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AN. This is my version of what happened after Angel was sent to hell, and Buffy was sucked into an AU, wherw it still is in the beginning of the 19th century, but Dru and Spike have already been turned.

Summary: Buffy get sucked into an AU, and meets Angelus and co. but what happens when Angel gets back from hell in her own universe?


Part 1

It had been almost two weeks since the Slayer, Buffy Summers, had sent her vampire lover to Hell, and escaped the Hellmoth. She now lived in an old worn-down building in Los Angeles, the city she lived in before she had been called to her Slayer duty, when she still had been popular, and normal. Now she worked at a small diner, not far from her apartment, she still did her duty as a slayer every night and partroled, but she had lost her spirit, and will to live when she lost her Angel. She didn't even go by her own name anymore, she was Anne now, just a slayer, no friends, and no life outside the slaying, slaying was the only thing that gave her peace of mind, she almot used it as a drug now days to forget about Angel.

One evening when she had been out on one of her nightly partols a large grass-green demon jumped her from behind. The fight was bloody, and when the fight was over, Anne came out with a deep cut on her upper arm and covered in the demon's red blood, so she went home, took a quick shower and went to bed, not thinking much about the demon at all, though she had never seen its kind before, but then again, there were many diffrent kinds out there in world that she never had nor would see.

An hour or so later Anne fell down on the floor and woke up, but something wasn't right so she looked around and saw a large room with a white marble floor, where was she? this wasn't her apartment! And just as the thought passed through her mind a deep male voice spoke, "Miss?" and Anne looked up and saw a tall, rather handsome man stand in front of her, but what was with those cloths? he looked like he just walked through a portal from the 19th century or something, and as he saw the woman look up at him she took her hand and helped her up on her feet, "Do you know what happened to you, miss....?" and the Slayer smiled at the man, "Anne Spring, and I must say I have no idea, last thing I can remember I was in my own apartment in my bed, and now, I have no idea where I am" "Your in London miss Spring" Anne couldn't believe her eares, "London?" "Yes, in the main house of the Watchers council" as the young slayer heard this she became almost fanatic, "Who are you? How did you find me?! Where is Giles? Giles! What am I doing here?-" "Miss Spring!" the man interrupted, "My name is Sir John Thomas and we didn't find you, you just appeared here an hour ago and we moved you to a bed, since you were unconsious-" "Is Giles here?" "Giles?" "My watcher?" "I'm afraid there is no watcher by that name miss-" "Rupert Giles?" "Miss Spring, If you would please let me finish," and as he said this Anne nodded and John continued, "We found rests of Dimentus blood in your hair, we believe you are from another dimention. And when your blood mixed with this demon's blood you were pulled into this dimention." "What does this Demi- thing look like?" Anne asked the watcher. "The Dimentus demon is either grass-green or lime-green depending on their age, and it is rather large with blood red-eyes and have sharp claws on its hands." As the watcher was finished describing the demon Anne nodded and quietly said, "That sounds right" then asked abit louder she asked, "What is going to happen to me? Are you going to find me away back?" "I am afraid we are unable to send you back with out setting our entire dimention in danger, the spell must be preformed in your dimention, all we can do is send your watchers council a message to let them know where you are, and they will have to find the spell and preform it." "And until they do?" "You will be officially be staying with me as my cousin and I will be your watcher while you are here" "You should probably know my real name then, I mean for the message to Giles.." "Yes, that would be best" "Buffy Anne Summers" "Buffy?" "Yeah, my mum has a thing for strange names...." "Very well, but I think if would be best if we use the name you first gave me while you are here, Buffy is very.... unusual" and Anne nodded, "Very well, welcome to London, Lady Spring" John said kindly, "Thank you Sir, and if I'm going to be your cousin I think you should call me by my first name." "Then I insist you call me John as well"


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