Jaune Arc flopped onto his bed at his family's vacation home on the coast of Vale. The Arc family had 'invited' their only son to 'celebrate' his successes at Beacon. In truth, it was just an excuse to interrogate Jaune about just how the hell he had managed to survive initiation. They were still very shocked regarding Jaune's entry to Beacon. Heck, they were barely processing that he was not only balancing his career with being a team leader. Jaune had been thoroughly interrogated.

Especially after his somewhat stumbling confession that he was in a relationship with both Blake Belladonna and Pyrrha Nikos...at the same time...and both girls were aware...and involved.

Needless to say, his family finally understood why Jaune had sulked after being told "No, you can't bring anyone with you," to the weekend 'retreat'.

"I should text or call them..." Jaune decided. He reached over to his Scroll and quickly noticed there was a E-Mail with a very, very large attachment. It was sent from Pyrrha's Oniwaban E-Mail account.

'This...will be interesting...' Jaune mused as he opened the video attachment...

Pyrrha was fumbling with the camera as Blake sat on the edge of the hotel room's bed. She was grinning with sheer amusement as the girlfriend part of her crazy, but oh-so-satisfying, currently relationship proved emphatically that 'The Invincible Girl' wasn't perfect in everything.

"I don't get this," Pyrrha grumbled as she stared into the lens. "I've always been on the recording end...not the technical end..."

Blake got up and crossed the room. She took the camera from Pyrrha's hands and placed a quick and surprisingly chaste kiss on the redheaded stunner's lips. "Part of your problem is your trying to be both. The camera is on and recording already..."

"How..." Pyrrha started to ask.

"Propaganda films," Blake answered. Neither woman expanded on the point. Blake quickly set up the tripod and aimed it at the bed. "How much do you think we could get selling this?"

The Mistral Champion did not respond immediately as she was removing her copper colored sweater. "I once heard that a photo of me doing a cartwheel in a tournament went for around nine thousand lien."

"I think the footage of you taking off that sweater could triple it!" Blake laughed as she too started removing articles of clothing.

"Jaune will be getting this for free and I bet we still get him to pay money for it."

The ladies laughed as they, neatly, put their clothes to the side. Blake turned to the camera and smiled deviously. "Jaune, if this doesn't get you to hurry up and write...nothing will."

If Pyrrha expected to get a word in, Blake Belladonna had other ideas. The Faunus pounced and enveloped in a passionate embrace punctuated by a searing kiss. Pyrrha enjoyed the kiss greatly. Each of her lovers had very different kisses. Jaune was eager and made up for his lack of experience with a genuine desire to please his partners. He actually was very good at kissing the nape of Pyrrha's neck. Blake, on the other hand, was in control and guided Pyrrha into a near-melted state of pleasure. The kisses were also emblematic of the kind of love Pyrrha had for both Jaune and Blake.

Jaune was a more traditional mix of romantic love and lust.

Blake...Pyrrha had no problem admitting that her relationship with the beautiful, elegant, and somewhat mysterious Faunus woman was almost exclusively pure unbridled lust. There was a deep friendship, but the lust between the two women was overwhelming.

A rather devious idea came to Pyrrha's mind and the Hoplite could feel Blake's confusion at the smirk now residing in the kiss.

Pyrrha enjoyed the tactile sensation of running her hands through Blake's silken locks. She suddenly pulled back on Blake's long hair and began kissing the Faunus' neck. A pleased purr escaped from Blake's throat. Further emboldened, the Invincible Girl gripped Blake's ass tightly. Pyrrha was enjoying this fearsome boldness. She spun Blake around and tossed the Faunus onto the bed.

A half-laugh filtered through the room as Pyrrha pounced at Blake. The two beautiful women crashed back into each other with a ravenous kiss. Blake's hands mirrored Pyrrha's earlier action. She tightly gripped each cheek and squeezed tightly. A finger found its way into Pyrrha's ass. Pyrrha shot up with a gasp and created an opening the raven-haired beauty exploited with ruthless efficiency. Blake sat up and cupped Pyrrha's breasts in her hands. The feline Faunus began lapping and suckling on the Champion's nipples.

"Mmmm," Pyrrha hummed an appreciative moan. "Blake..."

