.

"My dad wanted me to tell you that We will be watching you and that boyfriend of yours." Jacob said. Watching me for what.

"What does that mean?" I asked him.

"Who knows? My dad is superstitious. It's probably nothing." He said. He saw the picture that was sitting on the table.

"Who's that?" He pointed.

"Her name is Hayley, she's my birth mother." I told him. He picked up the picture.

"Who gave this to you?" He asked.

"Damon. He's the one that knows everything about my family but doesn't give me any information about them. This is the first time that he actually gave me useful information." I said to him.

"I bet you're happy about knowing what your birth mother finally looks like. You look just like her, except for the eyes." He said. I smiled at him. I asked if he wanted to stay and watch a movie which he agreed so we watched The Maze Runner.

Edward's POV

School was offically boring without my Bella around to keep me company. Prom is over and everyone is still feeling the buzz of that night. Ashley and Jack was back and everyone was looking at them in a different way. They were still trying to get anybody that would listen to them that they don't remember doing all those terrible things. I mean how could they not, they were found the next morning still in the school. I looked inside their thoughts as they recounting that night. It goes from them being at the school for cheerleading practice and football pratice, going to their lockers, hearing a noise like someone was also there, then nothing. It then goes to them waking up naked. There is something missing. A part of their story that was taken out. The only time I came across something similar to that was when Bella couldn't remember how she ended up in the woods after I found her in her room sleeping.

"Ashley and Jack was compelled." I said. My siblings looked at me in confusion. I spoke low enough so no one around would hear.

"There is a part of their story that is not adding up. When I read their mind there was darkness before going to something else that happened that night they graffitied the school. It's just like how Bella couldn't remember going into the woods." I said.

"Who would compel them to vandilize the school? For a joke." Jasper said.

"I'm not sure but there's something going on here." I said. Alice eyes glazed over as she was having a vision. I watched the vision play out. It's Bella's birthday today. Alice vision ended.

"Oh my goodness, today is Bella's birthday!" she said excitedly jumping up and down in her chair.

"Are you serious. How do you know?" Rosalie said.

"Damon came to see her and gave her a present of a women. Her birth mother." Alice said. Wow a picture of her birth mother. I bet Bella is excited to finally know her birth mother.

"We need to throw her a birthday party." Alice said. Oh no, I know how this will turn out. Alice like to go a little over board with decorations.

"We need balloons, food, birthday cake, presents, music, and I need to get her a dress to wear." Alice said naming off everything that needs to get done.

"How much food are we talking Alice. We can't invite anybody else." I said to her.

"I know that Edward, I 'm not stupid. Just enough food to give her choices. I wonder how old she's turning." Alice said.

" Probably 18. When Charlie found her he said she was 17." Rosalie said. Know I have to figure out what to give her for her birthday. I think the lullably I hummed to her would be a nice gift. I could even play it for her.

"So I'll text Esme about the food, Emmett and Jasper the balloons, I'll get the birthday cake and music, Rosalie could you find a dress for Bella to wear, and everyone will get their own present for Bella. Even though she's not with her family, we could at least give her a birthday party to remember." Alice said. The bell ranged to go to class so we went our separate ways. I sat in biology thinking about Bella. I wonder what she's doing at right now. I know she's proably healed already and is just wearing the cast for show. It's the end of the school year so all teachers are going over everything they taught us for the final exam as well as teaching us new things that will show up on the exams. Rosalie and Emmett are graduating this year and planning on taking a trip to Island Esme to spend some time together. Esme would be happy since they would no longer destroy the house. As I listen but not listen to the teacher I go back to the day we asked Damon those question about Latnok. He didn't give us much information except that they was doing experiments on Bella that he didn't agree with along with the fact that they was trying to figure out why she was a success. But Jaspter told us after Damon left that he was hiding something. His emotions was all over the place. From anger to shock, to resentment, guilt, and lying. What was he trying to hide from us or even Bella for that matter.

There was a knock on the door so I went to answer it. Rosalie was standing on my front porch with a long bag.

"Hey Rosalie, what's with the bag?" I asked her. She walked inside well I closed the door.

"It's a party dress. Happy Birthday!" she said. I smiled.

"Thank you, how did you know. Wait don't tell me Alice right. She had a vision." I said to Rosalie.

"Yes she did. She saw Damon giving you a present." She said to me. Of course Alice would be watching me. But what did Rosalie mean by party.

"What party?" I asked.

