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Severus felt his body turn cold as he shut his eyes to keep from accidently seeing the deadly gaze. He feared it was too late for Harry …


Lucius sat at his desk as he read his first muggle newspaper "Dumbledore you fool" he said with a smirk. This information would bury the self proclaimed lord of the light and nothing could help him. The sound of wings made him look up and he saw a pretty brown owl he first knew as Ami until he discovered her owner's real identity, which in turn revealed her real name as Hedwig "hello girl, what do you have for me?"

The owl leaned over a little so he could take the letter. What the message revealed made his entire body sag in pure relief. Harry took it upon himself to tell him that the final horcrux was found and explained what was to be expected at ten o'clock. The worst chapter in their lives was finally over and Harry was responsible for it.

"I may never be able to repay him" Lucius chuckled as his fingers laced around a small notch of wood handing from a gold chain around his neck. That little notch was all that was left of his old staff. It was also the piece with the tracker on it. He was a skilled wizard in his own right so while he can't move the tracker he can use the spell to reveal it and use an accurate cutting spell to whittle down the staff. The rest of the staff went up in flames.

Narcissa came into the study just as Lucius sent an owl with the muggle newspaper to his friend in the Daily Prophet "found some more informa-" Narcissa was silenced when her husband came over and pulled her into a that was more passionate than any kiss in years "oh my, good news I take it" she smiled and leaned into her husband's embrace.

"very good" Lucius said feeling freer than he has in a long time. Once Voldemort was truly dealt with he decided to do something he would never do with the mark on his arm. If the mark disappeared tonight he fully intended to start ratting out the bastards who were imprisoning him and his family through the trackers. They will all pay for hurting his family …


The sounds of all the goblins using special spells to blind and deafen the basilisk were all Severus could hear was his heart beating rapidly. He was in a heartbroken daze and it was so bad that he was vaguely aware of the team of goblins transporting the massive serpent away and ghost away. The temptation to seal his eyes shut was so very strong. He just didn't want to see Harry laying lifeless on the ground …

"Severus!" the potion master finally opened his eyes and looked at Trocar who was cradling Harry in his arms "get your bag out already! He needs help!"

Severus swallowed, or tried to with the knot constricting his throat "he looked in it's eyes" he said in a pained tone as if it was all over. Another light in his life was gone …

Trocar glared "he's breathing so move it!"

"… what?" Severus blinked in disbelief and stood there staring blankly unable to comprehend what was said "if you're lying I swear I'll apparate you straight the sun you fucking vampire" Severus growled as he ran over to Harry, but his threat was empty for Harry was indeed breathing. The young wizard was stable in all ways except his eyes were developing bruises "thank merlin … we need to get him back to my office. Where did the goblins go?" he asked while pulling out a pain killing potion and carefully pouring it into Harry's mouth.

Trocar rolled his eyes "you really are useless when you think someone died. The goblins left with the basilisk and the petrified ghost after checking Har-Cache's vitals. Where'd you go?"

Severus's cheeks flushed lightly in embarrassment as he realized he let himself so consumed by dread that he missed that part of the conversation "no where. Now hurry up"

"I'm faster than you, you know?" Trocar said with an irritated twitch in his eyebrow "speed isn't the issue here. How do we get out of here? There aren't any stairs and I can't scale that pipe with Cache in my arms so any ideas would be helpful … he's bleeding!" Trocar yelped as he smelled blood. After looking Cache over they spotted little trickles of blood seep out from under both eyelids. It was hard to say how damaged his eyes were, but it was clear that they had to get out of here.

"ok … did the goblins say anything about the directions? Cache said they had blueprints" Severus asked as he looked around the chamber for any way out.

"they were a little busy wrangling a giant basilisk" Trocar muttered dryly.

"of course … does the portkey still work?" Severus asked as he focused his attention on the main statue carved into the main wall of the room, which was a massive carving of Salazar Slytherin.

"no once it was used to return the goblins to Gringotts it deactivated … what are you looking for?" Trocar asked getting a little annoyed with the professor's lack of feed back as he examined the carving.

Severus looked at the carving of the snake under the stone image of the founder "Salazar Slytherin was the least popular founder at Hogwarts and he was really good at potions, but he was known for being skilled at many other things too even runes. The founders' rooms were all accounted for except his so it was rumored to be in here. Considering how far we fell it's not too much deeper than the Slytherin dorms so if it was true that he was very skilled in a number of areas and cared for the students under his care then maybe he built a passage to his office …" Severus looked at the stone founder's mouth and saw a scrap of snake skin "It looks like the basilisk could travel through the mouth. This skin it shed proves it. Is there a rune to open it?" he asked the vampire who quickly moved over to Severus with Cache in his arms.

