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Last Time:

The two wizards followed Draco's eyes to the apartment door and saw that it was wide open with several creatures watching them. The only one that moved was Sanguini who simply pulled Severus close, but the look in his eyes was the same as the others. They were all willing to help ...


Lyra and Libra were chasing each other through their new home. They were having so much fun exploring that they knocked over a few boxes and nearly ran over a fox that slipped in through the door. The fox shifted into a very tall young man with blonde hair and blue eyes who looked very amused.

"Now slow down you guys. There's more than enough time to explore." He said with a chuckle. The sound of glass clinking in the new potion room downstairs caught his attention and he went down there to check it out. That's where he found a heavily pregnant Draco carrying a heavy box of things to put on the shelves. "You shouldn't be moving things, Draco!"

"I'm fine-" The box in Draco's arms suddenly vanished and a young pale teen with dark hair appeared holding that exact box. "Isaac! What are doing here?"

The red eyed teenage boy smirked flashing his fangs, "Mom told us to help you and Uncle Harry and make sure you don't push it."

Draco pouted, "Us? Is everyone here too?"

"Just Isabell. She's playing with your three other munchkins in the front yard. Fran is here too with her mother." Isaac said as he started taking the glass vials, flasks and beakers out of the box and lined the shelves.

Harry smiled, "Thank you, Isaac. Emptying all these boxes without tainting certain things with magic will make unpacking take quite a while by ourselves."

"I was helping." Draco huffed in annoyance. Apparently, his hormone riddled brain heard a more accusatory version of what Harry said.

"I know, love. You can't blame anyone for making you taking it easy after the trouble the twins' pregnancy caused you. Let everyone pamper you and relax." Harry said kissing Draco's neck.

Isaac chuckled at the cute blush gracing Draco's before looking at the glass tube in his hand, "Mom said you were the first to use these … it's hard to believe these were only in use for a few years, but then I grew up with this."

"You know, it's also the reason you have a sister … and the reason your mom could never become hands on with making the cure. Though, it did give an excuse to never teach again." Harry chuckled making Isaac quirk a curious brow.


Severus cradled a 17 month old Isaac in his lap as he helped look over the notes from the latest batch of the potential cure with a 14 year old Harry and Draco, "We're missing something … the interesting thing is what happened when you both switched to the smaller caudron."

"Significantly." Draco mumbled. "The amount of time the vampires could handle sunlight increased by hours in the smaller batch and there was finally an effect on werewolves even if it was a little more control during the full moon. The only thing I can see being effected is how the light exposures would hit the potion. We may need to do the light exposure drop by drop."

Harry chuckled, "And to think Greyback was so apologetic when Rosey and Sam accidentally rolled my quartz cauldron off the shelf and cracked it. We should be thanking him … and that only mini quartz cauldrons were in stock." He said and sighed. "This may seem odd, but maybe we should go muggle chemistry style for the next batch."

"What?" Draco asked curiously.

Severus nodded, "Muggles use glass instruments so instead of trying to expose an entire cauldron to light we could use those tools to get each drop-" Severus winced and looked down at the child chewing his forearm in amusement. "Sanguini! Isaac is hungry!"

In a split second the vampire landlord appeared, "Oh really? Now, now, little one. Don't chew your mama." He said sweetly as he stuck his finger into the corner of the child's mouth to get him to let go of Severus' arm, which was raw since the baby half vampire's fangs were pointy, but couldn't pierce the skin cleanly like an adult vampire's would. Sanguini took his love's freed arm and sank his fangs in smoothly. "There we go little one. Drink up." He said as he watched his son lap at the blood happily.

"I love him, but I'll be happy when he's done with my blood." Severus said though he couldn't help but smile as the tiny tongue licked his wounds.

"We should try in a couple days and see how he reacts. We have to wean him off your blood eventually." Sanguini smiled.

Draco chuckled as he poked the baby's belly earning a giggle, "Little Isaac is growing so fast."

Harry laughed, "And his mom is probably eager to test our theory. I won't waste any time and go get the equipment."

Draco frowned not sure what equipment muggles could have that would be useful, but understood the moment he saw set up. Clear glass tubes and beakers connected in the right way stretched out the potion. It wasn't difficult to see that letting the potion flow through the tubes and take in more of the diamond refracted light than it would if it was solely cauldron based. Each drop of the potion could then fall into the cauldron at end of the tubes and the cauldron would be placed in the tattoo for the darkness stage. The potion could then be run through the glass tubes again and exposed to the moonlight lamp. It was a chance to see what effect more light exposure would have.

