Castle Walls (The title may change, I got this one from a Yu-Gi-Oh card)

Chapter 1: The Ill-informed Spell Casting Boy

Note: This is a Dragonball Z/ Harry Potter crossover fiction, before you runaway screaming I must tell you. . . I found a way to make it semi-plausible! Yes, you read right, this is a plausible crossover of those two that doesn't involve Gohan suddenly getting a letter from Hogwarts, or one of the students of Hogwarts stumbling upon a spell that sends them to the Dragonball Z dimension. Kid Buu still has the ability to destroy what I create but now he might have to work with Voldemort. . . the Dark Wizard created this plague spell that could extinguish all life.

Disclaimer: This is the only one for the whole thing. . . I don't own the rights to Dragonball Z, Harry Potter or any other fun thing. I do own a few Harry Potter books, some messed up Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta models, some Dragonball and Dragonball Z cards and movies, and this plotline. If you want to post this on your website or steal it for a school project just tell me first. Trust me, I usually don't mind.

Be bold. If you're going to make an error, make a doozy.

            -Billie Jean King

It was the second day of the second year for Ronald Weasley. Everyone was busy or not there, Harry had gotten kidnapped by the captain of the Gryffindor House Quidditich Team, Oliver Wood. Something that couldn't wait until the practice, he supposed. None of the other second year students were there either and he did not want to go see any of his siblings. By the fireplace in one of the big chairs was a small girl with blond curly hair reading what looked like a thick comic book. Shrugging he decided to see if it was one of his favorite titles.

"Hey, umm. . . what you reading?" he asked. She looked up at him and grinned.

"Only the best comic in the whole world. Aren't you that boy who crashed a flying car yesterday? Ginny's brother?" she asked. He blushed and grinned.

"Yeah, my name is Ron."

"Cool, I'm Charlotte, but my friends call me Ko."


"Yeah, it's short for Kokoro. That's Japanese for heart. They think I'm a bleeding heart."

"Oh. Okay, so what is this? It's not even a magical comic, let alone in English." He asked pointing to the book in he hands. She smiled.

"This is a Muggle made comic. It's called Dragonball Z, I'm a total fan of it. It's in Japanese, my best friend Mizu got me hooked a couple years ago when she taught me Japanese. She's a Muggle and she totally loves the fact that my family is full of witches and wizards."

"But I thought it was against the laws to tell Muggles about us?" questioned Ron.

"It is, but Mizu can be trusted. Her family lives right next door to mine. They've known about it since we were babies. Anyhow you want to read this? Transliterate, English!" she pulled out her want and tapped the binding of the book. In her hand were two copies of it and one was now in English. She handed the copy in English to him, "Here, it will disappear in two days. Have fun."

"Uh, sure. What is this about?" Ron was nervous, it was a Muggle comic. He never read a Muggle comic before.

"It's fun, it starts in this book just as this kid's father, Goku, the hero of the universe, has given up in a battle with a very powerful android called Seru, or Cell in the English version. So Gohan then told by his dad that he's the only one strong enough to defeat Cell, but Gohan's only an eleven year old kid who really doesn't want to fight. But he goes out and starts to fight anyhow.  You'll love it." Said Ko. Ron nodded.

"Sounds kind of like Harry." He said. Ko laughed.

"Nope, no way is he anything like Harry Potter. Gohan's half alien and a super powerful martial artist who's a total bookworm. I doubt Harry could say he went to outer space at the age of six and fought evil at the age of four." Ron smiled, she had a point.

"Are all Muggle comics like that?" he asked. She shook her head.

"Nah, it really depends on where you get them. Most comics they sell are about superheroes who fight crime like everyday." She said. "Go on and enjoy it." She then stood and went to the girls' dorm. Ron sat down and started to read. It took a little while to understand the flow, the format was opposite of what most comics were like. But after he got that figured out it was a good story, even if the pictures didn't move. After a while he felt a hand touch his shoulder.

He looked up and saw Hermione and Harry. One was shouldering a huge bag of books, the other a huge grin. "So what you doing?" asked Harry.

"Reading this comic that Ko lent me." Answered Ron. "It's a pretty good Muggle one even if the pictures don't move like they do in magical ones."

"Who's Ko?" asked Harry. Hermione smiled.

"She's that blond first year girl. Hey Ron, I know a spell that will make the pictures move if you want." She pulled out a bit of parchment and a quill and scribbled down the spell. "Here, it's pretty easy." She folded the bit in half and gave it to Ron.

"Thanks but I'm going to try to keep reading it like this. If I get bored I'll try it." Said Ron. His friends nodded. It was now dinner time and they went down to the dining hall.

When Ron came back to his room that night to go get ready for bed and read a little more before his roommates came up to go to sleep the scrap of parchment feel out of the comic book. He was at the part where Gohan had just saved Vegeta's life, and was really messed up by Cell's blast. Shrugging he pulled out his wand and muttered the spell.

A flash of light and sulfurous smoke filled the room, groans of pain and agony filled Ron's ears. His bed shuttered at the sudden weight that was added to it, but it held up. The smoke cleared and Ron was left to gape at the torn up boy with blond hair in a blue purple gi that was soaked in blood and dirt. The boy's breath was shallow and very unhealthy, Ron's bed was getting soaked in blood.

