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I hadn't planned to write another LOZ story for a while, but then I suddenly remembered a folktale that I had heard in school back when I was a kid. So I decided to rewrite the story using LOZ characters. I also changed and added a few details, in hopes of improving the story. Well this is what came out. I originally planned to make another one-shot but then decided to cut it up into small chapters.

'Hope you enjoy.

It should have been a day of celebration for Hyrule, and it would be in the days to come, but instead it was a day of mourning. The war against the evil warlord Ganondorf had been won but many a good man had died. On of the first had been the good-hearted King of Hyrule, who had underestimated the treachery of the evil Ganondorf, and his death left his young, but brave, nephew Link to lead Hyrule's armies. And to inherit the throne.

So despite all sorrow, the young prince was crowned king, and at once he set out to rebuild his country. Day after day, victims of the war would come into his castle and the young man and king would hear their pleas with a sound mind and a kind heart, and see to it their troubles would be resolved.

One among all these unfortunates was an old weary farmer. His skin had darkened from all the hours spent working in broad daylight, and his hair had greyed from all his labor and hardship. In he came, accompanied by a beautiful maid, not older than the young king himself, and blessed with lovely fair skin and chestnut-brown hair.

"My king," the old man pleaded as he and his companion kneeled, "My name is Daphnes Nohansen, and this is my daughter Zelda, I owned a farm here in this province before vile Ganondorf came. His warriors raided my farm and burnt my home; my daughter and I barely escaped with our lives... We have nothing let and nowhere to go..." The old man lowered his head further, "Please help us my king."

The young king said nothing but looked thoughtful. Then he answered, "I think I know how to help you, good Daphnes..." then he turned to a valet, "See if the landlord Talon is still in town, and if so, ask him to come to me."

The valet bowed and left, and not much later he returned with a burly, middle-aged man with a mustache.

"Master Talon," addressed him the young king, "Earlier this day you let it be known that you needed workers on your farm. Can you take in this man and his daughter?"

The landlord took a moment to look at father and daughter. Then he nodded.

"Yes, I shall take them in your highness. The old fellow has clearly done much work in his long years and can still do more. His daughter too looks like a capable maid, and my Malon would love to have a friend her age and gender on the farm."

And so, old Daphnes and fair Zelda found a new home on Talon's farm.

Not long after, King Link gave old Daphnes a portion of Hyrule's fields. The people were hungry, and if the farmers did not bring in a bountiful harvest come autumn, then the winter that would follow would be the last for many. The next day had barely dawned when Daphnes borrowed a strong mare and set out to plough the field the king gave him. While he upturned the earth, his dutiful daughter followed, sowing seeds upon the soil.

But then her young eyes saw something shining in the dirt. Fair Zelda promptly reached down to unearth it.

"Father! Come see this!"

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No, she didn't find a rupee!

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