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Merry Christmas OQ'ers, I love you all!

On the first day of Christmas he bought her a red dress, one that hugged her form in all the right places, a slit up to the knee. "This is perfect." he'd said to himself as he admired it on the hanger in the store, imagining it on Regina instead.

He had it gift wrapped in the most beautiful box, with soft red ribbon tied around it, the box sprinkled with Cranberry and Orange scented potpourri.

It was perfect.

On the second day of Christmas he'd asked for Henry's blessing, "Only with your permission, of course." He'd said to the young boy as they spent the day out in the woods practising their archery skills.

"Of course you can, Robin." Henry had beamed, missing the target in all the excitement at the prospect of his mother finally having the happy ending she deserved. "You're already part of the family anyway, why not make it official?"

Robin's chest had tightened then at the statement, that Henry already considered him part of their family.

On the third day of Christmas she almost stumbled across the box left for safe keeping in his bedside cabinet, the box that contained the diamond ring that he had specially made all those months ago when he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman at his side. "You know not to go looking for things in certain places this close to Christmas, darling." He had said, trying to play it off as nothing.

He was glad then that he'd hidden it in a decoy present box that he knew Regina wouldn't think twice about opening.

On the fourth day of Christmas they spent the evening sampling the finest mulled wine in the town, Robin laughing as they walked through the market square, Regina a little tipsy and struggling to walk across the cobbled streets. "You shouldn't have let me have that 3rd glass." She chastised, before pulling him in for a kiss underneath some mistletoe that hung above them.

She tasted like berries and it drove him wild.

On the fifth day of Christmas he sent her away for the weekend, she'd been working late all week and he knew she needed some time away from the house; time to unwind and relax in her own company. She'd insisted it wasn't necessary but had called him later that evening as she sat in the bath at the resort thanking him for being so in tune with her needs.

She'd rewarded him thoroughly on her return by finally trying on the sexy elf outfit he'd bought her the previous Christmas.

On the sixth day of Christmas they had a fight, she had screamed at him so loud that night he was sure all his months of planning would go to waste, that every single thing he'd put into place since the beginning of the season would all be for nothing.

He'd found her later that evening sitting alone on a bench underneath the town Christmas tree. "Take me home." she had said through tear filled eyes, Robin obliged happily, more than glad to put their disagreement behind them.

On the seventh day of Christmas he dropped the first hint, she'd brushed it off as nothing but a light hearted joke.

Robin was grateful.

On the eighth day of Christmas they danced in the street as the snow fell around them, Roland and Henry running around excited at the sight of the first snowfall. He'd kissed her softly as snowflakes covered them from head to toe, "I couldn't imagine a more perfect Christmas than this one, my love." She had smiled and kissed him back, oblivious of what was to come.

On the ninth day of Christmas they paid for their time in the cold, Regina's fever spiking in the middle of the night as she tossed and turned in their bed. Robin had spent the night feeding her warm broth and tending to her fever with a cool, damp cloth.

On the tenth day of Christmas Robin took the boys out in search of the best Christmas hot chocolate to give Regina time to rest, when her fever finally broke that night she whispered how much she loved him as he lay asleep next to her, "I love you, Robin Locksley."

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Robin spent the day in the woods with Roland and Henry putting the final touches to what he'd been planning for what seemed like forever. "She's going to love it, Robin." Henry had smiled, unable to resist enveloping Robin in a tight hug, "Thank you for making this Christmas the best yet."

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Robin left the house at the crack of dawn, with nothing but the red box and a note that instructed Regina to meet him at the clearing of the woods at noon; and to wear the red dress.

Opening the box, Regina gasped. She'd never seen such a beautiful dress in all her life. Eagerly ridding herself of her dressing gown she pulled on the dress.

A perfect fit.

As she approached the clearing in the woods her heart pounded inside her chest, her mind full of questions as to what Robin might be up to.

Spotting the clearing ahead, Regina began walking faster, she could hear their song playing in the distance.

And then suddenly there he was;

Robin Locksley, down on one knee in front of her.

"Regina, we've had so many adventures together over the past few years." Robin smiled, the ring sparkling in the midday sunlight, "What do you say we embark on the biggest one yet? Will you marry me?"

Regina immediately nodded frantically, "Yes!" she cried, "A thousand times yes"

Relieved, Robin rose to meet her and slipped the diamond ring onto her finger.

"I love you Regina, Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Robin."

After sharing a thousand kisses, Regina smiled as she saw Roland and Henry emerge from behind the treeline.

"Congratulations Mom!" Henry beamed, "You finally have the happy ending you've always deserved."

Regina smiled again, unable to contain the tears now, "I most certainly do."