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Jon Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie and Warden of the East, had a small smile as he stood on the steps of his court yard and watched his two wards duel one another with practice weapons. Even at three and sixty Jon stood tall, his hair and beard already greyed but his body still strong with only a few aches every now and then.

The first boy was tall and muscular, his dark hair dripped with sweat as he swung a mighty war hammer at the other teen. Robert Baratheon was the heir to the Stormlands, his father having died and leaving the boys education lacking. Jon had known Steffon Baratheon well and was happy to take the boy in to help raise him to be a proper Lord.

The other boy while shorter then Robert was still tall, his body was leaner and toned and he wielded a sword. Eddard Stark was the second son of Lord Rickard Stark of the North, unlike Robert the boy would not inherit his father's title but that did not bother Eddard. He was happy to learn all he could so he could bring honor to his Family and follow his older brother when he became Lord of the North.

"Come on Ned." Robert boomed out with laughter. "Is this all a wolf can do?"

Ned grinned behind his sword and spun it in his hands. "A wolf does not simply take down his prey but wears it out Robert." Ned then moved forward and swung at his friend, Robert was able to block the attacks but Jon could see he was tiring.

"Father." Jon turned and his smile grew when he heard his son call for him. Jon had been married three times in his life, his first wife having died while giving birth to a stillborn daughter and his second dying from winters cold embrace before she could bless him with a child. He did not think he would ever marry again until he met Laena Nestoris, a beautiful woman from Braavos. Laena was the only daughter of a Braavos Lord with ties to the Iron Bank, as such she was never wanting for anything and spent much of her time traveling and seeing the world. She held a thirst for knowledge Jon had not seen in many and the two had grown close as he told her much of the history of Westeros. Jon would admit he was simply trying to be a good host and his heart almost gave out when the woman had become rather forward with her advances when she realized he was not picking up the hints.

His good father was not very happy for her to be marrying a man older then himself but a pout from Laena was all it took for him to cave, apparently he could deny her nothing. So they were wed, he had worried his sworn Lords would not like having a woman not of the Vale but after two marriages with woman who were they were just happy he was happy.

Two years later and Laena had graced him with something he thought he would never have, a son and Heir. Harrold Arryn, named after a great ancestor of his, was a ray of sunshine within the Eryie. His only wish was his mother was alive to see him, she had been lost at sea when sailing home to see the wedding of her youngest brother. Jon still stayed in contact with his late wife's family and they often wrote to his son telling him of his mother.

Harrold, or Harry as he preferred to be called, was a smart and energetic little boy. He had dark brown hair like his mother but green eyes like his father, currently he was in a white tunic shirt with black pants and a light blue cape representing the house colors. He had learned to read rather well at a young age and Jon never had to ask him to attend lessons with the Maester, unlike many boys. Harry also loved to watch Ned and Robert train, both teens had taken a shine to the young boy and Robert would carry him around on his shoulders telling him tales. "And how can I help you today son?"

Harry smiled and held up a book. "Look what Lord Royce sent me." Jon took the book and saw it was a history of Runestone, House Royces home.

"Ah another for your collection." Jon said and handed the book back then ruffled his sons hair. "I think in a years time you will own and have read the history of all the Vale houses."

Harry smiled and looked past his father to see his fathers wards fighting, Jon noticed a look of mischief in his son's eyes as the boy grinned and took a breathe. "Robert you have a letter from Lyanna!" Harry yelled.

The shout and news caused Robert to turn, which left him wide open to get hit by Ned in the side. The hit made his drop his hammer and Ned held his weapon to his friends throat. "Yield?"

Robert smacked the weapon away. "Horseshit I was distracted." He huffed.

"In a true fight there could always be distractions." Jon called out, not hiding his smile. "You need to learn how to block them out but also stay aware of your surroundings."

Robert crossed his arms but nodded, then he glared at the grinning Harry who attempted to hid behind his father. "Oh your father can't save you little bird!" Robert yelled, though he was smiling, and sprinted towards Harry, who laughed and took off into the keep.

