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~Its early morning, the sun comes out
Last night was shakeing and really loud
My cat is purring, it scratchs my skin
So what is wrong with another sin?~

~The bitch is hungery, she needs to tell
So give her inches, and feed her well
More days to come, new places to go
I've got to leave, its time for the show~

My mind felt numb, my once pleasure filled body wracked with hystaria and shock. My current lover had left a few hours before. Unwilling to stay any longer. I don't blame him much really. Though he could have comforted me a litle better. He won't be visiting the paradise that is me for a long time....if ever again.

I toke a deep breath, trying to still the frantic beat of my heart. Pain was flying through my mind at a hyper-speed. Tears were falling down my cheeks in an unstoppable flow. Memories that I knew were my own yet weren't flashed through me. Pain, lust, love even filled my frazled senses. I'd never felt this way...it was so intense....so....*real*....

I rolled over on my back, my skin felt hot and pounding, the very rustleing of my sheets against my flesh was far too much for me to bear. I threw them off, my breath comeing in fast gasps. I'd never felt this way before. So alive. The world was spinning, an insane laughter I barely recoginized as my own rang loudly in my ears.

The image of a teenaged boy my age with wild silver hair, deeply mesmerizeing hard brown eyes, and a cruel smirk appeared in my mind. The first thought that came to mind was that weakling worm, fashion-challanged Ryou Bakura...but no...while the white hair and pale white skin of their *was* alike...there was something eles...some line in his hardened features that made them totaly different...some distant rining aura of darkness that rivited through him....a trait far different from that simpering idiot Ryou.

{Yami no Bakura....Hikari and Yami...."}

The voice echoed around me. Sounding like my own and yet not mine at all....The world was ever-shifting suddenly before my gaze. A climbing darkness and deeply buried desire from long ago echoeing through the very air. Filling me so very completely. My very blood burned in my veins, a crazy smile toke my lips.

Fear was riseing hard within me. A distint, ringing feeling deep within was fighting its way to the surface. A precence I'd never known, never cared to think of. Cruelty of endless intensity surged through my very veins. A laugh of pure insanity escaped my rosy lips.

Against my will I rose my forearms to eye level. Ugly, puckered, jagged scars were there. They ran across my wrist and down to my elebows. The only imperfection that my body wore stung at my eyes. I'd done everything I could to get rid of them. Gone to a incence smelling temple and held my fore-arms against the flames for days in the hopes that the legend that the fire would remove all sickness and disfigurement would heal me. It didn't work obviousely.

My skin felt warm and slightly heavy, the feeling of being in water riseing into my senses. The world flashed white before my eyes and suddenly I was somewhere eles. The bathrom was pristinely kept, varies items of make-up and creams carefuly laid out everywhere. I was laying down in a tub of water, a razor blade shifting between my long delecite fingers.

I could see myself simply laying there, a look of deep contemplation stealing my features. I wanted to run forward and ripp the blade from "my" fingers...but I couldn't....I couldn't even move....was I even here? Was this a dream of somesort?! Come on, Anzu, wake up girl! Wake up damn it!!


Not even a twitch of this world.

I watched as "my" lips lifted into a sneer, pictures of the "Yami No Bakura"(The name "I" apparently had choosen for him) flew threw my mind. Me and him together, striveing to reach the peeks of heavenly ecastasy. Utter control over another, a life of dangerous power that was addicting.

A wanton desire that surpassed all the limits, a blinding possesiveness flew threw me for this "Yami No Bakura". He'd been mine once, as he was meant to be. But that spineless little wuss Ryou toke him away from me. I growled out in frustration. Strangely I felt more complete at this moment then I ever had in all my existance. A part of me felt filled with these memories shakeing through my mind.

I watched with tears growing in my eyes the other me make a slash across "my" wrists and up "my" elebows that would creat those grotesque scars I knew so very well...

The scean was so easily recalled. I could remember my muddled thoughts switcheing from a firey desire for revenge, to sudden fear, to acceptence. I watched myself stumble out of the tub and fumble with the lock before falling onto the soft carpet. I watched my breath still to nothing and my deep blue eyes become glazed.

