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Chapter 12

"Speech" 'Thoughts'

"Mental Communication/Phone/TV/Letter/Flashback/Robot"

"PRESENT MIC SPEECH/SHOUTING IIDA/RAGE FUELLED BAKUGO" (Normal speech quotations when he isn't using a mic or shouting)

"Buff AM Speech" 'Buff AM Thoughts'


Recap: Welp… after an intense fight, all of the class 1A students knew that Izuku was their city's very own Spider-Man. Rumours started spreading like wildfire, though, when a student had overheard all the shouting from the class.

That, however, was nothing compared to the near-death experience Izuku had to deal with only hours later, resulting in the Symbiote forcibly taking over Izuku's lifeless corpse out of instinct and delivering him straight to Doctor Connors. That whole traumatic event led to Izuku's body harnessing the gases that almost killed him and turning them into pheromones that attract any girl the Symbiote chooses.

But that was only the beginning of what the Symbiote would do for Izuku, as today will change him in mind and body...

. . . . . .

After a much more peaceful lunch where all the girls were blushing and Momo occasionally held hands with Izuku under the table, class 1A were sitting in their classroom waiting eagerly as Aizawa walked up to the front before speaking.

"Alright… you all are going to take part in a special hero training lesson with me, All Might, Thirteen and Midoriya…" Aizawa stated as if it was a completely normal thing for Izuku to be helping him teach when he himself was here to learn.

"W-why me?!" Izuku questioned as he felt everyone else's eyes on him.

"Principal Nedzu insisted you help because of your abilities and your little display yesterday… By the way, we're looking into how the press found out about you," Aizawa reassured the curly-haired teen.

Holding up a card for all the class to see, he grumbled out, "Today's class will be based around rescue situations so get your costumes and meet me at the bus outside…" He pushed a button, revealing everyone's suits apart from Izuku's as he didn't like to keep his suit at UA; the possibility of other people finding out about his secret identity would only increase if he did that.

After a quick change into their costumes, Momo had a quick glimpse inside the bus and saw it was more open so didn't bother to get anyone organised. She instead just stayed close to Izuku, as did Uraraka… and Mina… and Hagakure… and- you get the picture.

As you would probably expect at this point, the girls were sat next to and opposite the spandex-clad teen who currently had his mask off as Tsuyu spoke to him.

"I generally just say what's on my mind, Midoriya," Tsuyu stated, turning her head to look at Izuku. "How come you have these random bursts of tremendous strength?" Tsuyu asked making Izuku choke on his own saliva. Sounds of agreement could be heard from those around them, saying that they thought it was weird considering what he did at both the entrance exam and quirk limit test with the ball throw.

"I-I don't know, honestly…" Izuku lied before he heard something even worse.

"That kind of power is also very similar to All Might's." Izuku was about to go into a fit of denial but thankfully Kirishima spoke up.

"All Might doesn't break his bones from his power so they aren't that alike."

After a sigh of relief left Izuku's mouth, he then took interest in Kirishima showing off his hardening quirk.

"My quirk can be useful, but it isn't that showy like Izuku's powers."

"I think that it's an amazing quirk. You'll make it as a pro for sure," Izuku declared to Krishima who gained a thankful smile before speaking again.

"But the flashiest quirks here have got to be without a doubt you and Todoroki," Kirishima laughed. Bakugo twitched for a second before he gripped the metal bar in front of him and stood up with a look of pure fury.


"Shut up before I give you another broken nose…"

Everyone froze at the voice cutting off Bakugo. It held a tone that sent shivers down their spines from the hostility that oozed out of every word. They collectively looked towards the source to discover Izuku was the one who spoke. He looked different, though – his hair was completely straight, letting it dangle in front of his eyes which were now darker and narrower than his normally big and bright eyes.

Bakugo just grit his teeth before barging past to go sit alone at the back. Closing his eyes for a second, Izuku's hair sprung back to its usual curly state and when his eyes opened, they were back to normal, just filled with confusion as he looked around.

"W-what…? I-I zoned out… D-did I say something?" Izuku asked in a nervous tone.

Momo leaned toward him and whispered, "Do you have no idea of what just happened?"