Blake slowly pulled away, but added one last lick at Pyrrha's breasts. "You seem to have enjoyed that..."

"Well, I have been spoiled by my loves," Pyrrha giggled. "Tonight...tonight I think I'll be the one spoiling you."

"Wha?" Blake started to ask, but was pushed down by a pouncing Pyrrha Nikos. Pyrrha placed a kiss on Blake's lips before leaving a trail that headed lower. A laugh escaped Blake's throat as the Invincible Girl caressed a particularly ticklish area around Blake's belly button. Pyrrha felt a surge in confidence at eliciting such a response. Finally reaching Blake's inner thigh, Pyrrha laid a deep and powerful kiss. Blake moaned at the attention that rode the knife's edge between delicate and forceful. Pyrrha moved with deliberate sensuality towards the dark-haired beauty's womanhood. A teasing breath garnered a surprised gasp.

"Please..." Blake begged. "D-Don't tease me..."

"You mean, don't tease you...like this?" Pyrrha asked before sweeping over Blake's entrance with her tongue. Blake half-moaned, half-groaned as she was ruthlessly teased by her usually submissive female lover. The change of pace was exciting and Blake loved being the sole focus of Pyrrha's attentions. Blake could admit she was falling for Jaune as well as Pyrrha, but after her disastrous, if only budding, relationship with Adam her tolerance for men was low. The feminine touch was more appealing at this stage in Blake's life.

But she needed more.

"Please..." Blake begged again as she massaged her breasts.

"Say it again..." Pyrrha ordered.

"Please! Please, Pyrrha!" Blake screamed.

Pyrrha grinned. "Since you said please. This will be grand," The champion crowed before burying her tongue deep between her female lover's folds. As Blake writhed beneath the unrelenting offensive of her lashing tongue, Pyrrha's hand found their ways to the Hoplite's own moistening entrance. The probing of her fingers soon matched the odd cadence of Blake's gasps and pleasure-filled moans. As glorious as this was, and hearing the normally stoic and always hypnotic Blake Belladonna beg for more of Pyrrha's lovemaking was glorious, Pyrrha found herself wanting more. Pyrrha knew her body and which points within her brought her the most pleasure. She just couldn't get deep enough.

Blake was nearing her breaking point. She was nearly drunk on pleasure. "I-I..." was all Blake could force out before she was engulfed in the blizzard of her climax. Her hands had long since found their way to Pyrrha's tresses. When Blake came, she pushed her girlfriend's face deeper into her pussy.

Pyrrha slowly sat up and took in the exposed, vulnerable, and gorgeous form of her lover. The cadence of Blake's breathing had normalized following the violence of her climax. Teasingly, Pyrrha traced her thumb across her lips collecting some of Blake's juices. As she licked fingers, Blake moaned and began masturbating.

"I wasn't expecting dessert before dinner, Blake..." Pyrrha whispered.

"C-Can I get it?" Blake whimpered.

"Yes," Pyrrha agreed, but not before crawling forward and giving her Faunus lover a quick kiss. Blake rolled over after a break for breathing. She quickly reached over the edge and ruffled through a bag. It was only through sheer luck and an involuntary tensing of her body that she managed to hold on to her prize. Pyrrha had slid up behind her once again. The Champion of Mistral was calling upon the boldness she possessed in the arenas of her homeland. Pyrrha's fingers were thrusting with the intensity of Miló into Blake's vulnerable, but welcoming pussy. As Blake nearly collapsed into a pleasure-addled puddle, Pyrrha's free hand found its way to Blake's breasts.

Blake came again.

She had never come twice

Pyrrha finally relented and flopped backwards. She smiled at her handiwork as she admired the sheen of sweat and nectar granting a new ethereal element to Blake's body. Invitingly, Pyrrha spread herself. Blake purred as she revealed her prize...a double-headed dildo. The Invincible Girl moaned as the device entered her. The knobs and bumps brushed against her most sensitive of places. Waves of pleasure washed over her body, but Pyrrha found herself missing the familiar warmth that came from union with Jaune. Still, this was a thrilling and beautiful moment of lovemaking.

