Elf at Hogwarts by barriotic barrio

Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings belongs to J.R.R Tolkien while Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling… Both great writers, both names start with the letter J…

Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn; Draco/Harry

Rating: PG-13… not really bad for the eyes of youngsters like us…

Summary: Legolas was sucked into a portal that transported him to Hogwarts. He has to stay there for 5 months and teach archery. Harry got a crush on him and Draco was very furious while in Middle Earth, Aragorn was very worried.

Note: First Legolas/Aragorn fic… please be kind to us…


Chapter 1: The Portal

            Legolas woke up. He glanced at the handsome man sleeping beside him. He smiled and gave this man a small kiss on his forehead. The man smiled. As if he was having a very nice dream. Then Legolas stood up and got dressed, he took his bow and arrow and then he went down to stroll around Mirkwood. It was almost a decade ago since he ruled Mirkwood. Legolas, being the Prince of Mirkwood took over the kingdom when his father decided to pass it on to him almost 10 years ago. When his father offered the kingdom to him, he gladly accepted. And since then he was reigning wisely with the love of his life, Aragorn, never leaving his side.

            He was cheerfully conversing with the Ents when he noticed a circular door-like thing not-so-far from where he was. He politely bid the Ents goodbye and went near it. When he was quite near, he felt a great force from the circular door-like thing sucking him into it. And the next thing he knew was he's falling into some kind of an endless cliff. Then he found himself in an unfamiliar place, an enchanted place with different kinds of weird things. The first thing he noticed was the great scarlet Phoenix standing gracefully beside a huge table. And behind that huge table was a huge chair facing backwards. Then he heard an old voice.

            "Gandalf, old friend, you made it." The voice said.

            The chair slowly turned to him and that old man sitting was surprised.

            "Well, as I can see you're not Gandalf." He was shocked but he smiled anyway.

            "Well, yes I am not Gandalf but I do know him." Legolas answered. Then he looked around that room and the pictures on the wall caught his attention… specially one picture.

            "Ah yes, that's Gandalf." The man was also looking at the picture that caught his attention.

            "You know him?" Legolas asked.

            "Of course I know him. We're old friends." The old man replied.

            "Who are you?" Legolas questioned.

            "Oh, of course, I'm Professor Albus Dumbledore." The old man replied.

            "Albus Dumbledore…" Legolas repeated. "I am King Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood." He introduced himself.

            "Ah yes, Mirkwood. I suppose I know where Mirkwood is and if I'm not mistaken, I've been there couple of times already." Albus smiled.

            "You've been there?"

            "Yes, yes. Been there visiting Gandalf."

            "How come…" Legolas was supposed to say something but he was cut off by Albus.

            "You're not seeing me? Well, when I'm there we're always inside the forest. Somewhere in the forest where no one can see us. We're discussing some very important matter regarding the wizarding world."

            "Right… Uh and where exactly am I?"

            "You're in the wizarding world. Specifically, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Albus motioned for him to sit down.

            "And how did I get here?" Legolas sat on the chair in front of Albus.

            "I suppose you got here through the portal."

            "The portal?"

            "Ah yes… Gandalf should've used that portal to get here but I guess you found it before he did."

            "Well then can you make another portal so I could go back to Mirkwood?"

            "I'm afraid not King Legolas."

            "Why not?"

            "You will have to wait 5 more months before another portal opens that will transport you back to Mirkwood."

            "5 more months? Why?"

            "Well, Gandalf and I decided a long time ago that it would go that way."

            "Gandalf… He comes here often?"

            "Yes, once a year if I'm not mistaken."

            "So he would spend 5 months here then he will return in Middle Earth?"


            "Why is that?"

            "Well because until now the dark lord in this world is still alive. He's still gathering followers and Gandalf is helping us fight him."

            "Oh, how can I contact the other elves in Mirkwood?"

            "Through owl post. There's another portal open 24/7 but it's just for owls."

            "Well then I guess we should contact them before my husband gets too worried."

            "The owl post will arrive in Mirkwood after a week."

            "A week?!?"


            "Well, it'll have to do."

            "Yes, and since you're here I guess you have to do something for 5 months."

            "Yes, I suppose I have to."

            "Well Gandalf told me that elves, specially the king, are great archers."


            "And since this is a school, maybe you could teach archery to the students."

            "No problem."