"I need to look closer at it, hold him" Trocar set Cache down so Severus could try to support him. The potion wasn't as strong as a vampire, but he was strong enough to hold up the young wizard's weight when the wizard was leaning on him as Trocar exposed the runes around the craving "yes! It's all set for parseltongue , but I think I can get around that" Trocar said as he traced runes over the old runes.

A moment later the carving turned into a wooden door and Trocar took Cache so they could move faster. It was clear that they found Salazar's study when they walked right into a beautiful old office that had several bookshelves and a large track going upwards so that the basilisk could nest in the same room. Severus would've liked to search the place the Slytherin founder once occupied there was little time to do so. they found a set of stairs and went up them quickly as they watched for any changes in Cache's condition. At the end of the steps was a door and to their surprise it opened up right into the Slytherin common room where Blaise was talking with Theo, Draco and Ginny …


"you're useless" Draco muttered after several minutes of brainstorming things to ask Cache.

Blaise rolled his eyes "well you aren't helping" he commented as he leaned back on the couch in the common room.

"why should I? Thinking of muggle related questions was your idea in the first place" Draco huffed, but raised an eyebrow when he noticed Crabbe and Goyle were gone "good they left"

"they just got hungry" Blaise said indifferently as he canceled the privacy bubble around them.

"they're always hungry" Draco muttered in annoyance, but he had to admit it was nice to have his stalkers leave.

"so it seems, but you seem less stressed about them" Blaise said guessing something more is going on with the Malfoy's situation. As Draco real friend he knew of the trackers that were placed on each member of the family, which was scary, but something was different. Whatever it was he was sure Draco will tell him when he can. Little did he know Draco was one knut away from ditching his stalkers "you can tell me about that when you can, but lets get back to muggle related topics"

Theo blinked as he came into the common room just in time to hear that "you guys could ask Ginny. Her Dad works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office so she might know something to help you guys … what exactly do you need help with anyway?" he asked clearly confused and for good reason since neither of the young wizards in front of him were never interested in muggles before.

"we're just trying to get to know Cache a little that's all" Draco said subtly jabbing Blaise in the rib to keep him from saying anything embarrassing.

"I saw her in the hall so she should be here any second- hey Ginny" Theo smile as the very red haired witch they wanted to talk to strolled in looking much more relieved than how she was looked at breakfast "how'd the meeting go? Will your brother ever see he light of day?"

Ginny smiled "he will, but it will be with a ghost chaperone going with him everywhere"

"that's good to hear … and it explains why the Bloody Baron seemed so happy in the morning" Theo comment and shivered as he recalled the ghost's slightly sadistic smile.

"ask her" Blaise whispered to Draco while returning the jab he got earlier courtesy of the blonde, but Draco stubbornly kept quiet. Not one to let an opportunity to slip by the young wizard smiled "hey Ginny do you know any muggle topics we could ask Cache about? we wanted to try to get to know him and Draco says he was raised by muggles so we figured we'd start there"

The witch took a moment to ponder if Draco or Blaise knew who Cache really was or not, but in the end it didn't matter with this topic and decided to ask later "ummm … you could ask about the different kinds of flying machines muggles have and … how they preserve food or about writing tools … here's his music player too of course" she paused to think, but also noticed Draco was listen very carefully. Actually she noticed he was weird around her since he saw her. it's like he had an issue with her family or, since she thought some of the looks were jealous ones like when Cache took her to the meeting, she wondered if he liked Cache.

"hmmm that gives us a lot think- … err … " Blaise and the other Slytherins blinked as the big portrait nearly touching the floor, who's occupant was in a different frame somewhere, suddenly decided to swing open revealing three people one clearly being a vampire who was holding an unconscious Cache "professor?"

"one word about this to anyone outside this room and it's detention for every last one of you" the four students in perfect sync and Severus shot a glare at Trocar "that includes you" he snapped as he stepped out from behind the portrait.

"hey! I'm not one of your students! You can't give me detention!" Trocar whined as he stepped out next making sure Harry's head wasn't hit on the side of the passage.

"try me" Severus sneered.

Draco wasn't even listening to the odd pair's bantering. He was too horrified at the blood streaks coming from Cache's eyes "what in merlin's name happened? Is Cache ok?" he exclaimed frantically as he rushed over to them faster than every other person there.

