~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mount Justice

After the League heard that Robin was taken by the Joker they all seemed to pour in the the mountain.

Superman 01

Wonder Woman 03

Green Arrow 04

Flash 05

After entering they saw Black Canary and Martian Man hunter all standing in the middle of the main hall watching batman type on the holographic computer.

"What Happened?!" Wonder Women asked while marching towards Batman with clenched fists

Seeing this Superman rushed to intervene

"Calm down Diana, Im Sure there is a good explanation for all of this." Clark said taking hold of her wrist. Diana looked up at Clark glaring so hard if she had heat vision Clark would be a pile of ashes. Yanking her wrist our of his hand she turns her glare to Batman

"explain now" she says menacingly

At this point all the leaguers had made to to where Batman and Wonder were having a glaring contest. Hearing all the commotion the Team had re-entered the main hall wondering what was going on.

"While the team was on the mission Joker showed up, managed to subdue the team and kidnap Robin. I didn't know Joker would be there and he has disappeared within Gotham. I am trying to track him but it seems he has had some help in evading my efforts to find him." Batman finished

Wonder Woman opened her mouth to say something when static over took the screen Batman had been typing on. He turned to the screen to figure out what was happening when the Jokers face over took the screen. All occupants of Mt Justice turned to the screen.

"well well well the Big Bad justice league HAHAHAHAHAHA" Joker taunted

"Where is he Joker!" Batman growled at the screen that was filled with Jokers face.

"Awwwww did the Big Bad Bat lose a little bird? HAAHAHHAHAHAHA! Well i must say batsy you should take better care of your things otherwise someone else might snatch it up HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Joker laughed

With that Joker stepped aside and showed Robin hanging from chains with Blood running down his face, chest and arm.

The team and leaguers all stared with wide eyes and gasped seeing Robin in such a state.

"Now good old Robbie and I are gonna spend some quality time together but first Ive invited a few of my friends to the party HAHAHHAHAHAHA"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhere in Gotham ~~~~~~~

As soon as Joker finished that Robin knew it was gonna be bad. The door flung open and Robins eyes widened.

From the door way in walked Poison Ivy

"well Hello Wonder Boy. I hope you are ready for what I am abut to do to you, Because this is not only to get back at you for all you've done but to hurt Batman as well. Hope your ready batsy cause Im about to make this little birdie sing."

"Oh Ivy are you still hung up on the time i blew up all your precious plants?" Robin quipped stopping Ivy in her tracks

"Ohhhh Bird Boy you are going to wish you never did that"

With that Ivy then walked behind Robin and made a whip with thorns on the end of it and started to swing.

The first strike tore through Robins suit back and left the faintest of scratches. Seeing this Ivy kept going. Soon she had torn through all of the kevlar covering and was hacking away are Robins back. As she kept whipping Robins back he didn't make a sound which only made Ivy increasingly more angry.

Ivy kept at it until Robins back was nothing but blood and gashes. Every whip and every pull of skin Robin winced in pain but knew his team and the League were watch and most importantly Batman. He couldn't look weak in front of them so he kept quiet. enduring the torture.

" Alrighty Miss Ivy looks lie your best wasn't good enough guess you will have to do better next time. HAHAHAHAHAHA" with that Ivy stomped out of the room and disappeared off camera.

"Sooooooo next we have some one that i will certainly enjoy made not you lot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Joker cackled

The next person walking in Robin didn't even lift his head for. Who ever it was he didn't care he just hoped Batman was doing everything he could to find him, cause he didn't know how long he would last for.

Coming into view of the camera was non other than Bane. He slowly walked over to Robin his boot becoming covered in Robins blood.

" Now this is a bird I have been waiting to get my hands on." Bane said looking at the camera and started to crack his knuckles. "Hope you are watching Batman cause I'm about to clip your little birds wings." With that Bane turned to Robin and punched him in the stomach. Causing all the air to escape his lungs.

