Written in response to the Zeon-like treatment Windermere is getting. Seriously, they may have had reasons to revolt, but they've long crossed the line into full-blown villainy! And in a stupid way, given what they're doing... Anyway, here the first take, originally a one-shot and the most obvious way it could backfire.

Disclaimer: if you think I own Macross I have a bridge to sell you.

Take 1: How Did Protoculture End, Exactly?

It was done. Roid's plan was in place, and the Kingdom of Wind would now expand and take the galaxy from the usurpers. Now the new king, his puppet, would sing and make the Protoculture ruins resume their true form, allowing the True Heirs of Protoculture to complete their task… Then he noticed the flashes in the sky. Almost as if thousands of ships were defolding in orbit.

Trying to understand what was happening he looked up… And was almost blinded by an even stronger flash. Thankfully, his glasses were designed for such things and protected him from the worst, so he was able to see the appearance of a new small moon in orbit.

"Since when moons appear from nowhere?" he wondered as something in the back of his mind was screaming at him it was time to run away.

Then the 4th Zentraedi "Burado" Main Fleet fired all its weapons at Windermere until the planet shattered, long after any form of life had been erased. For Burado and the other Gorgs still remembered they had been slaves of the Protoculture, and they would not take the risk any claimant to their succession was actually right.

Author note: The Burado Fleet comes from the game Macross: Eternal Love Song, set in the Macross II continuity. They also happens to have a communication ship that can block out enemy songs. Now, say with me: MWA-HA-HA!