"we'll see" Severus said absentmindedly and looked at Trocar "you know where my office is right?" the vampire nodded "take him there and don't be seen"

Trocar huffed "obviously" he said before vanishing in a blur with only the door flying open as the only sign where he went.

"I'm going to get Poppy. Draco, go get Lyra and Libra. They're in the haunted girl's bathroom on the first floor" Severus ordered before leaving to get the healer.

Blaise shrugged "give Cache a kiss for me. I hear that helps wounds-oof" he grunted as the helpless pillow that Draco kidnapped from the chair collided with his face. The blonde raced out the door not realizing that now three people knew his feelings for Cache and two of them were planning on helping it along.

Draco ran as fast as he could to the first floor bathroom and found he kneazles pawing at the sinks, which he figured is the opening to where ever Severus and Cache went. However it must've closed for some reason, which explained why the kneazles were so worried "Lyra, Libra, it's ok. Cache, Severus and their companion went out a different way. Come on, they're at Severus's office" he whispered as he knelt down to pet the kneazles. Both kneazles mewed cutely and eagerly nuzzled Draco's leg "lets go" he said with a smile and lead the kneazles to the potion master's living quarters where they found the vampire dabbing Cache's eyes though the apprentice was clearly sitting up and awake despite his eyes being shut.

"I'm just sore Trocar, I'll be fine" Cache chuckled as Trocar clearly ignored his comment and continued wiping away the blood.

"I saw the blood coming from your eyes so don't say you were fine" Draco muttered as he walked over to Cache.

"considering what happened it's amazing that I'm alive at all" Cache smiled before being cuddled by two worried kneazles "awww were you guys worried"

"as they should be" Severus said as he came in with Poppy. A slight blur and no sign of Trocar was all he need to guess that the vampire hid in his bedroom again most likely to avoid the St. Mungo's healer "looking into the eyes of a basilisk is not a minor concern"

"basilisk!" Poppy and Draco yelled in horror and the healer practically ran over to Cache "dear merlin you know how to scare me" Poppy exclaimed as she immediately pushed passed the stubborn kneazles and cast a spell to scan his eyes "your eyes aren't terribly damaged, but it's bad long the orbital sockets … if I didn't know any better I'd say someone just punched you in the eyes" she said a bit awestruck that she was talking to her apprentice after being told what happened, but she shook herself out of her stupor and healed Cache's eyes "try opening your eyes and tell me what you see" she ordered hoping there were no ill affects, but no one can know for sure since no one survived such a thing like an accidental gaze into a basilisk's eyes. There was no way to know for sure.

Cache opened his eyes revealing green orbs instead of the fake blue he had just minutes ago "well my eyesight is still sharp, but … I'm colorblind again"

"color blind? Again? When were you color blind?" Draco gaped in shock at his bit of information.

Severus sighed "Cache was color blind throughout his life until he tried that new potion. He was the first to test it in a few ways"

Poppy nodded as she recalled what Cache told her before she even knew he was Harry "yes … and actually this makes sense in a way. Colorblindness is passed down from parent to parent. Malnutrition can cause bad eyesight. It makes sense that your potion would heal eyesight if you were born with pour mother's perfect eyesight and the malnutrition affected it. As for the colorblindness perhaps the potion simply filled in what was missing or made a lens to fix what you didn't have to begin with"

"a lens strong enough to reflect a basilisk's deadly gaze" Severus muttered "do you have any of that potion left"

The fake blonde shook his head "no, I only have the potion I use to change my eye color and I'm not allowed to recreate my Nerve Tonic now that I turned it into the lab at St. Mungo's, but that's not a problem. I can still make potions without seeing reds and greens for a while and I know what was bothering me throughout my first year"

"what was that?" Draco asked curiously.

"you" Harry said casually.

Draco twitched in annoyance "me? How did I bother you?"

Harry flinched at the sharp tone and chuckled nervously "I didn't mean you exactly. It's your eyes. Once I realized I was colorblind I realized your eyes could be a different color"

The potion master's eyes rose "ah yes, Draco's silvery eyes would be tricky if you see a number colors as gray"

"yep, of course being in Gryffindor you couldn't say any Slytherin's name without everyone complaining so I never got an answer from them and I didn't want to straight out say I was colorblind after … what happened when I tried to tell Severus" Harry felt a sting of guilt as he saw Severus flinch. They couldn't change what happened, but there may be some more healing needed "anyway I spent the rest of the year thinking of your eyes" he said and noticed Draco's cheeks darken … was he blushing? He couldn't see red, but what else could it be? Sadly he didn't have a chance to ponder on that thought …

A knocking on the door caught their attention "Severus we need a moment to talk" everyone internally groaned as Dumbledore's voice came through the door. The whole point of bringing Harry to Severus 's living quarters to be healed was for privacy. Anyone could just walk into the infirmary and no one needed Dumbledore seeing Cache hurt or sporting green eyes.