            "Well, we should change your title. We can't call you King."

            "Ah, yeah drop 'The King of Mirkwood' still no problem with me."

            "Very well then, from this day until another portal opens, you will be known as Professor Greenleaf, of course only by the students. The other Professors will know that you're a King and that you got here by accident."

            "Alright, may I know now where my chamber is?"

            "Ah yes, and the place where you're going to teach archery." Albus said then he stood up. "Follow me please."

            Legolas also stood up and followed. First they passed by a rotating staircase. Then he found himself walking in long corridors. For a while they kept on ascending and descending moving staircases then finally Albus stopped in front of a huge painting of a middle-aged woman.

            "This is your chamber. Currently the password is Mirkwood. But you can talk to the lady on the painting and change the password." Albus said.

            "All right."

            "And you have to join us in the Great Hall during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner."

            "Where's the great hall?"

            "But of course you still don't know." He pointed the only staircase that doesn't move. "You go down that staircase then turn left. Walk straight forward until you find huge doors. The hall behind those doors is the great hall."

            "All right."

            "And you need to be there by 9:00am for your introduction and first breakfast here at Hogwarts. It's now 8:00am so you still have an hour to check out your new chamber. There are also some new robes and clothing there for your use."

            "Do I have to hide my elvish personality?"

            "No, that wouldn't be necessary since wizards and elves never had any conflict before. And elves' reputation in the wizarding world isn't bad at all."

            "All right."

            Albus smiled once again and said. "Okay. Now I can see you'll be fine now. I still have to attend to some matters and I will tell the other professors about you arrival."

            "Thank you Albus." Legolas smiled back.

            Then Albus disapparated.

* * * * *

            Aragorn placed his hand on the side of the bed where Legolas slept. He expected his husband to be there. When he felt that Legolas was not beside him, he abruptly stood up and called for him thinking that he was just bathing.

            "Legolas…" Aragorn called out softly.

            When no one answered, he stood up and went to the balcony to look if Legolas was talking to the Ents like he did every morning but he wasn't there. He searched the forest and the whole palace but he still couldn't find Legolas. He started to panic. He then ordered 20 warrior elves to search for Legolas and he was very angry and worried.

            "Why would Legolas leave without telling me where he'll go?" Aragorn thought.

* * * * *

            "Look at the head table." Hermione pointed the head table to her boyfriend Ron then to her best friend Harry.

            "Yeah, what's with the head table?" Ron asked.

            "There's an extra seat." Hermione replied.

            "So?" It was Ron.

            "Well look, there's still an extra chair but the teachers are complete. Maybe we'll have a new subject. I wonder what it is and I'm so excited." Hermione said.

            "Well, I wish the new subject isn't boring." Harry replied but he wasn't looking at his friends. He was looking at the blonde haired Slytherin as if he was looking at the most beautiful creature on Earth.

            "Harry will you please stop looking at your boyfriend for a moment!?" Ron asked. Then he waved his hand in front of Harry.

            The blonde haired Slytherin chuckled as he saw Ron did this to Harry. Then he blew Harry a kiss. Harry blushed at this and turned his sight elsewhere. Then the door of the great hall opened. A handsome man with long blonde hair entered. Everybody was mesmerized by his beauty and grace except for the professors, Draco, Ron and Hermione.  This handsome man walked towards the great table and sat on the empty chair. Then Professor Dumbledore stood up.

            "May I have your attention please." He called.

            The students took their gazed away from the handsome man for a moment and gave Professor Dumbledore a quick look but they all returned their gazed to the handsome man.

            Professor Dumbledore continued speaking. "We'll be having a new subject for 5 months and it will be taught by Professor Legolas Greenleaf."

            Everybody was too mesmerized by Legolas' beauty, they couldn't even clap their hands.

            Then Professor Dumbledore continued. "He will be teaching archery. We expect that he'll be welcomed with arms wide open. Now let us begin eating." Then he sat down again.

            Nobody moved. Specially when Legolas smiled at them. Everybody were drooling. Then another loud voice was heard.

            "Students! Headmaster said let's eat now!" It was Professor Snape.

            Everybody took their eyes off Legolas and started eating. But their minds were still occupied by that handsome Elvish king. But Harry hasn't taken his eyes off Legolas yet. He was still drooling and Draco, who was then on the Slytherin table was very, very angry.


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