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"next time you find the chance ask him what happens when you stand under mistletoe. Muggles have to do something … I can't recall what, but we use mistletoe so it'd be a nice place to start" Ginny explained and giggled after Draco simply nodded and walked away …


Severus's eyes fluttered open after what was quite possibly the best sleep of his life and he eagerly looked at his forearm, which was free of the Dark Mark "the goblins did it … they destroyed the horcrux … Voldemort is gone" Severus said with a rare smile, but his mood quickly changed as he felt a hand touch his butt "Sanguini what are you still doing here?!" he yelped jumping out of the bed.

"enjoying the view" Sanguini said eyeing the potion master's naked body.

"why haven't you left yet?" Severus snapped as he snatched his robe from the bed frame where he usually kept it and put it on.

Sanguini pouted at the loss of the naked form, but he shrugged with a smile "this dorm has no sunlight so I can stay however long I want" he said as he lazily sat up in the bed.

"perhaps, but I have class so I need to leave. Have fun by yourself" Severus huffed, but as he made his way to the bathroom the vampire appeared right in front of him.

"did you feel any pain?" Sanguini asked softly as he held Severus by his waist.

"I … no … I felt nothing … thank you, but you should go" Severus said briskly, but squeaked as he was suddenly picked up and forced to sit on the dresser. The vampire forced Severus's legs apart so he could stand between them "hey what the hell are you doing?!" Severus snapped with a mixture of fear and anger as he tried to break away, but of course it was no use.

"Severus" Sanguini said softly catching the potion master's attention "I've lived for hundreds of years. I know when people fear me or my kind even when they try to hide it. You don't actually fear me even when I have you like this, which is rather odd, but I think I know why you keep trying to push me away" he leaned over so his mouth was almost against the potion master's neck "and you shouldn't fear that"

Severus shivered as the breath tickled his neck "you seem to think you know me so well" he muttered a little annoyed that the vampire was making assumptions.

"I have been around a long time. People can be easy to read after so long and you're wrong" Sanguini purred as he pulled Severus closer and was pleased to hear a soft gasp from the potion master "I have no interest in having my fun and leaving … I have no interest in using you and breaking your heart … what I want is to be with you and only you for no one I've ever met fascinates me like you. Your scent is intoxicating" he said as he nuzzled Severus's neck "the taste of your skin is divine" he said before nipping the sensitive skin earning a moan "every sound that pours out of that mouth of yours is like music to me including anything related to your sharp wit … mmm and of course your moans" Sanguini chuckled as his hands slipped under the robe to caress a bare backside getting those delicious moans from the potion master who was becoming more and more flushed "and the sight of you is breathtaking no matter what you believe about your attractiveness … I want you"

Severus couldn't stop the blush that spread across his cheeks nor the flutter in his heart so he leaned up and kissed the vampire "we'll see. Right now I actually am busy"

"I understand, but now that I know about this dorm I will be visiting much more often" Sanguini vowed before claiming Severus's lips again and vanishing in a blur as he raced back to the apartment complex knowing that if he lingered one more moment he would've taken Severus right then and there.

"pervert" Severus panted breathlessly as he tried to recover from the kiss. He pressed his fingers to his lips feeling a little saddened that those other lips were gone, but he shook himself out of his daze and went to get ready for the day. When he left his bedroom he found Cache sitting in the living room of his living quarters waiting for him "you brat"

Cache blinked innocently "what did I do?" he exclaimed as Libra hopped onto his lap to cuddle and Lyra trotted over to Severus for a pet.

"you sent Sanguini here that's what!" Severus exclaimed trying to feel a little irritated even though it did turn out well and the cute kneazle was destroying what irritation he could muster.

"the goblins said there'd be some pain so you shouldn't have been alone" Cache said not regretting his choice even for a second and he regretted it even less when he noticed a slight spark in Severus's eyes.

"yes well … we should go or we'll be late for breakfast. You need to help me set up the classroom for class first" Severus said as he headed for the door.

"wow … whatever happened last night must've been mind blowing cause you clearly forgot that it's Sunday" Cache said and chuckled as Severus froze just short of the door.