The two women began to pump and grind against the sex toy, and each other. As the intensity of the lovers' actions continued to grow, a symphony of moans, gasps, and the wet sloshing of their arousal.

"M-More..." Blake whimpered. Pyrrha reached out and entwined her right hand with Blake's.

"More," Pyrrha agreed. The Mistral Champion was nearing her own breaking point. Desperate for the release, Pyrrha threw her all into one last desperate push. A particularly fortuitous knob slid across one of Pyrrha's weak points. Blake, it appeared, was well on her way to yet another climax. By a miracle, both women orgasmed at nearly the exact moment. Spent, the two women collapsed. Pyrrha slid the aid from her satisfied flower and crawled over to Blake. The redhead cuddled with her female lover. "You were grand."

"I...I love you," Blake confessed.

"And I you," Pyrrha confirmed. She took a moment to play with Blake's feline ears. This earned a contented hum from the other woman. "I truly find your ears beautiful. I...I am touched you trust me enough to reveal them."

"Mm," Blake had truly melted into a puddle of sexual satisfaction, comfort, and acceptance. "You and Jaune...you both mean so much. I don't know what would have happened to me without you and my team. You all give me so much hope...so much love."

Pyrrha kissed Blake's forehead before turning to the camera and smiling.

Jaune Arc was, in so many words, completely going to town. The video he had just watched may have been the single hottest anything ever witnessed. And it was his. There was no way in any of the Grimm-infested hells that existed that he would share this with any living human being.

"Oum..." Jaune grunted as he reached his own climax.

"Jaune, we were hoping to talk to you about..." Capucine, his mother, announced as she opened the door. Jaune yelled in surprise...and release...as his parents entered the room.

'Well, this is awkward...' The three Arcs thought as one.

Jaune sat cross-armed and glaring as the two most important women in his laugh were writhing in fits of laughter. Pyrrha was burying her face in the crook of Blake's neck. The champion was honestly a bit mortified by the entire situation. She was mortified that Jaune had been discovered 'enjoying' the video she had made with Blake by his parents. The mortification was nothing next to her mortification at being unable to stop her unladylike guffaws at her love's misfortune.

Ms. Belladonna had no such hangups and was reveling in the schadenfreude. She was giggling fiercely, doubly so since she could tell Jaune was trying to put on the 'indignant tough guy' act in an attempt to make the girls laugh even harder.

Jaune decided enough was enough and gave in. He laughed right alongside his girlfriends.

"Jaune," Blake finally started to speak again. "What did your parents say about...well...us?" The raven haired beauty flicked her eyes between both her romantic partners. Pyrrha perked up as she was very eager to hear her Partner's parents opinion on the very unique situation.

"Well," Jaune began. "They aren't quite sure what to make of everything, honestly. Mom and Dad are willing to give it a chance. I know mom wants to meet both of you..."

"Oh," Blake barely squeaked out. Her mind was thousands of miles away in Menagerie. 'How would my parents react to this? How would they handle me being in love with two humans?'

"I think that would be grand," Pyrrha added with her usual polite enthusiasm. She was aware of some of the distress experienced by her lovers, but was desperate to play the soothing peacekeeper.

"W-What about everyone else?" Blake asked. "Should we, well, let everyone know?"

"I...I think we should let our parents know first," Jaune said.

Blake suddenly felt her hand engulfed by Jaune's own. She looked at both her lovers. "I-I haven't talked to my family in years..."

Pyrrha and Jaune were silent as they allowed Blake to come to her own decision. Eventually, their friend, lover, and comrade took a deep shaking breath. "Could you be there with me?"

The Partners nodded. "Why wouldn't we be?" Jaune asked in a shocked tone of voice. The idea that he, or Pyrrha, wouldn't support Blake was baffling.

"Thanks," Blake said simply as Pyrrha pulled her into a hug. "I'm going to talk to my team about some stuff. I'll let you know when I'm ready."

Blake separated from her lovers. Pyrrha and Jaune watched her go to her teammates.

"This is a big step for Blake," Jaune mused.

Pyrrha smiled. "She will have strong support. Blake will have her team and us, along with Nora and Ren."

"We'll be there for her..." Jaune agreed. "We all will."