"Your birthday party Bella. We are throwing you a birhtday party tonight, so I'm here to get you ready." Rosalie said. A party for me, for my birthday. This has been the best day ever well except for the excruciating headache I had earlier.

"So shall we get started. I'm sure Alice would probably be here any minute to help." Rosalie said. She started walking up the stairs and I followed. She went into my room and hung the dress up on the hook that was in the closet. She opened it to reveal a beatiful sky blue cross over dress, that was a one shoulder neckline, full a-symmetrical skirt with transparent hem, mesh bodice detail, and an expose back zipper. Paired with the dress was sky blue platform pumps. It was really beatiful. I don't know how they was able to find a dress like that.

"Rosalie it's beatiful, where did you get it." I asked.

"Oh just a store me and Alice loves going to. It's pretty great isn't it." she said smiling proudly. Yeah it's great.

"Now hurry up with whatever you have to do in the bathroom so we can get ready." Rosalie says sternly. I reached in my draws to grab underwear and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Two and a half hour later, I had the dress on and one shoe beacause my leg was still in the cast. It looked absolutely wired with one shoe on. Alice was here wearing a dress herself and was busy putting my hair in curls while Rosalie was getting into her dress.

"Rosalie do I have to wear the shoe. It looks weird with one shoe on and one shoe off." I said to her.

"You could always take the cast off, although it would raise eyebrows about why your cast came off so early when you got hurt almost two weeks ago. How would that look. I'm sure you'll be ok with the gossip. People would think you were faking it the whole time to get sympathy." Rosalie said. When she put it that way...I guess it's alright. With the finishing touches on my hiar and a few sprays of hair spray I was ready for my birthday party. I heard the door open. Charlie must be home and there was alot I had to tell him.

"Oh my lord what happened to the window!" Charlie shouted. I looked at Alice and Rosalie and both of their faces held confusion. I didn't mention the window, oops.

"Bella where are you?" I heard Charlie while he was coming up the stairs. He made it to my room and stopped at the door when he seen Alice and Rosalie.

"Hey Charlie, how's it going. About the window I'm not sure what happened to it. There may have been a huge blast somewhere and the vibrations of the blast cause the window to shatter in the living room including the glass dishes in the kitchen. I was going to tell you when you got home. Also Damon stopped by to tell me that today is my birthday." I said to him. He looked away from Rosalie and Alice to stare at me.

"Today is your birthday." He said. Good to know the window and glasses are not his top priority.

"Yeah today is my birthday. I'm 18. Damon gave me a present. It was a picture of my birth mother. Hayley Marshall is my birth mother." I told him.

"That's great, now that we know she's actually your mother I can look into finding her for you. I wished you would have called me. We could have planned something." Charlie said.

"It's ok chief Swan. My family has planned a birthday party for Bella. You are welcome to join." Alice said. Alice what are you doing? Would it be safe to have Charlie there as well?

"That's ok Alice, I'll probably make it a dud if I come. A police officer and a house full of teenagers. Even though I'm quite sure there won't be any alcohol, I want Bella to have fun. We could probably do something tomorrow." Charlie said.

"That's quite alright Charlie." Alice said turning to look at me. " We must be going Bella the party will be starting soon." she said to me.

"We'll have her home by 11." Rosalie said.

"That's fine. Have fun tonight Bella." Charlie said. We all walked out the house and into Rosalie red car. I sat in the backseat while Alice and Rosalie sat up front with Rosalie as the driver. We sped our way to the house.

We finally made it so I was the first to get out of the car followed by Alice then Rosalie. All three of use walk to the door in a line and Alice opened the door. At first I didn't see any decorations but as they lead me to the dinning room I saw gold balloons everywhere, a three tier cake that was white and gold with flowers going down on the side, a few presents that was sitting on the table, and a variety of food. The rest of the Cullens were dressed up. I saw Edward and as always my heart skipped a beat. My very own Adonis standing right in front of me.

"Happy Birthday!" They all said at once. I was jumping up and down in excitement.

"Thank you, everything is beautiful." I said. Esme came and hugged me, followed by Carlisle. Edward came up to me and kissed my on my cheek.

"I hope you have a big apetite." Edward told me guiding me to the dinning room table where their was chocolate chip cookies, finger sandwiches, chicken wings, fruit platter, meat platter, and soda.

"Wow this is a huge variety of food. I don't know where to start." I said at the same time grabbing a chocolate chip cookie.

"Oh I guess I do." I took a bite out of the cookie. Hmmmm soft, moist, chocolate goodness. Everyone laughed at me.