"N-no… I remember Bakugo was in the middle of saying something, t-then everything went black…" Izuku confessed, now a little worried from the look in Momo's eyes; they were full of fear.

'J-just what exactly did I say?'

. . . . . .

After some time sitting in awkward silence, class 1A finally arrived at a huge white dome that Aizawa refused to give the name of… because he forgot it out of not really caring. When the class walked in, all of them were greeted by a small man in an almost space suit-looking outfit; the hero was recognised instantly as Thirteen.

"Greetings all! Welcome to the USJ… or the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, if you want to be specific," Thirteen greeted with a bow in what seemed to be some form of filtered voice.

Aizawa signalled Izuku forward, meaning he would have to do something, but as he walked over to the two teachers he heard them speak thanks to his heightened hearing.

"Thirteen, where's All Might? I thought he was meeting us here," Aizawa questioned whilst looking around the area.

Thirteen held up three fingers and said, "About that… it seems he just about reached his limit on his daily commute this morning."

Aizawa sighed, muttering something about irrationality before turning slightly and gesturing to Izuku.

"Thirteen, this is Izuku Midoriya… He's the exception I'm making so he can show from his experience as a… certain vigilante you know," Aizawa explained, allowing Izuku to introduce himself.

"It-it's a pleasure to meet you, Thirteen. I am Izuku Midoriya, a student of class 1A in the hero course at UA, as well as the vigilante known as Spider-Man. I hope that you can guide me further in how to handle rescue situations as I am still but a student who wishes to learn the ways of pro heroes and expand my skills to help more people in-" Izuku rambled on as he was in a tizzy about meeting a new pro hero, but was cut off by Thirteen raising a hand.

"I have heard many things about you from various sources and already know the basic stuff. I'm glad that you can help us out with this, considering All Might's current absence."

Taking a few deep breaths, Izuku turned and stood next to the two teachers as Thirteen began to explain the importance of quirk control.

"My quirk, Black Hole, turns all material to dust. This is very useful for removing wreckage, but without control, I could also very easily suck up a person I'm trying to rescue and kill them, shredding them into nothingness. This aspect of my quirk is no different to your own. Without control or with the intent to, they could easily injure or kill."

Thirteen even looked towards Izuku for an example and even though he was put on the spot, Izuku quickly gave one. "My webbing could easily be used to kill as a single shot could cover a person's mouth and nose, stopping them from breathing. Hence, why I always poke little holes in the nostril area so they can breathe," Izuku explained, pointing at his nose.

Thirteen continued with his speech, looking around at the members of the class. "The last two hero training lessons you did taught you about the limits of your power, but also about the danger of brandishing that power against another. This lesson will demonstrate to you and teach you how to wield your power for the sake of saving lives. Quirks are not inherently meant for hurting others, so how you wield yours and the intent behind it are of key importance. Please realise that with power comes great responsibility, so please come away from today understanding that your power is meant to help, not hurt."

Everyone was practically bursting with excitement and respect as Thirteen finished up. "That is all! Thank you for listening so intently and patiently for such a long time."

Cheers of respect could be heard, intermingled with applause and compliments from the students, while Izuku just stood next to Thirteen about to burst from fanboying so hard.

Suddenly, Izuku felt his spider sense go ballistic, forcing him to turn around and look down the huge flight of stairs. Aizawa's attention was caught by Izuku's quick spin, compelling him to also look down. His expression immediately turned to one of dread when he saw a pale hand reach out from a swirling portal of black mist, revealing a face covered by a hand with a piercing eye peeking between the fingers. Turning around, he yelled, "Huddle together and don't move! Those are Villains!" before the portal spread open massively to let out villain after villain.

The last villain to exit was a huge behemoth with jet black skin and scars covering his arms. The thing just looked straight at Izuku as it stood stock still, Izuku mirroring it while a horrible chill crawled down his spine.

"Noumu?" "Midoriya?"

"Noumu?!" "Midoriya?!"


Both of them ignored the shouts of Aizawa and Shigaraki until Izuku somehow managed to break the almost hypnotic eye contact and look at Aizawa who had finished instructing the others on what to do.

"Midoriya, you're with me," Aizawa stated with a serious tone as he lowered his goggles to hide his eyes.

