Beacon was an Academy for the training of Huntsmen and Huntresses. The school was in all likelihood, the finest educational institution on Remnant. Students of all walks of life, were trained in the finer points of becoming humanity's great protectors and shining beacon of hope. Which, when one thought about it, was probably why Beacon was...well...Beacon. One of the key lessons was that a Huntsman or Huntress must have contingencies for any number of possible situations. They must be cool, calm, and collected in the face of horrors that would cause lesser humans and Faunus to break down.

Unfortunately, the horrors Beacon prepared its young people to face did not include utter and complete social mortification and the utter destruction of any non-embarrassment-related emotions.

The two prospective Huntresses had in no way even considered a contingency for this apocalyptic well of embarrassment.

'This place was supposed to be secret!' Both young women thought in terror at the same time.

Pyrrha Nikos and Blake Belladona had only one modicum of solace in this whole ordeal. That single shining ray of hope was that Yang Xiao Long was far, far away in Team RWBY's dorm. The two beautiful young women would not have their situation buried under a veritable tidal wave of teasing, puns, probable blackmail, and Yang gleefully informing Ruby Rose and Nora Valkyrie of what she had uncovered.

Pyrrha and Blake were hiding in the school's industrial-scale laundry room tightly clutching a copy of Ninjas of Love to their chest desperately wishing their Semblances allowed them to simply sink through the ground to Remnant's core.

"I'm sorry!" "I should go!" Both women said hurriedly at the same time. They sighed in defeat. It took a while before either spoke again. It wasn't really in their personalities to really take the lead, socially.

"I-I wasn't aware anyone else was...a fan..." Blake stammered out.

Pyrrha nodded. " is my favorite series."

Blake smiled weakly. "Getting ready for the next volume?"

"Yes," Pyrrha answered. Her posture and voice were more relaxed in the presence of a kindred spirit. "I-I was quite excited for the next volume when I read the announcement on the forums."

Blake also relaxed in the presence of a fellow fan. It also helped that Pyrrha was aware of her Faunus nature. Blake had been surprised by Pyrrha's instantaneous support and acceptance. Only Jaune's reaction had been more surprising. "You're still Blake. The number of ears you have isn't why we became friends."

"Who are you on the forums?" Blake asked before listening out for someone stumbling into this 'slightly less embarrassing than it was a second ago' situation.

" of Remnant's most famous ancient female poets," Pyrrha confessed.

"You are on my friends list," Blake matched the confession. "I'm Bunko431."

"I would have never suspected! This is just grand! Sometimes, I think we are the only ones who were willing to acknowledge the hints that Kiro and Bunko were actually going to be the official couple before the third book!"

Blake smiled. "You would think people would have gotten the hints. Yes, Kiro had a crush on Sakiko. Yes, they were in the same strike team. That didn't change the fact that every time Kiro anad Bunko met they had clearly romantic encounters and grew closer every time."

"Those two sharing their first time in the temple wasn't exactly subtle," Pyrrha added with a pleased chuckle.

"And yet people still tried to throw it out as 'just an Aura transfer' despite it was the only really romantic scene Kiro had for the first two books. When he and Sakiko actually do a Tantric Aura Transfer, it's a 'hit and quit it'."

"Bunko," Pyrrha teased her online-now-offiline friend. "I'm on your side, remember?"

Yeah..." Blake caught the jibe and raised an eyebrow. "You know, I should have picked up on the connection when we put Cardin in his place that day in Oobleck's class."

"I guess we should have," Pyrrha admitted. "We should get back to our rooms. This has been a pleasant end to an evening that started off...mortifying...The shock...isn't conducive to truly enjoying our favorite book."

Blake's back locked up as her blush suddenly matched Pyrrha's newly acquired skin-tone. The double meaning was the second most obvious non-secret in all of Beacon...right behind Pyrrha's crush on Jaune. An image of what Blake had been planning on doing was suddenly being compared to an image of what Pyrrha had no doubt been planning on doing. Somehow, that particular image made Blake's denied anticipation even more tortuous.

"Tonight is going to be brutal..." Blake whined.

"We...we will simply have to make do..." Pyrrha put up an admirable front.

A ding from their Scrolls drew their attention. It was an alert from the forums. An alert this late was quite odd. That meant it was a blog post and not simply a forum post.