The next day, Blake had asked Pyrrha and Jaune to join her in the Library. Specifically, they were to meet her in Study Room Four. Pyrrha was curious as to what the room was like. Her mind was soon filled with images of her lovers ravishing each other. Jaune was at her side, chatting about wanting to do something nice for both Pyrrha and Blake, and didn't notice that had stopped working. She leaned into Jaune in order to keep upright as her mind slipped deeper into the voyeuristic fantasies populating her thoughts.

"That...would be splendid, Jaune," Pyrrha spoke in a breathless, rushed, and flustered voice to help end the one-sided nature of the conversation.

"Is everything okay, Pyr?"

"I-I was just thinking...Study Room Four is where you and Blake had your…encounter, correct?" The Invincible Girl asked.

"Uh, yeah," Jaune asked sheepishly. He was well aware of the unique semi-open dynamic of his relationship with Pyrrha and Blake. It occasionally took some thought to realize just how unconventional everything was, but the strangely stable arrangement worked.

'What is all this really?' Jaune asked. He knew he loved Pyrrha. Jaune was also becoming more and more certain he loved Blake as well. 'At the end of the day...I guess I want this to be about more than sex...'

The confession shocked him. Then Pyrrha added to the shock with a cautious, "I think that would have been a grand sight..."

Jaune gulped as they walked up the stairs to the library. "I guess we all have a lot to talk about."

"Yes," Pyrrha agreed. "I would imagine that is why Blake suggested Study Room Four. That location gives us the most privacy."

"Yeah," Jaune echoed as he put a hand on the small of Pyrrha's back to politely guide her into the study room. A number of shocked looks followed the J and P of JNPR into the room where Blake Belladonna was waiting.

"Hi," Blake said with uncertainty.

"Hi," Pyrrha responded as she took a seat.

"Hi," Jaune parroted playfully. He received a flat look from both of the women in his life. "What, I hang out with Nora, Yang, and Ruby as much as you two do. What did you expect?"

"Emotional maturity from our lover and favorite author," Blake deadpanned. The momentary shock to her system let her center herself.

Jaune looked at Blake in confusion, then to Pyrrha, and finally back to Blake. "You...have met me right?"

"Oh shut up," Blake actually laughed. Pyrrha giggled as well. "I wanted somewhere we could talk..."

"We're here for you," Pyrrha spoke for herself and her partner.

Blake looked down as she tried to gather her thoughts. Eventually she blurted out, "Is what we have just sex? I know you two probably are have something more, but where...where do I fit in all of this?"

The fear of rejection was so evident in Blake's voice that Pyrrha and Jaune simply had to embrace her. Words were very unnecessary. They could only do harm. A whole lot of tears flowed.

"I don't want to be alone anymore."

Those simple words encapsulated the single most fundamental truth in the hearts of Blake, Jaune, and Pyrrha. They did not want to be alone.

More than that, they were tired of hiding.

"To hell with it all," Jaune declared. "I want to tell the world. Our Teams support us. If anyone else has a problem with us then they can fuck themselves right off a building. I love both of you."

"To hell with it all," Pyrrha agreed.

"Jaune...did I hear that last bit right?" Blake forced out a joke. She wanted to show her gratitude and that she was slowly easing back to her normal near-brutally sharp wit.

"I think so..." Jaune huffed. "I think someone slipped us the Evil Clone of our favorite person, Blake. There's only one way to find out."

"Jaune..." Pyrrha hissed dangerously.

Blake grinned like the cat who ate the canary. "How do we do that?"

"Exploit Pyrrha's only weaknesses...she's ticklish in that little spot where her shoulder meets her neck and on her left thigh! If she laughs, she's not an evil clone!" Jaune 'betrayed' his partner.

"Dibs on the thigh!" Blake exclaimed, fully confident that she was fully accepted by Jaune and Pyrrha. The Invincible Girl squealed as she came under attack from her two 'friends'. For a moment, Pyrrha considered falling back on her Semblance. That moment was snatched away as quickly as her breath when Jaune ruthlessly exploited her shoulder weak spot. Blake was wearing her school uniform and had no metal. Jaune, likewise, was in his school uniform and only had the small bit of metal on his belt buckle. That wasn't enough to stall him, at least as she was laughing under the ferocious attack.