Izuku's eyes widened at that but he didn't question it as he pulled his mask over his face and leapt forward along with Aizawa towards the horde of villains.

"Ranged squadron: fire at Spider-Man!" one of the villains shouted, pointing straight at Izuku. He felt his spider sense surge, making him want to dodge the forthcoming projectiles, but some of his classmates would be caught in the hail of bullets if he did. Izuku noticed, however, that they weren't firing thanks to Aizawa's quirk, so he quickly threw a handful of web grenades, trapping all the ranged villains.


As he landed and Aizawa began taking care of the low-level villains with ease, Izuku looked to where the voice came from and saw Noumu looking directly at him. His skin crawled, but his heart urged him forward toward the hulking black form.

Izuku began walking towards the huge monster while its skin started to bulge and lose its colour, making it more and more grey with every passing second while its right hand remained completely black.

"Noumu! What's happening?! What are you doing?! Stop it!" Shigaraki yelled almost like a frustrated child before Noumu threw what seemed to be a black orb of sludge. It didn't set off Izuku's spider sense but he still punched the orb, making it spread out slightly before it attached to his outstretched right arm, completely looking like it was a part of his suit.

'What is this stuff? It feels… familiar?' Izuku questioned as a weird feeling washed over his head making him look at his now jet-black sleeve. Within a single instant Izuku felt fear was over his being as he felt something bone chilling ripple through his entire body as it overwhelmed him before freezing him on the spot.

"Noumu! Break him!" Shigaraki ordered, pointing at Izuku. Without any form of hesitation, the now grey Noumu dashed at Izuku faster than he expected, leaving him wide open for the Noumu creature to grab his left arm and crush it in its giant hand making Izuku scream as he felt his bones snapping under the grasp.

In a moment of agony, Izuku used what little control over his left arm he had and ripped it out of Noumu's grasp with the help of One For All, shattering his already broken arm and ripping the sleeve from the suit, showing his bloodied and broken arm.

Izuku saw the creature running towards him and took a battle-ready position but it vanished from thin air, sending a small shockwave that shattered the right lens of his mask. After quickly adjusting to his new state of vision, Izuku saw Noumu was by Shigaraki and a now damaged Aizawa who shouted at Izuku. "Don't worry about me! Save the students!"

Izuku simply nodded at that demand and began using his right arm to swing around the USJ building. He quickly spotted Momo and Kyoka fighting off various villains and just as Kyoka was about to use her earjacks, one of the bigger villains grabbed her neck and began strangling her. Kyoka clawed and clawed away at his hands, trying to escape while she attempted to use her earjacks to knock him out, all of which were fruitless efforts.

As Kyoka made a mental plea for help she saw a shadow swing in with enough force that his foot knocked out the villain holding her within an inch of her life, letting her fall slightly before she felt herself being caught by a single arm.

Quickly regaining her breath, Kyoka looked up to see it was Izuku holding her, asking if she was okay. Normally Kyoka wouldn't be flustered at something so little but… she did have a little secret.

She had a crush on Spider-Man… and by extension, Izuku.

It was no big deal to her at all, everyone has celebrity crushes… Hers just happened to be an illegal vigilante with a killer bod. She admired him as much as the pro heroes. However, things were a bit of a mess once she found out about Izuku's secret as she couldn't stop seeing him as the web-slinging vigilante. Kyoka believed that Izuku and Spider-Man were still two completely different people, but that opinion quickly changed when she saw him during the combat test; they were clearly one and the same. It also helped that unknowingly her crush for him became so much stronger because of Izuku's pheromones.

But right now, as Kyoka looked up and saw a glimpse of Izuku's eye through his shattered lens, she saw his determination reflected in his gaze and felt his skill radiate from his being, making her feel safe.

A small blush dusted her cheeks as she looked away from Izuku who let her down softly. "Th-thanks… but I had it covered."

"Are you hurt?" Izuku questioned as he checked her for wounds and saw nothing but bruises and the red mark around her neck. His hand went towards her neck, fingers ghosting over the mark that remained before dropping to his side as he felt something building in the back of his mind.

"Yeah…" Kyoka admitted. "A little bit."

Izuku told her to get to the USJ entrance before he noticed Momo running towards him. As she gave him a quick hug, she whispered, "I'm so happy to see you."