"Ok … should we wait until you move Isaac off your blood before starting?" Draco asked Severus as Harry checked tubes, which started with the flask of bubbling solution of ground toasted kneazle whiskers.

"No, let's start now." Severus, who was standing just outside the a safe distance away from the fumes, said still determined to keep his lover and baby safe by hurrying this cure along. He wanted nothing more than ending the persecution of creatures. The minister is kinder, but there's a need for more to be done. Harry and the Malfoys helped by donating several properties and he turned over any Prince properties too, but while that means more creatures had places to hide it didn't stop the hunting.

Harry checked the angle of diamonds and switched the moonlight lamp to the sunlight setting, "Ok. Ready." He turned on the lamp letting the light refracted through the diamonds hit the tubes and turned the dial under the flask allowing the solution to start dripping.

Even Severus, who backed away just to be safe, could see a difference in the solution. It was lots of colors swirling very fast. By the time it all dripped into the cauldron and submerged into the darkness of the tattoo it was very reactive. Apparently, so reactive that it was still a swirling mess of colors when it was pulled out for the moonlight treatment.

"It's not calming down." Draco said as he watched the moonlight soaked potion remain very reactive.

Harry sighed, "Maybe we should scrap this batch-"

"No … you never know. I'll try it." Sanguini volunteered again appearing in the room at top speeds and was followed by Frank, Trocar, Greyback and a few others.

After taking the potion nothing obvious happened and everyone went on with their own things to see if what it did was more subtle. Draco went around the apartment to monitor the volunteers and Harry started writing the notes. As Harry was cleaning up for the next batch a frantic Draco ran back into his room.

"We overdid it!" A blushing Draco exclaimed with Rosey, Greyback's daughter, and Jenny's son, Sam behind him and Isaac in his arms.

Harry went to the door as his kneazles immediately started cuddling the kids, "What do mean-… oh." Harry chuckled as he heard very loud moans echoing through the halls and shut the door so the kids wouldn't hear. "Ummm … ok, so who wants to have a snack?" He said and the toddlers all giggled eager for some treats. Since both Harry and Draco were tainted with potion fumes they couldn't feed little Isaac so they got Draco's parents. Narcissa especially was happy to give the baby some blood.

"Aww you're a good little one!" Narcissa cooed as she rocked the little half vampire licking a bloody cut on her arm.

Lucius chuckled, "So why are you both boarded up in here with the kids?"

Harry smiled in amusement, "Our latest potion had some … child inappropriate effects." He suddenly paled as a terrifying thought hit him. "We may need some protection."

"Why's that?" Lucius asked seriously.

"Considering what was going on … If Severus comes out of this pregnant again and I have to tell him he can't brew for another two years or so …" Harry trailed off, but the potential danger was clear.

Narcissa winced, "He'll try to find you at Sirius's place first. You can stay with us until Severus calms down-" A knocking sound on the door made them freeze.

Harry took a deep breath and went to answer. It was a very amused Maria and Armel. He went out with them for a couple minutes and came running back in.

"Good news! Trocar is pregnant, but Severus is pregnant too! I'm going into hiding and you might want to as well, Draco!" Harry exclaimed as he nearly dove into the floo and left. Draco soon followed after when he felt Severus' magic shake the apartment complex.

Flashback Over

Isaac blushed, "Oh … so that's why my mother was so insistent on me being careful since I might have potent … fluids."

Harry chuckled, "It seems all vampires might have potent sperm. I mean your mother was taking the usual birth control potion, but even still it's not unheard of to get pregnant once. Twice while on the birth control is more than a fluke."

Isaac raised an eyebrow, "Twice?"

"Your three youngest siblings were brought about when your mother stopped taking the birth control." Harry said bluntly getting a glare from Draco for spilling personal details. "What? He'll hear much worse as his lessons in healing get more advanced."

"He may be your apprentice, but at least ask Severus first before blabbing. He might skin both of your hides if he finds out." Draco warned getting nervous chuckles from Harry and Isaac.