She was a Huntress and a four-time Mistral Regional Champion! There had to be something she could do! Rational thought wasn't exactly an option at the moment, so she did the next best thing and kissed Jaune deeply while simultaneously throwing her free leg over Blake's shoulder. She was rewarded by Blake burying her face in Pyrrha's womanhood and Jaune's hands moving under her jacket.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Blake huffed. "We're going to get caught. It's the middle of the day. As much as I can vouch for this being a very nice place to have sex...the three of us aren't exactly quiet."

"I'm all for risking it," Jaune declared after consulting his second brain very thoroughly.

Pyrrha buried her face in the crook of Jaune's neck. "I have to agree with Blake, Jaune."

"We could always take him to where this whole thing started," Blake said with a smirk evident in her voice.

"I believe that would be a fitting way to celebrate this new step," Pyrrha agreed.

"Would one of you divinely beautiful women explain to the very confused male in the room where, literally and figuratively, this conversation is going?"

"You'll see," Blake and Pyrrha coordinated their answer.

"I hold the future of your favorite books in my hands," Jaune countered.

Blake put a finger to her lips in thought. "Pyrrha, we can beat Jaune in a fight. What if we just overpowered him and took over writing Ninjas of Love ourselves?

"That sounds grand! Jaune would also be at our mercy..." Pyrrha trailed off at the end.

The conversation and joking stopped as Jaune snaked his arm across Pyrrha's lower back and Blake latched onto Pyrrha's free left arm. They couldn't help but continue to radiate acceptance, happiness, and a good bit of lust as they walked out.

"Ah...crap," Jaune muttered. The girls gave him a confused look. Using his free arm, Jaune forlornly motioned to a table where Team PNKE was playing Blackjack.

"I still can't believe they all weren't killed in initiation…" Blake pondered.

Pyrrha sighed. "Things aren't getting much better...look who is heading our way."

Jaune and Blake cursed under their breath as a cruelly smirking CRDL was approaching. To everyone's surprise, it was Dove Bronzewing who spoke first. "So, which one do you use your dick on Pyrrha?"

"Walk away assholes," Jaune warned dangerously. "Next time, there may not be anyone to drive the Ursa away."

"Jauney-boy's balls have fully dropped. Wonders never cease," Cardin mocked.

Blake rolled her eyes. "At least Jaune is fuckable."

"What was that?" Sky snapped.

"They are saying that the closest you all will get to sex is a date with Rosie Palms," Jaune snapped.

"If you're lucky, she might even let a bottle of lotion join in," Blake sassed.

"Whereas, we are going to enjoy each others' company," Pyrrha declared. "I would wish you a 'good day', but you four are so miserable and hate-filled that I doubt such a thing is possible."

"Good luck continuing to push every woman in Beacon away with your shitty attitude," Jaune taunted. "Want to get food first or..."

"Or!" The two beautiful women declared firmly.

"Holy shit! We're trending!" Kobe declared. "The video's already been shared one hundred and nine times by Beacon students!"

"Because you put it on my channel," Ery countered. "No one cares about how wrong your opinions are about sports."

"Ha! I bet #CRDLisunfuckable will be a bigger viral hit than your video!" Pierre challenged.

"Ours is actually creative," Nefritis agreed with his partner.

"You're just taking credit for us!" Blake snapped at 'Team Misanthrope'.

Pyrrha smiled dangerously. "I do believe we should have a spar sometime..."

"Aaaand that's our cue," Kobe blithely commented.

"Have fun, Hero of All Men," Ery said with a wave as PNKE walked back to their degenerate gambling. CRDL was left fuming, but went to 'discuss' matters with PNKE. Fortunately for the eight men in question, Glynda Goodwitch had arrived in anticipation of CRDL and PNKE causing more embarrassment (and property damage) to Beacon.

Blake's face was a mix of fuming, embarrassment, and humor as she slipped out of Team RWBY's dorm. She was fuming and embarrassed because as she left, Yang and Ruby had told her "Don't have too much fun. JNPR doesn't need their leader's hips broken!"

