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Warnings - sexual content, language, violence/abuse, Mpreg, manipulative Dumbledore/Ron/Hermione/Ginny bashing

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"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem – seme Harry x uke Draco / ?


"seriously? … of all the places that dart could've fallen it lands here … should've just gone surfing instead. Oh well, better make the most of this vacation" muttered a tall blonde man as he appeared in Diagon Alley through a burst of green flames courtesy of the Floo network.

The man's name was Brian White, the headmaster of Legerdemain Academy of Sorcery in Australia who at the moment was regretting coming to the old fashioned, stuck in the past magical UK. It was simply not his style. He was dressed in brown pants, blue jacket and white t-shirt with brown boots. Everyone was in robes …

Brian simply sighed and ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair "blimey … I haven't seen so many robes since the graduation ceremony and I'm supposed to get away from school hmmm … maybe the muggle side will be less … stuffy" it disturbed him a bit when he heard people calling snake speakers evil or insulting people who came from non-magical families. He personally had nothing but respect for non-magical people. He couldn't imagine being without his magic.

Ignoring the wide range of looks shot his way with great skill he moved through the crowd of people, but he stopped when something caught his eyes. Being the educator he was he couldn't help but smile as he saw a kid trying a spell and went to help.

"what are you trying to cast there kid and where are your parents?" Brain asked as he kneeled next to the red hair boy.

"my mom is in that shop trying to haggle prices" Brain winced as he looked at the shop he boy pointed to and saw a redheaded woman squabbling with the clearly scared shop owner "I wanted to try the levitating spell, but it's not working. Oh I'm Percy, who are you?"

"I'm Brian White. Why don't you try it and let me see?" the headmaster offered kindly.

"Wingardium Leviosa" Percy flicked his wand at a pebble on the side of the street.

"I see, you're saying it perfectly, but you're wrist motion is too jerky. Try to relax your grip and keep your movements fluid" he instructed softly. The boy nodded and tried again with more relaxed and smooth motions. Brain grinned as the pebble rose into the air before dropping down after a few seconds "very good Percy" he chuckled as Percy gave a whoop of joy.

"thank you Mr. White" said the smiling redhead.

"it was no trouble. So when are you going back to school?" Brian asked.

Percy pouted "I'm only nine. Hogwarts starts at 11. My parents got me a wand early to get used to it, but I can't really start learning for two years. It's not fair, I see my brothers learning all sorts of awesome things- … looks like my mom is done. Bye"

The shocked headmaster muttered a 'see ya kid' as he watched the kid take his mother's hand and walk away. Not fair indeed, his school starts at five years old! He just figured Percy was having trouble with that particular spell. After all every kid had that one subject or spell that gives them trouble and may take more time or that that spell was done later at Hogwarts than his school … the later was sort of true. The boy hasn't even started school yet!

Eleven! Bloody hell!

Now accompanied by a furious twitch in his right eyebrow the headmaster made a beeline for the exit intent on leaving before he shoved his steel toed boot up someone's ass … again, long story involving a teacher he discovered was abusing his students. Finally he found the spot where people were leaving to the muggle world and left. It was somewhat of a relief to get out of there even if he ended up in an strange pub.

The man behind the counter smiled "good evening sir, welcome to the Leaky Cauldron, I'm Tom. Haven't seen you before, where are you from?"

"Australia, came for a vacation … sorry, I'm Brian White, nice to meet you" Brian smiled and shook the pub owner's hand.

"enjoying your stay so far?" Tom asked curiously.

"yeah …" Brian replied automatically offering a polite smile. He was never a rude person and he won't start now.

Tom wasn't fooled … the pub owner gave a sad, but knowing smile "you aren't the only tourist who ran in here and immediately looked for an exit" Brian scratched the side of his jaw sheepishly "it's ok really, but could you tell me what throws so many people for a loop? Most people look either offended or down right pissed, I'd like to know why" said Tom imploringly.

Brian sighed "if the magical UK ever gets it's head out of the 18th century mindset and connected with the rest of the world then you'll see a lot more happy tourists. Glad to meet you Tom" the headmaster waved over is shoulder at the stunned pub owner and continued walking down the road to look for a muggle hotel or a spot to sleep.

It was a beautiful evening. The sun was just starting to go down and the stars just starting to peek out. Brian continued walking through the London streets just content feeling the breeze caress his face.

