Four years passed. One day, Barbara visited Ramsay in his chambers.
"Ramsay, I'm going to hunt with you." she said while leaning on the door.
"I don't think father will let you."
"I'm not a child anymore!" Barbara raised her voice.
"Indeed you aren't." Ramsay grined and got closer to Barbara. He was looking at her body.
"You've grown into a fine woman." He said and put arms around Barbara.
"Uhm.. What are you doing?" Barbara seemed a bit uncomfortable.
"If Jamie and Cercei Lannister can do it, so can we." he grinned and kissed Barbara on her lips. Barbara felt wonderful. That was her first kiss. "What if someone sees us?" she asked worried. "Noone will." Ramsay said as he was removing Barbara's clothes. After he was done he pushed Barbara on the bed and unbuckled his belt. "Will it hurt?" Barbara asked as Ramsay bent her over the bed. "Oh yes it will!" He laughed and started to fuck her. Barbara screamed in pain but Ramsay put a hand on her mouth.."We wouldn't want anyone to hear us now, would we?" Barbara nodd. She tried to hide tears in her eyes. What he was doing to her hurt so much, there was not much pleasure for her in it. At least now he was here, with her, and not some hooker. He was hers now, and that was worth a little pain. She was strong.

That night Barbara was in her room. She was standing in front of the mirrow. "He said I was a fine woman." She thought to herself and took her shirt off. Her whole body was covered in bruises. Suddenly Elena came in with clean sheets. "M'lady, what happend to you!?"
"Can you keep a secret?" Barbara was smiling.
Elena closed the door and sat on the chair.
"I fucked." Barbara said as she was getting dressed. Elena looked shocked. "With whom!?" She finally asked.
Barbara lowered her look on the floor. "With Ramsay.." she quietly said. "What were you thinking!? And why did he hurt you so much!?"
"I liked it that way." Barbara frowned. Elena realised that wasn't true.
"Well, do be careful, and try to keep it from lord Bolton, he would kill you if he founds out!"
"Don't worry about me" Barbara smiled and continued "Now leave me, I wish to sleep."

Next day, Barbara was in courtyard. Elena came walking to her.
"Good day, m'lady! What are you doing all by yourself?" Elena asked with a smile.
"I'm waiting for Ramsay, we will practice shooting."
"But, m'lady, you have not ridden your horse in quite some time. And today is such a lovely day, would you like go for a ride with me?"
"But I promised Ramsay.."
"I'm sure he won't mind. Besides, you will never be capable of keeping up with him when you go hunting" Elena grabbed Barbara's hand and took her to stables. They got their horses ready and rode of. They came back in the evening.

Few nights later, Barbara was going to Ramsay's chambers when Elena stopped her. "M'lady, I need your opinion."
"On what?"
"I'm making you a new shirt, we need to choose material and color and..."
"Can't you do that without me?" Barbara was getting annoyed.
"No m'lady, you need to choose yourself." Elena said and took Barbara to her chambers.
"I choose black now let me go." Barbara said and went to the door. Elena stopped her by blocking her way. "But m'lady we aren't done."
"Elena, stop whatever you are trying to do, I have not seen Ramsay for more than a moment for the whole week now."
"Wait..." Barbara made a pause and continued. "Is this why you are making me do all this stuff!?" Barbara seemed angry.
"M'lady he is a monster, you should stay away from him." Barbara looked at Elena.
"He isn't a monster, he is my brother." She said and left the room.

Two more years passed. Robb Stark was gathering an army and Roose Bolton was going to join him.

Elena was walking through the garden when she heard two guards talking.
"Did you hear about lord Bolton's daughter?"
"No, what about her?"
"I heard she fucks her brother, that bastard."
"Well that doesn't suprise me, they torture people for fun, I only wish I could have my cock inside her." The two of them laughed.
Elena went back to Barbara's chambers.
"M'lady, I heard guards talking about you and Ramsay.."
"Oh yeah? What did they say?" Barbara was stretching in bed. She was still sleepy.
"They know about your...relationship with lord Ramsay."
"There are always those kinds of rumours between guards, they don't have much else to talk about."
"But what if your father hears them?"
"Like he will believe them." Barbara laughed.

Few days passed and Barbara and Ramsay were in her chambers. He threw her on bed and started to fuck her. "Wait, can I be on top today?" Barbara asked him and climbed on top of him. "Sure you can." he grined as she started to ride him.

In the courtyard Elena was feeding chickens. Roose Bolton has just arrived fron the hunt. He let his servant take his horse. Normaly he would just enter the fort and go to his chambers but today something stopped him. He looked towards Barbara's window and saw Barbara naked. She was on top of someone. Lord Bolton went furious.

Barbara and Ramsay just got dressed. Ramsay left the room and Barbara stayed laying on her bed. Suddenly a guard came and said:"Lady Bolton, your father is looking for you. He said that you must come immediately."
"Fine" Barbara got up and went to the Great Hall.

"What were you doing just now!?" her father asked her when she entered the Hall.
"Um, nothing special? I was in my room."
Barbara could sense that something was wrong. "I know you were in your room, I also know you fucked someone in there, I saw you from the window." Barbara was shocked. She didn't expect that. "Do you know how much your virginity was worth!? I could have married you to a rich lord!" Roose raised his voice.
"Now I'll have to say you were raped and I'll get nothing for you!" He hit Barbara across her face. "You will regret the day you decided to fuck!" he yelled and hit her again. Barbara fell on ground and he kicked her.
"Take her to her chambers, she can't come out for a month!"

Barbara was in her chambers when Elena came. She treated her wounds. "At least he doesn't know who fucks me..." Barbara slightly smiled. "I hope it was worth it.." Elena sighed.