Chapter 1

"Speech" 'Thoughts'

"Mental communication"

"All Might buff talking" 'AM Thoughts'

. . . . . .

Deep in downtown Tokyo inside a dimly lit bar that was never open to anyone, two strange individuals stood. In front of them sat twenty or more test tubes filled with a strange black glowing substance that bubbled every so often. These two individuals were Tomura Shigaraki, a man who had hands covering his body and face, and Kurogiri, better known as Black Mist. Both men were villains that were a part of the League of Villains and they were currently in the middle of creating their masterpiece that would finally stop the Symbol of Peace.

"Finally, we're drawing near to the end of All Might thanks to this beautiful thing right here," Shigaraki said in a creepy voice with a smile as he held up one of the test tubes.

"Pardon me for asking, but what do those do? You never actually stated what these are, only that they help this Noumu?" Kurogiri asked, trying not to annoy the other man as it was never pretty when Shigaraki was angry. Shigaraki only snickered as he turned to Kurogiri.

"For once, I'm actually glad you asked. This here is our power up for the final boss that is All Might. It's the combination of a super strength quirk, a high stamina quirk, a super effective regenerative quirk and a quirk that naturally hardens the bones so large objects heavier than the user don't snap the body in half. I call it the Noumu serum." Kurogiri looked shocked at him.

"And you have more than twenty of these!? We could make a small army out of these!" Shigaraki merely shook his head.

"As if it would be that easy. Any human that consumes this formula dies after one week due to the pure power of the combined quirks. These formulas are all being used on one creature: an artificial body that was made for these quirks – a creature made of an organic substance we were lucky to find a couple of months back." Kurogiri nodded in understanding but then asked one more question.

"What if this was used on an animal or insect?" Shigaraki thought for a second before looking down at the floor to see a spider.

"Only one way to find out." Shigaraki let three drops of the Noumu serum fall on to the spider and almost instantly the spider freaked out, shaking violently before turning over with its legs curled up, effectively dying.

"That happens."

Both villains left the room so they didn't see the supposedly dead spider turn itself over and go through a crack in the wall, leaving the building.

. . . . . .

*A few days later*

"It's not wrong to dream. But you need to dream realistically kid."

Izuku Midoriya, a 14 year old, third-year middle school student who was born with no quirk in this world of weird, had just been told he can't be a hero by the very person he looked up to: All Might. Well, a deflated All Might.

Izuku had just been emotionally destroyed; he thought that if he at least heard something inspirational from All Might then he could finally push himself to be a hero, but instead he got told the opposite and all he could think about was every demoralising thing he'd ever been told.

"You should just give up."

"What can you even do?!"

"You're totally useless!"

"I'm sorry Izuku. I'm sorry."

Izuku felt so sad and zoned out. He didn't even notice the spider crawling up his trousers and on to his black school jacket. What did grab his attention, however, was the massive explosion that happened several streets away from him. Izuku's eyes even lit up a little bit.

"I wonder what hero will show up!" Izuku said to himself with wonder in his voice. He was about to run for the exit to go and investigate the explosion for himself but was stopped by a massive piercing and burning pain hitting the back of his neck.

Izuku winced in pain and said to himself with a sad smile, "Guess that's what I get for being optimistic." And with that, he continued to go towards the exit of the roof of the building, walking slowly with a sad look on his face while he thought to himself.

'Even the best of the best said it….' Izuku raised his left hand up and rubbed his nose and eyes.

'Don't cry. You already knew, this is reality…. It's because I knew… that I tried so damn hard to ignore the reality of it all.' Izuku continued to walk while fighting back tears when he was hit by a massive amount of dizziness, causing him to stumble and rest against a wall to stay standing up.

'Where did that come from all of a sudden?' Izuku then turned to his right and saw a group of people surrounding the entrance to a shopping district that was currently on fire.

'I guess I just walked here subconsciously.' Izuku regained his balance and made his way to the crowd to see what was happening. To Izuku's surprise, he saw the dark green sludge villain that almost killed him earlier.

'Why is he here?! I thought All Might captured him…' The realization hit him as he thought back to earlier when he and All Might had a struggle mid-air. Izuku covered his mouth with his hands and went wide-eyed in shock.

'This is my fault!'

"Why aren't the heroes doing anything?" one of the watchers asked.

"Apparently the villain grabbed a middle schooler." Izuku felt sick.

'Someone else is enduring that same pain!?' He felt so guilty. It was because he wanted to ask questions. It was because….

'It's completely my fault. It's my fault All Might can't do anything.' Izuku merely prayed that the hostage would be able to hold out until a hero with the right quirk came along.

But then he saw the eyes.

The eyes that belonged to Katsuki Bakugou – to Kacchan.

The eyes that were filled with complete fear of death.