Attention Oniwabans! I'm pleased to announce a contest for my most dedicated fans! As you know, we are less than two weeks away from the public release of Book Five, The Shogun's Garden! (Yes, I named the book after all of my favorite collection of anonymous human and Faunus fiction enthusiasts on the Internet!) I know many of you, especially our leading Yellow Bookers Bunko431 and Nossis, have a love/hate opinion on the cliffhanger at the end of Ninja in Matrimony?. To alleviate the raging fire of desire many of you are feeling, Oniwaban are actually getting something for their subscriptions other than a fancy email address and a t-shirt every once and a while! Who knew I actually cared so much? Anyway, Oniwabans are eligible for a contest to win the first two printed copies of The Shogun's Garden! And these aren't just your standard hardback copies. No, these are bound in rich Mistralian leather! I will be posting in the subscriber forum ever other day to drop hints of where in Vale I'll be next week! Good luck.

PS: Bunko431 and Nossis, please don't win this contest just so you can beat me up for the cliffhanger.

"The author mentioned us!" Pyrrha exclaimed.

"He never mentions specific posters," Blake wondered. "Really wish he could have chosen a better word choice when he was talking about the 'raging fire of desire'. There's no way he could have known about this, but the timing is just unfair."

The awkwardness came back, for both of them, thanks to the unintentional word usage putting the night's interruption in the forefront of both women's minds. The Invincible Girl wasn't feeling invincible so much as frustrated. Pyrrha looked away as she noticed Blake rubbing her thighs together. She wasn't looking away entirely out of embarrassment. The frustration that wracked her earlier was tinged by curiosity over how deep Blake's arousal went.

'Things will only get worse if Jaune has really abandoned his onesie..." Pyrrha complained.

"I agree. There's no way we are losing this contest." Pyrrha's declaration was so full of conviction that Blake wouldn't have argued if they were still offline acquaintances instead of online battle-sisters. There was also the fact that the mysterious author who had taken over the 'heavy lifting' for Patty Berdioler after the original Ninjas of Love had been published mentioned Blake's online persona.

She was actually quite eager to meet the series's co-author in public. In their guises as Bunko431 and Nossis, had exchanged messages sharing their belief 'Stejar Alblastru' was a lot younger than people suspected.

"Let's head back," Blake said. "What excuse are you using?"

Pyrrha chuckled. "Extra training. You?"

"Training, right," Blake smirked. "I went to read alone. I always blame Yang's snoring."

The Champion of Mistral breathed a sigh of relief. "We don't have much to worry about it seems."

"Let's hope so," the Faunus responded. The two went their separate ways, and were glad that their semblances didn't send them to the planet's core. Pyrrha actually jogged all the way back to her room. The Redheaded Hoplite was grateful for the presence of mind to bring a gym bag with her. It allowed her to squirrel the wonderful book away. As she slipped into the room, a cascade of different flavors of frustration flowed over her. The evening's previous frustration had previous faded to a vague heat in her core. Unfortunately, her desire flared violently.

'Sometimes I think you know exactly what you are doing, Jaune,' Pyrrha chewed at her bottom lip. Jaune, the shirtless object of her quite obvious affections, had just finished doing something at his desk. He was currently in the process of stretching and putting the wiry muscles he had been developing on full display. Pyrrha fought the urge to slip into the bathroom to relieve the writhing serpent of lust residing in her being.

"Evening, Pyrrha!" Jaune straddled the verbal line between eagerly shouting and whispering perfectly. He waved his Scroll happily.

"I...was not expecting you up so late," Pyrrha responded; caught between being touched, nervous, and wanting to march across the room and kiss him.

Jaune smiled. "No one likes to come home with no one to greet them. I've got a snack, if you'd like it before bed."

Pyrrha had expected Jaune's response to help sort out her emotions. Instead, they were intensified. The simple friendly offer would have been expected...routine...for anyone else. It was novel for Pyrrha and only made her adore Jaune more. She was growing nervous because her third urge was growing.

"That sounds wonderful," Pyrrha finally trusted herself to speak. They shared a quick snack of blueberries and almonds. "How did know about this type of snack?"

"Forums," Jaune casually admitted. "I'm a mod on a few sites and one of my admins told me about a great health food forum. They recommended blueberries and almonds as a 'superfood'."

"You're a mod on a couple of forums? Which ones?" Pyrrha asked. She managed to keep her expression neutral as Jaune hastily swiped one of the forum tabs away on his scroll. "Mostly, uh, X-ray and Vav, my local sports talk radio station from home...manly stuff like that."

"Very manly," Pyrrha agreed with a sly smile. 'Please catch the hint! Please!'