The light flashed again showing me intertwined with "Yami No Bakura". The peeks of desire crashing down through my body, warmth of satisfaction shifting through my ecasaty clouded eyes. Passion of the highest kind had rivited through me by being with him. Excitement at being with the darkest of all the Yamis'.....

The world flashed again and I was back in my bedroom, my breath comeing in harsh burning gasps. My eyes were bulging, sweat drenched my flesh. I looked out my window, dusk was entering the sky. The darkened world of the night slowly going into its rest. Strangly the air seemed to simmer at me, calling my name.

My body ached for one and only one, my heart pounding loudly against my breast for only one being. One entity that had made me want him more then anything in the world just by being there. Danger. Power. Cruelty. It all attracts me like a moth to a flame. And they clung to Yami no Bakura like a second skin...

He was cruel, so very muchly so. But thats part of what made me desire him so. Everywhere he went the strongest men would move out of his way. Not dareing to anger him in the slightest. In a world of sniveleing weaklings, he stood so tall and supreme. Yuugi's Yami inspired burning fear, but not as great as Yami no Bakura. For while the worst Yami would do is crush your soul into oblivioun itself, Bakura had a penchent for tortureing his victems off the brink of insanity.

Delicious. Absoutly intoxicating was the power he held. I wanted him, but I lost him damnation. Ryou never deserved him...he could never measure up to being as right for him as I was--as I still am. Yami no Bakura became my world in an instant. I did everything I thought possible to bind him to me. That wicked spirt of his...so amazing...

But keeping a Yami and his Hikari apart apparently isn't as easy as it would first appear. But Mazaki Anzu has never one to give up. Esspecialy on something that is rightfuly my own!

~Here I am rock'd you like a hurricane
Here I am rock'd you like a hurricane
Here I am rock'd you like a hurricane~

~My blood is burning, it starts to shout
Desire is comeing, it breaks out loud
Lust is in the cages 'till the storm breaks loose
Just have to make it with someone I choose~

~The night is calling, I have to go
The wolf is hungery, he runs the show
He's licking his lips, he's ready to win
On the hunt tonight, for love at first sting~

Something had happened to me this night. A change within my very soul. It was a completeness that soured through me in a flamboyant breeze...something I'd never known...I'd never felt this alive, never felt this knowing of the world. I knew *who* I was now. Knew what I had to do...what I must do.

I rose slowly from my bed, a purpose forming itself into my mind. A grim determination. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And thats what He had done....thats what they all had done. No matter how I had tried to protect their lousy group of social outcasts and give them worth to their very being.

I felt a sneer lift my lips, my body felt like it was slowly burning. Sweat was makeing its way down my bare flesh as I threw the remains of the covors off me and made my way to my closet. I shifted around through my perfectly stacked belongings before comeing onto what I needed. It was a small box of wiccan belongings an old friend had givein to me a while back. Before she meet with that unexpected demise...she should have been more careful driveing...and she should have stayed away from my territory. Oh well.

I opened the box, running my hand across the old book, cards, and varies other symbols inside. I knew little or nothing about the ways to use what lay inside. But it couldn't be that hard...right? Besides, I had a feeling I was going to need more then words and my reputation to go up against them this time. Yami no Bakura and Yami no Yuugi were probably back my now.

If I was reincarnated then so were they, and it doesn't take an idiot to know that the same Hikari's will by there side. Darling naive too pure Mutou Yuugi and fashion challanged, weak, pathatic Bakura Ryou. Even Jounouchi Katsuya, Ishtal Malik, Valantine Mai....they're all here...ironic isn't it? They haven't changed in the slightest either. As the old saying goes "history repeats itself". Thankfuly, for me, its true--it'll make my revenge all the sweeter. The only difference in this round of the game that we play is that my demise won't be the one repeating itself this time.

I lifted my arm into the riseing light of the sun with anger flasheing through my eyes.

Never again.

A defiant breeze of fury blazed through the very core of my being. The battle was lost so long ago, but the war is far from over. It will never be over until I have what rightfuly belongs to me. I kneeled on the floor, my hands clinching into small fists. My long nails cut lightly into my flesh makeing me uncurl them quickly with a small cry of pain.