"Me too, now get to the entrance with Kyoka-san. We're more vulnerable separated," Izuku insisted. She simply nodded before running away with Kyoka, allowing Izuku to see the thick layering of bandages on her right forearm with a long stain of red on it and causing that feeling from before to grow a little more.

'Dammit! If I was faster I could've gotten here sooner and stopped them from getting hurt…' Izuku cursed in his head, pointedly ignoring the pain of his bones slowly moving back into place while he swung towards the flood zone.

Over at said zone, Tsuyu, Hagakure and Mineta were stuck on what seemed to be a large boat. Mineta was panicking about the situation and being no help at all while Tsuyu held her shoulder to stop the small flow of blood trailing down her arm, Hagakure trying to help her friend as much as possible.

Shocking the lot of them, Izuku landed on the deck of the ship clutching his left shoulder as it didn't feel any better, almost like his healing factor had stopped after his bones were in place.

"You all okay?" Izuku asked in a forced voice that sounded like he was fine. The two girls explained that while in the process of getting them all on the boat, Tsuyu had gotten shot in the shoulder by an underwater gunner.

Izuku's right fist instinctively tightened when he heard that so he quickly turned around towards the entrance and aimed his right arm at the ceiling but realised he couldn't sling shot any of them due to his broken arm.

After a quick swear in his head, Izuku pressed down on the centre of his palm to get a line to swing them to the entrance. He expected only one line of webbing to be shot but instead he saw two lines of pure black webbing streaming from his wrist, going diagonally apart enough for him to make a web slingshot that stuck together in his hand.

'Well, that's certainly new…'

"Get on quickly," Izuku demanded as he pulled back hard on the webbing and crouched down, allowing the three of them to grab on. Confirming they were on and ready, he concentrated on his right leg as he tried to focus One For All into it.

Unsuccessfully keeping his leg undamaged, Izuku winced in pain but did his best manoeuvring through the air before landing hard on the brick floor, breaking the others' fall.

The three quickly got off Izuku, allowing him to weakly stand up and limp towards the stairs before his arm was grabbed by Uraraka.

"Deku-kun! Stop! Look at yourself! Y-you need to stop and rest… please," Uraraka begged with tears stinging her eyes.

"Let go…"

The black had now spread over Izuku's right shoulder and gone a little over his chest.

"You've done enough!" Mina shouted, struggling to even look at Izuku's broken and bloody body.

"I need to go stop them…"

The black had now spread across Izuku's chest and covered the black spider insignia.

"Midoriya-chan, you really should rest…" Tsuyu insisted with a slightly sad sounding voice.

Izuku didn't say anything else and just forced himself out of Uraraka's grip before leaping up and swinging straight to Shigaraki.

When he arrived, however, Izuku's eyes fell onto Aizawa who was being crushed under the Noumu creature with his arms broken and torn to shreds, large cuts all over his body; the poor pro hero looked like he was right on death's door.

The feeling in the back of Izuku's head had now become clear as day.

It was rage. Pure, vengeful rage.

'This wouldn't have happened if I had more control of my power. If I had the power, I could've stopped them all from being hurt…' Izuku thought to himself in self-hatred and heavy guilt. Preoccupied with his thoughts, he didn't feel the black on his suit slowly spreading more and more until it was completely black with white lenses on the mask.

"I can help with that…"

That voice echoed through Izuku's head, sounding like a deeper and darker version of his own.

"How?" Izuku asked, now interested by the offer.

"Say yes and we'll figure it out later…"

Without a single ounce of hesitation, Izuku replied, "You have a deal." He instantly felt his suit come alive as the now black suit began forming over his bare left arm, changing back into his suit prior to the damage, just with the colours reversed. The second the suit had fully enveloped his body, Izuku felt his broken arm and leg heal up faster than they ever had before, shocking Izuku as he looked at his left arm briefly in awe.

Now with a strange feeling washing through his body, Izuku stared down at Shigaraki, Kurogiri and the grey Noumu creature.

Before any of them could say a word, Izuku dashed forward with a speed that shocked the villains. As a quick tactic, Izuku fired a single shot of black webbing at Shigaraki which was intercepted by the Noumu as if he was commanded to sacrifice himself as a meat shield in the case of an attack.