The Invincible girl tried not to squeal happily as Jaune blushed. "I, uh, hope you liked the snack."

"The gesture was very kind and," Pyrrha's attempt to press the advantage from her small victory was cut off when Jaune popped a blueberry into her mouth. Her mind shut down at the spontaneous gesture.

"I'll have to keep it waiting on you. I need to hit the head. Good night...Pyrrha," Jaune said with a lopsided grin.

Pyrrha trembled as she watched Jaune slip into the bathroom. She slipped her tiara off and tried to control her rampaging heartbeat. A ping on her Scroll, provided a moment of focus.

I know I said tomorrow would be the first clue, but I'm just nice like this. Here's the hint, "Kiro knew Bunko had entrusted him with sacred secrets. The realization that quiet, noble, patient Bunko trusted him so completely felt as natural as the tides. It was difficult to think of smiling, but one came unbidden. Bunko believed in him...and his quest to recover the Temple Bell." So...where are we?

Pyrrha gasped and quietly slipped over to her bed. She pushed her bag underneath to cover her search for Ninja in Love. "Page three-hundred and twenty."

Music quickly filled the room and Pyrrha squawked in surprise as she tried answered the call. "B-Blake...why did you voice call?"

"Hit the wrong button," Blake admitted sheepishly. "Three hundred and twenty?"

"Yes," Pyrrha whispered. "I'll send a text message."

Blake quickly acknowledged Pyrrha and hung up. "Everything alright, Pyrrha?" Jaune whispered.

The Sanctum Valedictorian nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of her partner's voice. "Y-Yes."

"Sorry," Jaune whispered quickly. "It's just whenever a call comes this late, problems are usually close behind."

"There is nothing to worry about. dialed me." Pyrrha hoped Jaune bought the excuse. She looked away before noticing that Jaune may have pictured pictured Blake in her pajamas accidentally sitting on her Scroll and eeping.

'I don't know whether to love my luck or curse it,' Jaune smiled ruefully at his thought.

"I'm trying to work out how that is physically possible with a Scroll though," Jaune laughed. Pyrrha returned the smile. "Good night, Pyrrha."

Jaune flopped into his bed. He quickly rolled over. Confident that he was at least faking sleep, Pyrrha pulled out her scroll.

'Blake-I think there is more to it than just the page number. Why choose that passage? The Temple Bell is a pretty big deal.'

Almost instantly the text was returned. 'Agreed. I wonder if the second clue will add more details. We'll talk tomorrow. If you aren't still as frustrated as your 'yes' made you sound.'

Pyrrha blushed and sighed into her pillow. This was going to be another awkward bit. 'Jaune has the worst best timing ever. I come in, he's waiting up so I won't feel alone after 'training'. No shirt. I'm SURE it was on purpose! All those stretches and just being so sweet definitely weren't on accident.'

'Shirtless?' The text response was almost instant.

'Don't even get me started on how he hand fed me a blueberry...'

Blake's "Sucks to be you!" response was a bit of friendly teasing, but Pyrrha couldn't disagree. Jaune had gotten the champion hot and bothered a few times, but never like this! She huffed and hoped sleep would come quickly. Pyrrha selfishly hoped that Blake was having just as much difficulty falling a sleep. Misery, after all, loved company.

Dreams were rarely this vivid for Blake. Vivid, unfortunately, was not providing the relief from the burning craving she had been denied earlier in the evening.

'Still, this is not an unpleasant setting,' Blake thought, surprised by the clarity in the dream. She was reclining on a comfortable lounge sofa in a Pagoda over looking the Rock Garden that often filled her aspirational dreams. This...felt different than most of those dreams. She took paid slightly more attention to not just her surroundings, but herself...

...and oh Oum she was naked.

Blake instantly knew which direction this dream was taking. The direction wasn't an issue. Truthfully, Blake was looking forward to seeing what the fire within her core was cooking up. It would just be very awkward if her dream became...intense. The last thing the alluring Faunus wanted was to hear Yang teasing her without end.

"Blake," a voice called out.

Her uncovered Faunus ears swiveled towards the source. A delicate eyebrow rose as the owner of the voice enter her coveted sanctuary. Normally, her dreams of this nature involved Kiro from the Ninja of Love series. Tonight, Jaune Arc strode forward carrying a tray of expertly prepared sushi, sashimi, and other delicacies.