After my belly was stuffed and the blowing out the birthday candles it was time for presents.

"Here open up mine and Rosalie's present." Emmett said handing me a long regtangle box. I took the box and shook it. Nothing moved inside, it was empty.

"It's a radio. Me and Jasper installed it in your truck already." Emmett said.

"When was you able to get inside my truck?" I asked him.

"When you and the girls were getting ready. Rosalie threw your keys out the window to me." Emmett said handing me back my car keys.

"Thank you." I said to him. Esme and Carlisle were up next with presents. I opened it to reveal a scrape book. The other present was a camera.

"We thought you might enjoy making memories of your own since you don't remember anything about your past." Esme said. I engulfed Esme and Carlisle in a hug.

"Thank you. This means alot to me." I said.

"Your welcome dear." Esme said. I went back to the camera to open it up.

"I want to take a picture of everyone, how do you work the camera." I said. Alice stood up to show me how to work it. Once I know all the basics I was ready to take the picture.

"Alright everyone get closer together." I said. They moved together with Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett in the back, Rosalie standing in front of Emmett, Alice and Jasper together, and Edward on the other side of Alice.

"Ready, smile." I said and I snapped the picture.

"Bella, how about you get into the next one." Alice said. She came to set up the camera so that it could be on a timer. She set it on a table and angled it so that it will get everyone. We ran to the family to get in place.

"Ready, 3..2..1 smile." she said. There was a flash and everyone moved. I went back to the camera to look at the pictures I tooked. When I looked at the one I was in I notice that Edward was looking at me with a smile on his face.

"Ok here's our present." Alice said. I opened it and there was a laptop and printer.

"I notice the computer that was in your room. Not much you can do with that since it's slow and nobody uses it anymore so me and Jaspet thought that it would be cool if you had an up to date computer. This way you can print out your pictures and put them in the scrapebook." Alice said.

"Thank you." I said hugging both of them. This whole day has been amazing and I wished it didn't end.

"Now it's my turn to give you my present." Edward said as he took my arm and lead me to a grand piano that was in the living room.

"You play the piano." I said to him as he sat down on the bench and told me to sit down with him.

"Yes I play. Do you remember that lullably I hummed to you the other night. Well I wrote it for you." He said and started playing the piano. His fingers gracefully went over the keys as the song of the lullably floated around the room wrapping me up in love and warmth. I closed my eyes swayed with the music. It was beautiful and it made me smiled. It ended and Edward turned to look at me.

"Do you like it?" He asked me.

"Very much. This has been the best birthday a girl could every have." I said to him. He leaned in and kissed me. The kiss became passionate but it ended quickly when my headache came back.

"Bella are you ok." Edward ask. The high pitch sound was there again and Edward sounded far away. The next thing I knew glass started to shatter and the house started to shake. This headache is worse than before. I was sitting on the floor holding my head. I felt Edward grab for me but when I went to look at him my sight was blurry. I closed my eyes and more glass started to shatter. I looked straight ahead and a fire started burning the flowers that was sitting on the living room table. Why is this happening? As I was having this headache, in my mind I could see this door opening ajar.

Edward's POV

I will never get enough of Bella's kisses. Our kiss became passionate but abruptly stopped when Bella grabbed her head.

"Bella are you ok." I asked her. She went to stand but sat on the floor. Something was very wrong. Out of no where glass started to shatter around the house then the house started to shake. What the hell is going on? The family came into the living room.

"Earthquake?" Emmett said.

"No, Forks don't get earthquakes. Glass sarted to break as soon as Bella grabbed her head." I said. I reached for Bella but she was squinting her eyes like she couldn't see. Then the windows shattered around us. I covered Bella so she wouldn't get hit with any glass. The next thing I knew a fire started in the middle of our living room where there was flowers sitting.

"What's causing this?" Esme said. I looked at Bella, then the shattered glass, and the fire. It started to click.

"Not what, who. I think it's Bella." I said. Carlisle kneeled in front of her. He put his hand on her head to lift it up. There was blood coming from her nose. Just by hearing Jasper thoughts I knew the blood at set him off. I had to act quickly. Jasper went to attack and I pushed Bella back which made her slide over the glass and hit the wall at the same time I pushed Jasper back and he flew hitting the couch. Emmett went to grab him and Alice tried to talk some sense into him. I turned to look at Bella and saw that she had cuts down her arm. She was no longer holding her head but she sat up looking at all of us in terror. What have I done?