"Serves you right!" Harry yelled behind him laughing.

Ned chuckled and slowly walked over to the practice weapons rack, putting both weapons away before following after Robert and Harry. "Did you need us for anything Lord Arryn?"

"No Ned." Jon said with a shake of his head. "Please go ensure I still have an heir." Ned chuckled and jogged off.

"Lord Arryn." Turning he saw a guard walking to him. "A letter arrived for you." Taking it Jon noticed it had the seal of House Targaryen, Jon frowned but unsealed it and quickly read over it. His eyes widened and he took a quick breath.

"Go find Eddard and Robert, have them meet me in my solar." Jon ordered and the guard nodded before sprinting off towards where Ned had just gone.

Harrold, Harry, Arryn rode down the Kingsroad along with one hundred vale guards at his back. At seven years old some might find it odd to see a boy so young traveling without his family but Harry was currently in route to Kings Landing to see his father. Two years ago his father, Robert and Eddard had gone to war against the ruling family, the Targaryen's, when the Mad King Aerys II killed Eddard's brother and father. He did so because Crown Prince Rhaegar had apparently kidnapped Eddard's sister, and Roberts betrothed, Lyanna.

Harry was worried the entire time, every letter he received he feared would tell him his father was dead. This fear stemmed mostly from his memories, for just as he was Harrold Arryn he remembered being Harry Potter. He was not sure why he was reborn, he had died at the old age of one hundred and seventy-three and was not experimenting in anything that might have caused this. He had come to the conclusion maybe it had to do with the supposed Master of Death title, instead of actually mastering death he simply would always be reborn.

Harry still had his memories, which had helped him grow to be a seemingly brilliant child, but noticed the emotions attached to them were lessened. It was like watching a play, he might know the event should make him sad or angry but he didn't feel it to the same level as he was sure he did then. Of course Harry counted that as a blessing as it had allowed him to love his mother and father fully even though he knew he had another set.

Harry also still had his magic, it was weak and probably at the level it had been when he was this young before but since he was unaware of it in the past he wasn't sure. Harry was extremely careful to not do accidental magic and had thus far not, he had learned that magic existed in this world but in a smaller degree and in Westeros it was frowned upon but mostly because it was always used for evil purposes. He knew until he had established himself and gained allies he couldn't show his magic, if he ever did. He also had no idea what to do for a wand, his best answer thus far was a wand created from the branch of a Heart Tree in the godswood. They were supposed to be connected to the old gods, Harry didn't know if that was true but they were definitely magical. His makeshift wand did work so until he practiced more and got back to using his wandless magic it was all he had.

"Milord." Harry turned to see one of his Heir Guards riding next to him, when war broke out his grandfather had hired fifty men from within the Iron Banks guards to travel and guard him. The men consisted of both older veterans and some young green men but all were loyal to Harry and Harry alone, knowing no one in Westeros could out bribe the Iron Bank also made Harry and his father sleep better. "We should be there in an hour." He reported and pointed ahead, Harry could make out the Red Keep in Kings Landing and the walls guarding the city.

"Do we need to stop and let the horses rest or is all well?" Harry asked.

"At this pace we should be fine milord." The man said and fell back into line with the others.

Harry took a breath and steeled himself, the news coming from Kings Landing was not settling. The princess Elia and her children had apparently been murdered, the princess herself having been raped before killed, and the culprits were not in chains. Harry had no love, or hate, for Targaryen's but that was a step way too far. From the news Robert didn't even care and was marrying the Lord in charge of the men's daughter.

"Lannister." Harry thought bitterly, they were the Lord Paramount of the Westerlands and were extremely wealthy thanks to their mines. The current Lord was a harsh man who did everything he could to promote their name, Harry was sure he had twisted things around so the grief stricken Robert would do what he wanted. Sighing Harry would have to wait and see what was all going on before trying his best to fix things, of course being seven did not help. "At least father is alive."