"right …" Severus mentally cursed himself for letting the vampire get so far under his skin that he wasn't thinking straight and yet there was a tiny part of his mind that was mad because he could've stayed in bed with Sanguini for a little longer.

Cache smirked "would you like me to get Sanguini so you can cuddle with-" the apprentice raised his hands in surrender as Severus shot him a glare "never mind"

"that's right … are your eyes any better? They look bloodshot" Severus frowned in concern as he saw Cache rub his eyes.

The blonde shrugged "they were sore up until I woke this morning-"

"what?" Severus's eyes narrowed and he leaned over to look at the false blue eyes "I gave you a pain killer. You shouldn't have been able to feel anything"

"I think we can both agree that this isn't a normal injury. I'll need to wait to use any potion on my eyes. Just the harmless dye on them is making them sore again and I can't make the Nerve Tonic or use any left overs" Cache said casually.

"you can't at all? Can you at least use it as an additive like how you used it when you first discovered it?" Severus asked thinking about what this may mean for Cache's colorblindness.

"nope, I signed the magical contract stating that the testing must be completed first before I use the potion, make the potion or use variations of the potion and since the Nerve Tonic only has one ingredient that basically means I can't use ground roasted kneazle whiskers or it will count as a variation" Cache explained.

Severus gave a disappointed sigh "and you can't break the magical contract without a consequence, right?"

"yeah. Every brewer associated with St. Mungo's must abide by those rules or they could lose a certain amount of pay, which is something I need. I know my potion will get approved, but a public testing facility like St. Mungo's will take forever to get it to that point and I'm not a adult potion master with a license to test on my own so I'm stuck" Cache said focusing on the kneazle cuddling him.

"you will have to deal with your colorblindness until then. That's rather unfair" Severus said with a hint of disappointment.

Cache shrugged "can't be helped, but it's hardly a big deal. I spent my entire life not seeing red and green so I can put up with it a bit longer … so are we going to see Professor McGonagall?" the apprentice saw his mentor's face go blank for a second and his jaw dropped "YOU FORGOT!" he yelled in shock startling the kneazles making Libra jump off his lap.

"no I didn't" Severus said as he quickly turned and went into the private lab where he had the potion he finished the night before. He knew he wanted to get up early for a reason and now they had to hurry!

"you did! What the hell happened last night?" Cache exclaimed as he actually heard his normally his level headed mentor fumble as he searched for the potion they needed.

"No. I . Didn't." Severus said firmly in a dangerous tone that would scare the hell out of anyone.

The apprentice however was unaffected "of course you didn't" he said through a chuckle which earned him a glare.

"lets go" Severus said sharply clearly sulking at being teased by his apprentice.


Blaise raised an eyebrow as he walked out of his room and saw Draco already near the door and leaving "hey hold up! Are you leaving without me?" Blaise asked and pouted as Draco looked at him with a look that clearly meant the Malfoy only just realized he was there … he did indeed forget him.

"no … I was going to Sev-Professor Snape's quarters" Draco said before quickly running out the door and trying to out run the other Slytherin, but Blaise was taller and was able to catch up pretty easily.

"hold it! You're going to check on Cache aren't you?!" Blaise asked curiously. Everyone knew by now that Cache flooed into Severus's living quarters. It wasn't hard to figure out and if the Malfoy's sudden increase in pace was anything to go by then Blaise was right "I knew it! You want to make sure he's ok … you're going to try asking Cache something"

"you want to ask me something- whoa you ok?" Cache asked quickly as Draco stumbled into him apparently not able to stop in time "no need to run"

Severus huffed sulkily "two points for running" he snapped before walking away from them.

"did he … did the professor really just take points from Slytherin?!" Blaise gasped in shock.

Cache chuckled "he's a bit flustered today" he said and looked down at the Slytherin who was in his arms "you ok?" he asked again pretending not to notice that Draco nuzzled his chest or technically just a bit above his stomach since he was much taller than the Malfoy.

"yeah I'm fine" Draco said and reluctantly pulled away from the apprentice.