In less than a second, Izuku went from the back of the crowd watching the scene playing out to dashing towards Bakugou as fast as his legs could carry him. Everyone was shocked at what Izuku was doing, including Izuku himself.

"Get back here you fool! Stop!" the hero Strong Arms yelled out to Izuku which he ignored completely.

'What am I doing?! Why am I running?!' The villain laughed and started to move his body, preparing to strike. Izuku felt a massive sting in the back of his brain and jumped on instinct, dodging a fast swinging sludge arm.

'How did I do that?' Izuku wondered as he landed back on the ground. Remembering page 25 of his notes, he threw his school bag at the sludge villain, temporarily blinding it.

Izuku started clawing at the sludge surrounding Bakugou even though he knew it was pointless to do so. Bakugou gave Izuku a confused look as he shouted with tears nearly coming out of his eyes.

"My legs just starting moved on their own! And… you looked like you were asking for help!" That one line hit All Might hard; he had been lecturing this kid about how he couldn't be a hero and here he was risking his life while All Might just sat on the side lines doing nothing, only thinking about himself. In his self-directed anger and disappointment, he slowly forced himself to transform.

'Pathetic! ... Pathetic!'

Just as the sludge villain was about to take another swing at Izuku, All Might appeared in front of him in the blink of the eye and stopped the attack with his whole body.

"I really am pathetic!" He didn't sound big and proud like he always did but instead he sounded annoyed at himself.

"Even when I admonished you, I wasn't putting what I said into practice!" All Might shouted, gripping Izuku's and Bakugou's arms with his massive left hand.

With blood shooting out of his mouth, All Might yelled, "A pro should always be ready to risk his life!" He punched the air in front of the sludge villain with a mighty force as he shouted at the top of his lungs.


The villain scattered into pieces from the sheer force of the punch – a punch which also created a powerful wind tornado that made all the clouds swirl around in the sky and slowly let down droplets of rain that progressively got heavier.

"He changed the weather with the air pressure of a single punch!" one of the civilians in the crowd shouted in amazement. The rest of the crowd began shouting in joy that All Might defeated the villain with ease.

After the whole sludge villain fiasco, All Might dealt with the many, many questions from the press while all the other heroes helped collect the scattered pieces of sludge for the police. Izuku had to deal with the shouting of heroes such as Strong Arms and Kamui Woods who kept telling him what he did was suicidal. He also had a few paramedics ask if he was alright because of how unnaturally pale he was. On the other hand, Bakugou was getting praised by the heroes saying he was so brave and his quirk was amazing.

It's amazing how differently you're treated because of quirks.

. . . . . .

It's been about 5 minutes since the villain had been defeated and Izuku was on his way home to finally get some rest.

'I wanted to apologise to All Might but the reporters didn't make it easy…. Plus, I'm not feeling so good right now,' Izuku thought to himself as he put a hand to his head when he started to feel dizzy again.

"Hey, Deku!" Izuku turned at the sound of his nickname from Bakugou and thought he'd say thanks or something along the lines of that. Instead, he was met with a very angry Bakugou that looked like he wanted to murder Izuku.

"I never asked for your help! And as if you could! You did nothing! You're a fucking quirkless failure! How dare you pity me, you fucking nerd!" Bakugou yelled before storming off. Izuku felt even worse now because he knew Bakugou was right; he couldn't do a single thing to help the situation.

'I guess I should really focus on a realistic future inste-'

"I AM HERE!" All Might suddenly rushed out onto the street and appeared dramatically in front of Izuku, as he always does, shocking Izuku and making him nearly jump out of his skin.

"All Might, why are you here?! I thought you were surrounded by reporters!" All Might merely laughed loudly and stated, "Shaking them off is nothing to me! After all I am ALL MI- KOFF!" All Might was cut off by a stream of blood shooting out of his mouth and deflating down to his true form. Izuku screamed a little but All Might regained his composure and calmly spoke to Izuku.

"Kid, I've come to thank you, apologise and… I have a proposal." Izuku looked confused but said nothing.

"If I hadn't heard your story, I'd have been nothing but fake muscles and fake sincerity, and for that, I thank you." Izuku felt a little better but still looked down in sadness.

"No, it was my fault from the start. I got in the way and even though I'm a quirkless failure-"

"You're wrong!" All might shouted, cutting Izuku off.

"Of all the people there, it was only you, a timid and quirkless kid, who acted! Most of the top heroes show signs of greatness even as children… Many of them claim that…" Izuku mentally pieced together what All Might was saying and slowly broke down.

'Please don't say it… I don't deserve to hear it… Please.'

"Their bodies moved before they could think!"

'Please don't…'

"That's what happened to you, yes?!"

"Yes!" Izuku unconsciously answered All Might's question despite being a complete mess on the inside. All Might smiled and said, with no hesitation, the two lines that would change Izuku's life forever.

"Kid, I believe you CAN become a hero! And that you are worthy to inherit my power!"


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