Harry was angry and it showed as he walked the streets of Kings Landing that night, his Heir Guard on his heels. His original theory was correct, Tywin Lannister had made Robert marry his daughter for his cooperation and Robert was so angry at all Targaryen's he didn't care about how they died. None of them took the threat from Dorne seriously now that peace was being established, but Harry knew from whispers how dangerous the princes of Dorne could be. His father and he were to sail down and establish peace with them, a futile attempt that might just get them killed.

If that was not enough apparently he now had a stepmother, Hoster Tully had only agreed to join the fight if Ned and his father married his two daughters. Of course Harry was still the Heir of the Vale, he learned from a banner man who was there the man had the nerve to try and make any child between his father and the woman the rightful Heir but his father put that down quick.

While the idea of having brothers or sisters was a bit exciting Harry did not like his father being with anyone but his mother. "Milord anywhere special we are going?" A guard asked.

Harry sighed and shook his head. "I just need to clear my head." The man nodded and looked around, many of the people stared at them and Harry felt pity. The Lannister's had decided to sack Kings Landing when they showed up under the pretense of protecting it, the act was uncalled for and only drove people to dislike their new king. A large burst of laughter and a mans grunt drew his attention, in the door way of a tavern Harry spotted a portly man in armor laughing at a man on the ground holding his side.

"That will teach you swine." The man said with a slur and then went back into the tavern. Harry moved forward to the man.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked, the man looked up and his eyes went wide as he scrambled to his knees.

"Fine milord." He said quickly, Harry could now see he was bleeding on his side.

"You've been cut." Harry said and looked to his men. "Have him taken to a Maester, if you cant find one go back to the keep." Two guards nodded and moved to help the man.

"Milord tha's not necessary m'fine." The man said a bit shocked.

"I do not know who the man who cut you was but he should not have." Harry said firmly as his men helped the man up. "I will see him punished."

"Doubtful milord." The man muttered.

"Why is that?" His guard asked, hearing the man since he was next to his head. The man looked panicked again.

"Knights and men at arms must face justice like everyone." Harry said, he knew not all Lords followed that but his father did and he planned to.

The man looked around and licked his lips. "Milord that man was Ser Amory Lorch, if he can kill a princess and nothing happen why would he be punished for cutting a baker?" Harry frowned.

"See him treated, pay for it." Harry said and waved the men off, though when they left Harry looked at the door of the tavern.

"What do you want to do milord?" Qos, the Captain of his guard asked as he could see the wheels turning in Harrys head.

"Robert may not punish him for killing a Targaryen." Harry said quietly after a moment. "But he still loves me like a younger brother, if the man were to hurt me what do you think he would do?"

Qos frowned. "Might take his head but how are you going to get him to attack you, plus let's not mention what might happen to me should you get hurt badly."

Harry grinned and shrugged. "Details." The others chuckled. "Follow me in with ten men, if Lorch has more with him the last man will wave in another ten and so on until we have more." Qos sighed and nodded.

"Veterans to the front." Qos ordered and the men shifted around so the more experienced could get past.

"Come." Harry said and walked into the tavern, the place was dark with only a few candles lighting the room. Straw covered the ground and the occupants quieted down when the noticed Harry and his men, looking around Harry saw a large table near Lorch was empty.

The Knight was with six other men in Lannister scarlet and gold armor, woman were on their laps and each man was holding a cup. Harry said nothing as he moved towards the empty table.

"Ah young Lord Arryn." Lorch called out with a grin. "Out enjoying all that King's Landing has to offer?"

"I was." Harry replied and took a seat on the end of the table so he was facing Lorch. "But it seems my mood is ruined now." Harry looked at him when he talked so the man would understand what he meant.

Lorch bristled. "Well there are other taverns in King's Landing."

"I've heard." Harry replied. "Perhaps you should go look to be sure though."