For a brief moment he paused in front of a nice hotel, but shrugged and kept walking. Brian White was someone who followed his instincts and something in him told him to keep walking. As he let his feet guided him he pondered the magical UK's old world and prejudice views. He has heard the rumors, but he never expected that. A somewhat disconcerting vacation so far …

Suddenly the wizard froze in mid step as a terrible chill washed over him. It had nothing to do with the warm breeze … no … this was something else entirely. There was something … someone, pulling him. A weak tendril of magic tugged at his own magic … crying for help.

An animalistic growl rumbled through the wizard's chest and his body dissolved into silvery wisps of smoke. The silver wisps took the shape of a wolf that was now racing through the streets towards the magic that was pleading for help.

Thankfully no one saw Brian change and once he was in his smoke wolf form no one non-magical could see him. Of course he wasn't considering the possibilities of witnesses at the moment. He was too busy searching for the person who was in need of help. For some reason he felt the situation become more dire with each minute.

The headmaster was lead down a street lined on each side by muggle homes and made a beeline for the fourth house on Privet Drive. Startled momentarily by the presence of wards around the house he paused and slowed his approach. When the wards didn't stop him he crept up to the window still in the form of a wolf.

Screaming and yelling could easily be heard before he even got to the house, but what he saw made his hackles rise. A bulbous pig of a man was standing over the trembling form of a small child. The irate man raised his foot and kicked the child across the floor. The smoke wolf growled furiously and easily slipped through the mail slot startling the fat muggle.

"what the bloody hell? Is there a fire-" the man snarled as the smoke accumulated into a six foot five inch tall stack and turned into a solid blonde man "Petunia there's another freak-" the man's barking was silenced as Brian waved his hand into the muggle's face lulling the fat man into a hypnotic daze. A twig like woman and very plump child ran into the room, but before they could scream the same simple wave of the headmaster's hand made them fall silent with dazed eyes.

Brian immediately kneeled next to the tiny bloodied child in rags laying motionless on the floor. The battered boy was maybe the size of a two year old and looked like a skeleton with blood caked black hair. Both of the child's eyes were swollen shut and his right wrist was clearly broken. With great care Brian gently cradled the small child and pressed one finger against the delicate throat to check for a pulse. Much to his relief there was one, a weak pulse, but it was there. However it won't be there for long if he didn't hurry.

"grab all of this child's things and put them on the table. Then sit on the couch until I get back" he didn't even bother waiting to see if the muggles would do as told … he knew they would. Without a second thought further he pulled out a portkey and activated it. When he reappeared it was in the living room and he startled the woman there "Aster wait! It's me!"

The young blue eyed woman with long white hair breathed a sigh of relief and lowered her wand "Brian you scared me, what were you think- … oh god" her eyes widened in horror as they landed on the bloodied form of a child in her friend's arms "take the poor thing to the guest room!" Brian bolted up the stairs three steps at a time and laid the child on the bed. Aster entered the room seconds later with a bag of potions. After tending to the child's major wounds and checked for internal injuries she started pulling out potions.

"will he be ok?" asked Brian concern evident in his tone.

"he is in bad shape, but yes … care to explain why you brought him here and not Pearl hospital?" she asked seriously.

"it might make things difficult since I technically kidnaped him" he muttered without taking his eyes away from the child's small form.

"oh I see- … you what?! are you insane?!" the healer gaped as she stared at the headmaster in complete shock "I will, of course, get answers right Brian?" she said so sweetly that the headmaster knew he'd die a horrible death if he didn't give a really, really good reason for the child on the brink of death in her guest bed … answers which he didn't quite have right now …

"I'm going to get them" without another word the headmaster swirled away into tendrils of silver gray smoke and silently apparated away …

Aster scoffed "he ran away … well he had better come back with the full story" she muttered in irritation as she glared at the spot where the headmaster last stood. A little whimper from her little patient brought her full attention back to the wounded child "hush now sweetheart, you are safe. Go to sleep" she said softly as she pulled out a candle and lit it. The candle released a smell that quickly pulled the child into a deep painless, dreamless sleep. If this poor little child could drink a potion she would have had him do that instead, but he was in no condition to move or consume things on his own so the candle potion it is.

A candle potion is simply a solid that can be burned. The smoke given off has the same effect as the potion that's fused in the wax. Such treatment can be used to help an entire room of people calm down or sleep, but in this case Aster placed a barrier charm around herself so she wouldn't be effected as she continued treatment.

