A few hours later Buffy left a sleeping Angelus in bed and went down to look round the house. She soon meet Drucilla sitting at a table surrounded by dolls,

"Hi" and the dark vampireness turned around, "Look, miss Edith, this is our new mommy" And Buffy smiled amussed by the vampire's action, "Would you like to show me around the house? Angelus is asleep" "Miss Edith and I would love to show our new mommy around, Grandmommy isn't home, she ran out last night when my angel yelled at her" "Thank you, and you must introduce me to William"

A while later Drusilla led Buffy into a large room and in the far end of the room a brown haired Spike rose to his feet, and Buffy couldn't help but stair, he looked so different! But as he came closer Buffy smiled kindly and Dru gave him a kiss and as she broke it she inroduced the blond she entered with, "This is my new mommy, and this is my baby", and William smiled, "So you are the one that got Darla to run, a pleasure to meet you, I'm William" "Buffy" "Buffy?" "Also known as Lady Anne Spring. Drusilla has told me all about her baby" she then added with a playful smirk. "That's my princess" he said giving Dru a kiss on the head as she giggled.

Just then they hear a furious Angelus yell, "WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!" and Buffy signed and yelled, "I'm right here lover!" the next second Angelus came storming into the room, and jerked Buffy around to face him, "Where the hell did you go?!" "Dru, showed me around the house" "Darla could have killed you" "She is not here, and I'm stronger then her" "You haven't even been a vampire for 24 hours! She is over 300" "You forget, I was a slayer. Her strength might have dubbled over 20 times over the years, but mine slayer strength has all ready at least tripled over night. I'm stronger then any vampire or demon alive. I took out the master with a thired of the strength I have now-" And as the two of them continued arguing William was stunned by what he heard, he just found out what a slayer was the day before but the power she had over wealmed him, and Dru was talking to Miss Edith.

Shortly after the sun had set Darla came storming back to the house and as she saw Angelus she calmed down and walked up to him with a confident smile and said, "There is my boy" then began kissing him violently, and just as she did so, Buffy came back laughing with her new sister, Dru might see her as a mommy, but she saw Dru as her baby sister. Just as the two females walked down, Buffy saw Angelus with Darla, but even though her anger began to boile inside of her, she kept a calm appearance.And walked over to them with Dru by her side. When Darla saw her the hate in her eyes were obvious as she looked at her new grand child.

"Slayer" "Vampire. I'm suprised you can't see or feel it Darla" Buffy said with a kind voice though it was obvious the kindness was false, and she could see how Darla's hate grew, but Buffy kept her smile, even when Darla began to speak, "You can not be that strong if my Angelus could kill you after all. You killing the master must have been pure luck" "How did you know I killed the master?" Buffy asked rather surprised. "You're watcher tasted sweet, his screams were like music" "You killed him?" Buffy asked with an emotionless voice and emotionless face and eyes, but it sounded more of a statement then a question. "Yes. You will not last long as a vampire, little girl" "Didn't the master say the same about Angelus before you left him?" "How did-" "I know more about all of you then you do yourselves, I know what will happen to Angelus most though. And of course Dru and Spike, I mean William. I didn't need to do much research when it came to you though. You were died so quickly" Just as she said this Darla threw herself at the young vampire but Buffy could easily kicked her against the wall and warned her, "Don't do that, next time your undead life will end" Then she turned to Dru, "Where do you want to go?" "The travern" William sugested as he entered the room, and Dru smiled, "My baby is awake" then William up next to her, "Evening Princess" then he turned to Buffy. "Evening Pet" then he saw Darla he smirked, "Grand mother, you're back" "William" she said with distain, But he ignored her and turned to Buffy and Dru, "shall we leave?" "Yeah. Show the way" Buffy said letting him slip one of his arm around her waist while he slipped the other one around Drusilla. and the three of them began to walk towards the door. When Angelus yelled, "STOP!" and William stopped directly, as did Dru and Buffy turned around, soon followed by the other two."Yes?" "You are not going with them, you are going with me" "Says who?" "Your SIRE" Then Buffy turned to Darla, "Do you want to go with Angelus?" "Of course" "Do you want me with you" Darla didn't really get were she was going with his but answered anyway, "No" and Buffy smirked at her sire. "Seems like you are going with your sire, and she doesn't want me to come" "You are mine lover, you to as I say. Remember that" Then Buffy turned to Dru, "Who is strongest me or daddy?" "My new mommy. I can teach my new mommy how to hunt for you, daddy. Just like you helped my William" "I know how to hunt, but daddy can come with us he wants" then she turned back to Angelus, "What do you say?" Angelus signed in annoyance but agreed.

Soon Angelus gave up trying to enforce his sire rights when it came to the turned slayer, which made Darla even more jealous and it didn't help that Dru favoured the turned slayer just as much as Angelus, even William liked her. She was fantastic when it came to menal tourture, though she not as good when it came to physical. Buffy had also made it clear to Angelus if he wanted her to be faithful to him, then he would have to be such to her as well and not long after Angelus offically made her his mate, the lady of the house and gave her a wedding ring for mortals to see.

The next evening Buffy made her way to the LaVelle residance, alone. She had first considered making the two of them into vampires, but had soon decided against it. It didn't take long before a servant let her in, and th Willow and Xander had come to greet her.

"Buffy!" Willow yelled happily as she saw her, "I have been so worried, you disappeared after your uncle was killed, I feared the same had happen to you" But when she noticed Buffy refused to look at her she got worried, "How are feeling?" when she didn't answer she stepped closer to her friend, it was first then Buffy looked up, she wore a evil smirk and replied "Hungry" and quickly killed them both, though she didn't want to be to vicious for some reason and let them go very painlessly. She did enjoy the kills though, but she never liked to inflict pysical pain for some reason, maybe it was a bit slayer left in her after all.

A month after Buffy had been turned the group had left London, since the watchers took to much of an intresst in the ex. slayer, and she was diffrent. Not only was she extremely strong, she healed faster then any other vampire or slayer for that matter, she still had a reflection, the sun didn't bother her either though much to her annoyance she was unable to get a tann. But holywater and crosses had about the same effect on her as on any other vampire. Her speciallty had become mental tourture, just like Angelus, though she would never tourture any of her victims physically, not even if it would help to tourture someone else menally, much to Angelus annoyance. She usually didn't she play very long with her victims, but she liked giving them false hope before death, most of her kills were a lot like her first (Riley).