"Careful Young Lord." Lorch said while the Lannister men put their cups down. "Even with a guard Kings Landing can be a dangerous place."

"Yes I've heard." Harry shot back. "Luckily with the great Ser Lorch around none of those pesky children will dare approach me." His guards chuckled as did a few braver, or drunk, patrons.

Lorch shot up, swaying a bit but he used the table to steady himself. "I will not be insulted by a boy!"

"Careful Lorch." Harry said with a grin. "If a girl of three can do that to your face think what a boy of seven could." Harry pointed to the bruise on the mans face, causing more laughter. Lorch stormed forward and grabbed Harry by his shirt, lifting the boy out of his chair.

"I could snap you like a twig boy." Lorch said with venom. "Wonder how much your father would cry losing another child?" He grinned wickedly at Harry and drew his sword, which made his guard jump up and pull their steel. "Uh uh uh, wouldn't want anything to hurt the little Lord." Harry felt the tip of the blade poke his ribs.

The mention of hurting his father, even emotionally, and the fact he drew a blade made Harry snap. While Lorch looked at his guard Harry reached behind his back where he had a dagger hidden, under advisement of Qos. Grabbing it Harry drew it in one swift motion and stabbed Lorch in the throat, Harry and the sword fell to the ground as Lorch stumbled back and reached for his throat to stop the bleeding. His guard were quick to move around him and block the Lannister men from getting to him. "Leave." Qos said sternly, the Lannister guards were quick to scamper away.

Harry moved over the dying Ser Lorch and leaned down. "No one threatens my family in anyway." Lorch looked on wide eyed as his blood pooled around him, Harry looked up and saw the civilians looking at him and his men. "I apologize for the disturbance." Harry reached down and grabbed the money pouch on Lorch, walking past his men he tossed it to a man behind the bar. "Drinks on us until the money runs out and we will remove the trash for you."

The man opened the pouch, his eyes going wide when he looked inside. "No worries m'lord." He replied, Harry nodded and looked around.

"Grab the body and lets go." Harry ordered and the men snapped into action while he headed for the door. Looking outside he saw his other guards had surrounded the building entrance.

"What now milord?" Qos asked.

"Get the body to the ship were using to get to Dorne." Harry whispered to him. "As secretly as you can, will say we left it in an alley across the way, and preserve it."

"Preserve it?" Qos replied confused.

Harry nodded. "This accident can be turned into an opportunity." He answered then looked down at the bloody dagger in his hand. "Dorne might be a bit forgiving if we give them one body, at least me and father might get out alive and poison free." Harry then reached down and cut a large piece of Lorch cloak off and used it to wrap the dagger. Qos grunted and looked to his men, speaking to them in a different language so no one would know what he ordered. Harry had asked what language the men spoke but Qos had simply laughed and told him to find out on his own.

Several men moved to create a screen, two throwing their cloaks over the body, and then moved towards the docks with the body. "Those Lannister men no doubt went to report this so lets head to the King and tell our tale first." Qos nodded and yelled a command, the remaining forty men formed a ring around Harry and they marched back to the Red Keep.

"So he's dead than?" Robert asked as he looked down from the Iron Throne. Harry had immediately gone and told his father who then went to Robert. By then Tywin Lannister had shown up and was raging about Harry killing his man.

"Yes your grace." Harry replied and Robert grunted before taking a drink of wine.

"Good save me the trouble of gutting him myself." Robert replied.

"So nothing is to be done about this boy killing my knight?" Tywin Lannister asked heatedly, he cared not for the man but for the fact he was slighted. "And what of the body? I'm sure his family will want to bury him."

"I left his body in an alley by the tavern." Harry replied but Robert banged his cup on his throne.

