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A place filled with vampires was now exposed to the sun and injured vampires are very dangerous on its own, but his cub was inside … and bleeding …


The goblins in charge of the Prince and Potter vaults continued asking question after question of Minerva to get every detail they could, "Thank you, Ms. McGonagall, for all your help and for supplying us with a pensieve of your memories. We will press charges immediately." Griphook said as he took a few notes and signed the parchment next to his fellow goblin's name.

"But how? I told you I think the minister is potioned too! The charges can't stick!" Minerva exclaimed only calming down because Severus shot her a look that told her to listen.

"The charges will be filed through the goblin courts not the human ministry. Albus Dumbledore will be arrested and punished by us. We will also alert the ministry and they will start a protocol to test and remove the potions they may have in their systems including the minister." Griphook said with an eager sneer.

Minerva relaxed a little knowing that the goblins wouldn't let him escape, "Very well, but what about Harry Potter? Someone needs to get him out of Dumbledore's grasp! … what?" She asked when she noticed Griphook cast an urgent glance at the potion master.

"She hasn't seen the paper today." Severus said trying to reassure the goblin, who was no doubt concerned about his client, but without revealing that he knew where Harry was. Griphook relaxed.

"I see." The Gringotts goblin in charge of the Prince vaults, Ironclaw, said before handing Minerva a copy of today's newspaper.

As she read through the article on the front page Minerva paled, "Oh, dear Merlin! Harry ran away?! He was abused?! … He nearly died?!" She exclaimed in horror. However, now that her mind is free to think without a potion holding it back she immediately zeroed in on Severus. "We get the paper at the same time at Hogwarts so how did you know about this?"

Severus already expected this question and was ready, "Lucius has someone in the Daily Prophet. His friend passed the news along and Lucius sent it straight to me knowing I'd be interested." He replied calmly.

"No … you know something about Harry, don't you? Otherwise, why aren't you hunting down Lily's child right now?" The transfiguration professor snapped tired of not being able to do anything. "I refuse to believe that you hate James so much that you'd ignore Harry after this!" She yelled and slammed the paper down on the table.

"Minerva, I haven't seen Harry and remember I was under a potion too until recently. Bedsides, I can't go looking until Dumbledore is behind bars. I won't risk the old fool getting his hands on Harry." Severus said only feeling a little guilty at lying to someone he respected and saw as a dear friend, but Harry was more important right now. Minerva would understand when she learns the truth, but only when Harry wants to reveal it and not before.

"How did you learn that you were under in the first place?" Minerva asked, feeling like something could be hidden there. What secret is Severus hiding?

"Cache had an interest in loyalty potions. I tried to test the diagnosis potion and discovered that I did have a loyalty potion in me. Cache made the counter and forced me to take it with the help of his neighbors." Severus said, but could tell that the sharp witch wasn't fully convinced. However, neither of them had a chance to say anymore because a slip of charmed paper fluttered into the room and into Ironclaw's clawed hands.

"It seems there was an attack on your residence Lord Prince. We already flooed some emergency supplies over there." The goblin for the Prince vaults said after reading the note.

"What?! Excuse me, we'll talk later, Minerva." Severus said before leaving the confused transfiguration professor alone with the two goblins.


Trocar looked worried as he entered the apartment, "Are you ok? Oh! Your eyes look so red!" He exclaimed the second he spotted the bloodshot green eyes.

"Yeah … that little dye potion was irritating me. It got so bad that Poppy insisted I leave and take the dye out for a few hours." Harry said and chuckled at the lazy kneazles who were still a little sleepy from their nap in the sun.

"You shouldn't go back at all if the dye hurts you!" Trocar said as he looked at the bloodshot eyes with worry. "And what are you doing brewing now when you should be resting?" Trocar said with a hint of disapproval when he noticed the fresh potion in the vial and a cauldron full of the rest of the potion.