Learning from that, Izuku jumped forward several feet into the air aiming straight for Noumu with his right arm reeled back and One For All surging through it, not even thinking of the repercussions.

Izuku's fist was met with Noumu's arms crossed over in an X position to block the powerful impact that sent out a tremendous shockwave, smashing the glass of all the lights around the edge of the dome as well as knocking over a few trees.

Izuku quickly realised that he hadn't broken his arm at all from the punch, much to his surprise, and quickly kicked off the monster's arms, allowing him to put a lot of distance between him and Noumu.

While he scratched his neck, Shigaraki growled in annoyance, "You're a real pain, Spider-Man… After all this time and effort, we don't even get-" His scratching and growling was cut off, though, when a loud explosion burst from the front entrance.

All the students currently gathered at the front gate looked beyond happy, a few of them even with tears of joy. With every step, an almost thunderous noise echoed throughout the entire USJ building, and there stood All Might at the head of the stairs not with a smile…

...but with a look of pure fury aimed at all the villains.


As Izuku heard that he smiled underneath his mask, suddenly feeling as if a great weight had been lifted, and used the opportunity All Might gave him to dash around and grab Aizawa with a strand of webbing while the villains were distracted. All Might then rushed over in one immense jump and hit Shigaraki hard enough to knock the pale hand off his face. Despite being injured, Shigaraki scrambled toward the hand to pick it up, brushing it off before placing it back on his face.

After dropping off Aizawa at the entrance with the other students, Izuku quickly made his way back to the fight and stood next to All Might in a battle-ready stance.

"You are fast, All Might… Too fast to keep up with but not as fast as expected," Shigaraki noted as he smirked and pointed at All Might. "You, on the other hand..." he said, turning to Izuku as his smirk turned to an annoyed scowl. "Too fast. You're more of a problem than expected, Spider-Man…"

"Young- ... Spider-Man, this isn't your business. Please leave this to me," All Might insisted to Izuku.

Expression unchanging, Izuku simply refuted, "This is my business."

Shigaraki's eyes lit up as he observed the two, hands pointed at them both. "Vigilante against hero… How I've waited for this to happen," Shigaraki laughed with a sadistic smirk. His laugh stopped in moments when he saw Izuku shoot a web line into All Might's hand and let himself be swung around twice before being sent flying towards Noumu.

Using the speed to his advantage, Izuku quickly delivered a powerful kick straight to Noumu's head, stunning it just long enough for All Might to charge forward and give a powerful punch straight to its stomach with the power making the grey Noumu's body ripple from the force.

"That won't work… Noumu has a shock absorption quirk!" Shigaraki bragged like an excited child but was ignored as Izuku quickly shot webbing at the backs of Noumu's hands and pulled with every ounce of his strength. After a struggle, Izuku was able to pin the creature's arms behind its back and hold them there.

"Just… need… to reach… my belt…" Izuku gritted as he tried to reach for his web grenades. He suddenly stopped and watched in shock as a small, thin black tentacle formed on the waist of the black suit and pulled out a web grenade, throwing it hard before disappearing.

'I'm liking this new suit,' Izuku thought to himself as he watched his grenade let out black webbing instead of white, trapping the creature's arms and spreading to trap his legs; the creature couldn't help but roar as it began struggling against the strong webbing.

'It even made my webs stronger,' Izuku thought before web zipping next to All Might and speaking to him.

"He said absorption, not negation. That means there's a limit to it," Izuku stated while cracking his knuckles.

"I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING!" All Might laughed as he did the same before they both leaped directly at the trapped Noumu.

All Might began a relentless assault of attacks on the trapped beast, releasing shockwave after shockwave that sent both villains back, as well as Bakugo, Kirishima and Todoroki, all three of which had just arrived at the scene now looking in awe at the spectacle.

Izuku, on the other hand, was providing additional attacks that ranged from an extremely fast variety of kicks and punches to Izuku pulling large parts of the concrete out of the ground with webbing then swinging them around like a medieval flail.

No words were even exchanged between the two as thanks to them each knowing how the other fought, they worked around that and managed to turn their assault into a deadly tag team.