Pyrrha and Blake weren't that insatiable tonight. The fuming was amplified because Blake lacked the words to describe, even to two of her closest and most treasured friends, the nature of her relationship with Jaune and Pyrrha. It wasn't 'sharing' one or the other. Blake, Pyrrha, and Jaune were equal in the relationship. There was no 'harem'. There was certainly not an open relationship. The situation between the lovers was unique. It did not meet the usual societal expectations of a monogamous relationship or a completely open multiple partner relationship.

A part of Blake truly enjoyed the thought she was part of something new and novel.

She pushed all those thoughts aside as she slipped through Beacon's Campus and arrived at the Laundry Room. Pyrrha and Jaune were waiting. Jaune was wearing a simple white t-shirt and his traditional jeans. Pyrrha was wearing a white tank and very tiny red shorts. Blake looked down at her v-neck crop shirt and black shorts.

"Did we really subconsciously coordinate?"

Pyrrha tapped her chin, one of her habits both Blake and Jaune had begun to pick up on, and hummed. "It appears that way."

"So...why are we in the industrial laundry room?" Jaune queried.

"This is where Nosis and I 'outed' each other a few minutes before you posted the information about the contest," 'Bunko431' revealed.

"We were both quite annoyed by one of your turns of phrase, Jaune," Pyrrha added.

Jaune quickly looked around. This laundry room was very isolated. Pyrrha and Blake had been sneaking off to read his books. That, in addition to being a very awesome mental image, made the turn of phrase that had annoyed Blake and Pyrrha obvious.

"In my defense," Jaune began. "I didn't know you were about to 'enjoy' the series. I thought Pyrrha was going for a run and Blake is sneaky so I didn't even hear Blake leave RWBY's room."

"I am sneaky," Blake agreed.

"Plus, I couldn't hear anything in your dorm over Yang's snoring anyway," Jaune pointed out to his sneaky Faunus girlfriend.

The trio slipped into the laundry room. It was as empty as always, much to the relief of Blake and Pyrrha. The women led their lover deeper into the enormous, and very loud, facility.

"Why come down here?" Jaune asked to the women. "If you just wanted to read my books, why come down here?"

"I don't think we were coming down here just to read..." Blake teased.

Pyrrha blushed. She had made love to both of her partners, but for some reason admitting her past 'activities' was something else entirely.

It hit her out of the blue...she wanted them to see, but couldn't find the words to express it.

Fortunately, somewhat, Blake Belladonna intervened. A wicked, but playfully friendly, smile appeared on her lips. "Why don't you show us, Pyrrha?"

"I haven't performed for an audience since my last tournament match," Pyrrha teased.

"We've been replaced by John Grey from Mistral, Blake," Jaune theatrically lamented.

Blake removed her bow and flattened her Faunus ears flush with her hair. "I'm devastated."

Pyrrha quickly retaliated by hitting Jaune in the face with her shorts. Blake used her superior reflexes to dodge Pyrrha's tank top. The redhead stuck her tongue out at both Blake and Jaune.

"Tempting, isn't it?" Jaune asked Blake.

"Very," Blake agreed.

Pyrrha laughed. "If you two behave, I may put it to better use later..."

"Have I mentioned that I love you two? I don't think I've done that enough..." Jaune babbled.

Pyrrha decided that the time for banter, amusing as it was, had passed. She hopped onto the nearest counter. A thrill went down her spine and blossomed outwards as Pyrrha reveled in the lust and adoration Jaune and Blake were radiating for her.

Pyrrha decided to reward her dearest 'fans'. She spread legs wide, hiding nothing from her audience. Pride stoked the burning desire in her core as Jaune took a step forward. Blake, always the more controlled of Pyrrha's lovers, also had a glazed look in her eyes that betrayed the base animalistic needs that lurked in every person on Remnant.

This was the power Pyrrha held.

She placed her left leg in a more comfortable position and her fingers began their fevered work. As Jaune watched, he felt a familiar pair of arms snake around his waste.

"I wonder...who fills her thoughts?" Blake's teasing whisper filled his ears. The slight touch of her breath was amplified by Jaune's lust, not just for the image of Pyrrha pleasuring herself, but for the lust he held for the Faunus holding him tightly. Jaune wanted to ask Pyrrha. He wanted to hear her say it, but all he could manage was something approaching a growl. Blake kissed Jaune's neck and ran her hands across his chest. "I think he wants you to say it, Pyrrha..."

