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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem – top Harry x bottom de-aged Severus / Tom / Lucius

Last Time:

"Your cover has been blown! Activate the ruins on the wall and get here now!" Quirinus paled as the floo lost all glow … they lost connection completely …


"No!" Quirinus snapped and slammed his fists on the fireplace floor.

Tom's eyes narrowed, "What happened? Where's Peter?"

"We lost him back in Hogwarts … if I had to guess I'd say he left the wards to apparate to Aunty Bella." Harry said before looking at Tom with a heartbroken look in his eyes. "Tom-"

"There's no time to explain!" Quirinus yelled and raced out of the manor. Everyone, Alecto, Amycus, Tom, Harry, Lucius and Vesta, agreed and left the protective wards to apparate to Quirinus' family home. When they arrived they found the entire home up in flames. "Bella!" His scream was only answered by the fire consumed house, which exploded sending a scorched briefcase flying through the air where it landed next to a man who was gaping at the fire. "You!"

The dark haired man just stared at the flames in shocked, "I didn't mean to … something must've gone wrong. Albus said to use it if something happened-"

"Albus …" Quirinus tackled the very skinny man, who was looking for something in his pockets,to the ground and started punching him hard in the face. Something flew out of Sirius' hand and skipped along the ground. "You fucking idiot! This is your fault! You brought Dumbledore into this and it got my family killed!"

"Quirinus! Stop!"

Recognizing the voice as Peter's he froze with a fist covered in blood in mid air and looked over his shoulder, "Bells …" Quirinus gasped in pure relief as he saw Bellatrix and Peter climbing out of the briefcase. He smiled happily at seeing his soulmate safe and sound. Bellatrix, however, first walked passed her relieved lover to kick Sirius' head as he got up effectively knocking her cousin out cold. Only then did she grab Quirinus by the collar and dragged him into a kiss. "I thought I lost you." Quirinus said as he held her tight.

Tom looked down at the unconscious bloodied man and his eyes narrowed, "Sirius Black. Let's all get back to the Malfoy manor and try to figure out what's going on."

Peter, sporting a few burns, was held tightly by Narcissa as he looked at Tom, "There's a lot to discuss. Someone grab that idiot and the briefcase."

Lucius sighed as he went over to the briefcase, "I'll get this." He said as he reached down to shut the normal looking case. With a glance he noticed there was a ladder going down into the supposedly normal briefcase and into a room filled with plants. The greenhouse, it seems, was tucked away safely and thankfully it seemed there was no damage. It and Bellatrix's safety may be the only positives to this horrible day.

"I have this idiot." Quirinus said as he grabbed Sirius Black's ankle and dragged him over. He paused only for a moment to pick up whatever flew out of the fool's hand. He noticed the runes on it looked familiar and suspected that was a portkey.

"So that's him." Harry commented as he glanced down at the man he knew was his godfather.

Right after Narcissa took full custody of Harry the goblins found his parents wills and found that the Secret keeper wasn't written down. Without the evidence most thought would be there the goblins contacted Narcissa. Once everyone made sure her custody wasn't going to be affected Gringotts called for a trial and on after Iris w released. Narcissa told Harry that Sirius was highly unstable from his years in Azkaban and he was going to be taking years of therapy before meeting him.

Unfortunately, Sirius disappeared not long before his first appointment with a mind healer. The man hasn't been seen since, but Peter was positive Sirius tried to break into the Gryffindor tower one night. Several students were panicking at the sight of the Fat lady's shredded portrait when they woke up one morning, but Dumbledore claimed it was prank and the culprits were being punished. It too dark that night so none of the portraits saw anything and there wasn't another incident so no one, except Peter, thought much of it. Neither theory was proved because no one learned who the pranksters were and Peter couldn't find a trace of Sirius anywhere so it was forgotten.

"Yeah, that's him. I assume the greenhouse shouldn't stay in this form for very long, correct?" Lucius asked right after they apparated back to the manor.

Quirinus carelessly dropped Sirius on the floor. "Yes. That compartmentalized briefcase is only for emergencies and not for long term." He said as he looked at his beloved over. "Are you ok?" He asked barely noticed Lucius and Amycus rush passed him to take the briefcase outside. The peacocks were going to enjoy having a greenhouse to perch on.

Bella just kissed him for a moment before smirking, "Peter came through the back door. He already had the greenhouse in the briefcase form as I was talking to you." Everyone glanced at Peter waiting for his side of the story.

Peter was eased into a chair so Alecto could look at his burns, "After what we saw tonight I didn't want to waste a second. I'm glad I didn't too. You didn't see it because you were talking in the floo, but right after I triggered the greenhouse's runes and once it shifted to the briefcase form I raced in through the back door of the house I saw something come through the mail slot. It looked like a letter. I saw the fucking thing spark and knew it was bad. I barely had enough time to drag Bella into the briefcase before it all went up in flames."

Quirinus' eyes narrowed, "A letter?" He glared down at Sirius. "He said something about not meaning to and that something went wrong … he used Dumbledore's first name and had this in his hand." He set the odd thing on the table revealing it to be a chess piece. A pawn, to be exact. "He mentioned Dumbledore's name and that he was supposed to use that if something went wrong. That's a portkey, isn't it?"