"Well, this is promising start," Blake smirked. She could practically feel the lust radiating off the dream Jaune as if it was heat. Her dream had taken the surprisingly subtle looks Jaune had given all of the girls and turned the intensity up to eleven. 'Maybe I'll drop a few hints to Pyrrha. Though, after tonight...'

Speaking of tonight...Blake motioned for Jaune to approach. "Put the tray down and feed me."

Jaune nodded. He approached dutifully and put the tray down. Blake wasn't sure if the physical Jaune could use chopsticks. The Jaune conjured by Blake's imagination was quite skilled. She didn't have to ask for her favorite. Jaune simply collected collected the nearest piece of tuna shshimi. Blake was pleased by the precision and care shown by dream-Jaune. Though, she admitted, the real world Jaune outside of his previous obnoxious pursuit of Weiss was incredibly considerate.

Blake hummed appreciatively as she felt the artfully prepared tuna practically melt. She indulged in the pampering aspect of the fantasy for a few more bites. But this was a fantasy and she was tired of the current build up. Jaune prepared to feed her a glorious looking tuna roll, but now was not the time. Her right arm caught the arm carrying the chopsticks. Her left arm gripped the collar of Jaune's simple shirt ferociously. Blake pulled Jaune into a kiss of unbridled passion and furious, unrestrained need. It was not forceful or aggressive like the times Adam had kissed her. This was not one partner attempting to force dominance...or ownership. Blake was embracing everything she had longed for, but never gotten from Adam in this moment.

'To hell with Adam,' Blake mentally growled, shocking herself at the vehemence raised against her former partner.

Jaune's gentle caress ran alongside her sensitive Faunus ears, through her hair, and finally across her jawline. The passing of his fingers elicited a series of pleased moans Blake wasn't aware she could make. Breaking the kiss, the gorgeous young woman found it hard to smirk with her ragged, arousal-fueled breaths interfering sublimely.

"You," Blake forced out as desire filled her veins with molten steel. "Are overdressed..."

Jaune quickly obliged. The immediate obedience filled Blake with confidence and even deeper desire. She could definitely get used to this. Blake's partner for the evening crossed the distance and stood erect at Blake's side.

She reached out and took hold of what was hers. "Now, are you going to do exactly what I ask?" Blake licked her lips in anticipation. Each word was punctuated with a teasing stroke. Jaune nodded and the Faunus rubbed her thighs together. She was desperate to relieve the building pressure in her core. Her earlier concerns about a powerfully intense dream had been very well founded. Frankly, the only fuck Blake was going to give at the moment was to the very desirable Dream Jaune in front of her.

"Get down here," Blake ordered and released Jaune. The boy grumbled as the relief from his own arousal was nowhere near satisfied as Blake brought her attentions to a stop. Still, Jaune obeyed. He slid onto the couch and on top Blake. Their lips met again. This kiss straddled the edge between forceful and gentle. 'Decisive might be a better word,' Blake thought; the dream allowing her the ability to think straight despite the wonderful sensations of Jaune's hand grasping at her thigh.

The Faunus gasped as Jaune's mouth wandered across her jaw and down her neck. A bubbly laugh escaped her lips as her incubus' hand passed over a ticklish spot. The laugh became a startled gasp as Jaune's sensual reconnaissance reached her breasts. Waves of pleasure washed over and through her chest. The previous intensity of the moment had set her heart racing. Now, Blake feared the beating of her heart would transcend the dream into the waking world.

Fortunately for Blake, the moment of mortification was replaced by another shock. Jaune's sword had brushed up against her sheath. Feeling that her lover needed a reward for his skilled attentions, she reached down and resumed her earlier massaging. The is continued for a while and Blake was quite pleased with how things were going. So was Jaune, if the muted growl that rumbled forth was anything to go by.

"H-Hold up," Jaune managed to force out. Blake pouted that he had ceased kneading and suckling her breasts. The blonde dork had been very skilled.

"What?" Blake asked harsher than intended. The sudden stop robbed her of the glorious sensations.

The most Jaune-like expression of the night appeared on the mans' face. "I can't go lower if you're giving me a hand job. Not that I mind..."

Blake's ears locked into an upright position. She definitely wasn't going to say no to that. "Right, right."