Every punch, kick, web shot and synchronised impact was a struggle to follow for most people as All Might was… well All Might and the new black suit on Izuku was making him feel so much stronger and faster than before that he was able to keep up with All Might's insane speed.

After a full minute assault, Izuku was forced to leap back and let his body rest for a second. He grit his teeth as he realised he needed to go beyond his body's limit to fully defeat the enemy. Resolving to surpass his limits while knowing full well he would be almost incapacitated afterwards, Izuku sprinted forward, filling his left arm with as much power as physically possible while All Might charged up one final punch – a punch several times more powerful than his full power. Izuku timed it just right, coinciding their punches' time of impact, and as they both yelled from the top of their lungs, Izuku and All Might sent the monster crashing through the roof of the dome and rocketing into the sky.

Not even a second had passed and Izuku's left arm hung disgustingly limp and disfigured beside him, however he stood stood firm and emitted his normal intimidating aura as Spider-Man. All Might on the other hand stood proud and tall, staring down Shigaraki and Kurogiri with a huge smile like he normally did.

"You… You cheated! He broke my Noumu! It's not fair! Spider-Man and All Might broke my Noumu!" Shigaraki yelled in frustration as he kept scratching his neck, almost to the point of drawing blood.

"We beat it... fair and square… Now leave before I make you leave!" Izuku threatened with a darker tone that made All Might look at the masked teen with some concern. The villains looked at the two in rage but felt they could do nothing more at this point in time, so Shigaraki and Kurogiri simply left, leaving the two drained heroes.

Now that the major threats were gone, Izuku grabbed his mask with his right hand and pulled it off, showing his bruised and completely exhausted face with sweat dripping down his forehead. All Might watched through the large cloud of steam being expelled from his body as Izuku's bruises healed up within seconds, followed by his body suddenly collapsing onto the floor.

"You alright, kid?" All Might asked in a concerned tone as he exited his buff form and looked down at Izuku who was panting heavily.

"I… can't move… I think… I've torn… all my muscles…" Izuku laughed weakly as he tried to stand but failed miserably.

"Just get some rest, kid. You deserve it…" All Might smiled as he watched Izuku slowly close his eyes and begin breathing softer.

"Deku-kun!" All Might turned his head and saw Uraraka, Momo, Mina, Tsuyu, Hagakure and Kyoka all running over to Izuku with very concerned faces, making All Might panic slightly as he was now stuck in his true form for the rest of the day. Everyone was shocked, however, when the exhausted teen slowly rose up from the floor despite seeming to be unconscious. He simply placed his mask in front of his face, the mask morphing around his head so he was now fully in the black suit, before weakly taking a few steps. While everyone was frozen in awe, he leaped into the air and made his way through the giant hole in the ceiling, vanishing from everyone's sight.

"Kid… just what is happening with you?" All Might questioned quietly to himself.

. . . . . .

Sleep had never felt as good to Izuku as it did right now, sleeping in his own bed...


Izuku forced his eyes open and looked down to see himself lying down in his bed dressed in only a pair of black underpants. Quickly giving his body a once over, Izuku figured out his body had healed, thus meaning that at least an hour had passed.

"Glad to see you're awake." Izuku looked to his right and saw at his desk a weird lump of black sludge currently looking through his computer, seeming as if it was trying to learn.

To say Izuku was creeped the hell out was an understatement but for some reason, he didn't feel like shouting or screaming in shock at the fact that there was some… thing that sounded almost exactly like him.

"Sorry but I had to make sure your mother didn't enter, so I played with your nerves a little so you wouldn't be freaked out," the lump of ooze stated.

"Wait… I'm really lost right now… What the hell is happening?" Izuku asked, now questioning if he was just dreaming or something.

"I'm you. Well, I'm the Symbiote that lives inside you… Hmm, what's the best way to put it? I'm the main brain for the Symbiote," the Symbiote stated as it jumped off the desk and attached itself to Izuku's right forearm.

"So, you're the thing that's been causing my nightmares and trying to contact me," Izuku said now piecing a few things together.

"Again, I'm sorry about that, but I was forced onto a body with very low intelligence so I could only ever say what was in the back of your head or just very short sentences."