Harry smiled, "It's a new potion I was going to test-"

"Oh, no you don't! You've been through enough! First the basilisk, then your reaction to your dye! You won't test it! I will if you have to know what it does!" Trocar said getting carried away and drinking the potion without even letting Harry explain what it was for first. Once Trocar set the empty vial down he realized exactly that. "umm … what was that potion-"

A sudden blast cut off the vampire who immediately dropped the subject as the protective shutters exploded. Glass was sent flying everywhere and even sliced up Harry's cheek before he cast a shield to protect himself and the kneazles. Unfortunately the shield wouldn't protect Trocar and it seems the situation was even worse than he thought. Harry could hear screams from throughout the complex and realized this wasn't just one window.

"Trocar get to the cell rooms-" Harry's jaw dropped as he turned and saw the sunlight hitting his dear mentor, but nothing was happening.

Trocar blinked as he felt the warm tingle on his body, "Harry … what did you make?" He asked in shock before a buzz echoed through the walls. "Good, the backup system is up." He muttered still looking at his skin.

The young wizard jumped as every painting and solid piece of furniture began floating over to the windows to block them, "Are you sure you're ok-"

"TROCAR!" Frank yelled as he went through the door and ran over to the vampire. "Are you alright? Sanguine already flooed to Gringotts to get blood. How much do you need?"

"None, Frank, I'm fine-" Trocar gasped as the werewolf pulled him into a hug. Harry smiled at the tender moment, but that quickly reminded him of the cut on his cheek, which bled a little more catching the attention of the dark creatures. "Harry, you're hurt!"

"Is it bad?" Armel asked, seemingly appearing out of nowhere he moved so fast.

Harry's eyes widened as he saw a burn on Armel's neck, "I'll be fine, but you need blood! How many others were hurt?"

Frank sighed, "Only five vampires were burned. Some werewolves were cut up by the glass, but most of them are alright enough to patrol the area." He said, but then shifted as if he heard something. In fact, the three dark creatures stiffened as if they heard something and didn't like it. "I think Mike went into labor … and Jenny."

Harry grabbed some potions and ran out the door with the creatures easily keeping up with him. "Oh! Ok, shock can induce labor so … take them to a room-" A distant scream that sounded like Mike startled everyone. "Make them comfortable where they are and don't move them!" Harry yelled as he got down the stairs. On the way, he nearly collided with Severus who came running out of his room and down the stairs.

"Harry? What are you doing here? … you're hurt. What the hell happened here?" Severus asked quickly taking in several things at once. One, a few vampires were hurt and waiting for medical attention from Sanguini who was handing out vials of blood from Gringotts, which were sent moments before Severus was told what happened. Two, Harry was hurt. Three, the two pregnant werewolves were on the lobby floor apparently about to give birth. Four, Sanguini, much to Severus' relief, looked fine.

Sanguine smiled as he moved towards the worried potion master, "Calm down, love. This isn't the first time people have tried something like this." He said before kissing Severus who kissed back eagerly clearly more relieved than he calm mask revealed.

"Oh, Harry, there's someone still outside so stay out of sight." Greyback called out as he reluctantly left Mike's side to go for the door and help the werewolves dealing with whoever did this.

Harry didn't even look away from his two pregnant patients as he nodded, "I'll be busy anyway." He said, but paled as a moment later a badly injured werewolf was dragged back in with his arm completely sliced off. "Thanks, girls." He said quickly as Lyra and Libra brought more potions in the bottomless bag and a cut healing cream for his check. He slapped some cream onto his cheek before rushing over to the injured werewolf. "Watch them and could someone get towels and hot water?" The wizard asked as he started using the basic spells he had to reattach the arm. Trocar and Maria went to get the things needed as everyone else waited there to watch. After all the vampires had to be careful until the place was fixed and the werewolves weren't going to leave when their members were going through this.

"Harry!" Harry and Severus didn't hear the yell, but all the werewolves and vampires did.

"What's wrong?" Severus asked quietly when he noticed Sanguini stiffen.

"We have a guest." Sanguini whispered so Harry wouldn't hear though it wouldn't matter since Mike and Jenny were screaming as the contractions hit so Harry probably wouldn't hear them even if he yelled. He handed Armel a vial of blood who drank it quickly to be ready in case the encounter got violent.

Severus raised an eyebrow, but then Greyback came back in with two others with him, "Lupin, it's been a while."


Moody scowled as he saw the werewolf charge forward, "Get back!" He snapped, but it was too late. Dumbledore already apparated away by the time Remus even moved a few steps. "What's your hurry?"

