My laptop broke and got lost during my parents trip... so I'm having to rewrite this. It's going to be an abridged version, since I don't have the time or energy to rewrite all that.

One day before New Years eve


Judy enters the restaurant fuming with anger. She walks to the table where the other officers are sitting and says angrily.

"How dare you sign me for that, you tailhole?" She points to the human. Kaz just looks at her shyly while Nick opens his mouth, slightly shocked. Wolford just stays silent with his tail tucked in between his legs. Alice chuckles and asks teasingly.

"What bit the bunny now?"

Nick nods and passes an arm around Kaz as he says.

"What the hell Carrots?" He glares at the bunny. Judy's anger starts turning into despair, she just made amends with Nick and after her precious outburst and the last thing she wanted was to repeat the scene. Kaz then says with an apologetic tone.

"Sorry Judy, I didn't think you would get so mad." The other officers look at him with questioningly looks.

Judy takes her cell phone out of her pocket and shows it to them while saying with a hurt voice.

"He installed this dating app and logged me into it without my consent." Everyone looks to the human and he says nervously.

"I just wanted to help her move on." The human gives a sad look to Nick and the fox's heart melts. Nick turns to Judy and says.

"Pink just wants to help you, Carrots." Judy gasps and her ears fall in disbelief that her friend is once again abandoning her. Nick notices this and asks softly.

"Carrots what did he do other than signing you up for that?"

Judy sighs and says offended.

"He put my preferences there as 'Foxes of any kind' and 'In dire need of knot'."

Alice laughs hard and Nick looks shocked to Kaz.

"It was Finnick who did the job… but I didn't pay him to put it like… that." The human said low. Nick shakes his head and chuckles as he says.

"Yeah I can see him doing that." Judy feels her heart getting heavier, Nick doesn't even care that they did this to her.

Alice then stops laughing and says teasingly.

"I don't see what the problem is. It's not a lie." The she wolf looks at Judy with a big grin ignoring the dark look she was receiving from the fox. Judy took a deep breath and pulls over a chair for her to sit, her emotions burning inside her, anger, frustration and most of all sadness.

The fox noticed this but stayed quiet in respect for his friend.

She spent the rest of the lunch in silence and as soon as she was finished she left to resume her meter maid job.



Judy sighed heavily while leaving the precinct. All afternoon she received messages from foxes that were interested in her. Some of them were sweet but most were obscene and grotesque.

Each time she read a message she said to herself that she would remove that cursed app and forget about it. But she never did, she just kept reading the messages and clicking on the deny option.

Was this what everyone thought of her? That she was a crazy slutty bunny that had a craving for foxes? She could feel tears forming in her eyes. She only loved one fox and that fox was Nick Wilde. But he didn't answer her love… even after everything they went through… he just saw her as a friend.

"Carrots." She heard Nick's soft voice behind her. She supressed a sob and quickly wiped her tears away before turning and looking into his emerald green eyes.

"Hey Slick." She could see that he was concerned about her. The fox then says.

"Carrots, please let me help you." He looks at her pleadingly but she feels bitter. How could he help her? If he was not going to leave his mate for her than what could he do to make things better?

"Just leave me Nick." She said exausted. Nick took a deep breath and said defiantly.

"No Carrots. You can't keep on like this… it's not healthy. You need to find someone else for you… or at least look for some professional advice for help."

She gave him an offended look. He wanted her to either whore herself out to the first mammal that comes knocking… the first fox that comes knotting. Or for her to go and listen to some shrink that never had a hard day in his life to tell her how to cope with loss.

She scoffs annoyed and says.

"I don't need your help Nick."

Nick's eyes are full of concern. He then says pleadingly.

"Carrots please. Pink knows a guy. Arctic fox, the sweetest thing. His fiancé left him because he's sterile and he was left heartbroken, maybe the two of you could…"

"Just leave me alone Nick." Judy interrupted him angrily and left.

The fox stood there feeling as if he had a hole where his stomach was. He wanted to help his friend, he really did. But there was nothing he could do if she didn't want to be helped.

He sighed in defeat, tucked his paws in his pockets and left.



Judy arrived at her tiny apartment and threw herself on her bed, crying. She thought she could cope up with all that had happened but she didn't.

There was only so much that she could take and she was at her breaking point again. Why was it so hard for them to believe she just wanted to be left alone?

Alone. Just like now. She sniffed thinking about how comfortable and happy Nick should be right now. Embraced with his mate, his lover while she would spend another night sobbing in the dark.

Would she spend her entire life like this? Living through small portions of happiness, small windows of time where she could be near him, only so that at the end of the day he would leave her again.

She recalled how happy she was, how fulfilled she was when she woke up the other day thinking that Nick was with her. Those few precious moments where she believed the illusion the fox on her bed was her fox, her Nick, had been the best moments in her life.

Why did she have to discover the truth so early? Why couldn't she just have gone back to sleep and enjoyed that sweet lie a little more?

While she pondered over this, her cell phone buzzed, indicating that she had received a message. She picked it up and saw that it was yet another fox trying to get into her bed using that cursed dating app.

She reached out for the deny button but suddenly stopped when she saw the fox's name.



New Year's Eve Night time


Nick sighs and lays on the bed. Judy hadn't answered any of his calls since their fight the day before. The only response he had gotten from her was a message saying.

'I'm fine. See you at work.'

He was concerned about her, but he knew she was the toughest bunny there is and that it would take more than a heart break to get her down.

Suddenly he felt his mate spooning him. Kaz gave him a small kiss on the back of his head and said happily.

"Happy new year Foxy."

Nick smiled as he felt his worries fading away. He couldn't be sad, not at this New Year's Eve. He needed to be grateful for what he had. He cuddled closer to his mate and said softly.

"Happy new year Pink."

The human buried his face in the fox soft fur and breathed his mate's scent. This had been the best year of his entire life and all he could think was how this had been a successful… fox hunt.



Judy sighed and got mentally ready for what was going to happen. She's wearing just a small ZPD training shirt that does nothing to cover her shame.

Someone knock's at her door and she opens it.

"Missed me Babe?" The red fox asked smugly. Standing there was Max, the first and only red fox Judy had ever had sex with… the only male Judy ever had sex with.

She gives him an annoyed glace and invites him to enter her apartment. As soon as he enters she throws a Hawaiian shirt and a red tie at him. While he removes his polo shirt and puts on his new one she says.

"You're not Max and I'm not Babe here. Here you're Nick and you will call me Carrots."

The red fox finishes dressing up as his counterpart and chuckles.

"Oh, bossy aren't you?" He said teasingly before sitting on the bed. Judy sighs and turns on her small tv. She sits beside him and leans on his chest. The fox chuckles and says.

"We need to get done before three a.m. The missus won't believe the 'I'm at work' excuse past that." He grins and his white teeth shine.

Judy looks at him desperately and pleads.

"Please Nick… can't we just look at the fireworks for a bit?"

"Nick" chuckles and puts his arm around her, pulling her closer to him as he says.

"Sure thing Carrots."

On his finger a golden ring shines as the fireworks displayed on the tv screen illuminate the dark room.



The End



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