She hadn't spoken to Jaune much outside of this fantasy, but he had evidently made an impact if she could replicate him to this degree. Jaune's playful nature bled through into the dream. He sat up for a moment, stretched, and provided Blake a very nice view of his toned, taut form. Jaune continued to tease Blake as he ground his erection against the moist exit to her womanhood. Blake couldn't even gasp as her body was wracked by an paroxysm of the rawest pleasure she had ever experienced. Satisfied with his little joke, Jaune repositioned himself over Blake. The knight chuckled as he started tracing Blake's tone stomach with kisses. Blake enjoyed the unyielding attention, even as she swatted the back of his head with a laugh. Joker had traced the edges of Blake's bellybutton with his tongue. He continued his relentless advance. The beauty was on the verge of losing control to the beast of pure lust pacing madly within every inch of her body. Her blood boiled in want and need for Jaune. A pressure on her thigh sent the anticipation welling within Blake into overdrive. Frankly, she wasn't sure how she could handle what was coming.

The sensation was far more intense than even her most earnest hopes. Jaune's tongue traced itself the faultline of Blake's pussy. It took every ounce of willpower she possessed for a simple "," to escape, hoarse and parched from her lips. Blake felt as if she had been wandering through the deserts of of Vacuo and Jaune's oral explorations were the glorious, refreshing drop of water she had received in months.

The hoarse whisper became cry of primal lust as Jaune's fingers slid into the delicate folds and his tongue engulfed her clit. If her mind, even in this dream state, could have accessed her dry wit Blake would have wryly noted a fundamental fact. Jaune had trouble shutting up. Given his propensity for talking, Blake should have realized his tongue could be put to an even better use.

But her rational mind wasn't accessible at the moment.

There was only animalistic need. Blake found her hips bucking in rhythm with Jaune's probing fingers. Moans and whimpers of utter bliss filled the pagoda. Blake's right hand gripped the backrest's frame. Her left pulled tightly on Jaune's hair. She could feel her entire body begin to violently convulse.

"Gods!" Blake cried. "Gods!" She cried again. Her pleasure addled brain attempted to cry out a third time, but she only screamed out a haggard "JAUNE!" in its place. Her senses were overwhelmed. She could only feel the passing of the pressure of her overwhelming pleasure. A thousand stars exploded into supernovae behind her eyes.

The first image that greeted Blake upon sight's return was a very pleased Jaune licking Blake's nectar from his lips. That cocky smile that adorned his face when he accomplished something meaningful was on full display. It got under Weiss's skin endlessly, but Blake found it endearing...and a reminder of the intensity of her climax. She reached out and motioned for Jaune with her arms. They trembled with both need and the aftermath of her coming.

"I have an idea," Jaune whispered. "Switch with me."

Blake nodded as she complied, but a part of her was roaring. 'Why are you delaying? We need him inside!' She straddled over him, panting heavily. Jaune sat up for a moment and kissed her neck passionately. Blake could only mewl contentedly. She reached down and spread her folds to facilitate Jaune's entry. Blake's face contorted into a mask of utter intoxication as she took all of Jaune within her. He likely wasn't the largest man on the planet, perhaps even in Beacon, but he filled her completely and perfectly. The Faunus started to roll her hips as Jaune began to thrust.

"Nnn," Blake breathed out. Waves of a feeling that transcended pleasure rolled up from her core. Once again, her blood boiled with lust and need. As she rode Jaune, she kneaded at her breast with her only free hand. Jaune had his fingers entwined with her occupied hand. Each thrust went deeper, glorious friction caressing every inch of her vault. "More! More!"

She vaguely knew she was begging. Blake didn't give a damn. She needed this. All of it.

Jaune's hands fell to her hips. His grip tightened and the frequency of his thrusts grew and grew. Blake was screaming wordless cries of extolation and ecstasy. Blake's back arced as she came in tandem with Jaune. The heat of his seed filled her in totality.

"J-Jaune," Blake whimpered. He had overwhelmed her completely.

The sensation of silk cut off Jaune's response. Delicate fingers traced the curves of Blake's breasts.

"Mmmm..." Blake hummed as a thrill pain and a hearty drought of pleasure formed an inciting solution as the new arrival pinched her nipple. Blake's left hand found its way into a luxuriant mane of the fieriest red. Rotating her head slightly towards the strands of fire in the corner of her eyes, Blake smiled at the statuesque and fully revealed form of Pyrrha Nikos. "What took you so long?"

As their lips met, the dream ended in a flash of white. Blake bit her index finger to keep from crying out in shock. Faunus had near perfect night-vision. Blake was never so grateful for her genetic heritage in her entire life. She could clearly see that the rest of Team RWBY was sound asleep. Her body was slick with sweat and the aftermath of the most intense dream of her life.