"Itai! Shimatta! Doko de?" said the boy just before his hair faded to black he closed his now obsidian eyes and passed out of consciousness. Ron stumbled back onto his butt in surprise. The door to the room burst open as a flood of people burst in to see what was the matter, the smell had drifted down to the common room and the noise was loud enough to overshadow the  din of the Gryffindor students.

"Who is he?"

"Where did he come from?"

"Ron, what happened?"


"He's like ready to die!"

"What do we do?"

The questions flew like a hail of arrows, effectively pinning the preteen who was still reeling in shock from the sudden appearance of the half-dead boy on his bed. Harry, Hermione,  and Ko fought to the head of the crowd.

"Back off! He's still in shock too!" Shouted Harry.

"Someone go and get Professor McGonagall, hurry up!" shouted Hermione. Ko was by the bed side trying to see if the boy was still alive.

"Oh my God, he really is Gohan. Ron, um, someone get me some water and a rag. Ron, where exactly did he come from? What frame?" Asked Ko, pushing her hair behind her ears and looking at the redheaded boy on the floor. Ron got up and ran a hand through his hair.

"Just after he blocked that beam that was going to kill Vegeta and Vegeta said that he was sorry." Ron said to Ko, he was still pale and shaking but he took the water and rags from one of his fellow roommates and went to help Ko clean up the battle weary boy.

"Man, oh man." Muttered Ko over and over again as she lightly sponged the grime away. Soon Professor McGonagall arrived and surveyed the situation, students were running back and forth bringing new water and rags to replace the bloody and muddy water and rags. Hermione was directing them as Ron and Ko cleaned the boy on the bed. Harry, Neville, Dean, Seamus, Jordan, Fred, and George were trying to figure out how to rig up a way to carry the child to the medical wing without hurting him anymore. It turned out Dean knew quite a lot about that kind of stuff, his uncle was a paramedic. Clearing her throat she conjured up a stretcher and magically lifted Gohan onto it.

"Who made this boy appear?" asked the strict teacher. Ron gulped and raised a hand.

"I did." Said Ron nervous. Ko looked up at the teacher, worry was evident in her face.

"Professor, I should stay with him. There is a great chance he doesn't know English and he could cause a lot of trouble even if it's on accident. I'm fairly sure you'll need someone who knows Japanese and his background." She said walking over to Ron's side. The teacher smiled and nodded, then became cold again.

"Right, let's get going. Ko, go run ahead and tell Madam Pomfrey that she has a very hurt boy coming to her. Ron, I want you to go and find Professor Dumbledore. Then go and wait for me in my office." ordered Professor McGonagall with a commanding voice. Ron and Ko ran out of Gryffindor Tower. They split up and Ron ran straight into Mister Filch and that creepy cat Missus Norris.

"Oof! Ouch!" grunted Ron as he slammed into the caretaker's back causing the old man to fall on his face.

"Ouch! You little kids are trying to kill me, I know it!" shouted the grouchy old Filch as he got up and rounded on Ron, "Weasley! I should have known, what are you doing out at this time? So soon after your car escapade as well? You're lucky I can only give you detentions. Come on lets turn you into McGonagall. March, boy!" Ron was pale but he quickly recalled his task. As he was hoisted up by Filch, Ron blushed and then paled.

"I've got to go find Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall told me to." Ron pulled his arm away from the old man. Filch frowned but decided to believe the younger brother of the two that were known for causing naught but trouble for the old man.

"Fine, I'll take you to him but if you're lying. . ."

"Yes, yes. Detention." Answered Ron. Filch's face twisted into a smirk.

"No, as I recall you're in danger of being expelled." Ron gulped, he hadn't even thought about that. Expulsion, would he get expelled from Hogwarts for bringing Gohan into the world? He was already in deep for bringing his father's flying car to school and crashing it into the Whomping Willow. "Come on Weasley, let's go." Ordered Filch, bringing Ron out of his fear induced trance. They went through hallways and probably more than a few of the secret passages, but it was too dark and Ron wasn't paying attention at all. He knew he should, but how could anyone concentrate when you knew you had brought a traumatized kid who was on death's doorstep into your world.

As they arrived in Dumbledore's office, behind the gargoyle sentry, they found the headmaster of the school pulling on the last of his robes with great speed.

"Professor Dumbledore. . ." started Filch but the white bearded man stopped him.

"I'm sorry to cut you of Argus, but I need to get down to the medical wing. There is a boy in there who needs all the help we can give him. I'd like you to please inform the house elves we will be having a guest for a while and get Mippy up there. Thank you." Said Dumbledore with polite authority. He then turned to the dumbstruck Ron, " There is rarely anything in my school I don't have knowledge of. Don't worry about punishments, I doubt you will get so much as a detention." He said soothing Ron's fears, Ron looked up at him and nodded. Dumbledore smiled softly, "Good, let's go Madam Pomfrey needs all the help in the world to keep that boy alive." With that both exited the office and ran to the medical wing.

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