"I'm so glad I stocked up … people can tease me about being OCD all they want, but times like these it's good to be prepared" she commented to herself as she set the child's broken wrist. She took a bottle of skele-gro and with a flick of her wand an IV was set up next to the bed and a needle was pushed into a vein in the child's frail arm "it's ok sweetheart, you'll be all better soon" she said soothingly to the sleeping child as she measured out the right amounts of skele-gro, blood replenishing and other potions, which she added to the fluid filled bag. An IV was necessary an emergency, but when he recovered she could burn the potions with the candle and when he woke up he can drink them properly.

As the potion and liquids made their way into the child's system she spelled away his clothes and began diligently cleaning the poor little boy with a set of never been used sponges. As each sponge was used on an area she threw it away so as not to use it again and contaminate any wounds.

After thoroughly cleaning away years worth of blood, feces, grime and urine from his body, face and hair a few more injuries were revealed. She immediately began applying a few different salves to a series of cuts, scrapes, bruises, bug bites, blisters, oozing sores, angry welts and to her horror cigarette burns.

The sound of the bones breaking so they can be healed properly made the healer sigh in relief. Soon all his bones will be healed and he will be much better.


Brian reappeared without the loud pop one would expect from that means of travel and looked around the muggle house. The muggles he met before were sitting on the couch and on the table was a couple wrinkled child's drawings, a ripped blanket and some broken crayons.

"are these all of the child's things?" the headmaster asked with a hint of anger and disgust lacing his tone.

"yes, that's everything" said the dazed woman in a monotone voice.

"ok" Brian tried to calm down as he collected the boy meager belongings. Afterwards he grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and sat in it backwards. He leaned against the chair's back and looked at the muggle family "now what do you say we get to know each other? Who are you and who was that child?"

The fat man puffed his chest out in pride "I am Vernon Dursley. This is my lovely wife Petunia and my son Dudley" the spellbound man's face darkened "that thing you took was my wife's nephew we were saddled with"

"really? I'm sorry, who dumped the boy on you? Please explain" Brian asked trying not to kill them. His hypnotism spell worked best when the ones under it felt safe and could talk freely.

Petunia scowled "another freak like you named Dumbledore. After my freak sister and her freakish husband were murdered by a freak named Voldemort, Dumbledore dropped the ungrateful waste of space on our doorstep with instructions to watch him with Ms. Figg and to treat him horribly, but not to kill or break him. I wanted to dump the freakish spawn at an orphanage, but the money we're paid is really good and we have no trouble treating him like the freak he is. Besides the freak Dumbledore said just keep will protect us from the freaks who killed his parents … something about blood wards"

Brian had a white knuckled grip on the chair "so who is Ms. Figg? How old is the boy and what's his name? Give me as much detail as possible and I can find a solution for your problem"

Vernon shrugged "Ms. Figg is the cat woman down the street who watches the freak when we go on vacation. Nice normal woman even though she works with freaks. The freak was born July 31 so he'd be four now and his name is Harry Potter"

That was everything he needed to know. These people were horrid magic hating muggles and this Dumbledore is a sick bastard "I understand completely and how about this … you keep going as usual and pretend the freak is still here, while I take him out of your hair. No child, but you would still get the money. Oh I felt the protection Dumbledore meant, but I'm sure as long as you, Petunia, are here it should work all the same with you being related by blood. That's how blood wards work"

Petunia smiled "that would be wonderful"

"good I'll chat with Ms. Figg and I'll be back tomorrow with some papers that you both will sign. It will mean no one can force the boy back onto you. Oh if he gets any mail just burn it in your fireplace" the headmaster stood up and subtly cast a spell over the fireplace. If anything was burnt there it would reappear unscathed in the headmaster's study at his home. He snapped his fingers freeing them from the spell. They will do as he asked whether they want to or not. Of course it helps that they are very eager to get rid of the boy. The dazed looks in their eyes faded, but he left out the front door before they could fully come to their senses.

The tingling from the wards made him stop and looked at the house "wait …there are no blood wards. Only very strong wards that will keep out those with ill intent … at least only magical people with ill intent. What kind of protection is that if Harry is beaten to death by his muggle relatives? What is this Dumbledore thinking? And to actually give someone those instructions to take care of a child … it's disgusting … I'm not going back to explain to the Dursleys" he muttered and continued down the street until he spotted a house with nearly a dozen cats in plain view through the open window. He went over and knocked on the door …

An older woman came to answer it "yes how can I help you?"

"are you Ms. Figg?" Brian asked cheerily.

"why yes, what's- …" Ms. Figg fell into a hypnotic trance with a simple wave of the headmaster's hand. Brian went in the house and Ms. Figg shut the door. They both sat down on the couch.