Small crecent moons turned red with blood but none flowed down. A maliciouse smirk toke my lips suddenly as I begant to laugh. It bounced off the walls with an insane sensation. And I loved it. Loved this sense of freedom and unfettered power that coursed through my very veins.

Wirlng around, I stared into my full body mirror. My eyes rose from my long, perfectly toned legs to my small waist and full breasts to a face the Gods themselves surely have blessed. Icy blue eyes were alite with a wicked humer, pale skin of perfect complextion streatched over my high-cheakbones and small butten nose. Full red lips were apart a crazy smile to show off my white teeth.

Batting my eyes at my face I smiled wider and turned to walk over to my closet, throwing clothes over my shoulder in a disery to find the perfect outfitt. If I remembered all that had passed then maybe...just maybe...Yami no Bakura has returned. The thought brought a warmness to my heart. To have him again in my arms would be bliss.

If I could bring him fully to my side I would finaly best that white-haired freak of nature. I couldn't kill him as that would kill Yami No Bakura...oh but there were so many other things I could do. Ah, to see crimson blood run over that milk-white skin...to see that silver hair turn the color of brilliant red...for the world to finaly see him for the good-for-nothing he has always been...A beautiful future awaits me it would appear.

~Here I am, rock'd you like a hurricane
Are you ready baby?
Here I am, rock'd you like a hurricane
Here I am, rock'd you like a hurricane
Come on, come on baby~

~Here I am, rock'd you like a hurrcane
Rock'd you like a hurrican~

~Its early morning, the sun comes out
Last night was shakeing, and really loud
My cat is puring, scratches my skin
So what is wrong with another sin?~

~The night is calling, I have to go
The wolf is hungery, he runs the show
He's licking his lips, he's ready to win
On the hunt tonight, for love at first sting~

Dropping the clothes from my hands I sighed, a blissful smile still holding my lips. To tear that so-called silver-haired tenchie limb-from-limb is a delightful dream...but how long will it take Yami no Bakura to realize I'm the perfect one for him? Not long I'm sure. With the help of the Dark Arts and my own mystical charms I won't lose this time. Mazaki Anzu never loses...not at a game such as this.

And truely, what is this if not a game? Everything is a game, truely. The prize often isn't worthy of its stakes, but when I put my eyes on something...then its mine. From that very secoud. And no whiney baka is going to get in my way this time. I laughed again, needing to hear myself with my own ears.

It was like music to me. Sweet, beautifuly insane music.

I smiled again, and dipped my head backward and arched my body forward allowing my arms to spread out from my sides like i'm a fallen angel from heaven itself. Maybe I am. I turned and walked back over to the small chest with wiccan belongings. I kneeled next to it, running my fingers gently over the objects inside.

My friend....what was her name? I can't recall. Oh well, not that it matters to me really. She's served her purpose, even in death it appears. There must be some sort of twisted irony to that...I chuckled softly and leaned backward slightly. What was it that she'd said about these though? About Magick?

Something about it being neither black or white but both...and that whatever I do comes back to me times three or something of the sort. I suppose the meaning was: Do onto others as you would have them do to you. Hmp. Like that philosophy would ever get you far in this world. I think I did the world a favor by helping her to her demise. But whatever.

I pulled a small dagger out of the small chest. It was actually kinda pretty, if daggers can be that is. Shimmering silver blade with a golden hilt and jems imbedded into it. Probbaly would fetch a pretty penny too. Funny phrase that. "pretty penny" that is...I didn't think pennys could be pretty...or be worth that much either. But back to the matter at hand. My planning.

I craned my neck to the side, looking out at the riseing sun in the sky. I licked my lips ferely.

"I know your back, Yami no Bakura...even if your not yet you will be...and you *will* me MINE again....I swear it...no matter what."

Come night fall tonight my spell will of been cast.

And Yami no Bakura will be mine.

~Here I am, rock'd you like a hurricane
Are you ready baby?
Here I am, rock'd you like a hurricane
Here I am, rock'd you like a hurricane
Come on, come on, come on~

~Here I am, rock'd you like a hurricane~

~Here I am~

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