Blake crashed back into her pillow. Her mind filled with two thoughts; 'What was that dream?' and 'When can I have another one...'

Pyrrha slinked through the hallways towards her sanctuary. There was an odd energy in the air and distant features were muddied until she reached them. Colors weren't as vivid as normal. The conditions were, in a word, dreamlike. The Mistralian Champion could ponder that later. The universe seemed to be conspiring against her and she needed release. A light slipped through the gap between the door and the frame. Pyrrha smiled, hoping it would be Blake.

"Blake?" Pyrrha whispered as she covertly entered the room.

"Nossis," The gorgeous Faunus teasingly replied. Pyrrha was shocked by her internal descriptor, but she couldn't deny that. The other night when Pyrrha and Blake had discovered each others secret, Pyrrha had felt a charge between them. The electricity Pyrrha had experienced wasn't as intense as the charge Jaune sent down her spine, but Blake had certainly made an impression.

She was making another one.

Blake was sitting on a washer, one leg dangling off the front with another propped up on the edge. The silk pajamas had slipped off her left shoulder. Pyrrha fought the urge to gulp. She had left JNPR's dorm to get some space from the blessed torture of half-naked Jaune. Her flight from one den of temptation had led her into another temptation, one that confused her greatly. She couldn't deny her attraction to the sensuality Blake practically sweated. It was just...staggering.

Gathering her wits, she took up a roost on the dryer next to Blake. The pair read in companionable silence. Pyrrha squirmed a bit as she debated whether to pursue the full experience. A quick glance to her left exposed that Blake was wrestling with the same question.

"I..." Pyrrha started.

Blake turned towards Pyrrha. "Curious?"

Pyrrha flushed. "Well..."

The Faunus undid her bow and tossed it aside, revealing the visual reminder of Blake's heritage; a set of cat ears. 'They are so cute,' Pyrrha thought, but was interrupted by an wry smile from Blake. "I can't hear anyone...and this place is our secret anyway. W-What's one more?"

Pyrrha felt a heat in her cheeks. She was sure that if she could see her face, it would be giving her hair's hue a run for its money. Still, the thought of having an audience was exciting. Pushing past her trepidation, Pyrrha slid her hands into her loose-fitting but infinitely comfortable shorts. Her questing fingers quickly reached her favorite spots within her. Pyrrha sighed as much from the welcomed stimuli as her relief at simply having a chance to release the lust that had been dammed up far too long.

Out of the corner of the Invincible Girl's eye, she saw Blake begin to mirror Pyrrha's actions. The sounds leaking from the silk-clad beauty next to her were pure sensuality to the champion's ears.

"B-Blake?" Pyrrha gasped as Blake's hand began to massage Pyrrha's inner thigh.

"This place is our secret," the Faunus' voice was a gentle breeze that sent a shiver across every centimeter of Pyrrha's body. "This could be another one."

The redhead's heart was ramming up against her ribcage in a furious attempt to escape from her chest. Pyrrha Nikos knew that she was steadily falling in love with her partner, Jaune. She knew she considered Jaune almost unfairly attractive. Pyrrha also knew, that right now, it was impossible to deny she lusted after Blake Belladonna.

"I-If you are sure," Pyrrha stammered, but there was an undeniable begging undertone.

"I am, but only if you return the favor..." 'Bunko431' whispered into Pyrrha's ear. The other girl's breath tickled her earlobe. The sensation caused Pyrrha's resistance to evaporate. Her legs relaxed, especially her left which had become entangled in Blake's right leg.

The girls' hands wandered. Each exploration was tentative, almost hesitant. Each near miss or probing touch lingered on the skin like embers. Pyrrha gasped as Blake slid her ring and middle fingers into the champion's moist folds. The Hoplite struggled to return the favor by caressing at the fabric shielding Blake's pussy from the world. There was a flash of amusement at the word choice, but it was washed away by pleasure. Blake purred appreciatively at Pyrrha's attempts. The B of RWBY was clearly overwhelming Pyrrha.

"I-I...I..." Pyrrha panted.

Blake built up her tempo. "I wonder...who are you thinking of right now?"

"J..." Pyrrha collapsed against the dryer's control panel and the wall. The rhythm slowed, sending shock-waves through Pyrrha's core. "I-I think of Jaune..."

The word was barely a whisper and Blake's quiet voice pleaded for Pyrrha to repeat her confession. "Jaune..."