"Your knight threatened a boy." Robert yelled as he stood. "The son of my Hand, Heir to the East and almost kin to me." He fell back to the throne. "I'd have his head on a pike if Harry hadn't killed him already." Robert grinned at that. "Heh, seven years of age and already killing knights that a boy lad." Harry didn't smile, one because he wasn't proud of it and two because his father was already upset with him. "This is done with and I'll hear no more of it." Robert ordered and stood. "No I'm off to bed and you lot do the same."

Tywin shot Robert a glare before turning and walking out of the throne room. Harry felt a hand on his shoulder, turning he saw his father looking down at him. "I'm not happy with all of this but at least your safe." He said sadly, Harry felt bad about this all and cursed his hot temper.

"I need to work on that this time around." He thought, knowing it got him in trouble quite a bit in his old life. "I'm sorry father."

Jon sighed and squatted down to look Harry in the eyes. "Many fathers worry their children will get into mischief and cause them grief, you have done both in a tremendous way today." Harry frowned and shifted uneasily. "But at the same time you've been forced to grow up these past two years, and todays news probably didn't help you mood." Jon sighed again. "Promise me you will think more on the consequences of your actions, Tywin Lannister is not a man we want as an enemy."

"I'll do better father I promise." Harry replied with conviction, Jon smiled and patted his shoulders.

"Good." Jon said. "As you know I am the Hand of the King now so you will be taking on more responsibility at the Eyrie until I find a place to foster you." He knew Eddard would be more than happy to have Harry but he would wait a few years to be sure a different choice might be needed. "From the reports I've received I know I can trust you with this."

Harry beamed. "I won't let you down father."

"I know." Jon said and groaned as he stood. "Now come, we should get some sleep before we head off to Dorne in the morning." Harry nodded and fell into step beside his father.

Dorne was a beautiful place, while the temperature was higher then he'd ever experienced in the Vale Harry was enjoying the view. Much of the architecture reminded Harry of the middle east in his old life, though there were differences, and even the people had a middle eastern look to them. Their ship had been met by Martell guards and his father, he and Qos along with a small contingent of their men were led to a grand building.

Walking through the large structure Harry enjoyed the slight breeze that rolled through due to the design. They arrived at the center of the building and it opened up into an open air garden. In the middle was a table with three people around it, the first was a well dressed man in an orange robe with a white trim, his hair had a slight curl to it and was combed back and cut to end just past his ears. His hair was black but had streaks of grey in it, that along with his wrinkled skin made him look older then Harry guessed he was. Harry knew this was Prince Doran Martell as he was seated in a wheelchair.

Next to him was his brother Oberyn Martell, the man was younger and despite his relaxed demeanor Harry had heard he was a fierce warrior. The Red Viper, as he was called, had thin eyebrows and eyes that looked snake like. His body was muscular and his hair longer then his brother but he had streaks of silver in it.

Resting against Oberyn, covering his body as best she could with hers, was a beautiful woman with long black hair and copperskin. Her outfit was a bit revealing but she made no move to cover herself as Harry and his father approached.

"Princes Doran, Oberyn." Jon said with a bow to both men. "I hope we find you well?"

"Lord Arryn." Doran replied with a nod of his own. "I hope you will excuse me for not standing, my illness has been irritating as of late."

"Of course Prince Doran." Jon said and then placed his hand on Harry. "May I introduce my son and heir Harrold Arryn." Harry stood tall before giving a bow to the men.

"Well met young lord." Doran said then turned and waved a guard forward. "I believe this discussion is not suited for young ears, my daughter Arianne would be delighted to show him around."

"Of course." Jon replied and looked to Qos. "I hope you take no offense but this man is tasked with keeping my son safe by my good father and will accompany him along with a few others."

"We are not the ones who murder children." Oberyn hissed out but Doran raised his hand to silence him.

Qos quickly stepped forward to defuse the situation. "My Lords in our profession it is better to trust no one and expect deceit at every turn."

Doran nodded. "Cause no disturbances and we will have no quarrel with you." Qos bowed and stepped back. "Take them to my daughter and inform her to entertain our guest until we are done here."

"Yes my Prince." The guard said and gestured for the Harry to follow him.