"I'm glad … so what did you want to ask me?" Cache asked as he looked down at the Slytherins.

"are you ok?" Draco asked as he gazed into the blue eyes and looked for any sign of a problem. Of course he noted the bloodshot state, but was happy to see they weren't bleeding like before.

"I'm much better thank you. Is that what you wanted to know?" Cache asked as his kneazles were looking at the talking paintings like they were toys.

Blaise smiled and pointed at Draco "no, he was really curious about a muggle related question. What was it again Draco?" Blaise urged getting a subtle glare from Draco for putting him on the spot.

"umm … yeah …" Draco mentally freaked out and scrambled for the first question he could remember "oh right! It was about mistletoe!"

"mistletoe?" Cache queried having a feeling he knew where this was going, but it didn't seem like Draco knew.

"yeah Ginny said muggles had a belief about mistletoe, but she couldn't remember what that was. Do you know?" Draco asked happy his godfather wasn't around to witness this, but he wished Blaise would go away so they could talk alone.

Cache pulled a quill out of his bottomless bag in his pocket and transfigured it into a little twig of mistletoe "muggles believe if you stand under mistletoe you get cursed" he said and dangled the twig over Draco's head "now you're cursed, but there is an easy way to break it" Cache said as he crouched lower to be at eye level with Draco and pressed a kiss to Draco's cheek "there. You're free of the curse" he said and looked into the stunned silver eyes.

"MOVE IT CACHE!" Severus yelled down the halls as he finally realized his apprentice was three staircases behind him.

"we better go … come on girls, Severus is cranky" Cache said cheerfully as he stood up "I hope I cleared things up for you" Cache said as he looked in those silver eyes.

"y-you did" Draco stuttered barely keeping a blush from exploding across his cheeks.

"I'm happy to help. I better go before Severus hunts me down" Cache said amusedly, but he and his kneazles quickly walked away just in case Severus really was about to pounce. However not too far away he heard Blaise teasing Draco. Apparently Blaise didn't realize how much the halls echoed otherwise he may have whispered the 'Draco you got a kiss from your love' comment. As he finally caught up with Severus he saw the professor talking to Poppy "hey, what's wrong?"

Poppy frowned "passing out the potions to remove the love potions. Will be harder than we thought. No one will take the potion if I say what it is and I can't spike the food"

"why not? What do you want to bet Dumbledore did that to us?" Severus said dryly.

"yes, but we can't do that to the students" Poppy hissed. She knew Severus was kidding, but she still didn't like the reminder.

Cache frowned, but then spotted Lockhart headed to the Great Hall "Professor Lockhart, we really need your help with something!" he called out ignoring the looks from Poppy and Severus.

Lockhart puffed out his chest and strolled over "how may I be of assistance?" he asked apparently inflating his ego a bit just knowing the fools who embarrassed him needed him now.

"we got a new potion for young witches, but we can't get everyone to come and take it. You have such a way with the ladies that we hoped you could get them to see reason. It may be a bit embarrassing having it announced, but if you could discuss this with them after breakfast and spread to word it'd be a big help"

"I will be happy to spread the word" Lockhart exclaimed and flounced away not thinking for one moment that he was tricked into getting people to take the very potion that will remove his own.

"you are a Slytherin" Severus muttered as relieved Poppy walked way to prepare the potions Severus gave her the night before.

"so should we go see Professor McGonagall?" Cache asked quietly as more students appeared though they were mostly the girls who were following Lockhart. After all it was still too early for breakfast so that wasn't why they were here.

"I will, you won't" Severus said firmly "if she's going to react anywhere near as bad as I did you will get hurt. Also I won't risk her seeing you and realizing who you are. The less people who know the better"

Cache raised an eyebrow "but she'll be coming down here anyway so she will see me"

"no … I won't have that happen. The second Dumbledore sees the Daily Prophet he will change his plans and I can't let him get any leeway. Can you step in for me?" Severus asked seriously.

"of course' Cache said and watched Severus's robes billow as he walked away. what was Severus going to do? As he pondered that question he looked at the transfigured quill still in his hand and got an idea of his own …