She looked up at Blake to gauge her friend's reaction. The admission shouldn't have caused such an intense look of shock. Pyrrha's admiration and attraction towards Jaune was fairly obvious. A clatter of polymer on tile drew Pyrrha's attention.

"Jaune?" Pyrrha shouted.

"Um...hi...Pyrrha?" Jaune stammered out. Pyrrha was caught between supreme embarrassment and glee beyond words. First, the man she was falling in love with had caught her engaged in mutual masturbation with one of their mutual and beautiful female friends. Second, Pyrrha had just admitted in a voice that rivaled her pussy in how much it was dripping in lust for him. Pyrrha had just waiting for Jaune to shout his disgust and run back to the room. As she hopefully looked for some form of positive reaction in Jaune, whom she hopelessly adored, her heart once again attempted to escape from her chest. Pyrrha had gotten his full attention. No doubt, some of Jaune's arousal was due to the activity he had walked in on. Pyrrha Nikos was infinitely pleased that Jaune's gaze lingered on her far longer than Blake. She would not begrudge Jaune for harboring a bit of lust for Blake Belladonna as that would be hypocritical on her part.

That gaze was nearly glazed over with lust.

"I've been an idiot, haven't I?" Jaune asked.

"Everyone else picked up on it," Blake pointed out.

Pyrrha tried to protest, but Jaune had closed the distance between them. He was close and Pyrrha felt a fire in her core. She ached for him. He gently placed a hand on her thigh and massaged a random point with his thumb. Each whisper of pressure, each caress sent shock waves cascading from the blessed contact.

"So, you've been thinking of me when doing this?" Jaune asked, pride swelling in his voice. His voice was a glorious siren call. It carried so much of the determination she saw in Forever Fall.

The I want went unsaid, but the way Pyrrha breathed, "You," was unmistakable.

"Even I can't miss these signals. Are you...ready?" Jaune probed. Pyrrha could only nod. This was happening! Jaune slipped his hand under her leg and pulled her close. Their lips crashed into each other with a force that wouldn't have been out of place in one of their spars. This was happening! The sensations were overwhelming and everything Pyrrha could have hoped for. She had lost track of time, as her head was swimming due to Jaune's sheer intoxicating Jaune-ness. The next breath she remembered taking was more of gasp. It was a satisfied gasp because Pyrrha needed a lungful of breath and Jaune had just placed a passionate kiss on the nape of her neck.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha nearly cried. This was almost too perfect. She cooed as one of Jaune's hands explored underneath her shirt. Her mind was too addled with pleasure to care which one it was. Pyrrha reveled in ever detail. The callouses that gave her love's hands somewhat of a rough texture were welcome. They were the product of their shared practices. Their trust.

"Arms," Jaune requested. Pyrrha complied with a nod. Her arms lifted skyward and her tee shirt followed quickly. Jaune resumed his exploratory kisses. He eventually settled on her clavicle with a nip. Pyrrha shuddered as Jaune started to knead her breasts. Jaune smirked, "Am I being less of an idiot?"

"Yes," Pyrrha was overwhelmed by boldness. She felt the momentum swing. It was a new, oh-so-welcome change from that moment where she knew she had won a match. This victory went so much deeper than any gladiatorial triumph. She pounced forward, determine to show Jaune just how far from 'idiot' he currently was. There lips met again as Pyrrha wrapped her legs around Jaune's torso. It was somewhat of a miracle that Jaune managed to stay upright. After a few minutes, Jaune used a leg to kick over a hamper and scattered a number of clean sheets and towels over the floor.

He then proceeded to unceremoniously drop Pyrrha on her ass. "Jaune!"

"We can't exactly go much further if you've got me in a vice grip like that," the Arc knelt down in front of Pyrrha. In an instant, he had retaken the initiative. He teased and feinted around her nipples. Pyrrha bit her index finger to keep from calling out. Her back arced as Jaune's hand began exploring the thin layer of cotton shielding her aching need from the world.

Pyrrha's heavily lidded eyes were clouded with pleasure, but she noticed a detail that had been lost in the haze of Jaune.

Blake Belladonna had been watching. Given the wonderful moans and the hypnotic bucking of her hips, she seemed to greatly enjoying the show. That realization actually submerged Pyrrha deeper into the pleasure of the moment.

"J-Jaune..." Pyrrha moaned. "I..."