A cry was heard and a furry werewolf came bounding into the room with a little crying toddler on its back. The creature shifted into a blonde red eyed girl a couple years younger than Isaac and now had the fussy toddler in her arms, "Joseph wants his mommy."

"Oh really? Thank you, Fran." Draco smiled as he took the blonde, silver eyed boy. "You want mommy, sweety?"

"So what's going on? Can I help?" Fran asked cheerfully.

Isaac scoffed and moved the box of breakable glass instruments out of her reach, "No. If we need something broken we'll use your expertise."

"Meanie!" She growled at him,

Harry sighed, "Knock it off, you too. Fran, if you want to help you can help me get the potion books out."

"Ok!" Fran exclaimed happily. As she helped scoop up the books from another box she began chatting. "I made the Quidditch team this year! Everyone says it's cool to have a half vampire half werewolf on the team. I'm apparently the first of either let alone a mix of both to make any team."

"The cure hasn't been out all that long so there's still some adjusting to do." Draco said as he rocked the child in his arms.

Fran hummed thoughtfully, "Papa doesn't like talking about it, but what was it like for our kinds before?"

A sad smile came to Harry's lips, "It wasn't an easy rime. Sunlight was terrible for vampires even half vampires. The full moon caused so much pain to werewolves. It's a whole mess your parents are very happy that you never have to go through."

Isaac smiled as he placed the last fragile glass beaker on the shelf, "I remember. Mom was terrified to let me see the sun and wouldn't let me go out to play like Rosey and Sam. I tried to out run him a get outside one day, but got burned. It wasn't bad, but I cried for a while after that day. Mom tried to comfort me … he told me one day the won't hurt me and you can go play outside. I remember that day … the day you finished it."


"Papa, why do you take that?" A curious four year old Isaac asked as he watched Sanguini take the potion Harry gave him.

Sanguini patted the boy's head, "I do this to help everyone including you."

Isaac looked at the beautiful dark blue potion with shooting star like streaks of rainbow wisps and pouted, "I wanna help too."

Draco stopped the little boy from trying to take one of the vials on the table, "You can help us by watching your papa while your mama is writing his book, ok?"

"Ok!" Isaac smiled happily.

Harry smiled at some other volunteers entered the room, "We used salamander blood and beetle eyes to stabilize the potion and a moonstone in the final phase. This should provide a very strong and more focused effect." Several people took the potion, but Harry stopped Frank from taking it. "Are you done feeding Fran you blood?" He asked.

"Yes. We weaned her off a couple days ago. Trocar was sad he couldn't feed her his blood, you know. Milk sure, but not blood." Frank chuckled.

Isaac grinned, "Yeah! Vampires can't drink from vampires and babies start on a mama or papa's blood or one person's blood until their tummies and teeth are strong."

Harry chuckled, "That's right!" He praised ruffling the young vampire's hair.

The half vampire smiled and went with his papa to watch him, "Mama! Uncle Harry and Uncle Draco are letting me help. I have to watch papa!" He exclaimed happily as he followed his papa through the doorway leaving into their apartment.

Severus looked up from the book he was writing with a smile, "Thank you! That will help a lot!"

"Yeah! Can Isabell help too?" Isaac asked sweetly when he spotted his little sister bouncing in her crib wanting a hug. However, before he heard his mama speak he ran into his papa's leg. Confused he looked up at his papa.

As Severus went over to hold Isabell he smiled, "She's a little young to-"

"Mama! Papa isn't moving and his eyes are weird!" Isaac yelled.

"What?" Severus gasped and turned taking little Isabell with him. He saw that Sanguini's eyes were solid dark red and the vampire seemed to be frozen in place. "Isaac, watch your sister!" Severus exclaimed giving the little girl to her brother.

"Ok, mama." Isaac whimpered as his worried mother threw open the door and raced out of the room. He held his sister protectively, but peeked out into the hallway. To his horror he saw a big wolf like creature that could move its furry body from standing on its back legs to all fours easily. The creature reminded the little boy about the stories he was told about his werewolf friends, but he was never allowed in the cell rooms during the full moon so he never saw this form before. What made this scarier was that the fearsome creature was climbing up the steps towards his mama and his 16 year old uncles, Harry and Draco.

"I see no shredded clothes. It seems we were right. Vampires and werewolves are caused by a variant of the same virus." Harry said showing little concern about the werewolf that shouldn't even be around in the middle of the day.