Harry glanced at his father, who gave him a nod, and then followed after the guard. With his dozen guards behind him Harry walked through the halls of the Martell home, taking in the building as he did. Soon they came to a set of large wooden doors, the guard knocked. "Princess Arianne."

"Yes?" Harry heard through the door.

"You father bids you to entertain young Lord Arryn while he and Lord Arryn meet." The guard said, they heard a sigh.

"Enter." The guard opened the door and Harry moved forward into the room. Much like the rest of the building it had high open windows to let in light and a breeze, seated on a bench near one of the windows was a girl who looked close to Harry's age. She was wearing a black robe and didn't bother to turn to face them.

"Princess." Harry said and gave a bow even though she was not facing him. "Allow me to introduce myself, Harrold Arryn Heir to the Eyrie and Vale."

Arianne turned to inspect him, Harry would admit she was pretty for a girl and guessed she would grow into a beautiful woman. "Welcome Lord Arryn, forgive me for my lack of hospitality."

"Of course." Harry said as he walked forward. "The loss of family is not something easily ignored."

"No it is not." Arianne replied as she looked out the window. "While I have only met her once my Aunt was a kind woman who did not deserve what was brought upon her." Harry frowned and then looked to Qos, giving him a nod the guard turned and spoke to his men quietly. Four men nodded and walked off back the way they came.

"Yes I remember how it felt to lose my own mother." Harry said and took a seat on the opposite side of her. "She died at sea while going to visit my grandfather."

"I am sorry for your loss." Arianne replied but her voice was hollow. "Was she raped before her death as well?" Harry knew when to shut up so he turned to look out the window and watched as the guards moved around.

"Well isn't this pleasant." Harry thought with a sigh.

"Once again Lord Arryn you are welcome to stay for the night." Doran said as Harry and his father boarded the ship. The talks had gone on all afternoon but his Father had gotten Doran's word they would cause no trouble, though Harry was sure they would be plotting their revenge.

"I appreciate the hospitality Prince Doran but I must get back." Jon replied with a nod. "But as Roberts rule is still new I must get back to attend matters."

"Very well." Doran said and looked to Harry, Arianne was at his side but didn't look the least bit apologetic. "I also apologize for my daughters rudeness."

"No apologies necessary Prince Doran, I remember what it was like to lose someone close to me." Harry said and gave a bow before walking onto the ship.

"Bastards." Oberyn muttered as the ship started to sail off. "Asking us to forgive them for what happen to our sister, niece and nephew."

"Calm yourself Oberyn." Doran said without looking at his brother. "Vengeance will be ours but it will require patience." Oberyn spit into the water and his lover wrapped his arms around his neck.

"Come let us take your frustrations out in a more constructive way." Ellaria whispered into Oberyns ear.

"My Princes." Both me turned to as a group of guards moved forward. "A gift was left by Lord Arryn." Both men cocked an eyebrow but Doran waved them forward. Four men carried a large wooden box the size of a man and set it down before the Princes, one man used his spear to begin plying up the lid.

"By the Seven." Doran whispered as the lid was ripped off, inside was a body with salt around it. One its chest was a note and a dagger with its blade wrapped.

Oberyn moved forward and grabbed the note. "I hope this gives you a small amount of closure. Signed Harrold Arryn." He passed the note to Doran and grabbed the dagger, ripping the cloth off to see the dried blood still on the blade. "Perhaps I misjudged the little falcon."

"This is Lorch?" Doran asked.

"I believe so." Oberyn replied, his eyes never leaving the dagger. "If not then the boy will pay for attempting to trick us."

Doran grunted in agreement. "Perhaps the little Falcon is more honorable then we believed." Oberyn nodded, meanwhile Arianne turned to look out at the ship disappearing with the sun with a small smile on her lips.

Days later when a visiting guest asked about the bloody dagger sitting in a place of honor in their home the Princes would simply smile and say justice.