"Are you sure?" Jaune asked in a husky voice that wasn't even bothering to hide his desire. Another wonderful twitch of his fingers caused Pyrrha to cry out. Her voice, hoarse and catching on every glorious tendril of burning pleasure, was unable to provide verbal consent. So, one of her hands decided to stop supporting her position. Pyrrha reached out and drew Jaune into a kiss brimming with every positive emotion and ounce of consent she could muster.

"That's a yes, right?" Jaune asked dumbly as he lowered Pyrrha from her awkward half-sitting position.

"I'd say," Blake supplied.

Jaune looked up in shock, then back down to Pyrrha, back up to Blake, and finally back down to Pyrrha. He quietly repositioned his gaze so he could see both insanely beautiful, insanely naked women. "Holy fuck! You're still here?!"

"I like watching," Blake admitted with a shrug.

"Well..." Jaune returned his focus to Pyrrha. "Ready?"

Pyrrha nodded. Jaune pushed Pyrrha's small-clothes aside and entered. Pyrrha whimpered as a feeling that only compared to unleashing her full Semblance overcame her. The thrusts came slowly at first. The partners were unsure of themselves in their first time. Pyrrha still couldn't believe how easily she was being overwhelmed just from this sexual appetizer. Her mind was clouded by her bliss, but Jaune seemed to be receiving the signals loud and clear. His pace increased tenfold. It was all Pyrrha could do to cry out. Coherent thought was an utter impossibility. Pyrrha Nikos really could not imagine how this could get better, but then Blake decided to enter the fray.

Later, when Pyrrha had time to reflect on the kiss that had muffled yet another cry of ecstasy, she would notice a few differences. First, Jaune's kiss had been clumsy, but full of affection and enthusiasm. It had been so Jaune that Pyrrha couldn't help but adore it completely. Second, Blake's kiss had been skilled, but paradoxically sensually delicate and utterly commanding.

Then, Blake had decided to commence with a duel. Using her tongue.

"I think she likes this," Blake teased after breaking the kiss.

Jaune, bless him Pyrrha thought, didn't stop as he answered with a "I-I'd hope so!"

Pyrrha vaguely recognized Blake's playful smirk, but the image was quickly consumed as Jaune's shaft provided glorious friction against a very sensitive spot within her. Pyrrha's eyes went wide as she realized that Blake's dripping pussy was inches away from her face. Lost in a sea of pleasure, her budding attraction to the beautiful Faunus, and the boldness born their secret rendezvous...Pyrrha indulged. She repositioned her arms around Blake's thighs and drew her friend in closer. Her tongue dived between the folds of Blake's womanhood. The Invincible Girl's explorations were rewarded by a scream. That was followed by her muffled moans being joined by Blake's.

After a few moments, the Mistralan heard Jaune shout. "Best. Day. Ever."

Each word was drawn out longer and hoarser. It was then, the world exploded.

Pyrrha's vision went white and she shot up in her bed. The redheaded warrior fearfully looked around Team JNPR's dorm. Nora was happily asleep; accenting every mumble about 'Beowulf fur hats' with a happy twitch of her right leg. Ren was sleeping the sleep of the dead. He almost looked like a vampire from that movie Pyrrha watched once. Pyrrha's stoic friend was sleeping perfectly still with his arms crossed over his chest. It was then Ms. Nikos cast a nervous glance to Jaune. Her most cherished friend, and burgeoning love, was asleep on his side as usual. As usual, he had a contented grin on his face.

It was almost unfair. Pyrrha was a skilled Huntress. She had faced down warriors twice her age in front of roaring crowds of nearly one hundred thousand spectators. She had battled Grimm in their dozens. All of these things had been done without fear or hesitation. Yet, she could not confess her feelings to the one person who had ever cared for her as Pyrrha Nikos this deeply.

'It had been so easy in that dream...' Pyrrha lamented. A droning clatter to her left captured her attention. 'Why am I getting a message so late at night?'

She really shouldn't have been surprised the message was from Blake. The content, however, caused a gasp to escape into the stillness of the night. I blame you for my dreams tonight.

Pyrrha gulped. Blake couldn't have had the same dream...could she?

Author's Note: Well, time for some shameless smut. First PLOT focused fic I've ever written, but what the hell? Why not?

A couple of things. 1)OOC? Eh, probably. I'm shifting things for the sake PLOT but I'm going to try to keep it to a minimum. 2)The reason Jaune was far more talkative in Pyrrha's dream is that she knows him a whole lot better at this point. 3)This fic is probably going to be five chapters long if everything goes to plan. 4)Yes, this is another Hive Mind idea.