"Harry is in there! I smell his blood!" Remus yelled over his shoulder in a panic. Neither of them noticed the windows being blocked by several pieces of furniture.

"What?!" Moody growled. He too started moving as fast as he could towards the complex, but they stopped as a group of werewolves came out of the building with their wands raised.

"Let me through! My cub is in there! He's human! He'll be killed so let me through or I'll get in myself!" Remus snapped angrily.

"Domestic." One of the werewolves scoffed as if it was an insult, which it was. Remus never understood why, but that's what werewolves in packs called him. "There's no danger here-"

Moody scowled, "After what just happened how can you say that? There must be dozens of injured vampires-"

"You'd just love that." Another huffed uncaringly making Remus growl angrily and fire off a set of spells in an attempt to get passed the werewolves. Moody quickly began fighting with Remus and for just a few minutes it looked like they were going to break through until someone suddenly came out of the complex and shot Remus with a heavy stunning spell. Remus hit the ground with a hard thud and saw a wand pointed down at him.

"Drop your wand!" Moody froze just after casting a spell the sliced the one werewolf's arm clean off. The retired auror ignored the screams of the one werewolf as he turned to see Greyback pointing a wand at Remus, who looked furious, but couldn't do anything to help. Of course, Moody dropped his wand and the other werewolves went to help their friend who was nearly unconscious from blood loss. "Get him inside!" Greyback snapped and stepped aside to let the werewolves pass. "You both caused a huge mess."

"I want my cub." Remus growled actually trying to use his wolf's strength to recover from the stunner he was under and he was getting close to.

"What's your cub's name?" Greyback asked as he summoned both of their wands to his free hand so they couldn't get them back.

"Harry!" Remus growled as he stood up to his feet, albeit a bit unsteadied, and glared at the one werewolf standing between him an the door.

"How do I know it wasn't you who did this?" Greyback said as he gestured to the glass all over the ground.

"We didn't … the one responsible for that apparated away before your wolves came out." Moody said as he looked for a chance to kill the werewolf who was a wanted criminal.

"Then come in … though I doubt Harry will be happy to see you right now." Greyback said surprising both of them.

After hesitating for a moment Remus went first eagerly and Moody soon followed watching Geryback who was still pointing the wand at them. When they got through the first door they found the second door refused to open until the first closed, however, once that was done they went inside. The sound of screams made them panic, but they didn't see the scene they expected. Much to their surprise they didn't find a frenzy of vampires going for blood, but just standing there staring at them and the screams were from the injured werewolf and two people who must've gone into labor.

"Lupin, it's been a while." Severus said, but barely received any acknowledgement that he was heard at all. Remus was too busy staring at the blonde apprentice. No doubt the werewolf could smell his cub.

"Harry?" Remus asked tentatively. He could not understand why Harry looked so different from James or Lily save for the green eyes, but there was no denying that the boy healing the werewolf was his cub. That, however, did not explain why Harry was healing the werewolf or why the vampires weren't going nuts. Surely, some were injured so shouldn't they be in danger right now?

Harry looked over his shoulder making Remus flinch at the cold indifferent gaze the young wizard had, "Which one of you did this?" He asked coldly.

"I did." Moody said taking in the strange scene. Harry just looked at him before returning to the wound. It was strange, but then he started wondering how much Dumbledore influenced the information they thought they knew about dark creatures because it was quite clear something wasn't adding up. Until he knew what that was he'll ignore the wanted criminal werewolf in front of him.

Remus frowned at the lack of response from the boy, but he didn't want to stop trying to get Harry away from here, "Harry, you could come with me. I knew your family-"

Greyback growled, "Harry is free to leave wherever and whenever he wants so lets focus on something more urgent. You both were right outside the door so you must've seen who attacked. Who did it?"

"I'm not saying anything until Harry is out of here and safe." Remus said determined not to make the same mistake again. "Not only is he my cub, but I'm married to his godfather so I have every right to take him." The werewolf said in an attempt to keep the other creatures away, but it backfired a little or a lot as the case may be.