Draco nodded casually, "Frank, how do you feel? Was there any pain?"

The werewolf paused and, in a surprisingly cute way, checked himself over. The furry form of Frank looked over each claw and stretched each joint before nodding happily to say he was fine. The werewolf calmly shut his eyes and, after a couple minutes, the creature shifted back into the fully clothed human form of Frank.

"An animagus form now … Severus, how is Sanguini? Is he in the same state as the others?" Harry asked making Isaac aware of the other vampires frozen in place just like his papa.

"Indeed. If it's what we think then we should-" Severus was interrupted by pulses coming coming from each vampire and the nearest piece of furniture to each of one being turned into something. Isaac felt that same pulse from his papa and the bookcase suddenly dissolved into beautiful butterflies and his papa's eyes went back to the usual red. "Their magic is free."

Flashback Over

"You remember it quite well!" Draco smiled as he adjusted his grip on the wiggling fussy child in his arms.

Isaac nodded, but then frowned, "What I don't understand is what happened at the end of the day. It seemed like a lot of people were … mad at you?"

Harry laughed, "By then I was no longer an apprentice and since a potion professor was found to take your mom's place for good I wasn't needed at Hogwarts. They thought that the money I made took a cut so they were worried about me because I suggested making the cure free."

Draco rolled his eyes, "They forgot you had patents through Gringotts for your Colorants potions, which are bought regularly by the ministry. Then there's the patent on your moonlight lamp, which was very popular. Giving away the cure for free would've been fine. By the end of the day we settled on 7 sickles."

Isaac rolled his eyes in amusement,"That sounds like everyone." A Knock at the front door caught his attention. "I'll get that." He said and left with Fran following him to help if it was more things to move into the house.

"That wasn't the end of that day though. Was it, love?" Harry whispered huskily into Draco's ear before kissing the blushing shorter wizard on the neck.


"Only they would argue about a cure meant to help their kind being free." Draco huffed as he and Harry went back into Harry's apartment.

Harry gave an amused sigh, "Yeah … but we did it so that's all that matters. They seem to be enjoying the news now." The sound of a party downstairs made Harry chuckled, but he frowned when he saw Draco stare at the equipment still set up across the kitchen counter in a daze. "Draco?" Harry moved closer to see if Draco was ok.

"We did do it … we did-" Draco finally turned and startled when he realized the tall wizard was. He slipped slightly only to be caught around the waist by Harry. He blushed wildly and his heart raced as he felt the strong chest he was held up against. With shaking hands his fingers closed around the collar of Harry's shirt and looked up into Harry's eyes, which were green since he took a break from using the coloring potion while he was inside.

The second they're eyes met something shifted. Draco couldn't stop himself from tugging on the collar and dragging the tall wizard down to him. Their lips effectively connected in a blissful kiss. Feeling that have been set aside for the cure suddenly rushed forward.

Draco finally broke the passionate kiss for some much needed air and gasped, "Harry ...please …" He pleaded softly.

"Draco …" Harry was lost in those silver eyes and immediately pulled Draco into a deep kiss, but this time their hands timidly moved across their bodies and slowly removed their clothes. As more skin was revealed and touched the make out session became deeper.

"Ah!" Draco gasped as Harry started sucking softly on his neck. His heart pounded rapidly as he felt Harry's hands slide across his bare skin touching the most intimate areas of his body. A squeak escaped Draco's lips as Harry's strong hands cupped his firm backside and lifted him off the ground.

"Damn Draco." Harry hissed as Draco wrapped his legs around his waist accidentally brushing their cocks together. Well, it was an accident the first time, but Draco moaned and continued grinding his cock against Harry's lustfully. The pleasure was racing through their bodies making it very hard for Harry to carry them to the bedroom.

Draco barely noticed the soft sheets of the bed under him until he felt that hot body on top of him, "Harry! Ahh! If you do-ahh!" Draco moaned hotly and his back arched off the bed as a hot month descended on a nipple. "Ahhhh! Harry I'm-Ahhh!" With gentle twist of one nipple, a nibble of the other and a buck of those hips against each other all at once Draco came hard. "Oh Merlin! … Harry?"

Harry leaned back to get a good look Draco's flushed, naked, cum soaked body, "Fuck." He groaned at the sight that made his cock harden even more. When he spotted Draco's glazed eyes on him his lust went up and he began licking the cum off of Draco's body.