Now looking around his room and seeing it was a complete mess, Izuku just sighed as he waited for an explanation and simply got the words, "I was learning."

He raised a curious eyebrow at that explanation, asking, "What do you mean you were learning?" A small laugh was the response he received.

The curly-haired teen could only watch as the Symbiote on his arm quickly spread across his whole body and turned into his new black suit. Before Izuku could even react to the morph, he saw the suit turn into his UA outfit, then back to the black suit.

"That was so cool…" Izuku quietly marveled before realising he didn't have his web shooters on and questioned the Symbiote about it.

"I studied your abilities, memories and everything you wore, so I adjusted your suit's structure so that you no longer need the web shooters to keep a strong, stable webbing." Izuku looked down at his wrists before firing a black line of webbing, seeing it not as several incredibly thin strands forming one line of webbing but instead as a single thread, completely perfected.

"I don't know what you are… but this feeling, it's amazing," Izuku confessed as he looked at his reflection in the mirror in front of him before watching as his mask formed over his face.

"Then go out and test this power," the Symbiote insisted as if it was trying to persuade Izuku.

"I'd be an idiot not to," Izuku laughed quietly as he leapt out of his window and began making his way to the city. As he swung through the concrete jungle on vines of his making, a loud rumble of thunder played the soundtrack of his evening while a few drops of rain hit his mask.

'This doesn't even feel like a suit anymore… It feels like part of me,' Izuku thought as he leapt high into the air. Just as he would have begun descending, he felt his arms move a little before he began properly gliding through the air. The Symbiote had made web-styled green wings that went underneath his arms, giving him so much distance coverage.

When the sky darkened over with thick rain clouds, Izuku perched himself on a ledge and watched the streets below, enjoying observing the ant-like people from on high. While watching people go about their nightly activities, he spotted a flash of pink that he recognised as Mina running in the rain, seemingly taking a shortcut through an alleyway. Izuku then watched as five men in hoods went down the same alleyway.

While running home in an effort to get out of the rain quicker, Mina noticed out the corner of her eye she was being followed. She was ready to use her acid quirk to fight back against those thugs and turned around, preparing for battle, but was paralysed when a flash of lightning lit up the dark alleyway for a second and revealed to her the faces of her pursuers – faces sporting vulgar, sickening expressions that indicated their vile intent.

Shaking slightly, Mina just watched as the five men approached her laughing quietly to themselves. She couldn't let them touch her. As soon as they get a hold of her, that'd be it.

Their laughter was short-lived however, when one of the five men shot up into the shadows of the alleyway. They all stood in shock as another flash of lightning revealed the thug, knocked out and stuck to the wall, courtesy of a large amount of black webbing.

"Oh shit… It's Spider- mmph!" one of the front thugs tried to shout but webbing covered his mouth and pulled him up into the shadows. Seconds later, he fell back down, unconscious with a large black eye and bloody nose.

Mina's eyes widened in excitement when she realised who her saviour was and watched as one-by-one, the last three thugs were disposed of without Izuku even coming into view. As the last thug fell, Mina frantically looked around to spot Izuku but jumped when she heard a voice behind her.

"You really are a magnet for trouble," Izuku said in a more confident tone that Mina didn't pick up on.

"Well, it got you here, didn't it?" Mina giggled as she turned around and saw Izuku's face level with hers as he hung upside down.

"Now, you're just asking for trouble with an answer like that," Izuku teased as his eyes darkened a little while Mina took a step closer.

"Well… what if I want it?" Mina asked as she reached up to Izuku's neck and pulled down his black mask, revealing only his mouth. After a second of looking at his lips, Mina took a final step closer and leaned up before claiming his lips with her own. Mina loved every second that went by during the kiss; to her, Izuku seemed amazing at it, and the rainy environment mixed with the fact it was upside down made the whole kiss seem so much sweeter. Izuku had held a special place in her heart ever since he first saved her in that alleyway several months ago.

After almost a minute of making out, Mina pulled away and looked at her masked crush with a loving gaze before Izuku began going up his strand of webbing, letting Mina look up at him while smiling to herself.

"Best first kiss ever…"

(A/N: BTW in case you were wondering, now the suit is literally the black and green Spider-Man big time outfit.)