Peter leaned over as Alecto muttered something about him being uncooperative and needing Severus' help, "Pawn … now that's symbolic. I'd need to unravel the runes to be sure, but they look the same as the squib's portkey meaning it should lead to a trap if not the exact same acromantula nest. At least, we know where Sirius has been now. He must've been working for that bastard-"

"Shit!" Everyone jolted and spun around to find Sirius clinging to Harry. Now really Harry wasn't in danger since he was much stronger than the emaciated Black, physically, magically and otherwise. Really Harry didn't want to hurt the battered man even more. "Calm down, Sirius-"

"Sirius? You remember me? That's good! Then you know we need to get away from those evil snakes!" A slightly unstable Sirius pleaded and glared at the 'snakes' as he unsuccessfully tried to drag Harry to the floo. Suddenly, he stopped and growled like a dog. "Snivlius! Go away!" He shrieked the second he saw Alecto return with Severus in tow.

Harry sighed, "Sirius, Severus isn't going. For one thing Aunty Bella and Peter need to be-"

"Peter? …" Sirius' eyes seemed to finally focus and realized Peter, who still looked slight rat like in his transition form, was sitting right there. "Bastard! Backstabbing bastard!" Sirius lunged forward to attack Peter only to be grabbed by Harry. Sirius clearly lost it and bit down on Harry's arm to try to get away. Though Harry didn't exactly flinch everyone was pissed, especially Lucius and Amycus who just retfrom setting up the greenhouse. It was just in time to see the blood gush out of Harry's arm.

"Harry!" Lucius, Tom and Severus, faster than anyone else, cast a set of spells to safely shock Sirius off of Harry. Severus immediately began healing Harry as Lucius stunned the unstable wizard.

"Dobby!" Tom snapped. When the house elf popped into the room Sirius became even more vicious. "Take Sirius to an empty bedroom and magically lock the door. Make sure he doesn't hurt himself."

"Yes, Master Tom." Dobby bowed and snapped his fingers making himself and the nearly rabid, foaming at the mouth, Black disappear.

A few moments of silence passed as Harry and Peter were healed before Tom sighed, "Alecto, Amycus, there's no way that portkey doesn't lead to death seeing as it is from Dumbledore, but after Peter learns where it goes send a golem in to investigate if it goes somewhere that isn't the acromantula nest we know of. Dumbledore will be expecting to get a trigger telling him the portkey was used so work quickly and use a golem to trigger it. We need Dumbledore to believe everything went to plan." He ordered. Peter was handed the pawn since Severus refused to let the wizard move while the last burns were being treated.

Quirinus scoffed, "I'd prefer him being used." He said not hiding his dislike for the stupid wizard that nearly killed his soulmate and friend.

"Understandable." Tom agreed as he looked at the spot where Sirius bit Harry. There was no wound now, but it didn't change the fact that he was not happy with Sirius. "Dumbledore probably didn't get him a mind healer preferring him unstable and easy to manipulate. If we help him he could be the witness we need to put Dumbledore away."

Severus frowned, "I see what you're thinking, but it could take years to get Black in the right state of mind. Besides that, do we know a licensed mind healer?"

"It's the same damn place!" Peter yelled suddenly as he tossed the twins the coordinates.

When Alecto and Amycus took off to get a golem ready to portkey away Tom smirked, "To answer your question, Severus. We do actually have a licensed mind healer. Well he could be licensed soon. However, I first want to know what happened at Hogwarts."

Harry immediately took Tom's hand and, since Peter and Quirinus seemed too scared or pissed to say anything, he motioned for Tom to sit down, "When we went over to find Dumbledore's ritual site Peter couldn't find it in the courtyard like we expected. When we did find him we saw that he was using a completely different ritual … it was a blood ritual-"

Lucius stepped forward quickly. "We tried. I don't even know if my quick guess at where to break the runes to subtly deactivate the ritual would've worked. It was all written in blood so I doubt we could've just erased anything …"

"Blood … whose blood?" Tom asked though he started putting the pieces together. Of course, that wasn't difficult considering how furious Quirinus seemed to be, he didn't even want to consider what that sinking feeling he felt was trying to tell him. Unconsciously he held Harry's hand even tighter.

Harry looked sad, but wanted to stay together for Tom, "It seems it was Mary's blood … Myrtle was forcefully exorcised."

Tom froze and his magic whipped around dangerously. It felt like someone reached through his ribcage and roughly clawed his heart out of his chest. His first, and for a long time only friend, was yet again taken from him and this time it was permanent. She was gone and yet again Dumbledore was responsible. The hatred he felt towards that wizard was overflowing and his magic was reacting to it. It wasn't until he felt the warmth of Harry's magic wrap around him that he came back to his senses.

"I apologize." Tom said immediately feeling guilty upon see how tense those around him were, save for Harry who just moved closer wrapped his arms around him. He understands why people would have a fear from this situation. After all, the last time he lost Myrtle the most terrifying dark wizard was brought into existence. "I won't do that again … she'd be furious if I did." He said only now realizing that tears had fallen down his cheeks because Harry gently wiped them away.

Bellatrix scoffed, "She and Mary will be pissed if we mourned them. They'll be far more pleased if we end Dumbles soon. Who do we need for healing my idiot cousin?"