"Ahh! Wait-ahhh! Oh Harry! Yes! Ahhh! M-my ass!" Draco cried out in pleasure as the teasing hot tongue traced his cock and the tip of a finger gently stroked the virgin entrance. Draco gasped and his hips wiggled as the finger slowly pushed into his tight channel. "H-Harry! Ahhhhh! Hahahhh!"

"You taste so good … your ass is hugging my finger." Harry said between long licks of Draco's hard weeping cock.

Draco's flushed cheeks darkened even more, "D-Don't say things ahhhh like that! Ahhhh!" He thrashed and writhed as he felt that finger stroke his inner walls. His back arched off the bed completely when Harry sucked his cock and thrust a second finger into the tight channel. "Harry! Fuck! I-I I'm ahh! Harry!" Draco screamed and spilled his cum into Harry's mouth, but the now three fingers in him kept moving and soon made him hard again.

Harry licked the cum drops off his lips, "Ready?" He whispered huskily into Draco's ear.

The dazed silver eyed wizard mewled as as fingers were removed from his twitching pucker and something much bigger tapped his pucker, "Yes … I want you, Harry-ahhh!" Draco moaned as Harry's hard cock forced his inner ring of muscles open and pushed deep into him.

"So tight." Harry groaned as he felt Draco's ass hug his cock.

Draco wrapped his arms and legs around Harry tightly as he felt the slow thrusts pick up speed, "Ahhhh hahhhah! So so g-good! Harry! Harry I-I I'm ahh! Harry!" Draco screamed even louder as a very sensitive spot deep in him was slammed into by that hard cock. Harry readjusted to hit that spot every time. Soon both lovers came together and curled up in bed holding each other ...

Flashback Over

Draco blushed, "Hush." He hissed nudging Harry for bringing up the intimate memory.

Isaac came back in the room, "The other things are here. Where do you want the TV?" He asked. Harry and Draco went to see and reverse the spell on their shrunken furniture with Isaac, Fran and Trocar's help. Finally, they set up the TV with the Weasley World marking on the remote and turned it on to check it ...

The TV went up to news channel that showed the 10th year anniversary party for Hermine and the Weasleys' business, Weasley World, 'For the first time in nearly 15 years Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, has made a public appearance just hours ago and with none other than Cache Devant Vous, the Boy Who Invents!-'

"Gwandpa! Papa!" Joseph giggled from his spot in Draco's arms when 'Harry Potter',or Armel with the coloring potion giving him green eyes and a lightning bolt scar, and Cache appeared on the screen. Harry was seen talking with the owners and hugging Hermione who was crying happily.

"Yes! Your grandpa is helping your papa by playing pretend." Draco said sweetly and kissed the giggling child's head.

'-Harry Potter has not been seen in years. Cache was chosen to be one of his private tutors and it's believed that Harry Potter helped fund the cure along with his godfather, Sirius Black. However, he has only appeared now at Weasley World's anniversary party. Granted it's not too surprising considering the horrors he must've been through because of Dumbledore, who has committed several horrid crimes. Kidnapping, potioning, line theft are only the tip of the dragon's tail. The murder of a young a Auror named Tonks, who simply wanted to investigate the properties being bought out for a concerned shop owner friend at the Three Broomsticks. She somehow discovered that Dumbledore was involved and tried investigating deeper by herself, but was caught and killed. The only reason her body was found was because it was being prepared to be raised as an inferi. Since Gringotts released information on Dumbledore after his execution proving he wanted the historical and magically enriched area of Hogsmeade as a castle it stands to reason he was going to use Tonk's corpse as a guard-'

Harry turned off the TV, "Ok! Enough of that!"

They continued moving into the house, which was connected to an equally large manor by an smaller building between the two manors. The smaller building was actually a large workshop and potion lab that will be shared with the person in the other manor, Severus Snape. It was perfect for the freelance potion masters to research and since it was not far from Knockturn Alley they had access to everything they'd need even babysitters.

Trocar smiled, "Such a nice day! Come on, kids! Let's go play and give your mommy a rest!" The happy vampire exclaimed and gently took the little boy from a tired Draco.

As the kids all left Harry smiled, "Hard to believe how vibrant my life is now. I wouldn't change it for anything." He said and kissed Draco showing he wasn't just talking about his former colorblindness …

The end