"Libra claw me" Draco hissed quickly as Severus went towards the door. The bigger kneazle understood and scratched Draco's arm "heal me"

Cache blinked at the sudden demand, but quickly realized Draco was giving him an excuse to avoid eye contact with Dumbledore and kneeled in front of Draco who sat down in a chair "thank you Draco" he whispered softly and without Draco noticing he held the Malfoy's arm so he could feel the pulse in the wrist. Draco's pulse was very fast, his cheeks were darker and Draco subtly trued to avoid eye contact. It was enough for Harry to realize that, perhaps, Draco liked him more than he was letting on.

Severus opened the door and let Dumbledore in "headmaster what is the problem?"

Dumbledore smiled a slightly strained smile when he spotted the apprentice who had his back to him while healing the Malfoy brat. He had to be careful about what he said "no problem really. I must say I'm surprised to see you here Poppy"

The potion master simply pointed to the potions on the desk "I asked her here to discuss how to best distribute those potions to the young ladies of the school"

"I see, good, good" Dumbledore said as if he cared when he really didn't "anyway having you both here will make this easier. Minerva told me she's planning a vacation for a couple weeks to tend to some family problems that suddenly came up. I need you to fill in for her starting after the weekend. On Tuesday to be exact"

"of course" Severus said and shut the door the second the old wizard turned to leave "vacation? That doesn't make any sense"

"yes Minerva would give us much more time to prepare if something went wrong and she'd find a replacement … and why in the middle of the week? Is he planning something?" Poppy pondered out loud.

Cache looked up from the healed arm "he always is and maybe we should give her the potion to cancel the loyalty spells sooner than expected"

Severus nodded as he handed Poppy the potions to remove the love potions effects "agreed I'll have it done right after dinner and I'll give it to her in the morning"

With that Poppy left to complete her task of removing the love potions and Draco went back to the dorms. Harry had to race back to his apartment with Trocar to get the color changing potion for his eyes and returned to help with the potion despite Trocar's fussing. Unfortunately he knew he couldn't ditch the entire day. It wasn't even lunch yet and he's supposed to help out so he returned …

However after the potion was finished and Harry left for the night when Severus finished undressing for the night a voice was heard "beautiful"

The potion master spun around only to find himself pinned to the bed by a vampire "Sanguini who told you the password to my floo?!"

"now, now love. Calm down" Sanguini purred as he kissed his way down Severus's neck making the human under him squirm "don't be mad at Cache. He just doesn't want you to be in pain alone. I'll make you forget any pain and don't worry. Our mutual friend told me about the close call with my hickeys so I won't leave hickeys on your neck this rime" he whispered huskily earning a shiver from Severus

"we aren't going that far either you pervert-ahhh hah!" Severus yelped and his back arched off the bed as the vampire consumed his cock all the way down to the root in one go and started sucking mercilessly, which was amazing since vampires don't need to breathe. Sanguine switched between sucking the human cock an nipping the hard flesh, while his hands found all sorts of spots to tease. Not once did he stop pleasuring Severus who was screaming in pleasure as the vampire sucked and molested him in many ways, but only went so far as to use fingers in the tight hot channel. By the time Severus passed out the mark on his arm was gone.

Sanguini licked one of the hickeys on Severus's inner thigh earning a mewl from the sleeping wizard "mine" he hissed before spooning Severus and watching Severus sleep the entire night …


Ginny spotted Draco after he returned to the dorm and smiled "oh Draco I thought of another thing you could ask Cache" she said innocently, but she was anything but. Once Severus asked Draco to get the kneazles she knew Draco was in on Harry's secret. It was obvious since the professor wouldn't risk someone who didn't know seeing something while Harry was in a vulnerable state. Also those kneazles wouldn't go with anyone Harry can't trust. With this in mind she knew just the thing to tell Draco.

"oh what?" Draco asked his mind still spinning from Harry's comments about his eyes. Harrys was thinking of him all that time … something about that made his heart race.

"next time you find the chance ask him what happens when you stand under mistletoe. Muggles have to do something … I can't recall what, but we use mistletoe so it'd be a nice place to start" Ginny explained and giggled after Draco simply nodded and walked away …