No words could escape her throat as she bucked against her fingers.

"Say it," Blake repeated.

"Ngh," Pyrrha continued her relentless minstrations. It was all Blake could do to restrain Jaune. The buildup would be for nothing if Jaune lost control. Then, the magic word left Pyrrha's lips. "J-Jaune!"

Blake moved her hands from enjoying the fruits of Pyrrha's training of Jaune and unzipped his pants with one hand. Her free hand reached into Jaune's jean pocket and slipped out a condom. Deftly, the midnight-tressed Huntress sheathed Jaune's 'sword'. "I'm going to guide you both. Pyrrha lean all the way back, please."

With a bit of reluctance, Pyrrha complied. Blake released a trembling breath as her desire to be a dominant partner in a relationship was being fulfilled.

"Go, Jaune," Blake guided. Jaune advanced ravenously. He entered Pyrrha. The author and knight, alongside Blake, were rewarded with a ragged moan of pure relief and pleasure. "Lift your legs, Pyrrha," the Faunus continued to instruct her lovers. "Now, Jaune, cross her legs."

There was a moment of confusion, but Jaune complied. He began to thrust with fervor. The partners were soon covered in a sheen of sweat. Almost immediately after discarding her clothes, Blake joined Pyrrha on the counter-top and began to see to her own needs.

"So deep...so deep," Pyrrha repeated the mantra several times. Blake loved seeing the look of ecstasy etched onto her girlfriend's face. Her boyfriend looked equally drowned in the pleasure. "Jaune!" Pyrrha scream came ragged and free as she orgasmed. Jaune managed to disengage while Blake leaned over and kissed Pyrrha. Eagerly, Pyrrha's lips parted and allowed both women's tongues to enter into a fierce battle. Jaune watched in awe. The video had been amazing. This...was unbelievable. He could feel the heat radiating off his lovers.

"What do you want, Pyrrha?" Jaune asked. Blake's directorial debut had intrigued him greatly.

"Fuck Blake," Pyrrha gasped after breaking the kiss. "I want to watch you fuck Blake."

Jaune nodded. He really couldn't say no to either of the women in his life. Eager to please both women, he strode forward. Blake's left leg rose to meet Jaune and stopped him in his tracks.

"I think I'm still in charge."

Jaune ran his hand along Blake's calf and further down her leg. "You sure?"

"I..." Blake started. Jaune interrupted her by sliding his middle and ring fingers into her waiting pussy. "Dust..."

Jaune chuckled and leaned forward to kiss Blake. The gorgeous woman ground desperately against her boyfriend's fingers. She loved that not only was he striving to drive deep within her, but giving her clit a glorious amount of attention with his thumb. "Let me get ready," Jaune whispered.

Blake nodded. Jaune quickly produced another condom and joined the women on the counter. Pyrrha was enjoying the show. To show her gratitude, she kissed Jaune after he laid down. Moments later, Blake descended onto Jaune. She was positioned almost perpendicular to Jaune. Blake began to bounce and grind against Jaune's pubic bone. Pyrrha watched her lovers join. The Invincible Girl loved the drunk with pleasure expression that covered Blake's face. Pyrrha loved the mewls, moans, and mutterings that escaped her lover's throat as her precious Jaune attempted to drown her in pleasure. Jaune was evidently spurred on by Blake's vocalizations. He began to buck and thrust with intensity.

Blake began to scream. She had lost herself to the moment. Pyrrha scrambled to her feet and decided to join in the love-making. The redhead planted a kiss, deep and hungry, on Blake's neck. An arm rested on Blake's opposite shoulder so that Pyrrha could caress Blake's exposed Faunus ears.

"Gods!" Blake cried out; voice slurred with pleasure. "Gods!" She cried again as she came.

She collapsed off Jaune with a very pleased grin replacing the drunk look from earlier. Jaune had barely removed the condom from his shaft when Blake and Pyrrha reminded him that they were two of the premier Huntresses in Beacon. They launched themselves at Jaune's cock with predatory ferocity.

