It was a simple mission get it and get out. But for the team there was something bound to go wrong. Batman sent the team out to get information at a facility in Gotham. Batman was suspicious that someone was trying to make a Bio weapon and release it in Gotham. But it didn't go as planned, it never goes as planned.


"Miss Martian lower the Bioship, Team A deploy." Aqualad ordered

Robin and Artemis dropped out of the open hatch and started for the air vent on the roof to get inside.

" Miss Martian stay in the Bioship and keep watch from the sky the rest of us deploy and keep a perimeter but stay hidden. Miss Martian link us up."

Aqualad finished giving the orders and jumped out of the hatch while Kid Flash and Superboy followed.

'Everyone here?' Miss martian asked over the mind link

'Im always here for you.' Wally said affectionately

' oh grow up will you' Artemis growled

'present' Robin replied

'here' Superboy grunted

' Okay everyone stay on alert. Robin, Artemis how far are you?' Aqualad questioned

'Plugging in now stay whelmed this may take a little bit.' Robin replied

*inside the room*

All was quite the only thing heard was the typing of computer keys.

"oh no..." Robin said

"What is it" Artemis asked quickly"

" We need to leave. Get to the vent." Robin said hurried while unplugging his glove from the computer.

*outside the facility*

'Aqualad vans approaching the building.' Superboy said

'Same on my side' Kid Flash said

'Aqualad there are vans surrounding the building' Miss Martian said hesitantly

'Aqualad! we need to leave now its an ambush!' Robin said through the link

'Everyone get to the bioship as fast as you can. Miss Martian meet on the roof." Aqualad ordered

But what the team didn't see was the men inside the building getting to the roof. So when the whole team got there they were surrounded.

"Oh Shit." Kid Flash said

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! do you kiss your mother with that mouth!? Joker Said while stepping to the front of the group of thugs.

" What do you want Joker?" Robin questioned

" Well since you asked Robbie poo. It's about you! HAHAHA!'' Joker replied laughing

"Me?" Robin questioned

" Yes! You see Gotham hasn't been the same without you in gotham so why not draw you out here. And what do you know it worked! HAHAHAHAHA!" Joker ended in a laugh

The Joker kept laughing and then sobered up.

"Get him boys." The Joker said darkly

The thugs started at the and the fight began. Kid Flash was zooming around taking down the thugs. Superboy and Miss Martian were either punching the thugs or levitating them and throwing them across the roof. Artemis was firing trick arrows at some thugs advancing on the team, all while Robin was versing the Joker.

"I've always wanted to carve this bird" Joker said with a smile

Joker puled out a knife and started to dodge and flip to get away from the knife. But what he didn't see was the thug headed towards him.

The thug swung at Robin and caught him in the side of the head. Robin got disoriented for a second but that was all the time Joker needed in order to spray Robin in the face that acted as a sedative. He started to feel light headed and dropped to the ground unconscious.

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