"what is your role with Harry Potter?" Brian asked cutting straight to the point.

Ms. Figg scowled "Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, made me move here to watch the brat and send him reports, but only when the boy disappears for too long, other magical folks come looking or when muggles like neighbors, teachers, police and doctors try to get involved. He never comes, but he sends some potions or something to wipe those nosy peoples' memories. Other than that I'm supposed to look in from time to time to make sure he has no clue about the magical world"

"so he knows nothing … why would you let this treatment go on and why would Dumbledore want this?" Brian asked though he had a sick feeling this was a plot to take advantage of the child and turn him into a symbolic weapon. After all Harry Potter was 'The Boy Who Lived' if he recalled correctly … he rarely read the newspaper so he had to go and check …

"why should I help when not one person helped me when I was thrown out for being a squib? As far as Dumbledore goes, he wants the brat beaten down, humbled, submissive, awed by magic, willing and easy to control for his own reasons" Ms. Figg shrugged uncaringly.

Brian's jaw clenched, but he still forced a smile to his lips "I'm sorry you had to put up with that. I just made a deal with the Dursleys. They agreed to let me take Harry away and they just had to keep up the pretense that he was still here so no one gets in trouble with Dumbledore, but to pull it off we need your help"

Ms. Figg smiled in her daze "of course I'll help"

"good. That will be a great help … if you get anything from him just burn it in the Dursleys' fireplace" he snapped his fingers and apparated away before she came to her senses …


Aster was so intent on making sure she was carefully applying her salves that she didn't hear the headmaster reappear and nailed him between the eyes when she tossed an empty salve container towards her floating bag to be washed later.

"Ow … hey watch where your throwing things" Brian pouted as he rubbed his forehead.

"serves you right for silently apparating in and giving no warning" she huffed as she cast a barrier charm on him so the burning candle would have no effect on him "well, I'm waiting …" she some how managed to give off a threatening aura without even looking away from a very bad sore in between the boy's legs on his genitals.

Brian looked down at the boy and ever so gently ran his fingers over the child's hair noticing the boy whimper lightly "his name is Harry Potter and he's four years old. His aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon are muggles who absolutely hate magic and took out their hate on him"

"what? That's horrid! Why didn't MCS get involved?" she asked as she flicked her wand. The boy floated up and was turned so she could get the salve on his back bruises and sores.

The blonde man stepped aside so the IV bag could readjust "there are no Magical Childs Services in the UK and it gets worse- …are those burns?" he gasped as he saw the burns on the boy's small arm.

"yes … from cigarettes" she answered sadly even though the burns were healing before their eyes "how exactly can it get worse?"

"the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, paid Harry's relatives to treat him horribly and received reports from a squib on his treatment … a rather bitter squib at that. Apparently many muggles tried to help, but they were fooled through magical means" he growled as he recalled his talk with Ms. Figg.

"paid … to hurt a child? It's … inhuman" Aster had tears prickling her eyes as she carefully set the far too small boy back on his back and draped a soft sheet over him to tuck him in "why? What good could come from torturing a child? He's just a baby! How did an evil man like that become headmaster? He shouldn't be allowed around children" she hissed furiously.

Brian sighed "Dumbledore wants the 'Boy Who Lived' under his thumb for some reason"

Aster placed her fists on her hips and glared her boss down "you had better have a foolproof plan to keep this sweet little boy away for that sick maniac, Brian Isaac White!" she yelled scaring the wizard.

"err … yes, the Dursleys are willingly giving him up for adoption. So first thing in the morning I'm going to Gringotts and getting a goblin to issue both muggle and magical adoption papers. Even if he has a magical guardian it won't matter if the Dursleys, being blood relatives, sign him over" Brian explained quickly and held his hands up in surrender.

The young woman with waist length white hair nodded in satisfaction and Brian relaxed "good … now his body is healing quickly and he's out of danger. All he needs is rest and lots of nutrition potions. I set up an alarm ward if his vitals change"

"ok … night Aster" said Brian as he laid on the floor.

Her jaw dropped "what the hell Brian-… never mind" she rolled her eyes as she heard snoring coming from the blonde on the floor and left the room. Brian White was the kind of person who would throw a dart at a map, go where it lands within the hour, with little to no luggage or money and have a grand time even without a hotel to sleep in.

That was the adventurous and laid back kind of person he was, but he was a loved headmaster who was ferocious when it comes to protecting children. He won't stop when it comes to protecting a cub and right now he was plotting to save little Harry …

You know Brian always wanted a child of his own and it feels right now, with Harry …