And he was perfectly okay with that.

Pyrrha and Blake began lashing Jaune with their tongues. His head crashed back onto the counter with a gruff, "Holy shit..."

Blake cupped Jaune's balls as she worked on eagerly ensuring Jaune was clean. Pyrrha ceased for a moment, and Jaune was quite disappointed when both women paused. That disappointment burned away as Pyrrha sandwiched Jaune with her breasts. Blake quickly straddled Jaune and nearly used her knees as a vice for the Arc's actual head. Pyrrha began using her tits to stroke Jaune's dick. Blake was not idle either. She lapped at Jaune's other head.

Needless to say, Jaune didn't last long under such a protracted and vigorous assault.

"I'm not sure how you can keep going, but I'm not going to complain..." Blake teased as she grabbed some unfortunate student's pillowcase to wipe her face off.

"I have two goddesses, how could I not fulfill my duty?" Jaune asked.

"Poet," Pyrrha cooed while pilfering another pillowcase. "Blake, roll over. I have another idea..."

"They've been amazing so far," Blake responded as she was very eager to comply.

The Mistral native crawled on top of her Faunus lover and began kissing her passionately. She broke the kiss for a moment. Jaune had an idea of where this was going and slipped off the table. Pyrrha flashed Jaune a pleased grin before saying, "Don't go in yet, Jaune. 'Split' the difference..."

The author was impressed with Pyrrha's joke. He was, however, far far far far more interested in carrying out her request. Jaune quickly slid in between the two gorgeous women. They began to grined against each other and Jaune. Blake and Pyrrha's moans from the delicious friction were muffled by their kiss and dueling tongues. Once again, Jaune was driven over the edge.

"Oum in Heaven," Jaune breathed and collapsed on the floor. Pyrrha and Blake were also exhausted from the wondrous encounter. They both crawled off the counter and joined Jaune on the floor. Both women were grateful that Jaune had stolen someone's bedsheet and spread it across the floor. Pyrrha snuggled against Jaune's right side. Blake claimed Jaune's left.

"That was incredible. We will definitely do this again," Pyrrha sighed blissfully.

Blake played with a strand of Jaune's hair. "Agreed. I've never been happier..."

"Me either. I've never felt so alive or wanted," Jaune said in support.

"People 'love' me, but not truly. Not like either of you," Pyrrha added.

Jaune actually rolled his eyes. "Pyrrha, I know if you wrote that in a chat room you'd have quotation marks around that, but they only care about living vicariously through you. That's hollow. We're real. And damn it, I'm going to make sure you, and you too Blake, get all the love you can handle."

"Can you kill Ayano in a book? She's our least favorite character. That would be a lovely way to show us how much you care," Pyrrha joked.

"I can manage that," Jaune acquiesced. "Oh, the Vytal Festival Ball is coming up...how are we going to work out the dance schedule?"

"Stejar Alblastru," Blake used Jaune's pseudonym playfully. "Are you asking both of us to the dance?"

"The only way I wouldn't take you is being deployed to battle a horde of Grimm and/or being arrested and shipped off to Atlas. Even then, I'd probably escape and take you both to that dance."

"I think we can accept your invitation," Blake answered with a peck on Jaune's cheek.

"There isn't anyone I would dream of going with besides both of you," Pyrrha quickly agreed.

Jaune whooped in triumph. He would have pumped his fists, but he was immobilized by his demotion to 'warm-body-pillow'. The trio simply basked in contented silence for several minutes.

"I feel like we can change the world right now," Jaune confessed.

Blake smiled. "I think we will."

"Together," Pyrrha declared.

"Together," Jaune and Blake agreed.

There were no guarantees in life for Huntsmen and Huntresses. However, the three lovers were determined to soldier on to ensure they got their happy ending.


Author's note: Holy crap! I completed a fic! I never thought I'd actually do this outside of a oneshot (and a lot of my regular readers probably think the same thing!). Still, this story is complete! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! There will be a poll on my Profile regarding what to follow this fic up with. I have a lot of ideas. Some...that already have about 12,000 words each written. If you are curious about what the heck the options are, feel free to PM me.

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