Robin tried and failed to curl in on him self due to the chains holding his arms and feet.

" That all you got Bane? My grandma hits harder that that." With that Robin collected all the blood in his mouth and spit it in Banes face.

Bane reared back and wiped the bloody saliva off his face.

"You are gonna beg me to ill you after this little Nino."

Bane then started to punch Robin in the ribs causing them to crack and eventually break. Breathing felt like fire in Robins lungs. Bane then grew bored of hitting Robin in the ribs and moved up, hitting robin in the Face multiple times. breaking Robins nose making fresh blood pour down his face. Robins face was bloody and the right side of his face looked like it started to swell.

Bane then moved on to Robins arms that were hanging above him. He grabbed Robins right arm and pulled it right out of the socket causing Robin to grunt in pain. HE then continued to break robins arm, shattering his forearm by crushing the bone with his brute strength. He moved onto the fingers of the same arm and bent all of robins fingers until he broke all of them and they were all bent at awkward angles.

Still bane couldn't get the Bird to scream. Robin was bound and determined to not look weak, he was trying not to scream but he doubted he could keep it up for to long seeing how this was all going. All Bane got was faint grunts. Before Bane could take it farther Joker intervened.

"OK Baneie boy thats enough. I think its time good ole Uncle Joker has some time with Boy Blunder here." With that Bane grunted and marched off camera and out of the room.

" SOooooooooooo Boy Blunder not looking to good there, are you going to sing for uncle Jay?HaHaAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

With that Robin looked up at the Joker and grinned through bloody teeth and a split lip.

"Nothin can be as bad as your jokes Joker, so do your worst" Robin said with as much mirth as possible, making the smile drop off Jokers face.

"OHHHHHHHH Boy blunder you have no idea." Joker cackled and walked toward a table off to the side out of camera view.

Joker came back into the view of the camera view with a knife. Joker started Laughing and twirling the knife in his hand as he moved closer to the dangling bird. Once he was in front of Robin he cut away the remainder of his suit, and started to carve into his skin. He cut and cut until there was no where left to cut, Robin bit his lip so hard trying to hold in his screams he drew blood.

Joker then threw the knife off the the side and reached into his jacket. He then pulled out a syringe filled with some form of liquid and then proceeded to inject it into Robins neck, and threw if off to the side with his knife.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mount Justice ~~~~~~~~~

Up until this point all the League and team members were entranced with what they were seeing. They could not look away from it at all. Miss Martian had ended up in Superboy's arms crying after seeing Robin in so much pain.

While all this was happening Batman stood tensed and had been typing away trying to track down Robin in Gotham before he lost him forever. Once Joker stepped away from Robin Batman was drawn to the screen.

All over Robins arms and torso read words Joker carved into him.




Batman couldn't stop thinking this was all his fault. HE did this to Robin. He should have check the tips and been there just incase. But he didn't and now Robi- no his SON was in the hands of that maniac. Batman looked to the computer and saw it tracing Robins belt. When he heard Robin gasp he turned back to the screen. He then saw Joker remove a syringe from Robins neck and toss is aside. HE then turned to the camera

"Well batsy you are probably wondering what that was, well i guess ill tell you HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. well good Robbie here now has a chemical running through his veins that is gonna heighten the pain he feels by 10 and just to spice it up cause robbie was looking a little tired from all the blood loss just a hint of adrenalin. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Joker then disappeared and reappeared with a bucket of something. Batman saw Robin look at the camera and his heart yearned to be there with his son. Joker then poured the bucket over robins head and robin screamed from the water and lemon mixture. Robin gritted his teeth as the water slowly dripped off of Robins body. Joker then took out another container and pour that over Robins head.

The white substance fell over Robins body and he couldn't hold back the scream. Batman knew from that moment that the Joker had poured salt over Robins open wounds.

While Batman was entranced by the video of Joker torturing his son the computer pinged with the location of Robin.