"I refuse." Harry said bluntly without even looking up from the wound that was slowly stitching up as Maria helped give the injured werewolf a potion to restore his blood. Every few seconds Harry would glance at his patients in labor, but beyond that he showed no interest in what was going on least of all with what Remus had to say.

Armel noticed Remus was about to press the issue out of some concern that shouldn't be present so he stepped forward, "Don't even try to make him leave. He's been safer here than he has been with his own blood or at that school and he should stay safe. Not with a werewolf who fell for the plots of an old wizard and before you try using some foolish authority argument I should warn you it won't work. I am his direct blood so vampire or not I have authority over you." Armel felt Harry's eyes on him in an instant. "My sister sought safety with the Evans family and soon married into that family. She's your great-grandma making me your distant uncle." He answered Harry's unspoken question without taking his eyes off of Remus. This will, of course, be discussed later.

"Crowning!" Trocar yelled as he saw the baby's head coming out of Jenny. Harry jolted back to his work and finished the worst of the werewolf's wound before rushing over to Jenny to help deliver. He noted that Mike's contractions were getting closer and closer together so he'd soon need to preform a C-section to get the baby out.

Severus watched Harry deeply impressed at what his apprentice was doing and headed upstairs to help in what ways he could, "You're low on some things. I'll get some blood potions, pain relievers and postnatal potions ready." He said as he quickly went up to use his lab at Hogwarts, but he called over his shoulder at Remus and Moody. "Try helping instead sitting there like a lump, Lupin."

Remus was at a loss to what to do. Harry wasn't going to leave and he actually seemed safe here despite all the information on vampires saying he shouldn't be, which really only left one thing he could do to help, "Dumbledore, it was Dumbledore who attacked this place … I got a tracker on him."

Greyback smirked, "Oh, really? Lead the way." He said though he wasn't going anywhere with Mike about to give birth. The other dark creatures were, however, eager to go on the hunt especially for that certain target. Moody and Remus were followed by several of the werewolves and will soon be joined by the vampires after the sun sets.

Frank decided to go too, but he noticed Trocar watching the baby come out excitedly, "If you ever change your mind I'm here." He whispered in Trocar's ear, but his eyes widened as he saw a pretty shade of pink grace Trocar's cheeks. "Trocar, you're blushing." He said more than a little confused since vampires shouldn't be able to do that.

"I need to talk with Harry about something." Trocar said also wondering what that meant.


Minerva took a deep breath before entering Dumbledore's office and, as she expected, a few goblins and team of aurors were standing with Poppy and a handcuffed Lockhart, "I am taking over as headmaster. For those here to search for evidence on Dumbledore please feel free to look around and take what you need." She said and the goblins began their investigation. "Now, take that idiot away." She said glaring at Lockhart harshly scaring him so badly that he stayed quiet.

"We will, Headmistress McGonagall. We only need your permission to take statements from your students." The head auror said.

"You can until curfew tonight, but it will take place in the infirmary and a professor must be present at all times." Minerva said firmly and the aurors left dragging their captive along.

Poppy smiled, "Seeing things a little more clearly?"

"Much more clearly. I'll have classes canceled tomorrow. We'll use that time to contact the parents of all those who were potioned by Lockhart. A staff meeting will be called right after the aurors have finished taking their statements." Minerva said currently concerned about the school being two staff members down.

"Oh, and Cache won't be back for a few hours. Severus came to tell me he canceled his office hours because he needed to brew potions for Cache who had a medical emergency." Poppy said a bit concerned as to what emergency it was.

Minerva sighed, "So much has happened and it isn't even lunch yet."


Severus returned carrying several potions with him and found Harry still speckled in blood sitting with the two tired looking werewolves who just gave birth, "What happened?"

"I made a mistake." Harry said and his kneazles nuzzled him comfortingly. Severus felt his heart sink thinking that Harry meant something with the births and the babies died, "I gave both babies to Trocar and he refuses to let them go." Harry groaned getting a chuckle from the three patients including Mike who looked pale after having the baby removed.

"Bloody vampire." Severus grumbled, dropping the potion bag and helped administer the potions.

"Give back my daughter you fanged menace!" Greyback snapped.

"But they're so cute!" Trocar squealed dodging the werewolf getting an eye roll from Harry. This will take a while …